Lifetime Employment

by Crow">

Love/Sex Warning

A bit of bad language from Megan again.

To the love of my life, Queen Laese who now sits at my side instead of on the other end of the screen, thank you.

Part Three

Miranda's house was about fifteen minutes away from the garage. Her house sat in ten acres of land. Trees and bushes kept the ranch styled home hidden.

Jodie breathed in loudly before speaking. "Oh it's beautiful."

The house had a wooden fence surrounding a portion of it. The structure was covered in red wood, and the roof was an off white color matching the window pains that encompassed the one story home.

"Before my mom moved, we had the whole thing remodeled. New roof, new kitchen," Miranda grinned. "I think you'll like it."

Miranda pulled the truck along the bricked driveway that arched to the side of the house. The rest of the topography was covered with green lawn, and a few islands of bushes sitting on top of mounds of darkened soil. Impatiens crept along the side of the house.

Jodie inhaled the mixture of woods and the sweet smell of spring. "Hmm." She sighed.

"Come on let's get all this stuff inside." Miranda said as she grabbed a couple of Jodie's bags.

Miranda directed Jodie to the room she'd be staying in. It was a beautifully kept white room with the bed situated in the middle.

"Oh the bed is beautiful." Jodie said as she put down the first of her luggage.

"It was my mom's favorite, it's a Louis the XVl, I hear Marie Antoinette was partial to this style." Miranda raised her eyebrows up and down.

"Oh no, I hope you’re not like Megan." Jodie laughed.

"Heck no, she's like a cat in heat." Miranda laughed. "I think she really needs to grow up."

"So how long have you two know each other?"

"Megan, seems like I've know her forever. We used to hang around her dad's garage. My brother used to work for him. I'd hang out and watch Jason, my brother work. He taught both of us a lot about cars." Miranda spoke as she and Jodie finished unloading.

"So where's your brother?" Jodie asked as she put the last bag in her bedroom.

"He's a career naval officer." Miranda laughed out loud.


"Oh Jason had such a crush on Megan."

"So what happened?" Jodie sat at the foot of the bed.

"She was in the back seat of one of the cars they were working on." Miranda laughed.

"With one of her high school teachers, I don't remember which one."

"No! A teacher?" Jodie looked utterly surprised.

"Well, it was just a few years after Meg graduated. The teacher brought her car in for some work."

Jodie's eyes widened. "She must really get around huh?"

"Megan's always been like that, she takes risks on her bike and she loves the women." Miranda said, standing in the doorway. "Come on let's get dinner going."

Jodie got up from the bed and followed her new roommate to the kitchen.

The house had three large archways that separated the dinning room, living room and kitchen. The dinning room had hardwood floors, whereas the kitchen was laid with stone-like tiles.

Jodie could not believe how wonderfully kept Miranda's house was. She was beginning to see a different side of the mechanic.

The kitchen was equipped enough to keep any professional chef content to cook.

"You like fish?" Miranda asked wanting to cook the bass she had in the freezer.

"Hmm I do."

"I'll show you how to make grilled striped bass, you'll love it." Miranda spoke with a soft voice.

Jodie realized she was really beginning to like this woman. She seemed to be relaxed all the time. Her face had a calm look about her.

After about twenty minutes of cooking, Jodie set the table and Miranda brought out the meal. She served the fish with a Sauvignon Blanc. The women enjoyed their meal. After finishing they moved to the den to settle on the sofa and get to know each other.

Miranda poured some more wine. "So tell me about you Jodie, What did you do before we found you on that stretch of highway?"

Little by little the two women found a lot of interesting things about each other.

Soon a second bottle found it's way into the den.

"S'wait a minute, you're telling me that she didn't want to tell anyone about your relationship?" Miranda asked feeling a little tipsy.

"Nah, she wanted me there when she'd snap her fingers, like this," Jodie tried to snap her fingers but the sound wasn't coming out right, so she tried again.

"I like to hug and be ver--very affffect---shionate. But she would get all pissed."

"Did you love her?" Miranda's tone was very soft. She smiled at the thought of being in love.

