Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess

by Crow

I wrote this story a year ago this week. I would like to share it with the group. Let me know what y'all think. I'll send part two on the next couple of day. Thanks.

Legal Disclaimer: The characters of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas, Xena and Gabrielle belong exclusively to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. The Characters of Diana Prince and Major Trevor belong to DC Comics. No copyright infringement was intended through the writing of this story.

LOVE/SEX WARNING DISCLAIMER: This story graphically depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal where you live, please do not read it.

Part One

The taxi pulled up to the front of the White House. The driver opened the door, he couldn't help but stare at the long sensuously nylon covered legs that first crossed the threshold of his car. His eyes wandered slowly up past the blue skirt and white blouse to meet eyes that dulled a sapphire stone. His hand went out to assist the woman up and out of his cab.

"Why thank ya kindly" she spoke with a very distinguished upper crusted southern accent.

The driver smiled then jumped back as he was faced with a rather short, angry looking blond. "You can put your tongue back in you mouth now" she spit out, then blew a large amount of smoke from her cigar directly into his face. "Here" she tossed a buck at him which hit his chest and landed on the floor. The driver scrabbled to pick it up. "Keep the change," she grinned.

"Oh Janice." Mel called.

"What?" she innocently looked up at her friend.

"Why do ya always have to be so tough." Melinda asked, but deep down it was a part of Janice that she loved.

Janice didn't like it when men fussed over Mel, which it seemed they often did. She knew she had no right to feel this way. But it was an insecurity she discovered when she saw Jack Kleiman trying to seduce the southern belle. She also realized that her bag containing the Xena scrolls had been switched with Jack's back in Macedonia. "Damn idiot." She swore. Janice knew she had to find the scrolls otherwise her grants would be taken away and she would lose her influence as a reputable, well almost reputable archaeologist that she had worked so hard to gain.

Mel on the other hand didn't have to worry about her reputation or that of her father's. Which she needed to use right now. She was going to use one of her father's contacts to help locate Jack. They had no idea of his whereabouts. Only that he was from Jersey and was 4F.

"Mel why do we have to meet your father's friend here at the White House?" Janice asked. She hated dealing with such formalities.

"I don't know, Major Trevor said that he would be in a meetin' with FDR and would meet us out front at 5:15. He should be here soon." The sun was just setting over the horizon, which gave the sky a beautiful orange color to it.

"Well, do you know what he looks like?"

"No, Janice I do not, but I'm sure he'll be the one with the Major stripes on his uniform." Mel answered back sarcastically.

"What did you say?" Janice turned and looked at Mel.

"Nothing," she retorted.

Janice laughed. She loved when Mel got sassy with her, it made her look so cute.

As the two women were lightly teasing, they didn't notice a very tall, very handsome man approaching.

"Hmm" he cleared his throat. "Miss Pappas I presume?" Both Mel and Janice turned to see a man sporting a green Naval uniform with a beige shirt underneath and matching tie. The brass on his jacket identified him as a Major. Mel extended her hand which he gracefully accepted and ever-so-lightly kissed.

"Why yes, you must be Major Trevor" Mel responded shyly. She turned to look at Janice and noticed a bit of red beginning to cover her ears. Why Janice Covington I do believe your jealous. Mel smiled. "This is Doctor Covington" Mel proudly introduced.

Janice extended her hand straight out and grabbed the major's with as much of a vice grip as she could muster. "How'dja do" she asserted.

Taken by surprise the Major briefly bowed his head as a gentleman would and put any unkind thought in the back of his mind. "Doctor Covington, Miss Pappas informed me of the situation you both are in and I might be able to help you find that certain person you are looking for." He turned to smile at Mel.

Great, I was worried about Jack, now I've got this guy to worry about. "Thank you Major, we appreciate all the help you can give us." Janice tried to sound as pleasant as she possible could.

"Let's go back to my office, we'll just grab a cab." The major asserted.

Within minutes the three were heading up the stairs to the second floor of the Pentagon. The Major opened the door to his office allowing the two women to walk through first. He immediately went to his file cabinet and started going through his files, looking for the person they had requested. "Have a seat ladies, can I get you anything?"

