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General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's Note: This is the third story in the Jamie and Erin series. You might want to start at the beginning with At First Sight and Seeing You Again for the First Time to get the full impact of this story.

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Chapter 1

The mid afternoon shadows were just beginning to fall across the ground on the east side of the cozy villa, which was sitting in the middle of a small, uncluttered valley. The single story abode's brown, wood siding had weathered charmingly over the years becoming another picture perfect puzzle piece connecting the culture to the land.

Jamie Sheridan reached over for the tall, cool drink on the table at her side. She sipped it, savoring the tangy snap of the fruity, alcoholic concoction. From behind her dark glasses, Jamie looked down and scratched an itch on the top of her bare left foot with the toes of her right one. Her normally olive toned skin was just beginning to lose its summer enhanced bronzing, which was acquired from long days in the sun tending to her horse ranch.

The tall woman chuckled at the total dichotomy of her current situation as she took in the splendid view surrounding her. She was sitting by a shimmering pool in a bathing suit with the sun streaming down over her. But with one slight tilt of the head a vista of snowcapped mountains filled her vision through the floor to ceiling glass panels that enclosed the heated, indoor pool. The dark head fell back against the multi-colored cushion of the lounge chair, which cradled her long body. A smile drifted across her face as she looked backed down at the sleeping woman beside her. My beautiful wife did choose a perfect spot to spend our first two weeks of wedded bliss, Jamie thought silently.

Erin and Jamie had thought long and hard about a destination for their honeymoon. Ireland had been their original choice when they had first gotten engaged almost one year before. But then Jamie disappeared and was presumed dead. Six months later a grief stricken Erin went to her ancestral home, hoping it would help her get her life back on track. It turned out to be a fateful decision because there she met a woman with amnesia. They quickly became friends and when they returned to the states, they both discovered the woman's true identity. She was Jamie Sheridan. The difficult months passed with Erin and Jamie both desperate for the lost memories to return. Finally they did and the couple moved ahead with their wedding plans. Their mid October ceremony was perfection, leaving their family and friends shedding joyous tears in celebration of the love and happiness of the soulmates.

Jamie's blue eyes slipped shut and she just enjoyed the peace and quiet, thinking back thirteen days when they had landed at the airport to begin their honeymoon.

* * * *

Taking a quick look through the small airplane window they saw the bright sunlight glimmering on the wing. The flight across the seemingly endless ocean waters had been very smooth allowing for a nice meal, a rather long and energizing nap and some quiet conversation for the newlyweds. The plane soon came to a smooth landing at the busy airport, but with very little hustle they were off to the hotel.

One step outside the airport terminal and Erin pulled her lightweight jacket tight around her body. "Ooooo! That's different," she said as her hair whipped about her head from the strong wind.

"We ain't in LA anymore Dorothy," Jamie teased. She too felt the chill of the fall air, but her thicker leather jacket offered a bit more protection.

They had finally chosen Switzerland for their honeymoon. An odd choice some may think, but the author had visions of snuggling by fires after a long day on the snow and being tucked tightly behind Jamie's solid body as they rode across the fluffy white on a snowmobile. She had also wanted to test an observation she had once made about the color of her partner's eyes and an ice covered mountaintop. And Switzerland was home to some of the most scenic mountains in the world.

Jamie was at first a bit reluctant, but Erin assured her that there was much more to do in the European country then just skiing, which Erin knew how to do quite well. Jamie however, did not, but she was willing to try anything once as long as the lovely blonde was by her side. Her thoughts of cold weather soon also ran more toward cuddling by a fire, sipping hot chocolate and nibbling…well nibbling tender delicacies of many varieties.

The dark haired woman sat down their burgundy and gray luggage, which was a wedding present from Erin's old friend Doctor Anne Carson. One flick of the wrist and a taxi pulled up to the curb and the driver hopped out to put their bags in the trunk. Jamie knew just a little German and the driver knew just a little English. Between the two of them and Erin's translation dictionary, they managed to reach their destination with very little trouble.

The Wellenberg Hotel was nestled in the center of the old section of the largest Swiss city. But the grand building offered some of the best accommodations in Zurich with up to date modern conveniences, including modem access.

A few hours later, once settled in and unpacked, they set out to explore the area. Erin had exchanged her light jacket for a brown, wool, waist length coat. While the temperature was still on the chilly side the wind had thankfully calmed.

They traveled at a leisurely pace down the cobblestone sidewalks of Augustinerguasse. Erin was drawn to this area in particular after learning that the region's craftsman and artisans had lived there in the Middle Ages. Their influences were still on display today.

