I used to dream that I was Xena. I dreamt sleeping and daydreamed too. This one time I was with Gabrielle. It felt warm, peaceful, and just overall nice, so I got upset when I woke up. If you ever feel so hopeless you'd rather never wake up, know that beautiful things can happen for real. If you need you can take some strength off Xena's. It shall pass. Just battle on! Feel free to visit my website at http://sappho.tk and contact me through there. Thank you for reading. (updated 2/24/06)

7:09pm - thu. 4/10/01

i don't get them
hallucinations! they suck
you out of 'hell' to spit you on 'earth'! damn!
nonsense folks... i'm no duck
but i'm a bird
and i don't find it fair
to cut my wings is absurd
how do you dare,
to wake me up during the day
when i'm far out there
on some aotearoa's bay?..
the sun shines so...
the sea waves go...
back and forth my blood, red
and thick. on my bed
in the forest's roots
i have my hands besides... my boots.
and sweat in them, glow
stars in the sky, when
the night comes and then
we sleep as one, grain
in a grain, in the beach
there's a dark sand grain
and many others. i reach
for a narrow branch of wood,
a stake, for fishing.
so fast we're cleaning and dishing
up the nutricious food
along w/ fruits for dessert. sweet
bananas... sweet
fantasy of greek gods and
godesses, and
a warrior princess from amphipolis, greek village
and a bard from potedia, another village
one of the many whose people were saved by the power
of xena. done the good, at the right time and place, our
lovely gabrielle was shook by the fates
all three of them made it happen - the encounter of true soul mates.

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