"I thought I did, but now I don't think I really was."

"You know, I love..." Miranda let out a long sigh. Her eyes began to gently tear.

She couldn't say the name.

"OH honey, I'm so sorry, I know." Jodie leaned over and hugged the love stricken woman.

"Does she at least have a clue?" Jodie released hold and sat back against the sofa. She wiped the wetness under Miranda's eyes.

"NOOOO." Miranda said as she turned her head rapidly back and forth. "But she's always been so nice to me. See that." Miranda pointed to a golden dragon statue that sat on the coffee table. It was for burning incense.

"It's beautiful." Jodie returned as she looked closely at the figure.

"She bought it for me on my birthday. 'Cause she said I was born on the year of the dragon." Miranda thought back to the day Karla gave it to her. Megan was romping around with who knows who that night. Karla wanted to go to dinner and had invited her. They had a nice time out. She was so surprised that Karla knew it was her birthday. That was the night Miranda gave her heart away.

Jodie thought about Megan. "Who's Cindy?" she asked.

"Cindy...she's a biker chick. She's just sex, why?"

Jodie flinched at the word. "Oh Megan made plans with Cindy after I invited her to come over here." Jodie suddenly didn't feel too well.


Megan was cruising down the highway as fast as her bike would fly. Her night was a disaster.

She'd gone to Cindy's soon after Jodie and Miranda were on there way home. Cindy had some food ready and they ate pretty much in silence. Usually Megan was playful and happy for the little distraction away from Karla. But not this night.

It wasn't long before Megan was naked and in bed with the smaller dark haired woman. And it wasn't long before she had her eyes closed and had visions of Jodie. When she kissed Cindy, she felt Jodie's lips, and when she caressed Cindy's skin and held to her, it was Jodie's body she was thinking of. But when she called out Jodie's name. Well, she found her self cruisin' down the highway.

How could I be thinking about someone I just met a day ago? Megan sighed. She hadn't felt like this about any woman, not even Karla, for a very long time.


The smell of fresh coffee, brought movement from the bed. Hmm what's that smell?

Jodie's nosed flared in and out. Her eyes opened to the sun brightened room.

Miranda was singing in the kitchen as she flipped a pancake. "Good morning sleepy head," she said, delighted at the sight of Jodie.

"Hi," a raspy voice replied. "What time is it?"

"Just past seven. What time did Megan want you to start work?"

Jodie raised her shoulders not knowing.

"Well, I usually go in at about nine. You want to go at that time?"

"Sure, what are you gonna do until then?"

"I like working on the garden out back. Wanna see it? We can eat on the patio. It's my favorite breakfast place."

Megan had been up since before the sun. She felt anxious, so she went down stairs from her apartment and started working on Jodie's car.

Just before nine, the pair walked into the garage. Jodie was carrying a basket that had some breakfast for Megan. Miranda said she usually brought something for the grump to eat, otherwise it was a coke and a candy bar.

"Hi Megan." Jodie walked over to the woman lying under her car.

"Hey, I didn't know if you were coming," Megan said shortly, without emerging from her position

"Well, you didn't give me a time. How was your date last night?" Jodie hoped to get a better reaction.

"It was great, just great," Megan relpied, flippantly.

"I had such a relaxing evening with Miranda," Jodie said happily.

"Tch, yeah she can put anyone sleep." Megan laughed out. Why am I being so mean? "I'm glad you had a good time." She forced the words. She pushed herself out from under the car.

Jodie looked down and the woman and smiled.

She's so beautiful, Megan thought as she looked up to see Jodie's happy face. She suddenly felt her bleak mood lighten. "So did you bring any of Miranda's fabulous food?"

"Yep." Jodie smiled.

This brought a grin to Megan's face. "Why didn'cha say so. Help me up." She held her hand up for Jodie.

Jodie grabbed the greasy palm and pulled. Megan pulled her down and Jodie landed on top of the mechanic. Megan felt her heart begin to race. I just want to kiss her once, she thought.

