By Colleen

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Chapter 6



It had been a few days since the insemination procedure and Erin felt wonderful, but not any different. Logically, she knew that even if she were pregnant she certainly wouldn't feel anything that soon, but she wanted to. She wanted any little sign that she was going to have a baby. But there was nothing…at least not yet. Waiting a few weeks was going to be maddening.

To try and distract herself from the anticipation, the author decided to get back to her writing, which had suffered over the last month and a half. The bright, sunny day had lured Erin to the back porch and she hoped that the fresh air would spark her lazy muse. She quickly typed out a couple of tentative pages and re-read them twice before changing at least a dozen sentences. Her newest work, a love story revolving around a modern day murder mystery was in its third chapter and a description of a crime scene was evolving under her twitching fingers. The author sat back as the details failed to present themselves to her satisfaction. She groaned as her suddenly stiff neck muscles protested the action. Erin hadn't realized how tense she had gotten leaning over her laptop. One hand went to sooth the rebelling muscles as the other one reached for the cup of peach tea on the table at her side. She took a couple of deep whiffs of the fruity brew before sampling it. Erin's gaze shifted to the grass beyond the open porch door as the tea settled nicely into her stomach, somehow grounding her to the task at hand. She absently sipped as her focus deepened, trying to visualize the scene she was trying to complete. The vista of blood and bodies, unfortunately, appeared all to graphically, but Erin wanted to stay on this side of that fine line, using more metaphors to describe the horror while still presenting the reader with the proper crime solving clues. A smile slid across her face as the right words began to flow and her fingers quickly did the same.

With perfect timing, a honking horn pulled her gaze from the screen as the chapter was finished. Erin waved as her tall, good looking spouse drove by on the way out to the new stallion barn with a load of hay stacked in the bed of the pickup she borrowed from one of the ranch hands. That barn didn't have any current residents, but Jamie hoped that their upcoming trip to Texas would change that. The author managed to tap out a few more sentences, but was once again distracted by the silly antics of Artemis, as the dog carried around a plastic pail, tossing it up in the air and watching it bounce on the ground. Erin suddenly tossed her computer on the swing beside her and ran through the house when she heard the front door bell ring. She opened the inner door to find a man standing on the porch with his back to her. "Can I help you?" she asked though the security of the tightly woven screen.

He immediately turned from surveying the yard when he heard her words. Clearing his throat loudly, he bounced slightly from one foot to the other. "Is…is this the home of Jamie Sheridan?" he asked.

Erin sensed his nervousness as she saw the muscles in his face twitch. The stranger was fairly young, no older than 25 she thought. His light brown hair was neatly cut, very close to his head and he was tall, over six feet and lean like a swimmer. "Yes, she lives here," the author said. "If this is about ranch business she has an office out at the barn. Maybe you missed the signs…"

"Ah, no…this is personal. I have something very important to speak to her about."

Erin hesitated, but something about this young fellow seemed slightly familiar, though she was certain she had never met him before. "Okay," she said. "You can wait in here and I'll call her." Ordinarily she wouldn't have asked a stranger into the house, but something inside her brain triggered a feeling of trust. He took a step back as Erin opened the screen door and gingerly crossed the threshold, nodding and smiling slightly as he passed her. "Please have a seat," Erin said. He did, keeping his gaze to the floor. "I didn't get your name," she said.

He immediately jumped back up and extended his hand to her. "I'm sorry. My name is Jeremy McIntyre."

Erin returned the greeting and was just a little stunned. She studied his handsome face more closely and without the distorting barrier of the wire mesh, Erin knew right away what was familiar about him. In fact it was unmistakable. She didn't quite know what the explanation was, but she couldn't wait to hear it. "I'll go and give Jamie a call," she said. "Excuse me."

The young man sat back down, straightening the collar of the light blue sport shirt he wore under a darker jacket. Between that and his crisply pressed, dark slacks he definitely wanted to make a good impression. His arms then came to rest on his knees, where his fingers came together to do anything but rest as they drummed together somewhat rhythmically.

Jamie tossed the brush into the tack box on the wall when the phone in the office rang. She hopped a puddle of water, ducked inside the open door and grabbed her cell from the desk. A quick glance at the number of the caller brought a smile. "Hello gorgeous," she answered. "What can I do for you?"

"Jamie, there is someone here at the house who wants to see you."