You could easily tell the tourists from the residents. The tourists were the ones with wide-eyed stares, stopping every few feet and pointing fingers at some new, intriguing sight. The locals, while very friendly with their interactions, held mostly neutral expressions as they went about their normal everyday activities.

Erin was a very normal tourist, appraising and appreciating the ethnic architecture. The three or four-level, wooden and stone buildings of mostly white and beige sat close together, leaving only narrow alleyways between them. Iron railed balconies and large bay windows prominently decorated the facades of the charming buildings. What struck her the most was that she could clearly see the slanted, shingled roofs of each one. Unlike the busy, obtrusive skyscrapers of the major US cities, these structures allowed the blue sky to smile down and the sun to cast friendly shadows.

A few of the buildings had beautiful round towers, jumping right from the pages of a fairytale. She could almost picture a lovely princess in the window, waiting for her prince…or princess to come galloping up on a white stead. Erin's mind pictured her own hero astride her strong, pale colored horse, riding across the meadow back home. She reached over for Jamie's hand and squeezed it gently, receiving a tender smile in return.

They continued on their journey, passing by smiling street vendors selling roasted nuts and other treats. Carts full of colorful blooms were pushed along the walkways and peddled to the more romantic tourists willing to part with their money.

While munching on a hand full of warm snacks, Erin peered into another window to watch a tall, thin man painting a landscape on a huge canvas. His meticulous attention to detail was incredible as was his flourish with the brushstrokes. As the minutes passed, her food was ignored and she stood their barely taking a breath. Her strict focus on the artist amused and delighted her dark haired partner. Jamie reveled in the pure joy of watching her spouse watch the action inside the small artist's studio. The tall woman remembered just a year before being amazed at her sightless lover and the things she could accomplish despite her challenge. Erin had lost her sight in an accident and had been blind for four years, before a miracle surgery had restored her sight. Jamie once again thanked God for granting her spouse that gift and then she thought back to the time when all of her memories had returned and she finally realized Erin's sight had been restored.

It happened the day after they had been thrown to the ground by a bolt of wayward lightning. Jamie had tucked her slightly injured partner into the soft easy chair for some restful television viewing while she went about performing her daily chores around the ranch. The dark haired woman was testing the buckles on some worn leather horse halters. She gave a sharp tug on the brown strap while reviewing some of the renewed memories. She silently chuckled at a joke her partner had once made as they watched some old movie. Next came a picture of the two of them walking along a damp, silvery beach one summer evening, bringing a haze of loving tears to her eyes.

The memories continued and the smile they brought seemed permanently etched on her face.

She now realized these were her favorite memories, the ones made with Erin. There was a dance in the moonlight, which lead to their first time making love, a horseback ride across a meadow on that very ranch, but long before it belonged to the two of them. An evening spent babysitting Erin's niece popped up. She remembered the three of them sharing a delicious dinner and later listening as Erin told the tyke a story before… Jamie suddenly dropped the piece of tack as if it had burned her and took off at top speed for the house. She dashed through the back gate and across the yard sparing just a second to rip off her dirty boots before running into the kitchen and sliding across the tiled floor passed the round table and into the hall.

Erin jumped and dropped her book when the tall figure ran into the living room. "What's wrong Jamie?" the author asked as she was gently, but urgently pulled to her feet.

The tall woman gave no immediate answer as she peered through the glasses perched on Erin's nose and deeply into the beautiful, emerald eyes. "You can see," Jamie whispered thickly. "You can see."

Erin grinned widely and wrapped her good arm around Jamie's waist. "I can see," she confirmed happily. "And do you know what I see when I look at you? I see the rest of my life. I see just how much you love me. I see everything."

Jamie removed the glasses and slowly traced her thumb over the skin around the previously vacant orbs. She leaned closer and her lips touched the corner of each vibrant eye. The emotion of the past and the present hung heavy in her voice as she continued to caress Erin's face. "I should have realized this last night. I'm sorry. It's just so incredible and wonderful." Jamie paused as a smile lit up her face. "It worked and you can see."

Erin kissed the palm near her mouth. "Don't be sorry sweetheart. I know you never thought of me as your blind lover, just as your lover who happened to be blind. Thank you."

And they stood there, green staring into blue and blue staring into green. It was a moment frozen in its pure perfection. A moment to be remembered and savored forever.

