Lifetime Employment

by Crow">

LOVE/SEX WARNING Yep :) If the idea of two women in love and expressing their feelings for each other is not your type of reading, then you shouldn't read this story.

Disclaimers: not really, these are my characters they really did pop out of my head. Thanks to Barb and Jeanie for their suggestions.

Thanks to the love of my life, Queen Laesë (The Amazon Queen) who now sits at my side instead of on the other end of the screen.

And now for the moment you all been waiting for... This is where the SEX XXX comes in.

Part Six (Conclusion)

Megan pulled the car to the side of the road and looked deeply into Jodie's eyes. " I do love you Jodie. Please don't leave."

Jodie reached her hand over and touched lightly on Megan's cheek. She's so beautiful. Oh Megan, what am I getting myself into. Jodie thought.

Megan took Jodie's hand and planted tiny little kisses on her thumb and fingers.

Jodie closed her eyes feeling the sensation run through her body. "Megan I don't know if I can do this. I love you too, but I don't want to be..."

"Jodie, I know I said a lot of stupid things. I've been thinking about my life and these past weeks I have never felt so many mixed emotion. I've been trying so hard to keep everything inside, but when you left." Megan closed her eyes and clutched Jodie's hand to her heart. "I don't want to lose you."

Jodie pulled her hand away from Megan then reached up and grabbed the back of Megan's head. Both women leaned toward each other and their lips touched briefly at first then made full contact.

After a long moment they released their kiss. Both women breathing heavily. "Let' go home," Jodie whispered.

"Home?" Megan wasn't sure what Jodie was saying.

"Yeah, back to Miranda's," Jodie said with a gentle smile.

Megan got out of the car and locked up her motorcycle then climbed back into Jodie's car.

Jodie drove them back to Miranda's house and they went inside.

Megan followed Jodie into her bedroom then turned and shut the door behind them.

"Jodie, are you sure? I mean I don't want to be just a giggolette, I want to share my love with you." Megan spoke softly.

Jodie reached her arms up and around Megan's neck then pulled the taller woman down a bit for another kiss. Slowly she moved her mouth brushing around Megan's wanting lips. She teased lightly then captured Megan's moistened mouth, both reveling in the sensation. Their hearts began beating as one in a wild tattoo as they intensified their kiss.

Megan guided Jodie back toward the bed. "I love you Jodie." She spoke into Jodie's ear.

Jodie let out a moan as she pulled Megan closer to her body. She needed to feel skin, Megan's skin against hers. She let her fingers roam toward the hem of Megan's shirt then ducked her fingers under the material and worked her way up to touch Megan's bare back.

Megan closed her eyes and breathed in. She too needed to feel Jodie's skin against her's, so she began to unbutton Jodie's blouse then pulled it open to expose Jodie's breasts. She moved her hands along the sides resting her palms gently for a moment then began massaging and moving toward the front of Jodie's breasts.

Jodie sucked in her breath at the sensation of Megan's hands touching and brushing in circles over her now hardened nipples.

Megan realized she was moving too fast for Jodie as she felt Jodie stiffen a bit. She did not want to mess this up with Jodie. Megan pulled back gazing into Jodie's eyes. "Trust me?" She whispered pleadingly.

Jodie looked back into Megan's eyes, "always," she said.

They leaned into each other for another searing kiss.

This time it was Jodie's turn to undress the taller woman. She moved slowly up and down Megan's arms then reached for the sides of Megan's shirt and in one swift move pulled it over Megan's head.

"So beautiful," Jodie spoke softly at the sight of Megan's flesh, although she wasn't as tan as Jodie remembered the first time she saw this woman topless.

Megan felt nervous for the first time in a long while. She didn't want to mess things up. She was going to let Jodie decide on what they were going to do and if Jodie decided to slow down then that would be just fine.

But Jodie had other plans, she went right for Megan's belt and pulled and tugged at the thing. "Off," she growled.

Megan looked surprised, but complied quickly. She pulled her belt out of the loops and flung it toward the floor.

Jodie eyed Megan's pants, one brow raised expectantly.

Megan sucked in her breath this time and began to unbutton her jeans.

Jodie placed her hands on Megan's waist and began to tug the pants down until they were around Megan's ankles.

Megan kicked them off and stood waiting.

Jodie moaned and allowed her eyes to tour the length of Megan's beautiful body. She took a step closer and reached her arms up around Megan's neck again.

Megan couldn't stand it, she pulled her arms tightly around Jodie and laid her down onto the bed. She crawled up and hovered over Jodie. "I love you so much," she said then brought her lips down on Jodie's.

Jodie felt her legs begin to spread open as Megan moved her thigh up to where the heat was rising. "Oh god," she let out.

Megan got up a bit then looked at the buttons on Jodie's pants pleadingly.

Jodie nodded her head, yes.

Megan unbuttoned Jodie's pants and pulled them off, Jodie helping with the lift of her hips. Then she pulled the opened shirt off of Jodie and flung it over toward the wall leaving Jodie naked, save for her thong.