"No thank you," both women simultaneously spoke. They looked at each other locking eyes and smiling.

A knock at the door brought them out of their reverie. Suddenly a woman as tall as Melinda and just as beautiful opened the door and walked in. Her eyes roamed the room, looking from the Major to the two women who were seated. "Am I interrupting" she inquired.

"Come in," the Major stated. "Miss Pappas, Doctor Covington, this is my assistant Diana Price."

Janice noticed how his eyes lit up when the dark haired beauty entered the room. She stood up and took full inventory of the woman. "Nice to meet you" She graciously shook her hand.

Mel on the other hand didn't bother to stand, she just nodded and said hello.

Diana looked a Janice and couldn't help wonder if they had met before. Mel noticed Diana starring and decided to be a bit inquisitive.

"So Diana is it? What propped you to join the armed forces?" she could not help but notice her Yeoman status on the uniform.

"Well, I was concerned about the war and I didn't want anything to happen to my home or my family" Diana replied.

"That's very brave of you" Janice responded.

Now it was Mel who was beginning to turn red or possibly green.

"Doctor Covington, I've heard of your recent discoveries in Macedonia. I would really like to hear about them when you have time." Diana turned to Janice and stared having the familiar feeling of knowing her come back again. Where do I know her from. Diana felt the déjà vu.

"Yes we'd love to discuss our find with you sometime" Mel interrupted. Why does she keep staring at Janice?

It was Janice who couldn't help but ask, "have we met before?" After looking into Diana's blue eyes, she felt a familiarity, almost the same kind she had felt with Mel.

"I don't know, but you do seem a bit familiar to me" Diana suggested.

Mel was really starting to feel uncomfortable. She didn't like the looks the two women were giving each other. Oh come off it Mel, Janice isn't attracted to her, look at her, she's tall confidentthose blue eyes and I bet her hair hangs down past her shoulders when she lets it looseand that uniform Mel began to slump in her chair.

"GOT IT!" the Major yelled, he had been searching for the file on Jack Kleiman for the last ten minutes. The women looked up as if they'd forgotten he was there. "Great." Mel replied. Now we can get the heck outta here.

"Well, it seems your friend was classified 4-F. He was given permission however to travel through Europe. I guess this would be around the time the two of you saw him in Macedonia. He came back to the states briefly about a month ago. He was able to get his passport approved to fly back out to Europe.

"Just Great." Janice walked over to the Major and looked at the file he held.

"What are we gonna do Janice?" Mel asked with a bit of concern.

"Son of a bitch" Janice whispered to herself. But was easily heard by the other three.

Mel stood up and walked over to Janice. She put her large hands on the smaller woman's shoulders to try and comfort her. Janice turned and looked up to see the concern in Mel's eyes. Janice patted the top of Mel's hand. "Don't worry honey, we'll figure something out." Janice said, suddenly trying to comfort Mel.

The Major looked up at Diana not really knowing what to say and then an idea came to him. "I could send out a wire to have some of the troops be on the look out for him. Say that he is an American who is needed to come home right away. I won't give out to much information."

Janice brightened up a bit and suggested she put out her own message as well. She had some friends overseas who owed her a favor or two. "Thanks for everything Major I really appreciate the help." Janice reached out her hand. The major was a bit hesitant but he gracefully accepted. This time it was much gentler.

"Are you two going to be in town for a while?" The Major asked.

"Just for a day or two." Mel replied.

"Great, why don't we get together for lunch tomorrow, the four of us. I'm sure Diana would love to hear about you expedition Dr. Covington, and Mel I wanted to talk to you about your father if that's ok?"

Mel didn't mind the major wanting to talk about her dad, but she didn't really want Diana to get her hands on Janice.

"Well, I um," Mel started to say but she was interrupted.

"That'd be great." Janice cut in then looked over at Diana.

"We'll see you tomorrow about noon." Janice added

"Have a good night." Diana said as she turned for the door.

"Oh we will." Mel stated but wasn't sure if she was heard by the departing Miss Prince.

Janice' face appeared a bit puzzled as she looked over at Mel. What's that about?

It was Mel's turn to say goodbye to the major. He once again kissed the back of her hand. She was still thinking about Diana Prince, she had to force a smile.