"Hey, you're gonna get me all greasy." Jodie spoke out but didn't move to get up. She looked into Megan's wanting eyes. No, not yet, she's gonna have to work for it. Jodie pushed her body off the woman and walked back toward the office. "You gonna come and eat?" she called out behind her.

Megan put her hands on her face. What's wrong with me? God I get all goofy around this crazy little, she's not like that. Megan was angry at herself for thinking of Jodie as just another little piece of...not Jodie.

"Hey Megan, maybe you should wash your face." Miranda spoke laughing at her boss who had grease on her cheeks and nose.

She smiled at Mirada and walked into the office. Jodie set out the food and had a fresh cup of coffee waiting.

"What did you...come here...sit down." Jodie grabbed a cloth and went to the sink out in the garage, she wet it down and came back inside.

Megan was already eating. "This is good."

Jodie grabbed Megan's chewing face and proceeded to wipe the oil off. "You're like a little kid." She laughed.

Megan closed her eyes and allowed the smaller woman to fuss over her. "Will you have dinner with me tonight?" Jodie asked.

Megan opened her eyes in question. "What about Miranda?"

"What about her? I want to get to know my boss better. Take me to that place you were gonna suggest yesterday."

Megan couldn't help but smile. "OK."

"Now finish up 'cause I need the office so I can work." She spoke like a mother to her child.

Damn, I really like her. Megan laughed out loud at the order.

The day went quickly as the three worked on and off. Taking breaks and at times just goofing around. Miranda noticed rather quickly the attention Jodie gave Megan. She knew her house guest was falling. But she was surprised at Megan. She'd never seen her look at anyone like she was eyeing Jodie. Even Karla didn't rate such stares.

The trio closed shop just before dusk. Megan arranged to pick Jodie up in two hours.


Miranda took a shower as soon as they got home. By the time Jodie was finished refreshing her appearance, she found her friend sitting out in the garden.

The sound of water as it sprayed across the floral combination mixed with the gentle chatter of a couple of love birds sitting high on their little wooden house. Jodie breathed in deeply feeling her senses come alive. "I can see why you love it out here." She spoke softly.

"You look very nice." Miranda opened her eyes to look at the younger woman. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Jodie sat on the chair next to the serene woman.

"What are you expecting from Megan?"

"What do you mean?" Jodie looked confused.

"I mean, are you just expecting a good time, or is there something you want from her?"

"I know I don't want to be just a good time to her." Jodie shrugged.

"Megan has the habit of hurting people, Jodie, and I don't want to see that happen to you." Miranda reached over and patted Jodie's forearm. "That little display with Karla, it's typical Megan, you know. She yells and screams when things don't go her way. She likes to be in control."

"Why do you put up with her then?" Jodie questioned.

"I've put up with Megan because she is my friend. We've been through a lot of things growing up. I used to want to be like her. She'd do things and say things I wanted to. But I was always thinking of what was right. Megan never followed any rules. She is changing though, slowly, but I can see she's willing to try. Before her father died, she was always in trouble, reckless on that bike. I know Karla sees her potential and wants her to be more mature and start taking things more seriously. But Megan's gonna do what Megan wants. Just don't expect to much from her. That's all. Miranda got up as she heard the phone ringing inside.

Jodie sat in contemplation as a light breeze gently kissed her face.

"Speak of the devil." Miranda broke the silence, "Lovergirl will be here in five minutes."

Jodie stood up and faced her friend. "Thanks for looking out for me. I do have an idea about Megan. She gently hugged Miranda.

"If I wasn't soooo hooked on Karla," Miranda raised her eyebrows.

"You never know," Jodie replied.

"Get outta here." Miranda pushed gently.

Jodie walked outside to wait for Megan. She heard the loud motorcycle roar its way onto the property.

Megan pulled right in front of the standing blonde. She cut the engine off to silence the roar.

"Hi." She looks (sigh) good. Megan spoke after pulling off the helmet.

Jodie looked down at Megan's boots, then her eyes trailed up along Megan's legs, slowly moving to her chest which was partially exposed. Then her eyes met a wicked smile as she looked up at the biker's face.

