Just a Breath Away

By Colleen


This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright July 2009-2010

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

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Chapter 10


“Hi Carson .” Drew's voice was heavy with sorrow.

“Hi. What's wrong Drew?”

The doctor hesitated for a long second. “Are you busy tonight?”

“No. Come on down and we'll talk.”

Drew knocked on Carson 's door twenty minutes later. She had stopped to take a quick shower, knowing she'd be too tired later. The minute Carson saw her friend she knew something terrible had happened. The bright sparkle that was normally present in her eyes had faded to a dull despondency, and her tall, confident stance was stooped with distress. Carson silently held out a hand and guided the doctor to the sofa. Maintaining the physical connection, she softly asked, “What's happened Hon?”

Drew took a shaky breath. “Do you remember that young boy, a patient I told you about a few months ago?”

Carson now knew what had happened. “Yes.”

“He…died this morning.”

Carson put an arm around Drew's shoulder and pulled her closer. They both sat back into the comfortable cushions and Drew continued. “I got a call last night. He was admitted into the hospital two days ago and slipped into a coma. The treatments weren't effective. The tumor grew faster than anyone expected. His parents knew that his battle was over and they thought I'd want to know. I went to the hospital, and…I was there when…”

“I'm so sorry,” Carson whispered heavily. “I'll keep his parents in my prayers.” She kissed Drew's temple. “You are always in my prayers.”

Drew turned slightly and gave her a small smile. As sad as she was, Drew just fell in love again. They sat in silence for a while, hearing nothing but heartbeats, and appreciating life and each other.

“Are you attending the funeral?” Carson asked a while later.

“Yeah. It's on Friday.”

“May I come with you? You shouldn't be alone.”

Drew looked into her eyes. “Are you sure? A funeral for a child won't be easy.”

Carson nodded. “I want to be there for you.”

“Thank you.” I love you. Drew brought Carson 's hand to her mouth and gave the back of it a small kiss.

* * *


The funeral was a difficult affair for both of them, but Drew especially. A few tears were shed. Condolences were passed on. But through it all, Drew blessed the comforting presence that never left her side. Drew decided not to attend the burial service, leaving that to the privacy of the family. They headed to Drew's car for the ride home, and Carson stopped and gave her friend a long, warm hug. It was the first hug they had shared since the night they had slept together. Drew's parched soul soaked in the affection like the earth at the end of a drought.

“I love you Drew,” Carson whispered, knowing that her friend would understand.

Drew wanted so much to say the words that she passionately felt. But it was not the time to approach that subject. But she needed to say something. “Me too,” was what came out. It was much too simple, but she knew Carson understood.

* * *


“Oh, I wonder who's at the door,” Carson said to her baby son as they left his nursery early one morning. He merely answered with a string of babble. “That's what I think too,” she told him before placing him in his play pen. Carson quickly shuffled to the front door, not wanting to miss the visitor. She asked who it was and took a peek out the side window before opening the door.

“I have a delivery for Ms. Carson Galloway,” the man said, handing over the item with a smile. Carson started to reach in her pocket. “That's not necessary Miss; I've already been generously compensated.”

Carson closed and locked the door and went back to her son, all the while admiring the big, beautiful bouquet of flowers. “Wow, would you look at these,” Carson said, placing the large vase on the coffee table. She picked the card from within the colorful bunch and sat back to read the note.

My dearest Carson , I hope your day is starting out nicely, as I hope every moment of this special day will be. I searched through the flower shop for hours (well it was really only about ten minutes) and could not find a single bloom that matched your beauty. But I hope these brighten your day. This may not be the only surprise today, so be ready for anything. Happy Birthday Carson . Your bestest friend, Drew.

Carson leaned forward and sniffed the fragrant flowers. She smiled brightly. “Surprises huh?”

Two hours later, another delivery person placed a package in Carson 's hands. Upon opening it and the colorfully wrapped box inside, she found another present. Carson read the card first.

Yes, it's me again. If I'm being a pest, you can tell me later. But until then, enjoy. Happy Birthday again! Drew.

