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General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2003-2004

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Author’s Note: This is the third story in the Jamie and Erin series. You might want to start at the beginning with At First Sight and Seeing You Again for the First Time to get the full impact of this story.


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Chapter 14

One week later and Erin was on the last day of her strict bed rest. Actually, no matter how hard, she would have done whatever the doctor asked for the sake of a continued healthy pregnancy. The confinement had been relatively painless due to her very supportive spouse. Jamie had stayed home with her for each of those seven days. She didn’t worry a bit about her business; Jamie trusted her ranch foreman implicitly and even if there had been a problem all he had to do was pick up the phone and she could be at the barn in five minutes. But no such call ever came. Instead, Jamie spent the time doting on her wife. She made sure Erin got plenty of sleep and she saw to it that her wife had three nourishing meals a day. When Erin was awake, they spent the time watching movies, playing games and doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles. They also had long, quiet talks about everything from future family vacations to furnishing their new home. They both enjoyed these times the most, no matter what the topic and even though it didn’t seem possible, their bond became stronger and their love even deeper as every day brought them closer to having the family they craved.

By way of a well placed kiss, actually three or four…or maybe more, she had lost count, Erin had conned her way onto the plush recliner in the den. There was a low, flaming fire across the room, warming the outside chill of the gray, misty morning. An empty cup sat on the table next to her chair; it still held the aroma of the peach tea Erin had finished some time ago. She sighed contentedly as she turned the page of the engaging mystery novel she was reading. The two dogs quietly flanked the chair, performing the stealthy guard duty their dark haired human had asked of them.

That particular human was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables for a simple, but healthy salad for lunch. The oven door was opened and after a quick check on the warming breadsticks, shut tight once again. The doorbell rang. “Don’t even think about it,” Jamie called out to the den as she turned off the heat.

Erin shook her head, gave a tiny, half grin and finished the last paragraph on the page. Just minutes later she heard voices heading in her direction and she closed the book and set it aside in anticipation of welcoming their guest. Jamie appeared in the doorway first followed, not so closely by the visitor. Erin smiled warmly when she finally saw the handsome, but still slightly bruised face. “Jeremy, it’s good to see you,” she said. “Come in and have a seat.”

He did, barely able to look Erin in the eye. “I…I don’t know what to say, accept I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure I should even come here yet, but I needed to do this…to see if you were all right.”

“I’m fine.” Erin rubbed her swollen middle. “We’re fine.”

He momentarily closed his eyes in relief and prayer. “Good. I don’t know what I would have done…” He couldn’t even finish the horrible thought.

“Jeremy, I know Jamie told you this, but it wasn’t your fault. You have to believe that and forgive yourself.”

“I know that can be hard,” Jamie said. She’d spent half of her life wallowing in guilt over some horrifying events, even though no one else placed the blame on her shoulders. She surely didn’t want to see her brother head down that painful path. “But you couldn’t control Rachel’s actions,” she continued. “This whole incident is in the past for us. Now we all have to look to the future.” She reached over, took her spouse’s hand and smiled. “Erin showed me how to do that.”

Jeremy watched the loving gesture, feeling both happy and sad. “I am trying,” he sighed. “But my future is looking kind of lonely right now.”

The room grew uncomfortably silent for a time and Sky decided to take a break and welcome her brother’s human. The dog reveled in his ongoing attention as Jamie cautiously asked the looming question. “Jeremy, I know you have to do what is best for you, but are you sure you can live with that decision?”

He nodded sadly. “I had to end it; that wasn’t the only thing she lied about. When I confronted Rachel, she admitted that she lied to me when she said she could never have a baby. She’s perfectly healthy; she said she’s just too scared to ever give birth.” Jeremy jumped up and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans. His anger and pain propelled him to the window where he saw nothing of the gloomy view. “If she had only explained that, I would have understood. We could have worked through it together, but she tried to take the easy way out.” He turned back and glanced first to Erin and then to his sister. “And in doing that she hurt my family. And I hurt you by bringing her into your lives.”

Erin reached out, beckoning the pained, young man. “Come here, Jeremy.” She took his offered hand and placed it against her rounded belly. He felt a powerful thump against his palm and his blue eyes went wide. “If you hadn’t come into our lives,” she said, “we wouldn’t have this miracle.” She brought Jamie’s hand to her other side. “We all played a part in this miracle. There will be no regrets. The past is the past. Everything has to be forgiven before we can have a future.”

