Your Tears For Me


I shared with you my cup of sorrows

And as my friend you drank it deep

I did not know the pain it caused you

Until I saw your tears for me.


I shared my heart, I shared my soul

I needed courage to fend off defeat

You said a prayer for my deliverance

And offered up your tears for me.


I was sad and feeling helpless

Full of heaviness, hurt and grief

You took my pain upon your shoulders

The strain revealed in your tears for me.


My soul refreshed while yours was broken

Your heart aching, mine at ease

It seems unjust that you be burdened

And caused to shed your tears for me.


No one but a friend so loving

Would consent to set me free

By letting go all reservation

And embracing your tears for me.


By this alone I know you love me

By this alone is my soul complete

Because you weep when I am hurting

And don't hold back your tears for me.


Claudia Jelden

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