The unusual tone of Erin's voice concerned the rancher. "Who is it? What does he or she want?"

"He says his name is Jeremy McIntyre and that he has personal business with you."

The rancher gave it a quick thought. "I don't know anyone by that name."

"I figured that, but Jamie I really think you should come and talk to him."

The tall woman fiddled with a paper clip as she spoke. "Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Erin returned to the living room and offered the visitor something to drink. When she returned with the tall glass of water he quickly downed half of it in one gulp. She didn't ask him any further questions seeing as his nerves were already on edge. He fidgeted like a prom date being scrutinized by a demanding father. The author soon heard the back door open and she rushed to the kitchen. Her guest didn't seem to take notice as he reviewed his speech silently.

Jamie was washing her hands at the sink when Erin entered. "So who is this guy?" she asked as she grabbed a towel. "Does he look dangerous?" she asked, almost jokingly.

Erin chuckled as she grabbed a small bottle of water from the fridge and handed it to her partner. "No. No I don't think he's dangerous at all. I think he'd be very nice…if he wasn't scared to death."

Jamie gave her a questioning look over the bottle tipped against her lips. "This I gotta see."

The young man didn't make a move until he heard the loud clearing of a throat. He jumped to his feet again and his eyes riveted to the tall rancher's face.

Jamie threw her wife a look and Erin introduced the pair. "Jamie, this is Jeremy McIntyre."

The dark haired woman held out a welcoming hand, which was taken very slowly.

A small smile finally cracked his shocked expression. "Ms. Sheridan, it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

He flicked a blue eye to the author, but addressed Jamie. "I have something very important and personal to speak to you about."

Jamie took Erin's hand, clearly expressing their relationship. "Mr. McIntyre, Erin is my partner. Anything we have to discuss you can say in front of her."

His surprised, but tolerant mind quickly accepted the reality, but his still rattled brain took a few seconds to comprehend. "O…kay," he finally stuttered. "I didn't mean any disrespect." Jeremy's eyes darted back to make sure he was over the chair before sitting back down. That would be all he needed, to fall on his ass and make a complete fool of himself.

Erin and Jamie took a seat side by side on the sofa, quietly amused and a little confused about this stranger. But the evidence was mounting toward validating Erin's suspicions of the young man's true identity.

Jeremy took a deep breath and licked his parched lips. "I didn't know what to expect when I came here today," he said. "I had thought about this so many times over the past few weeks." He paused, taking in Jamie's expectant expression. Here goes. "There's no easy way, so I'll just say it." Jamie was getting more confused by the minute and her impatience was beginning to show on her face. His jaw moved once and twice before his eyes intently focused on Jamie's and the words finally came. "I'm your brother."

The atmosphere in the small room grew thick with the pause in every breath and the enormity of the stranger's words. Erin gave a small nod, acknowledging her incredible but correct assumption. She looked up into the timid eyes of blue sitting across the room…then into the matching pair sitting beside her. Jamie's expression was blank, almost as if she hadn't even heard his declaration. Caring fingers closed over hers, but the dark haired woman didn't respond to the gesture. She just sat there stiff and still.

Jeremy's gaze darted between the two women, waiting for one of them to say something, but as the very uncomfortable seconds slipped by, he decided to continue. "I know…"

"Is this some kind of joke?" Jamie finally chuckled, dryly.

His eyes went wide. "No! It's not a joke, I promise you."

"Then you must have the wrong person," she said. "Because I've never had a brother."

He certainly could understand the confusion Jamie was expressing. He had tried to imagine this moment many times, often placing himself in her shoes and always coming up short at predicting a reaction. Jeremy spoke carefully. "I realize this is a shock, but Michael Sheridan was my father."

Jamie jumped to her feet, her eyes blazing with indignation. "Are you accusing my father of cheating on my mother?" she growled.

Jeremy blanched at the vehemence in her voice. "No! No, that's not it at all, I assure you." His eyes snapped shut and his head shook vigorously. "I'm making a total mess of this," he whispered.

Erin tugged gently on the rigid arm, pulling her partner from her imposing stance. "Jamie, please calm down and hear him out."

Jamie dropped her eyes to her blonde wife and the small smile she saw melted her angered resolve. She eased herself back down and took a deep breath when a loving arm curled around her waist.