He felt another amazing kick. My child. He quickly realized though, that that was the first and the last time he could ever have that thought about this baby. And he was content with that. His chance to be a father would come one day. “Okay,” he said. “No more guilt. But is there anything I can do for you, either of you?”

Jamie moved a few steps forward, bringing her face to face with her brother. “Yes there is,” she said. “Be the best damn uncle you can be.” She hugged him. “And stay for lunch.”

They all had a good laugh, tinged with just the hint of a happy tear or two. And Jamie showed off her culinary mastery of the tossed salad.

* * *


Erin burrowed into the thick, soft pillow under her head as the silliness playing in her head faded to black. Her waking senses barely registered the change from ebony night to the soft, pre-dawn glow seeping in the windows. She was alone in the bed; this she knew for certain…at least the only one currently breathing air.





Pop. Her current skeletal condition was a chiropractor’s dream.

Another snuggle against satin. Quiet once again.

Soundless and blissful, Erin was almost lulled back to slumber, but her live in had other ideas. Yes, I’ll wake up now, she thought with a bit of a grump. If I have to. The protest, however, died away as something scarcely, but pleasantly tickled her nose. Mmmm, coffee and…ummm, cinnamon. Yum! Erin knew there were eyes were fixed upon her, seeing her inside and out, good and bad, past and present. She blinked four or five times, waking at last to see the radiant sapphires focused directly at her. “Morning,” she mumbled, her mouth a bit dry from her long sleep.

“Good morning,” Jamie returned as she continued kneeling next to the bed.

Erin moved her head just a touch and noticed a glint on Jamie’s cheek. “You’re crying sweetheart. What’s wrong?”

The rancher brushed across her face and stared at her damp fingers with bewilderment. “I didn’t even realize I was,” she muttered. Her gaze flicked to the worried face. “No honey, nothing’s wrong.” Jamie smoothed out the wrinkled brow with her thumb and flattened some wild, but silky strands of golden hair. “I was just watching you…and seeing how beautiful you are and how much I love you…it just gets overwhelming sometimes.”

“Oh Jamie, that is so sweet.” Erin carefully wiped away the remaining tears, kissing her own fingertips and the precious gesture of love. “Is that my first anniversary present of the day?” she teasingly asked.

“First of many.” Jamie kissed her lightly on the lips. “Happy Anniversary.”

Erin smiled brilliantly. “Happy Anniversary. But what are you doing up? I thought we were going to sleep in.”

Jamie nodded in the direction of the kitchen. “Well…I was…”

“Oh no, I’m making you breakfast in bed.”

“But I got some pastries yesterday.”

“Well, that sounds good. We’ll have those too.” Erin pushed away the covers and struggled for just a second to sit up. She didn’t miss the look. “I can do this honey. Anne gave me the all clear.”

“As long as you stay off your feet as much as possible,” Jamie reminded her.

“And I will. I can have breakfast made in twenty minutes and then I will be right back here where we will, decadently, feed one another.” A couple of extra hands helped Erin to her feet and to gain her balance. She wrapped her arms around Jamie’s neck, her belly leaving a fair amount of space between them. But with another tiny move they met in the middle and kissed leisurely as Erin continued their day’s itinerary between the passionate joining of lips. “Then I will rest until we have our picnic this afternoon, down by the lake, in front of our new house.”

“And then I am making you a romantic dinner.” The dark head cocked, doubtfully. “At least I’ll do my best.”

Erin rested her hands on Jamie’s sides, giving them a little tickle. “I have total faith in you.”

Jamie’s heart swelled. “I know.”

* * *


By high noon, Erin and Jamie were seated on a blanket, at the top of a small hill, under a towering tree, its partially covered branches providing them some shade and a visually stunning show of dancing shadows. Mother Nature had offered up a beautiful October day for their first anniversary. The sun’s rays flashed like a thousand tiny diamonds on the water’s surface below. A moderate, cool breeze carried clean woodland scents to the picnickers and serenaded the surrounding meadow with subtle melodies from the swaying reeds at the water’s edge.