"Like whatcha see?" Megan's tone was very enchanting. She got off the bike, her outfit was similar to the black leather one she wore when she first stopped for the helpless woman, only this time it was a copper colored leather.

Cocky isn't she? "I guess it'll have to do." Jodie covered her grin.

"Oh it will, huh?" Megan smiled but she was expecting more of a reaction from her little challenge. She was used to it.

Megan's plan was to woo the little feline, but for some reason she felt nervous. Usually she had everything under control and had her dates eating out of her, hands and what ever she decided to let them nibble on. But it was always Megan who set the pace.

"So where‛re you taking me?" Jodie asked as she grabbed the helmet that was attached to the seat she'd be sitting on soon. "Is this the same bike we rode the other day?"

"Naw, this is my Fatboy, the one we were on the other day was a sportster." Megan got on the bike and held her hand out for Jodie to follow.

"It's pretty, the color matches your eyes." Jodie remarked through the open helmet.

"WHAT, my eyes. Tch." Megan looked behind her shaking her head. "I didn't buy it to match my eyes."

Jodie had to laugh at the woman's reaction. "So what's the color called?"

Megan turned her head forward and spoke as she was putting on her helmet. "Sinister blue," she mumbled.

"What?" Jodie wrapped her arms around the driver. Ooh this feels nice. "What's the name?" Jodie asked again momentarily loosing track.

A sudden chill that started from Megan's stomach ran up and around her entire body. She felt Jodie’s arms wrap around her. I think I might be in trouble.

"Sinister blue." Megan turned and spoke loudly.

Sinister blue? Jodie took in the information. She looked into the mechanic's eyes through the helmets. "Yep, matches your sinister blue eyes." She spoke as her eyes added their own flair to her enticing tone.

Damn this woman is turning me on, I wonder if I should just take her back to my place? We could have dinner there. Nooo, I don't think she'd go for that. I gotta be on my best behavior. Megan started the bike and the pair headed out.

Jodie held tight to Megan's waist. She closed her eyes and rested her helmeted head on Megan's shoulder. The engine purred down the highway for about thirty minutes. Before Megan pulled up to the restaurant. The place was surrounded by a white picket fence. Cars were parked on a lot just outside the fenced area. Megan pulled her bike up as close to the entrance gate as possible. She turned and reached for Jodie's hand to help her off the bike. Then she got off and took the helmets and locked them to a hook on the back of the seat.

"Shall we." Megan put her hand on Jodie's shoulder and walked her toward the house after opening the gate to allow the smaller woman entrance first.

"My, my, such gallantry." Jodie declared as she walked briefly ahead of the lascivious mechanic.

Megan raised her eyebrow alluringly as she pulled Jodie's arm gently to face the smaller woman, "I always treat my dates with care and I want them to know just how much of a woman they are."

She's gooood. Jodie swallowed then turned to walk up the few stairs into the restaurant. "I didn't know this was a date." She stated boldly as she waited for Megan to open the door.

Fuck, why is she giving me such a hard time? Ooop I better get the door. Megan took the stairs three at a time which got her to the door in four steps. She was going to speak, her mouth opened but then shut again as she held the door to allow Jodie in first.

Jodie walked into the Italian restaurant wearing a rather nicely fitting grin on her face. Megan followed behind with no expression.

Violin music was playing in the background of the dimly lit restaurant. Candles sat on red and white checkered table clothes burning from little red glasses. It was quiet, not a lot of customers. "It's nice, I like it." Jodie turned around to face Megan.

"You'll love the food." Megan forced a smile. She's not interested. Why not?

"Megan!" A tall slender man in a black suit called out as he walked toward the pair.

"Giorgio, how are you." Megan greeted. "This is my d---" She paused. What the hell is she then. "My friend," Yeah that'll work...for now. "Jodie."

Jodie held back a laugh, she liked seeing this woman work. "Hi." She held out her hand.

The dark haired man took her hand and planted a kiss on the top. "Ah bella, come siete? Benvenuto al mio ristorante, welcome to my restaurant."