The visitor finished his water, his hand shaking as he placed the empty glass back on the small table. "Twenty two years ago, when my mother reached the age of thirty five she decided not wait until she found the right man. She wanted to have a child so she went to a center where your father had…donated and became pregnant with me."

Jamie had remained still throughout the explanation with the exception of her jaw, which clenched tirelessly. The thought was ridiculous. This kid was not her… He was mistaken…or lying. And as soon as he had his say she would make sure that he didn't bother them again.

Erin decided to take the lead in the questioning since Jamie was not about to utter another word. "Just how did you find this out Jeremy?"

He couldn't meet the eyes that were staring him down, but he definitely felt the invisible daggers piercing his demeanor. He couldn't understand why she would be this angry. Jeremy suddenly jumped to his feet. "Look, maybe coming here was a mistake. I'm sorry if I upset you. I only wanted to meet you."

"Jeremy wait!" Erin halted his exit and urged him to stay. "We really to want to hear this, don't we Jamie?"

The stoic rancher gave something between a curt nod and a shrug. The shock and the pain of the discovery spurred on the indecision. A dozen possibilities ran through her mind about this obvious imposter, but she thought the rest of his story might be worth hearing. Then she would decide exactly what to do with him.

Jeremy fumbled to retrieve a folded piece of paper from the breast pocket of his jacket. "My mother was always up front with me about the origins of my birth," he explained, "but there was one thing she never told me, until recently. She claimed that she didn't want this information to interfere with my studies because she knew what I would want to do. So she waited until I graduated recently. It was rather unusual, but she was given the name of a lawyer, at the time she became pregnant, with instructions on how to track down my father if or when the time came. I went to see the lawyer in Missouri, that's where I was born. Anyway, he informed me that Michael Sheridan had passed away shortly after my birth."

Jamie flinched silently.

Jeremy continued. "But he had left a letter for me. It seems to explain his reasons for…" He held out the letter. "Would you like to read it?" he asked hesitantly.

Jamie got up from the sofa, but instead of reaching for the paper she turned the other way to stand by the window.

Erin turned soft, apologetic eyes in his direction. "May I read it aloud?" she asked.

"Of course."

The author unfolded the letter, yellowed with age and glanced down at the neatly written words. "It's dated June 8, 1978 and it starts out: Dear son or daughter. I want you to know how proud I am of you even though I've never met you. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about your family. Eight years ago, my wife Amy and I had two daughters, our beautiful twins Jamie and Jordan. Tragically, our little angel Jordan was taken from us much, much too soon by a horrible disease." Erin quickly flipped away a tear that stole down her cheek. Her voice caught, but she continued. "Jamie became so much more special to us after that. I can't begin to explain how much love we have for her. We had always wanted to share that love by expanding our family and give them another sibling, but the doctors advised us not to have anymore children because of Amy's difficult pregnancy and birthing."

Jamie grabbed a handful of the cream colored curtain as those words were read. She'd never known about any of that and it was another shock. Not that she was willing to believe anything that was written on that paper or had been spoken from this stranger.

Erin continued. "My wife and I had many discussions and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be able to share the thrill of parenthood with someone else. To that end, you were given life. And we sincerely hope it has been a glorious one. I would very much like to know you my child and should you decide to seek me out, my wife, my daughter and I will gladly welcome you into our family. It's signed, with your father's love, Michael Sheridan." Erin handed back the letter and went to Jamie's side. She clearly saw the pools of tears sitting in her wife's eyes as they stared out upon the cloudy day.

Jamie took a small sniff and cleared away tears with a few quick blinks. "Mr. McIntyre," she said, "I'm sorry you made the trip all the way out here for nothing. If you'll excuse me, I have work to do." She made a quick and painful exit as the knuckles of her left hand accidentally slammed into the door casing when she cut the corner to close.

Jeremy stood dumbfounded at the brisk brush off. His mouth hung open as he watched his newfound sister retreat up the stairs. He didn't realize how much it could hurt to be rejected by someone he didn't even know. It was much worse than the sorrow and disappointment that had brushed his soul upon finding out the father he went searching for was dead. His only other living, flesh and blood relative had rebuffed him without so much as a glance. His limbs became heavy weights and his head dropped to his chest, despondently. Erin placed a comforting hand on his arm and he thanked her silently for the gesture. "This day certainly hasn't turned out as I had hoped…believed it would," he said shakily.