They were leisurely munching on various saucy poultry parts and pasta salad, and chasing down the delicious food with ice cold milk. Erin was looking totally adorable in her comfortable and casual jean overalls. A pumpkin colored turtleneck completed her fall ensemble. Jamie had donned her usual jeans, although in black this time, and finishing up her monochromatic look was a raven hued t-shirt, the long sleeves pushed up to her elbows.

Once their appetites were sated, the rancher offered herself as a backrest for her very pregnant wife. Snuggled between Jamie’s slim, but strong legs, Erin drew two long arms around her and settled them just above the active swell. A chin rested on her shoulder and they quietly watched the ducks playing on the pond. Occasionally, Jamie would whisper endearments, promises and secrets into the semi ticklish ear. Erin would giggle. Then she’d offer her own thoughts and feelings, her voice sometimes stumbling with emotion. It could have been hours or just minutes or even days, but time didn’t matter as they sat there making love in their own, very special way.

An urgent, energetic chattering suddenly brought their glance skyward. High above them two squirrels scrambled around the tree trunk in a frantic game. A large acorn was firmly clenched in the jaws of the chased, but after several dizzying rounds it jumped to the ground and scurried off to the woods in a flash of fur. The pursuer, however, did not follow. He…or she suddenly halted its pursuit of nutty delights in favor of studying the two humans perched at the bottom of its home.

Three sets of eyes exchanged curious stares.

“What do you suppose he’s thinking?” Erin finally whispered.

“Don’t know. Probably smells the food.” As she spoke, Jamie slowly snaked an arm into their picnic basket and retrieved a cracker. With snail like movement, she lifted the tidbit high above her head. Held between two fingers, she wiggled it enticingly. The small animal eyed the golden round object and inched down the trunk, stopping well away from the prize. Jamie stilled the movements and four powerfully clawed feet advanced a little more, but the hunger warred with the danger instinct and it stopped again, still far from the morsel. After three more false starts, Jamie’s patience finally paid off as the squirrel threw caution to the wind, snatched up the cracker and dashed off. Erin and Jamie laughed out loud as they watched the creature retreat to a high branch and using its bushy tail as a balance, it sat on its haunches, took the food in tiny front paws and quickly nibbled the snack as crumbs rained down on the generous benefactors. Jamie offered three more crackers before the squirrel was full and ran off into the woods to resume stocking its winter pantry.

“You feel like going for a little walk?” Jamie asked. “There’s something I want to show you.”

“I feel fine. Let’s go!” Erin’s enthusiasm was dampened just a little when gravity and her current bulk conspired to keep her glued to the ground.

Jamie smiled warmly and carefully helped her family to a standing position. Arm in arm they strolled the short distance over to their new house. The stone covered, two story structure was complete on the outside. A large porch, whose roof was supported by matching stone columns, greeted its owners and future visitors. It had been quite a few weeks since Erin had been to check on the progress and she was pleasantly surprised to find every room now separated by complete walls instead of just wood studs. Each room’s color scheme had already been chosen, but the paint had yet to be applied. Light fixtures, still packed in boxes and plastic wrapped moldings were stacked in the entryway. There was still only a basic sub-floor under foot, but that would soon be covered with selections of hardwoods, stone and carpet throughout the house.

They slowly climbed the slightly curved, split staircase, taking a right turn down a long hallway. There were two bedrooms without doors and in the same half completed state as the downstairs rooms. Next was what would be a bathroom as soon as the actual bathtub was installed. At the end of the hall, through the double door frame, Erin saw into the master bedroom and she thought that’s where they were headed, but Jamie took her hand and they stopped in front of the only closed door in the house. “Close your eyes,” Jamie instructed. Erin knew this was to be the nursery. She heard the door open and grinned with confused anticipation. Jamie pushed aside the sheet of heavy plastic and guided her wife inside. “Okay, open your eyes.”

The breath caught in Erin’s lungs as she did a full turn, taking in the completely finished room. A lush, light honey colored carpet, perfect for sensitive baby feet, covered the floor of the large area. Three walls were painted a bright and playful creamy tangerine color. The fourth wall was left curiously bare. A bank of three, large recessed windows allowed a wash of sunlight into the room. Below them, the window seat she had requested for story time. Erin hugged Jamie. “Oh honey, it’s perfect, better then I had imagined. I love the color. But I don’t understand…”

“I made sure they completed this room first so you can work on the furniture and the finishing touches. I know you’ve been itching to unpack all those boxes of baby clothes and toys and the lotions, shampoos…”

“I get the point and yes I guess I am. But you do want to help me with that, don’t you?”