On the ride back to the hotel, Mel noticed how quiet Janice had become. I wonder if she is thinking about that Diana Prince. Mel thought to herself. "That was nice of Major Trevor to offer us some help huh Janice?" Mel asked.

Janice had been looking out the window, she was thinking about the scrolls. "Hmm, what?" she asked distractedly.

"Major Trevor offering us the help" Mel stated again.

"Yea great." Janice replied as she continued to look out the window.

"So what'da think about that Diana Prince?" Mel asked as if the name left a bad taste in her mouth.

Janice caught the change in Mel's demeanor, which in turn caused Janice to face Mel. She really hadn't given Diana a second thought until Mel brought her up.

"Well," Janice started, but didn't quite know how to put into words. "She seemed very nice" and very familiar she thought to her self. She noticed Mel staring at her. "She seemed really interested in the scrolls, I don't know a lot of people who actually cared much about them except for us and those god-dammed fools that were killed back at the site." Janice found herself swearing again. She realized she had been babbling on. "Yea she was nice."

The cab pulled up in front of the hotel and the driver walked around to the other side to assist Melinda as she got out. This time however Janice didn't make a sound as she followed step. Mel took notice of this small action. She didn't like it one bit.

Their luggage had been delivered directly from the airport and neither woman had a chance to see the hotel until now. It was quite a busy place. Bell hops scurrying about, escorting officers and civilians alike to their rooms. The desk clerk proceeded to check the pair in. When he returned, he had only one key. Two pairs of eyes looked at the key then at each other, they shifted back to the clerk. "I'm sorry Miss Pappas, being that we are in the middle of a war right now, rooms are very scarce. What with all these officers coming and going, I could only get this one room as Major Trevor requested. Mel looked at Janice who averted her eyes. "That'll be fine," Mel said as she held back a grin. If she would have looked over at Janice she would have definitely seen the same grin that she had suppressed, on Janice' face.

Once inside their room, both women began to unpack. They had planned to stay in Washington for two days. Mel had some other business she had to take care of with one of the senators from South Carolina. It seemed her father had left a hefty donation to one of his committees and the senator was going to over see it. Mel just had to go and sign some papers. It was actually a coincidence that she found Major Trevor's name in her father's contact book. She was so excited when she told Janice that he would be able to help locate Jack. Janice couldn't wait to fly in to DC.

There was a lull of silence in the air as the women began to settle in. Janice was still thinking about the scrolls as she poured herself a drink. Mel on the other hand was trying not to think of Janice and Diana Prince. Oh Janice what ever would you see in someone like Diana Prince. She wouldn't make you happy. I'd be the one to take care of you. I'd love you and hold you and caress you. It's me, I'm the one that'll travel the world with you. Mel closed her eyes and imagined Janice in front of her. She stood up and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman's waist, then leaned over and kissed Janice with a fiery passion, a passion that had been buried it seemed for centuries.


"Mel?" Janice stood over Mel who appeared to be sleeping. She sat with her legs hanging over the Queen Ann chair. "Mel?"

Mel opened her eyes and sucked in her breath suddenly realizing what she had been doing. "Janice?" she jumped.

"You must of fell asleep and were having a bad dream." Janice stated.

Mel was completely caught off guard. "Hmm, yes, I think so," she said as she tried to calm her racing heart.

"Come on let's go to bed" Janice said as she climbed into the big bed that sat in the middle of the room.

Mel must have been daydreaming for a while because she hadn't noticed when Janice took off her pants and shirt leaving her in boxer shorts and a tank top. Realizing she still had her clothes on, Mel got up and walked over to the dresser. She unzips her blue skirt and let it fall to the floor. She looked in the mirror and saw Janice' reflection, the look on Janice' face was enough to send a chill down Mel's back. It was a look of desire, want, need, the same look Mel had on her face. Mel felt a bit of confidence come over her. She walked over to the nightstand and picked up Janice' drink, she gulped down the rest.

"Can I get you a refill Janice" Mel asked in a sensual tone.

Janice looked up and nodded yes.

Mel walked back to the cabinet where a bottle of scotch had been sitting, she poured the small glass almost full then proceeded to gulp down a large drink. She coughed momentarily then turned back to Janice and handed her the glass.