Jamie returned to the moment, still savoring. She saw that her wife's attention was still glued to the painter inside the small shop and her mouth curled in joy. Leaving Erin to her captive viewing, Jamie looked around and noticed an elderly woman with a heavy, woolen patchwork shawl around her shoulders and a white kerchief on her head, peddling flowers from a basket. The woman winked at Jamie and twitched her head, summoning the visitor to come closer. Jamie gave a slight nod and curiously walked the few feet down the sloping street.

The wrinkle faced woman held out a yellow flower. "For your lovely lady," she said in perfect English, but with a thick German accent.

Jamie stumbled with her answer, caught unaware at the woman's astute observation. "I…ah…."

"Don't worry dear," the white haired lady said. "Just because I was born seventy- eight years ago and have lived in this secluded land, far from a more sophisticated world, doesn't mean I don't recognize love. I praise love in every form."

Jamie took the sun hued bloom and smiled. "Thank you," she said, pulling out enough money for the purchase…and then some.

The woman accepted the currency and stuffed it into the pocket of her apron. "May I ask your name dear?"


"And your love?"

Jamie took a quick glance back over her shoulder and returned with an even brighter smile. "Erin," she stated lovingly.

The woman reached out for Jamie's arm. "I wish you a long and happy life together."

Jamie felt the affectionate squeeze of the slightly arthritic hand. "Thank you…"

The peddler gave her an exaggerated wink. "My friends call me Didi."

Jamie took a long look into the woman's blue eyes. The orbs held a strange, somehow forever youthful quality. She broke from the gaze with a pronounced blink, thanked the woman again for the flower and turned back down the street.

Erin twitched slightly when the yellow bloom suddenly appeared in her vision. She took a sniff and accepted it with a grin. "Thank you sweetheart. It's beautiful," she said as they started on down the sidewalk. "Where did you get it?"

"From that lady right…" Blue eyes scanned the area, but the vendor was gone. "I guess she went back inside," Jamie said.

"Huh. Maybe she went to eat," said Erin.

"Is that a hint darlin?"

"When it comes to eating, I don't need to hint." Erin latched onto the leather jacket and pulled Jamie across the street into a small eatery and back out nearly an hour later to continue their sightseeing.

* * * *

The next day was much warmer and they took a tram to visit the local zoo. On Tuesday, at Erin's insistence, they took in the Swiss National Museum. The ever-present writer residing in her brain was always gathering information to weave into future tales. The story telling artist in her soul always sought out the world's beauty and searched for creative ways to relay that magnificence in words.

That evening they boarded a train, which glided through the lush countryside, passing by a mysterious, shadowy woods, which shrouded many a secret only to be discovered by those daring enough to seek them out. Perhaps that was an adventure for another day…but perhaps not.

The sun was dipping into the west and the fading rays gleamed like beacons across the rippling surface of a small, silver lake. Side by side, the couple watched as the sky evolved from sunny orange to a pale pink and finally to lavender just before the ride ended.

The Restaurant Omuetliberg was one of the city's best and always a tourist favorite. They dined on a traditional fondue. Having asked for a table in a secluded corner, they fed each other the smooth, cheese covered pieces of bread and vegetables. They complimented the delicious food with a bottle of sweet wine with which they toasted their happiness.

Jamie dunked a piece of thick bread into the gooey, white sauce and waved it in front of Erin's face, taunting her to come closer to receive her treat. The blonde watched it move inches from her mouth three times before the temptation drove her forward. At the same instant Jamie leaned in and met Erin's lips as they curled around the cheesy bit. Her fingers got just a little nip from a set of teeth, but she wasn't sure who's.

After the kiss Jamie smiled and swallowed her half. "You know," she said, "I don't think I've told you how glad I am that you chose Switzerland for our honeymoon." She looked out the huge window beside the table at the gurgling fountain spilling over into a tranquil pond, which was the centerpiece of a tree-lined courtyard. "I know I was skeptical at first," she said, returning her gaze to her lovely partner, "but it's wonderful here." The dark head nodded a bit to one side. "Although I probably would have said that about any place you picked. Being together is what makes it perfect."

The twinkle in Erin's eyes spoke of her agreement. "I want to see the world with you," the author said.

"That's a great idea. Why don't we go to someplace new every year on our anniversary." A quick nod of the blonde head and Jamie could already see Erin's mind searching the globe planning out an itinerary. "But let's enjoy the rest of this trip first," the rancher added.

More food and wine was consumed as Jamie considered what she had just said. Her dark brows furrowed in concern and she downed the last of her beverage.

"What is it sweetheart?" asked Erin. "What's wrong?"

Jamie carefully set her empty glass back on the table. "Nothing," she assured. "I just thought that this time next year might not be a good time to go traipsing around the world."