Carson lifted two bubble wrapped object from the box in her lap. Carefully revealing the fragile gift, she was stunned at the craftsmanship and beauty. Two dolphin figurines, carved from beautiful stone were attached to pieces of driftwood, their organic shapes resembling an ocean wave. Drew was a very observant and thoughtful friend. Carson had never directly mentioned her modest, but cherished collection of dolphin artworks. They were, however tastefully displayed on the bookshelf in her family room. These bookends would be a wonderful addition. The frolicking pair was crafted by a fine hand from agate. In translucent shades of golden tans and russet browns, the stones almost glowed from within. Carson studied her gift for many minutes, before displaying it in a prominent, but protected place. She smiled, running a finger across a fin before continuing her day. Her good mood rolled on.

* * *


“Hold on a few more seconds,” Drew said as she guided Carson from the car. It was the twentieth of June. The birthday girl was blindfolded and depending on Drew to keep her safe. The doctor had made an appearance on Carson 's doorstep at just passed noon , ready to carry out the second part of the birthday surprises. She kept mum about the current one, just insisting that Carson keep her eyes covered. Drew pushed the stroller with her left hand and led Carson with her right. A few dozen steps from the car and the trio stopped. “Okay,” Drew said, “here we are.”

“So I can take off this silly thing now,” Carson grumbled, but with a smile.

“Yes you can.” Drew was thankful that she had gotten the picture perfect day she had asked for. She wanted everything to be perfect for the birthday girl.

Carson was amazed at the sight before her. They were at the local park. There was a big blanket spread out on the ground, a picnic basket filled with food off to one side and next to it a cooler with drinks. “Oh Drew! It's wonderful.” She turned and gave her friend a big hug.

“You deserve wonderful.” And so much more. “Well, I hope you're hungry.” Drew began unpacking their lunch, which included sandwiches from a gourmet deli, delicious sides and fresh fruit. Of course she had made sure to bring something for Logan, whom she took charge of and fed while Carson comfortably enjoyed her own meal.

“Oh Drew,” Carson exclaimed with a satisfied sigh, “that was delicious. I don't know how I'll ever thank you enough.”

“Just let me keep seeing that beautiful smile. That's thanks enough for a lifetime.”

Carson added a bit of a blush to that smile.

Logan disturbed the intimate moment with his gibberish and a very happy mum, mum. He had had enough of being in the stroller, and he demanded his freedom. Carson released the buckle and lifted him out of the rolling seat as Drew packed away the picnic things. “I'll be glad when you learn to talk little man,” his mother said as she straightened out his green shirt. Carson kissed his blonde head. “But you're doing good. Your vocabulary is growing.”

Drew had finished putting things away and reclined her long frame on the edge of the colorful blanket. “Somehow, I think you'll be satisfied when he just says mama clearly,” she said with a grin. Drew intently watched the interaction the two, feeling lucky to be part of their lives.

“Well,” Carson said, “personally I don't think there is a prettier word in the human language.”

Not a word or a person, Drew silently agreed. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the quiet moment. But it didn't last long. “Oooof.” She expelled the sound when twenty plus pounds of grinning baby pounced on her stomach. “You've been practicing your wrestling moves, big guy.” Drew caught her friend's eye. “Did you send him over here to tackle me?”

“Me?” Carson replied innocently.

“There's no one else around here with a guilty grin.”

Carson slid to the ground and stretched like a golden cat. “Oh, it's not guilt Drew; it's pure happiness.”

Hearing that made Drew happy. She picked Logan up and held him high above her reclined body. He squirmed, wiggled and giggled as Drew brought them nose to nose and then thrust him back into the air again. She repeated the exercise until her arms tired.

They relaxed and chatted for the next two hours, smiling and laughing generously. Logan used them as jungle gyms, climbing, crawling and tumbling over. He was having a ball. But then he was with the two people he loved. The two people he spent most of his days with…his official and unofficial parents. He was too young to know the full meaning of the words, but Logan had two mommies.

After a short stroll around the small lake, the baby tuckered out and fell asleep in the middle of the blanket. Actually, he had almost perfect timing as a car pulled up next to Carson 's, in the nearby lot. A woman got out, waved and approached the picnickers.

“Mom?” Carson exclaimed in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“All part of Drew's birthday surprise,” Del Galloway answered. “I'm here to take my grandson home for the night.” She gently scooped up the slumbering tot, kissed her daughter and headed back to her car. “See you in the morning Dear. Goodbye Drew.”

“The night?” Carson 's green gaze shifted to her best friend. “Drew you've done too much already.”

“No such thing as too much for you. Now let's get this stuff in the car and we're off to our next destination.”