"Mel?" Janice said as she took the glass.

"I was a bit thirsty myself," the southern belle replied as she raised her eyebrows.

Janice just grinned.

Mel was left wearing her white blouse that barely covered her rear. Janice couldn't help but look. She tilted her head sideways trying to see further up. Mel caught this little act, she purposely propped her leg on the chair to remove her nylon. Janice gulped down her drink, suddenly feeling very warm. Janice wanted to run, she wanted to take Mel right there and then, but all she could do was stare. Mel removed the other nylon, then moved on to the blouse. Slowly she unbuttoned the top and worked her way to the bottom button. She shed the material leaving a white-laced brazier covering her. She turned to face the mirror again as she unfastened the bra letting it drop on the counter, exposing her milky white breasts. She could see the desire in Janice' eyes. She grabbed her pink-laced nightie and put it over her head. She pulled it down rather slowly, giving Janice a chance to look over her entire body without feeling Mel's eyes on her, but Mel could feel Janice' lingering gaze.

As Mel pulled the nightie down, she could feel the material rub against her erect nipples. Slowly the material fell into place.

"Mel, come to bed" she heard Janice whisper.

"Mel?" Janice' voice got louder.


Suddenly jumping from the chair, Melinda realized she had in fact fallen asleep and was dreaming.

"Are you ok honey" Janice asked as she felt Mel's forehead. "You feel a bit clammy."

All of Mel's senses were on overdrive. She realized she had been breathing a bit to hard. "Yea, I'm ok, just a dream," she stated as she tried to gather her thoughts. Wow what at dream.

"Well come on, come to bed. You'll feel better once you're all tucked in, and if you have any more dreams, I'll be right next to you to protect you ok?" Janice suggested.

Oh Janice I think it'll be you who'll need protecting. from me. Mel thought to herself as she climbed in next to the woman of her dreams.

"Good night Mel." Janice turned to face the wall trying to control her breathing.

"Good night Janice." Mel turned the other way as a single tear rolled down her cheek.


Sometime during the night the women drifted into deep sombers and having only the security of each other gathered into a warm embrace.

As the early morning sun peeked it's rays into the room, it gently tapped on Janice' eyelids. She was facing the window. She felt a heavy leg that was heaved over her middle. As both her eyes adjusted to the light, she realized it was Mel's. She could feel Mel's breath mere inches from her neck. The warm breath suddenly sent a wave of electricity through Janice' whole body. Janice could feel her head start to swoon. She felt her own arousal as she tried to shift her body out of the way. Oh god I gotta get out of this one. She thought. She did not want to wake Mel in fear of Mel seeing the desire in her eyes. A desire which she didn't know if she could control. The more she shifted the tighter Mel embraced. Oh god, there's no way out, I'm gonna have to wake her.

"Mel" Janice spoke, not knowing if that was her own voice she heard. It sounded much deeper.

"Hmm." Mel groaned.

She's gonna drive me crazy. "Mel come on get up" Janice tried again, this time giving her a shake.

"Hmm Janice." Mel groaned again and began grinding her hips on the smaller woman's pelvis.

Janice felt herself began to respond. No got to stop, not like this. She tried to reason.

"Oh Janice" Mel whispered in her ear.

This was it, this was what Janice had wanted for a long while now. She wanted Mel, and now she knew that Mel wanted her as well. But not like this. She would wait for the right moment to tell her how she felt. She could tell that Mel wanted the same thing, it was very obvious.

"Mel." Janice called very sternly.

Just as Mel began to open her eyes, Janice pulled herself away.

Mel thought she had been dreaming again, but it felt so real to her, she could even smell the heat of their arousal.

"Janice what's wrong?" Mel asked as her hand clutched her heart.

"Nothing, I just figured we would get an early start today." Janice turned her back to Mel so she wouldn't reveal her desired expression.

"I'm umm gonna go hose down ok." Janice said as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"Yea go ahead, I'm gonna lay here for a few more minutes." Mel said. Hoping she could go back to her dream.


Their morning was spent with a light breakfast and drive to the Smithsonian

castle where Janice wanted to see one of her old professors. "The castle was

originally built in 1855 it once functioned as a museum, but now held

administrative offices" Mel read the brochure.