"Why?" the writer wondered.

Jamie's expression hardened and her delay in answering built the tension. Erin suddenly reached out for the rancher's hand, deeply concerned.

A small sigh escaped Jamie's lips…then the frown instantaneously flipped into an enormous grin as she answered. "Because you will probably be pregnant."

Erin's relieved breath was released under the guise of a chuckle and her eyes slipped shut for just a second. She opened them again to see the happy gaze directed at her. She studied the joy in those eyes and held on tighter as if she would never let go. "You really do want a baby, don't you?"

Jamie was taken slightly aback by the question. "Absolutely! Have I made you feel otherwise?"

"No. No, it's not that. I'm just really glad that you're not doing it just for me."

"Well, I would do that…but I want a child just as much as you do." Jamie ducked her head, hesitant to make the next confession. "Maybe before I might have been doing it more for you. But since the accident, it has become very important to me. I think it'll help me to understand how my parents felt about me and my sister."

Erin agreed. "I think so too."

"I just wish I had some family for a child to get to know."

"You don't have any living relatives, even distant ones?" Erin asked.

The rancher started to nod, but switched it to a sluggish shrug. "Well, my Mom had an older brother and my Dad had an older sister, but they were never close to us. I probably only saw them maybe twice in my life. I don't even remember their married names."

"You've never mentioned your grandparents. Did you know them?"

That brought a toothy smile to the sullen face. "Oh yeah! My maternal grandfather had died before I was born, but Gram was great. We saw her all the time. Mom would bring her to our house or sometimes I would spend the weekend with her. I remember these great lemon cookies she used to make, they were so soft they would almost melt in your mouth. And just the perfect balance of sweet and tart." Jamie paused, concentrating on those memories. "Actually, she was a lot like your grandmother."

"What about your other grandparents?"

"They used to take us on a special vacation every year. I think there might be some pictures in one of the other albums back home."

"What happened to them?"

"He died when I was almost nine. I didn't even know how. Six months later Grandma joined him. Mom said that after forty years together she died of loneliness. Just before Mom and Dad died, Gram had a bad stroke. She finally had to be put into a nursing care facility; that's why she couldn't take care of me. Maybe that was part of my problem," Jamie said. "All those terrible things happened within a two-year span. I lost so much…and then after I had been living with my foster parents for about a year, the social worker came by one day and said Gram finally passed on. She was the last link to my family." Jamie took a deep and still painful breath. "How did we get on this depressing subject anyway?" She smiled and took Erin's hand again. "You are my family now and when we do add to it I will have great stories to tell. The only thing that worries me is I don't know the first thing about caring for an infant. At least you've had some experience…twice over."

"But I didn't before Conner came along," the author said. "And believe me, the first time I sat with him alone, I was terrified. But by the time the night was over it seemed like the most natural thing in the world and it will for you too. You will be a wonderful parent. I believe that. You have to believe it too."

Jamie nodded skeptically. "I'll try. Just remind me from time to time."

* * * *

Returning to the city, they took in Zurich by night, including the beautiful opera house that was alight with the glow of a golden treasure aged over 400 changes of the seasons. The couple stopped in front of the wonderful old building and turned to one another, their eyes speaking a thousand choruses of I love yous. Erin adored the way her spouse's midnight hair cascaded across her shoulders, blending in with the black leather of the jacket she wore. The blue, high-necked sweater, under the coat, set off the shade of the tall woman's eyes. Erin knew that she would revel in those orbs for the rest of her days on this earth.

They stood there just enjoying each other until a gust of chilly air blew across them. Jamie reached up a gloved hand and pushed aside the wayward strands of golden hair from Erin's green eyes. She wanted nothing to obstruct her incredible view. The tall woman then grabbed onto the collar of Erin's gray coat and gently pulled her forward until their lips met.

Another perfect moment followed.

A moment consisting of nothing but the two of them, which turned into an eternity where their love would dwell in a peaceful world.

* * * *

Thursday brought another trip down the quiet streets of the old town where Erin bought the most adorable handmade teddy bear. She managed to make the purchase in private when Jamie snuck away on an errand of her own. To the rest of the world, with the exception of their niece and nephew, Jamie was rather serious and quiet. But Erin knew the sentimental heart that lay beneath the surface. In private, her tall spouse loved playing with toys and children. She cried at sad and happy endings of movies. Erin could just imagine the expression she would receive when she presented the small black bear to the woman she loved. When they returned home it would be a wonderful memento of their honeymoon.