"Jeremy, please give Jamie some time to accept this. Losing her family was extremely difficult for her to handle. This…surprising development has just re-opened some wounds. But don't give up on her," she urged, squeezing his hand. "Jamie is a very loving person, but do to some incidents in her life she's not an easily trusting one."

He sighed, but took the hope she offered to heart and gave her a wane smile.

* * * *

In their upstairs office, Jamie sat behind the desk with her back to the door. She had the phone to her ear, clutched tightly in a fist. "Are you absolutely positive?" she asked the person on the other end of the line. Erin leaned against the doorframe, hearing just the last of the conversation. The dark head nodded. "Okay. Please make sure it stays that way."


Jamie swiveled the chair upon hearing her wife's voice. The lines of pain had vanished from her face, but were replaced by furrows of concern. But upon seeing Erin's lovely face, a smile hopped to her lips. She got up and wrapped the smaller woman in her arms, planting a kiss atop her head.

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Erin.

"That was the police on the phone. I called them to make sure that Ethan Tyler was till in captivity."

The wheat colored brows drew together over squinted green eyes at the totally out of left field subject. "What are you talking about?" Erin asked. She did get a little spooked by the mention of the man's name. It was almost one year ago that he had kidnapped and attacked her.

"He is still in a coma, so he couldn't have anything to do with this," Jamie rambled. "But it could be a family member wanting revenge or at the very least money."

Erin rubbed her aching temple. "I don't get it. Just what are you saying?"

"That guy McIntyre is obviously an imposter. He thought I'd actually buy that phony story. He only wanted to worm his way into our lives, maybe blackmail us. But you don't have to worry, he won't get anywhere near you again. I've got to get back out to the barn and finish up." Jamie moved quickly down the stairs calling out just before she disappeared around the corner. "Give me a buzz when dinner is ready."

Now it was Erin's turn to stare slack jawed and dumbfounded as she watched her retreating wife.

* * * *

The back door slammed behind Jamie and she practically ran through the back yard to her office in the barn. She willed herself not to think about him. About what he looked like. The things he said. It was all a lie! Jamie turned the corner the minute she stepped into the main barn and stomped over to the desk. She dropped down hard into the chair then jumped back up to shut the door. The lock snapped under her fingers. Taking the chair again, she grabbed her calendar and flipped through it, nearly tearing every page from the metal rings. The words and the dates blurred before her eyes, but she refused to let the tear fall, shaking her head violently. "I won't let him hurt me," she said then corrected. "I won't let him hurt…Erin. I won't let him hurt Erin. That's what he wants, her money, her father's money. I won't let him…" She threw the book aside and went back into the barn, heading for Teegan's stall.

The saddle landed a little harder than she intended and the butter colored horse snorted its objections. Jamie jumped at the reaction and stepped back, taking a deep breath. Seconds later she moved to the horse's head and kissed the pale, yellow nose. "Sorry," she muttered. "I'll be more careful next time." She quickly finished with the cinch, mounted the horse and took off through the backside of the barn. "I'm going to check the fences," she said to the ranch hand she passed.

"We did that yesterday boss," he yelled.

But Jamie rode on, not even hearing him…although it wouldn't have mattered if she had.

* * * *

The rider only slowed when her movements chased a deer from the nearby trees. Jamie let the nice wind drift over her as she slowly circled the lake, swaying with the horse's gait. The peace was almost within sight when he suddenly popped back into her thoughts. She grimaced. "Why am I letting this get to me?" she said. "I shouldn't be angry. He hasn't done anything yet and he won't get the chance. No one will hurt my family." With that determination planted firmly in her brain, she easily finished the tour of the ranch boundaries and headed back home.

* * * *

Dinner that night was a silent one. Jamie quickly scarffed down the good food and hurried back to the barn, citing more things to do. Erin knew it was an excuse, but it wasn't the right time to push Jamie into talking.

Just before eleven that night, the rancher eased in the back door, sticky and sweaty. After dinner she had moved fifty bales of hay from one side of the barn to the other…for no particular reason other than she wanted to…or just needed to. She hopped in the downstairs shower and hurriedly cleaned her body then slipped into the robe that always hung inside the linen closet door. Scrubbing her hair until it was almost dry, Jamie looked in the mirror and growled at her reflection. She combed the dark strands into some semblance of order and headed upstairs.