"So Janice who are you going to see here?" Mel asked.

"Just an old acquaintance from school" Janice replied as they walked toward

the main offices.

"Janice Covington" a woman with short blonde hair called as she approached


Janice turned to see the woman calling her "Oh shit," she said aloud without

intending too.

Melinda saw the concerned look on Janice' face. "Is this your acquaintance

Janice?" she asked

"Kathryn Najara" Janice spit out the name as the woman approached.

"I thought that was you," the woman grabbed Janice into an embrace that

Janice didn't seem to want.

"Kathryn, what are you doing here?" Janice asked with a hint of surprise.

"I'm working with Professor Davis now," Kathryn replied.

"Really, well I've come to see the professor, where is he?" Janice asked

"Oh Janice, he's not here, he's somewhere in Mesoamerica doing field work on

the Maya culture," Kathryn said with a smile.

"Hmm," Mel cleared her throat.

"Kathryn, this is my friend, Mel Pappas" Janice introduce.

"Well of course I heard you were traveling with a companion" Kathryn noted,

"nice to meet you, I know so much of your father's work Miss Pappas."

Mel shook her hand. There is something about this lady… I don't like her, Mel

thought to herself.

"What did you hear?" Janice interrupted with a bit of anger

"Nothing much Janice, just that you had uncovered the Xena Scrolls and you

had a beautiful companion traveling with you," Kathryn paused as she looked

over Mel, "you always did have an eye," she finally said.

"Yea, well it's been a slice of pie, but we gotta go." Janice retorted.

"But you just got here." Kathryn said as she grabbed Janice' forearm.

"Professor Davis isn't here, and since I came to see him, there's no need to

stay." Janice pulled her arm away and made it clear she wasn't going to hang

around for Kathryn's sake.

Kathryn showed no reaction to Janice' rudeness, it was almost as if she'd

been used to this kind of treatment from Janice.

"So do you have them with you?" Kathryn excitedly asked.

"Have what?" Janice answered with annoyance.

"The scrolls."

What the hell does she want to know about the scrolls for. "Don't worry about

it, they're in a safe place" I hope so Jack, Janice said as she turned to

Mel, 'let's go."

Janice turned and walked away Mel followed. They didn't see the man in the

dark gray suit standing in the shadows, but Kathryn did. She nodded her head

to him and he nodded back then followed behind the two women.


The Major met Janice and Mel at a little café near the hotel they were

staying at. Diana showed up just as the three were being seated. During their

meal, Janice and Diana discussed some of Janice' finds. They discussed

Greece, and Janice was surprised to find how much Diana knew about ancient

Greece. There were things that she didn't even know. Meanwhile Mel was trying

to listen to Major Trevor talk about her father. When he was first in the

service, he was assigned to work with her father overseas where they had

become friends. She found herself however eavesdropping on the other two.

"So Diana, when was the last time you were in Greece?" Janice asked.

"Well, actually I've never been there."

"But your descriptions, how do you know the area so well?"

"My mother use to tell me stories, I'd often felt as if I'd been there

myself" Diana paused as if searching her memory. "When you excavated the cave

that held the scrolls, what happened?"

"What do you mean what happened?" Janice asked. She couldn't know about Ares.

Only Jack, Mel and I knew about that part. She must mean something else.

Diana leaned closer to Janice, inches away from her ear. "Well legend has it

that Ares was trapped by Xena and only a descendant of hers could get the

scrolls out once inside the cave."

Mel saw Diana lean over to tell Janice something, she suddenly felt very


"Janice I have to be at the senator's office in thirty minutes" Mel stated

hoping to break up the couple huddle on the other side of the table. What the

heck is she telling her.

Janice' mouth dropped open in total surprise, she turned and stared deeply

into Diana's eyes in total disbelief. How did she know about that?

Just as she was going to ask, Mel interrupted Janice looks as if the cat got

her tongue, what proposition did Diana just make her, "Janice."

The Major was next to interrupt "where are you going to meet the senator?" he


"In his office, I just have to sign some papers, it shouldn't take to long"

Mel answered looking over at Janice and Diana who had stopped their


"Well, I have to drop some papers off in the area, if you'll let me I'd love

to escort you" the Major replied.