“Of course! This is for us to do together. I’m not going to let you have all the fun. We’ll work on this on the weekends. All of the really dirty and dusty work is done in the rest of the house, so with the plastic barrier and keeping the door shut, I figured it would stay pretty clean. I’ll have everything steam cleaned before your due date just to be sure. Plus the air purifier is already running. I think it will be fine.”

Erin grinned and swung their joined hands with childlike glee. “You thought of everything huh?”

“I tried.” Jamie paused, staring into the entrancing, spring green eyes. But before she lost herself completely, Jamie pulled her gaze away and toward the empty wall. “I bet you are wondering what’s going on with that.” She walked them over to take a seat on the window bench. “I know this is something we never discussed…but I already spoke to you mother and if you agree, I thought she could paint a mural.”

Erin considered for just a second. “I think it’s a great idea.”

Jamie smiled with a tiny sigh of relief. “Thank you.” She kissed the blond crown. “I’m sure the three of us can come up with something imaginative and stimulating.”

Ah, she did learn something from those books, Erin thought. She watched as Jamie went silent, staring at the blank wall, but obviously seeing something else. Erin eased her head onto Jamie’s shoulder. “There is another reason you want a mural, isn’t there?”

The rancher took a deep breath. “Yeah.”

Erin sensed the apprehension. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No, I do. It’s just… We had a mural in our childhood room. A friend of my Mom’s was an artist and she did it one summer. It was sort of a storybook setting and she wanted to put us in the picture, so Jordan and I each got to choose what we would be doing.”

“Let me guess,” Erin said, “You wanted to be riding a horse.”

Jamie chuckled deeply. “Oh, you know me so well. Yeah, I got to ride a black, shiny coated steed.”

Erin ran a hand down Jamie’s arm as she asked about Jordan.

Jamie remembered the visual and wondered if that brief wave of pain and loss that brushed her heart would ever leave. “Jordan said she wanted to be an angel. Daddy called her that sometimes. So, up in the corner she sat on a cloud with her sil…silver wings. Just a few months later… It was almost like she knew.” Erin continued her comforting caress as Jamie quickly whisked away a tear. “You know, she’s always in my thoughts, but I’ve really been thinking a lot about her lately. I don’t know why.”

Erin brought Jamie’s hand to her middle. “This is why.”

Jamie rubbed her thumb across the denim, savoring the movement beneath and silently agreed.

* * *


Jamie was successful in preparing their evening meal. With the help of a slightly frantic phone call to their friends Anne and Leah, she recreated, as close as possible at least, a fondue meal they had had on their honeymoon. They dressed in their finest clothes and dined by candlelight, each set of eyes never straying far from the other as they chatted leisurely. After the fine food, they toasted each other with sparkling cider and exchanged gifts.

Jamie presented her wife of one year with a European, handcrafted stuffed bear, reminiscent of the ones they saw on their honeymoon. This one had pitch black fur and was dressed in a cowboy hat and boots. A tiny, stuffed horse was clutched in one paw and stuck to the other, with the help of a little Velcro, was a small, square box wrapped in shiny red paper. Inside, was a beautiful Opal necklace, set in platinum. It just so happened to match the set of earrings Erin had received on her birthday earlier in the month. That jewelry was also presented on an adorable stuffed bear, which was fair furred, had on wire rimmed glasses and held an old fashioned quill in one paw and a scroll in the other, paying homage to the blonde’s talent.

Jamie was totally surprised and definitely thrilled when she was presented with tickets for an Alaskan cruise, although the exact date was yet to be determined due to the impending birth. Over the summer they had watched a travel program on television about the Alaskan wilderness. Jamie had been captivated and off-handedly expressed a desire to visit. Actually, her exact words were, “Wow! I have got to see that in person some day.” Erin started her research the very next morning.