Erin was still awake. She couldn't have gone to sleep with her wife still away from the house…hurting. The author pushed the glasses back onto the bridge of her nose and turned the page. The book in her hands wasn't very interesting, but it did keep her mind busy.

Jamie tiptoed down the hallway, coming to a stop when she saw the light coming from the open door to their bedroom. A lone eyebrow twitched and she licked her lips.

Erin felt the eyes on her and she looked up from the book. Jamie was standing in the doorway just watching her. She smiled. "Hey sweetheart. Come here," Erin said, reaching out a hand. With the other she closed the book and slipped it onto the nightstand.

The dark haired woman followed the command and slid into the bed onto her side, facing her beautiful wife. She smiled slyly and ran a hand over Erin's exposed thigh, dipping her fingers over the downy side and up under the hem of the sleep shorts she wore to bed.

The blonde pushed aside some of the damp, black hair and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Jamie continued to watch the leg she was caressing. "Oh, I feel fine and so do you." She moved her hand up under Erin's pajama top and onto the warm skin of her stomach. Jamie leaned over and followed the touch with a kiss.

Erin let the very nice sensation flitter over her, but as the lips moved closer to her chest in a defiantly sexual manner, she very gently pushed Jamie away. "Honey, no. I don't feel like making love tonight," she said. She watched the brief hurt flash in and out of the blue eyes. "I really don't think you do either."

Now Jamie really looked stunned. "Why would you say that?" she asked.

Erin glanced away and adjusted the blanket higher over her bare legs. "I don't want to be just a distraction and I don't think your dealing with what happened to…"

"No!" Jamie jumped from the bed and tightened the tie on her robe. "Don't even go there. If you don't want to make love that's fine, but don't start making me the excuse." She turned and headed for the door. "I'm hungry," she said. "I'm going for a snack. Can I bring you anything back?"

The blonde head shook. "No." Erin reached up to switch off the lamp by her side of the bed. "Oh Jamie," she whispered. "I'm so sorry. I don't understand why this is hurting you so much, but I know it is?" Removing her glasses, Erin scooted down onto the bed and pulled the cover up to her shoulder. About fifteen minutes later, just as she was about to drift off to sleep she felt a kiss on her cheek and heard the words I love you.

Erin woke at seven the next morning to find a note on Jamie's pillow. It read: I had to get an early start toady hon. Lot's to do before we leave with your parents the day after tomorrow. I won't be home for lunch. See you about six. Love you. J. Erin sighed heavily and tucked the note away into the drawer of the nightstand.

* * * *

A clear blue sky cradled the large, private plane all the way from California to Texas. Timothy Casey had personally checked the forecast, making sure there was no inclement weather before putting his family onboard. He trusted his crew implicitly, but he would not take any chances. Erin and her mother chatted on a number of topics all the way through the flight. They tried to engage Jamie into the conversations, but the rancher spoke few words, choosing to concentrate on the book she was reading. She did however have to cover several yawns that bubbled up through her sleep-deprived body.

The author kept a watchful if covert eye on her partner over the hours. Jamie had become suspiciously quiet and withdrawn over the last two days. Of course the rancher never admitted to her troubles and surely didn't seek any special solace from her wife. The past two nights Jamie had fallen exhaustedly into bed, kissed Erin goodnight and fell asleep immediately. Unfortunately, it was not a peaceful sleep. Dreams of death invaded her mind, inflicting pain and incredible sorrow. As soon as Erin heard the whimpers begin, she wrapped her fragile, six-foot tall wife within the comfort of her arms and soothed away the haunting images. And in the morning, it seemed as though Jamie never remembered the nightmares.

Erin kissed Jamie on the temple as she passed by on her way to the area in the back of the plane that held food and drinks. She quickly perused the cabinets and small fridge for a snack. Snagging two small cartons of milk and two apples, Erin returned to her seat. She set the items aside and waited until Jamie turned the page, then the author stuck the bookmark into the tight crease, gently closing the book with her fingers.

Jamie looked up and smiled softly when the food was handed to her. She took the apple, but gave the milk back. "You drink both," she said. Leaning closer she whispered, "You may be drinking for two." She planted a small kiss on Erin's lips.

The blonde grinned. "I thought maybe you'd forgotten," she said.

Jamie's vacant eyes suddenly became focused and they stared into Erin's "How could I ever forget that?" Her fingertips brushed against her wife's belly, but she dropped her head in shame. "I know I've been distant these last few days." The blue orbs looked back up with sincerity. "I'm sorry honey. I won't let it happen again."