They got into Drew's car and drove to the far side of the park. Since Carson was not required to wear the blindfold this time, she saw where they were headed. But even if her vision had been obscured, her nose could have taken a pretty good guess. But the odor of horseflesh and hay was all part of the enjoyable experience of riding. Drew had reserved a couple of gentle geldings for a few of hours of fun on the trail. Carson displayed the same bright smile that had been on her happy face most of the day. And it was due to Drew's wonderful imagination and generosity. Not by coincidence, the doctor had done a fair amount of grinning too. Bringing her friend happiness was Drew's mission, and not just on her birthday, but every day…for the rest of her life.

But Drew's most impossible mission at present was gaining Carson 's trust and her love. A challenge she gladly accepted.

Carson 's dapple gray horse and her companion's midnight hued animal, leisurely walked side by side down the heavily wooded path. The rhythmic melody of eight hooves serenaded the human duo's comfortable silence. Carson was indulging nearly all of her senses as they traveled the trail. The feel of the solid animal beneath, gave her a sensation of safety. The smell of the fresh foliage and earth filled her lungs with every delightful breath. Carson listened to the sounds beyond the silence, hearing something she couldn't quite identify. It was the steady tempo of a beating heart in love. Her future was calling. But was she ready to listen.

The sight, perhaps giving her the most enjoyment, was directly to her right. The green eyes selfishly indulged in glances at the tall rider. Carson couldn't help but to find Drew Dixon an exciting and attractive woman. With the uneasiness of the recent past behind them, her mind felt free again to accept those feelings.

But sadly, she still couldn't make that necessary leap of faith.

The horses knew the way by heart, including where the fresh spring was located. As they made the tiny detour, Carson sighed loudly.

“I hope that was a sigh of contentment,” Drew said.

Carson giggled girlishly. “Oh yes, to the nth degree.”

“Wow, guess I chose well then.”

“Drew, I doubt you could ever choose poorly.”

* * *


Drew's birthday surprises were hardly over after the ride. After quick, but certainly separate showers, Drew took Carson across town to the best Italian restaurant in the city. Carson looked lovely, having chosen to wear a summery green dress of a simple, sleeveless, but elegant design that hugged her curves like a lover. Upon her first sight of Carson that evening, Drew had a fleeting thought that she wanted to be that dress. Drew had adorned herself with her very best, donning dark, tailored slacks, a subtly patterned blouse in shades of blue and green, and topped off with an asymmetrical closing jacket. Small, diamond earrings and a touch of makeup finished the picture magnificently.

Wine and candlelight augmented the delicious meal. Smiles and laughter enhanced the delightful companionship. It was as romantic as Drew could make it, without taping a sign to her forehead stating ‘I love this woman.' But still she didn't push the topic, keeping the conversation on a strictly friendship level. After sharing one of Carson 's favorite desserts, Drew delivered the birthday girl back to her home. Promising just one more thing to end the perfect day, Drew removed her jacket, sat Carson down on the sofa, and headed out of the room to perform tasks unknown. Carson slipped off her shoes and wiggled her toes. Happily tired, she settled into the sofa cushions, a few pleasant thoughts gracing her brain. A lazy smile shaped her lips. She certainly hadn't minded turning another year older. And future birthdays were sure to pale in comparison.

Drew came into the room carrying a mug of steaming tea. “You're not asleep yet, are you?” she asked when she saw the green eyes closed.

Carson was already grinning. “No, but that sounds like a good idea.”

Drew handed her friend the herbal brew. “Just one more thing to do and then you can sleep peacefully for many uninterrupted hours.” Drew took her by the hand and led Carson to the master bedroom. The bed was turned down and the lights dimmed. For a fleeting moment, Carson wondered just what Drew had in mind. For an even more fleeting moment, Carson wanted it to be true. But Drew soon tugged her in the direction of the bathroom. “This should take away any residual soreness you might be feeling after the ride this afternoon.”

Carson stared in awe. Her tub was full, warm water and inviting bubbles nearly reaching the rim. Again, the light in the room was moody, mostly the flickering flames of a dozen candles. A soothing lavender aroma wafted through the air. “Oh Drew, this is perfect.”

“Well, I'll leave you to your relaxation now.” Drew kissed her cheek. “Happy Birthday Carson .”

“Thank you Drew.” Carson returned the chaste kiss. “You've made it the happiest. You are one special woman.”

Drew nearly blushed. “I'll lock up on my way out,” she said. “Goodnight Carson .”

To be continued...

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