After a short, impromptu dance the couple moved to the bedroom, where Jamie set to work lighting several tall, scented candles. After turning off the bedside lamps, she reached for the first button on Erin’s plum colored, silk blouse. “I have loved every minute of this day,” she said, “but I couldn’t wait to have you in my arms, naked and awe inspiring, but first…”

A full body massage started off the final hour of the night. Keeping the task medicinal, however, was slightly difficult since the masseuse was equally as naked as the patient. Dousing her hands with a lightly scented lotion, Jamie started at the bottom with all ten finely shaped toes. Very responsive to the relaxing treatment, Erin closed her eyes and began a soft, contented humming. Gently manipulating each petite digit, Jamie enjoyed the lazy grin that floated over the blonde’s face. Soon, the aching arch of each foot began to melt under the dark haired woman’s determined ministrations. All around each leg, long fingers traveled up and over hips and a behind, just slightly more padded and even more alluring than before. Arms and hands met the same care, ending with a kiss to each palm. “Turn to your side,” the velvety voice said. Jamie then spent a long time on the always bothersome back, digging deeply to release the ever present knots. And if the moans and pleasant whimpers were any indication, she was doing a five star job. Jamie kept her touches firm, but tender and strictly soothing until she was sure that every over taxed muscle in Erin’s body was loose and relaxed. Only then did her movements become more sensual as she peppered kisses along the back of Erin’s thigh as she easily maneuvered a pillow between her lover’s legs. The kisses lingered across the shapely butt, before slowly trailing up the silky skin along her spine, the slight taste of citrus pleasing to her tongue. Jamie eased her long frame onto the bed, curling in behind Erin, where full skin to skin contact completely ignited the previously restrained passions. Pale hair was gracefully swept aside, allowing access to pulse points and that particularly sweet spot at the back of her neck. Licks, nips and whispered words as Jamie kissed her way across a creamy expanse of shoulder, stopping to peer over with a heated gaze. The candlelight cast swaying silhouettes across Erin’s pristine, alabaster skin and Jamie watched with lidded eyes as she cradled a heavy breast, gently thumbing a plump and highly sensitive nipple. She nuzzled the ear beneath her lips and sighed heavily. “Oh my beautiful Erin. More of you, less of you, I hope you understand that it’s all perfect to me. I want you all the time, every time. You are the only woman in the world that can make me feel this way.”

Erin reached up and gently grabbed Jamie’s wrist, happily trapping the hand between the engorged glands. She then reached back and pulled Jamie even closer, needing to feel the twin points against her back with every expanded breath. “And I can only feel this way for you,” Erin panted. “I love you. I need you. I am bound to you, not just in vows. You are my life.”

Jamie resumed her attention to the soft, voluptuous body. “God I love your voice and your poetic soul. Everything about you drives me wild.” Every touch was languid, but intimate, intense in emotion if not actions as fingertips grazed well acquainted paths along places generally hidden from view in the daylight, making the darkness desired and blessed. Jamie prolonged the exquisite torment until she heard the groaned plea.


Jamie was well acquainted with the simple request and she complied with a slightly naughty and knowing grin. With more declarations of love she slipped inside, touching her wife’s soul as well as her body. The quaking muscles pressed against hers guided Jamie’s gentle, but unwavering actions.

Testament to her rising pleasure, Erin gripped the sage colored, satin sheets and great gasps of air nearly muted the moaning exclamations leaving her lips. And when she finally reached her peak, it was her wife’s name that rang out in tones of ultimate delight.

Oh the taste of love…as sweet as the world’s finest confections…as intoxicating as the most potent of liquors…smooth as liquid silk.

Jamie, however, was not satisfied with just a sampling. A quick move of her sinewy, highly aroused body and she drank her fill from the source, bringing one more small shiver of bliss.

Another shift and they were face to face, smiling, trading kisses and breaths of apples and laughter.

Midnight drew near and the official end of a first anniversary, but their love and passion needed no time markers. From the first day they met, till they meet again in heaven and beyond, Erin and Jamie love and live for each other with an unrivaled devotion.

* * *

The phone rang. The exhausted lovers made no move to answer it, remaining entwined in each others arms, in a dreamy haze, just about to drift off to sleep. It must have been a little after one in the morning, Jamie guessed. She had glanced at the clock just after her last, incredible orgasm and it was just before the hour.

A man’s excited voice began the message. “Hi ladies, it’s your favorite brother-in-law. I know you probably won’t get this until morning, but my wife wouldn’t wait to tell you the news. Your new, bald headed, but healthy nephew was born about half an hour ago. He’s a little porker at nine and a half pounds, but he’s beautiful. I guess we’ll hear from you in the morning. Goodnight.”

Two sleepy smiles in the darkness.

Sweet dreams until morning.


To be continued.

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