"But you still don't want to talk about it."

Jamie cupped her cheek. "There's nothing to talk about," she said and silenced anymore protest with a much longer kiss. The rancher heard the shuffle of feet approach. She looked and then pulled away from Erin's lips. "Sorry Mom."

Danielle smiled. "That's all right," she said. "I just finished one of those myself. Probably would have been better without the facial hair, but I'll never get your father to depart with that…or his smelly cigars." She sat down, shaking her head. "The compromises we make for love."

Erin got the sneaking suspicion that her mother wasn't just talking about putting up with a few whiskers. Her mother's actions and tone of voice had been very different lately, at times distracted and at others almost morose. Not one to let things go easily, Erin shifted her eyes from her troubled parent to her despondent partner and knew she had quite a task in front of her to try and help two of the most important people in her life.

* * * *

After checking in at the posh hotel, Tim had, he assured, a short business meeting to attend to and then he would have the rest of the day to spend with his wife, the birthday girl. While he was away, Erin and Jamie treated Danielle to a wonderful lunch and presented her with a beautiful amethyst pendant.

Coming back through the hotel lobby, Danielle spotted a line of shops and like a magnet she was drawn in. Jamie diplomatically elected to allow Erin and her mother to experience the thrill of the deal by themselves. She had walked away chuckling as the two identical sets of green eyes glazed over at the sight of the awaiting treasures.

As it turned out, Erin returned to their room just an hour later and with only one shopping bag draped over her arm. She teasingly hid her purchases, saying she preferred to give her wife a fashion show.

Jamie's smile grew as she rubbed her hands together expectantly, the thoughts running rampant in her lusty little mind. She poured two glasses of ginger ale, a good substitute for champagne in color at least and then draped herself across the big bed. Seconds later a bare arm sneaked around the doorframe of the bathroom and the fingers waved tantalizingly. "Show me baby," said Jamie. "I'm ready." A bare foot joined the hand and wiggled. Jamie giggled at the thought of tickling cute, pink extremity.

Erin painted on a wide grin as she finally stepped through the bathroom door. "Well," she said, "what do you think?"

The rancher's mouth opened once, then again before the slightly disappointed words escaped. "It's not exactly what I was expecting."

Erin straightened the new, brown cowboy hat perched on her head and fiddled with the matching scarf fastened around her neck. "I kinda figured," she said, walking over to the bed and stopping in between Jamie's splayed legs. "I'm sorry for teasing you." She ran a finger down the side of the angular face. "But what did you actually think I was going to buy with my mother right there beside me?"

The rancher's hands fell onto the slim hips as she considered the question. The black head tipped to one side. "I guess I didn't think about that," she said. Her hands soon converged below the hem of Erin's shirt and worked the single brass button free. "But I was thinking about something else."

Erin was pulled forward and warm lips landed softly upon her stomach in a series of fluttery kisses. "Just…what were you…thinking about?" she asked, her breath catching twice.

Jamie pulled the zipper down and placed another kiss just above the band of the low cut, lacy panties. "Let's check off another one on our sex in the fifty states list."

Erin's hands went to work undoing the buttons on the tall woman's turquoise shirt. "I didn't know we had a list like that," she said as she uncovered a pair of lovely shoulders.

Jamie looked up and tapped her right temple. "It's all up here. Not that difficult to remember since technically this is only the second one. California, Texas."

One blonde brow rose. "Technically?"

"Well, there was that time on the plane coming back from our honeymoon. I believe that was in Illinois airspace, but I'm not going to count it. We'll try for that one again later."

Erin pushed her wife back onto the mattress and followed her down. They both landed softly and hands began tracing their favorite spots. "We definitely will," the blonde said, "but let's take care of Texas first."

Jamie happily agreed. "I love the hat by the way. Looks good on you. To bad it has to go." She removed the new Stetson and tossed it toward the corner of the bed. The hat made a perfect landing upon one of the tall bedposts, and spun once before coming to a stop. She adopted a cocky smile and shrugged a single shoulder. Jamie felt a kiss placed upon the swell of her left breast as her long fingers dipped beneath the loosened jean material and came to rest on a pair of firm cheeks. "I like the scarf too," she said. "It can stay." Jamie began working that heavy material down across the small hips. "But it's the only thing."

To be continued next time.

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