Jodie smiled sincerely. "Thank you."

He escorted the two women to a table a bit out of the way, already knowing that Megan liked her privacy.

"Your favorite table Mi bella." Giorgio spoke allowing Megan to get her own seat. He then held the seat for Jodie.

"Your favorite table?" Jodie asked curiously.

"Yeah, I used to come here a lot, but it's been a while." Don't ask how long.

Jodie was just about to open her mouth when they were interrupted by the waiter. "Megan, back so soon?" He asked as he handed them their menus.

"Hey Carlo, Yeah, this is Jodie." Don't say another word, she glared at him.

Carlo swallowed, already knowing that look on Megan's face. "What can I get you for drinks?" He decided to cut the small talk and wait on the pair, not wanting another look like the one he got. He left, then immediately returned with some wine.

"Do you know what you want?" Jodie asked looking over the menu.

Megan settled into her seat and looked at her menu, she already knew what she wanted, but she had to figure out how she was gonna get the cute little blond to agree with her.

"How's the grilled chicken?"

"It's really good, is that what you want to order?" Megan set down her menu and looked deeply into Jodie’s eyes.

Jodie sat her menu down and returned the gaze. "Yeah." It's not going to happen, she repeatedly chanted in silence.

Megan looked over at Carlo and called to him with a slight movement of her head.

He immediately came over.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes, this very beautiful woman here" Megan looked over at Jodie, "She'll have the pollo alla Griglia, and I'll have the Spezzatino di Pollo con Peperoni." her accent was in all the right places.

This woman is so smooth. She's not going to like this, Jodie thought.

The waiter poured some more wine into each glass, then retreated back to the kitchen.

"Megan?" Jodie spoke after taking a drink and setting the glass back down.


"I was wondering if we could talk about your shop?"

Megan sat up, "Is something wrong?"

"Well, when I was going through your books, I found a lot of I.O.U's. You have a lot of work that hasn't been paid for." Jodie looked concerned.

"OH, that." Megan let out a sigh. "Yeah, I tend to let people make payments on the work. It's a bitch when your car breaks down and you have to pay out a lot of money all at once. I decided I could deal with some payment plans, but I know it's also getting out of hand."

Jodie felt a pang of emotion. She is caring. She was going to offer me a payment plan too, no questions asked. "I'd like to help you get things straightened out."

"Well, I guess this isn't a date after all." Megan said bitterly. "You really did just want to get to know the boss."

Suddenly Jodie's eyes went from a friendly green to a dark, angry gray. "Now you look here." She spoke harshly but low. "I am not going to be just one of your play things. I like you Megan, I like you a lot, and I'm not going to be seduced by your, charm," she spat out.

Megan was surprised at Jodie's reaction. She was also surprised that the words stung her like a slap.

Jodie saw the expression. She reached her hand over and laid it on top of Megan's. "I'm sorry, Megan, I didn't mean to be so harsh, but you've been acting like," Jodie tried to find a word, "a gigglette."

Megan couldn't help herself she let out a laugh, "What am I?"

"Like a gigolo." Jodie raised her brow.

"I've been called a gigolo before, but never a gigglette." Megan laughed out again. Oh is she's something. Megan thought.

"Can't we just be friends?" Jodie said with a sigh.

"I've never really had a woman friend before." Megan said as she pulled her hand out from under Jodie's. She liked it too much there.

"WHAT ABOUT MIRANDA!" Jodie let out loudly but not angrily.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about her."

Jodie stared at Megan.

"I mean I never thought about her like a woman. She's just Miranda."

Jodie shook her head. Just then the food arrived.

Megan lifted her glass. "To friends then." She asked anxiously.

"To friends." Jodie replied as they tapped wine glasses.

Dinner actually was better than Megan expected. She decided to let go of her charm for the evening and relaxed. Jodie was lots of fun.

"So I was going to take you to a club I like to hang out at. Do you still want to go? As friends of course." Megan let out a hesitant laugh.

"Sure, lead on friend." Jodie was glad Megan wanted to continue.

To be continued.

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