Zurich had just as much modern culture as it did old world tranquility. The clerk at the hotel suggested that they might want to take in the nightlife of the nearby Niederdorf. But club hoping wasn't really their thing and they chose to spend the night dining and dancing in the privacy of their hotel suite.

After every last morsel of food had been heartily consumed, Jamie turned off all the lights allowing only the candle flames and moonlight to illuminate the room with a soft glow.

Jamie raised a single dark brow upon seeing her alluringly dressed partner emerge from the bathroom.

Erin reached over and turned up the music. "Will you dance for me?" she asked.

The dark head dipped slightly to one side. "Maybe." Jamie crooked a finger at her beautiful wife, calling her forward.

They came together slowly in the middle of the room stopping well short of touching. Reading each other's mind, a sexy smile graced each face and they began to sway to the music, watching and enjoying the enticing movements that each body executed.

The arousing dance lasted a mere three minutes before their lips were drawn together and mouths joined in the tango. Honey tinted breaths mingled sweetly as the passion continued to move their bodies to the beat of their hearts, as well as the music. The kisses and the dancing continued on as the current song faded into the next and on through a third before a pair of hands drifted to the hem of a sheer blouse. From months of rehearsals, the sensually choreographed routine soon had every stitch of clothing removed. The uncovered skin was visually praised as they leisurely moved the dance onto the bed.

Every caress down a lightly muscled arm, across a firm breast or over a silky thigh lingered deliciously as the grains of sand slipped one by one through the hourglass. Every kiss was slow and gentle like the drops of a spring shower landing upon a newborn leaf. They rose together steadily until the instant of release gave them a shared eon of incredible sensations.

Floating back to earth, bathed in love, they held tight to each other. Endearments were whispered and green eyes watched blue until both sets slipped shut only to open again shortly for not just one, but two tantalizing encores.

* * * *

The honeymooners awoke late on Friday morning. Their post dancing activities had lasted long into the night, leaving them both with just a touch of exhaustion. But the thought that they had more shopping planned for the day quickly rejuvenated Erin. And seeing the blonde happy was all it took to refuel Jamie's energy level.

Bahnhofstrasse was one of Europe's most beautiful shopping streets with store after store of necessities and luxuries waiting to be purchased. They had spent several hours buying souvenirs for the family and more gifts for each other.

They purchased beautiful, matching watches with engravings of their initials and the date. Erin instated on buying a Swiss army knife for Jamie. The raven-haired woman protested mildly, even though she was dying to have one. She relented easily and they settled on a mid sized one that Jamie could keep in her pocket when she was out on the ranch. Erin smiled as she watched her spouse play with the gadget, discovering all the hidden parts, like a child with a new toy.

The purchase garnered Erin a big hug, but that wasn't enough for Jamie. As Erin listened to a street musician, Jamie ducked into a nearby candy store. She hurried back and presented the author with a five-pound box of famous Swiss chocolates. She also brought a sample, which she covertly slipped between the blonde's lips. The expressions that crossed Erin's face as the confection melted in her mouth came very close to other, more intimate one's Jamie had seen on many occasions. Erin slowly swallowed, savoring the lingering decadence.

"Can I try some of that?" Jamie asked.

"Sure honey." Erin fumbled with the box of candy. "Help me open this up," she said. Two hands stilled her motions.

"That's not quite what I meant." Jamie leaned in and kissed the soft mouth. She was very aware that they were in public, but she quickly reached between the parted lips and gathered up some of the essence of left behind sweetness. She pulled back and licked her lips. "That's the way I really like my chocolate."

The satisfied, coral mouth curled in agreement.

* * * *

Erin had been such a shutterbug, wanting to capture all the beautiful sights. For every sight her eyes saw, she wanted a photograph that she could gaze upon for the rest of her life. Of course every other picture had the two of them in it. Many of those photos she had asked some other kind tourist to take and some were slightly askewed close-ups where she held the camera while snuggling next to her spouse.

Jamie had worked very hard to overcome her aversion to being photographed. The fact that it was a photograph that led to her regaining her true identity had helped immensely. And as long as she felt the safety of the blonde author by her side, she welcomed the Kodak moments. The dark haired woman even had a camera of her own. She had purchased a digital camera just before the wedding, in anticipation of their trip. Her photographs however concentrated mainly on one subject and that blonde haired person was mostly unaware of the clicking shutter pointed in her direction. Jamie had always thought that Erin was the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was also just damn cute in her tourist mode. Every night Jamie downloaded the day's pictures onto their laptop. Once she was back home, the beautiful photos would cover the walls of her office in the barn, creating her own personal shrine to the love of her life.

More to come soon.

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