Mel looked at Janice for an answer, "That's a good idea, that way I could

continue my conversation with Diana" Janice said, unaware that it was not the

answer Mel had wanted.

Diana jumped in the conversation "Steve, everything is taken care of at the

office, I was gonna go home after lunch and grab some things for my trip home

this weekend, but I think I'll hang around here for a while and chat with

Janice. You don't have to drive me home, I can do that later."

"Great, then it's settled" the Major clasped his hands together and smiled.

It appears I've been ambushed Mel thought to herself. She took a deep breath

and calmly accepted.

"I'll be back rather shortly ok Janice?" She stated. She also noticed that

Janice and Diana hadn't spoken a word to each other since Diana leaned over

and whispered in her ear. Mel could feel the butterflies begin to flutter in

her stomach.

"Ok Mel" Janice said but was looking directly at Diana.

"Shall we?" The Major assisted Mel by pulling out her chair.

"It was really nice to meet you Miss Pappas, I do hope to see you again"

Diana sincerely stated.

"Like wise" Mel retorted.

As the Major and Mel walked out the door, she noticed Janice leaning in to

whisper something in Diana's ear. Oh Janice, don't you have a clue. Mel


"How did you know about Ares?" Janice whispered.

"It was a story my mother used to tell me" Diana answered.

"Who is your mother?" Janice inquisitively asked.

"Janice let's get out of here and go somewhere less crowed to talk" Diana

said as she used her eyes to point at a man in a gray suit who was watching


The two ladies got up and walked over to the hotel. Within minutes they were

up in Janice and Mel's room.

"Who do you think that guy was?" Janice asked knowing that there were people

who wanted to get their hands on the scrolls.

"I don't know, but you'd be amazed at how many spies there are in this town."

Diana answered.

"So tell me what happened?" Diana asked again about Macedonia.

Janice retold the tale to Diana as best she could even the part about Xena's

spirit coming into Mel.

"So your telling me that Mel is the descendant of Xena" Diana asked as if she

thought it was Janice.

"Yea" Janice answered looking a bit confused. "What's wrong?" Janice asked.

Diana paced across the floor as if trying to figure something out. "I thought

it was you, I thought you were a part of Xena's bloodline." Diane said,

sounding disappointed.

Down stairs, Major Trevor was saying goodbye to Mel. She couldn't get rid of

him fast enough as she headed for the stairs.

"No, I'm a descendant of her tag-along Gabriel" Janice said as she rolled her


"Wait a minute, Gabriel was not a tag-along" Diana spoke angrily.

Janice was a bit surprised by Diana's reaction. "Diana what are you talking

about, and how would you know anyway" Janice shook her head trying to figure

out what was going on.

"Now it makes sense" Diana said. "If you're a direct descendant of Gabriel

then you should have the crescent shaped moon are you left breast."

Janice looked utterly shocked "how did you know about that" she asked as she

gently rubbed her left breast where a scar that was in fact shaped like a

crescent moon sat.

"Can I see it?" Diana asked.

Janice unbuttoned her shirt and took half of her brazier off revealing a

little scar that sat just above her left nipple. Diana kneeled down and

looked at the scar. She briefly ran her finger over it then began unbuttoning

her own blouse. She pulled her bra down and showed Janice her left nipple.

Janice looked totally surprised as she saw an identically shaped crescent


"I don't understand" Janice said as she brushed her hand over Diana's scar as

if it weren't real.

"This is the mark of an Amazon, it is a gift from Artemis" Diana replied.

"You're joking" Janice uttered.

Just then, the door opened and Mel walked in. To her extreme surprise she saw

Janice seated with half her shirt open exposing her breast and Diana kneeling

in front of Janice, her breast also showing.

"What the hell's going on here Janice" Mel screamed.

"Mel" Janice jumped with surprise.

Before anything else could be said Mel turned and ran out the door.

"Oh shit" Janice said as she buttoned up her blouse.

Diana realized what Mel must have thought. She stood up and started buttoning her blouse.

"I'll be right back," Janice said as she headed out the door.

Diana nodded in understanding.

To be continued…

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