Megan looked down at Jodie and ran her finger along the top of the thong then tugged at it until once again Jodie lifted so Megan could pull the scrap of material off. She breathed in deeply savoring the musky scent of the smaller woman. "Oh yes," Megan let out.

Jodie grabbed Megan and pulled her down on top of her. She needed to feel Megan pressed against her.

Slowly Megan lowered herself unto Jodie. Their bodies pressing together. Jodie could feel the current run through her. She felt Megan's need growing as hot as her own. Both began to open and touch and move rhythmically as one.

Megan lowered her lips to gently kiss Jodie's hardened nipples, going from one to the other as she glided her tongue across Jodie's breasts.

Jodie arched her back up higher to feel more pressure against Megan. She moved her hands down and pulled Megan's butt tightly into her.

Megan moved her hand between Jodie's thighs and wiggled her fingers in until she could feel the wetness that poured from Jodie. She used her middle finger to find the slit that lead to Jodie's opening, then let the tip of her finger rest just at the entrance.

"Oh Megan," Jodie moaned, "please." She whispered as the muscles around her vagina began to tighten and pull Megan's finger inside.

Megan felt her growing need for Jodie's fingers as well. She gasped out a breath when she felt Jodie's hands reach further around her ass and spread her cheeks to open the folds of her vagina and pull her down on Jodie's thigh. "Oh baby," she let out as she began to grind closer to the smaller woman.

"Give me two baby," Jodie let out with a moan.

Megan took out her finger then rubbed gently around Jodie's clitoris which brought a louder moan of pleasure from Jodie. Then Megan put her middle and index finger together and began to slowly enter Jodie's cavern of pleasure. Using her thumb, Megan continued to message Jodie's clit, or pleasure spot.

Jodie could feel her body losing control. She tried to savor the length of the orgasm she knew was imminent. With her fingers, she stroked up and down along the crack of Megan's ass while pulling Megan closer into her thigh.

Their motions began to quicken as they began to climb higher and higher. All reason left their minds as the sensations in their bodies took over, until at last they both reached the summit, clinging to each other and crying out each other's names.

Megan gently pulled her fingers out then wrapped both her arms around the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life making love to.

Jodie gasped feeling suddenly bereft at Megan's withdrawal, but she wrapped her arms lovingly around Megan and nuzzled into Megan's neck.

"I love you," both women said at the exact same time, then started to kiss again.

Neither of them heard Miranda when she knocked on the door and took a peek in.

"Ooops," she said as she found Megan and Jodie wrapped in each other arms. Their naked bodies covered by the sheets. They hadn't heard her knock or known of her presence as they were so involved with each other. Miranda closed the door softly. Inspired by the two she went happily to the den to call Karla.

Miranda quickly walked away from the door, knowing that the two lovers would probably be in bed for the rest of the day and night. She whipped up a snack tray and placed it in the fridge for the pair. Then she called Karla who happily agreed to meet Miranda for dinner.

Jodie lay quietly wrapped in Megan's arms, she listened to Megan breath peacefully in sleep. She had no intentions of moving until she heard the shower from Miranda's bathroom down the hall.

After Miranda finished her shower and got dressed she headed for the kitchen to get the keys to the car she left on the counter top. "Well, hello," she said to Jodie who was making some sandwiches.

"Hi, I heard you in the shower, did you want a sandwich?" Jodie whispered.

"Um, no thanks I kinda have a dinner date with Karla tonight," Miranda said with a smile. "I made a tray for you and um, you know who." She grinned.

"Thanks, I saw that, but I wasn't sure," Jodie whispered again.

"So, are things okay with you two? I kinda peeked in and um, sorry about that." Miranda raised her eyebrows a little embarrassed.

"Oh," Jodie said as a flush of red covered her face. "That's okay."

"So?" Miranda asked again.

"I don't know, I mean I just hope things work out. It's really up to Megan now. I have to trust and hope that she meant it when she said she loves me and wants to stay with me," Jodie said with a hint of worry behind her words.

"Do you have any doubts?" Miranda asked.

"No, I don't. I know that I love her and I do want to spend my life with her," Jodie said assuredly.

Just then Megan walked into the kitchen. "Hi," she said to both women.

"Hi yourself," Miranda offered.

Jodie walked over and gave the taller woman a hug which got a very good response from Megan.

"Well, I've gotta run, so I guess I'll see you both later okay," Miranda said then headed toward the door.

"Where's she going?" Megan asked.

"Karla's," Jodie said then looked for a reaction from Megan.

Megan frowned her eyebrows then released Jodie from her arms and headed toward the door following Miranda.

"Hey Randi," she called.

Miranda turned and then shook her head "What?"

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Megan said as she walked outside with the other mechanic.

"Is this going to be a problem for you Megan?" Miranda asked agitated.

"No, I just wanted to apologize," Megan said softly.

"For what?" Miranda said calmly.

"For being a shit. I mean I've know all this time you've had a thing for Karla and I know that she kinda had something for you too." Megan stood just outside the door where Jodie could hear their conversation.

"What do you mean?" Miranda asked puzzled.

"Well when Karla and I first started you know, she had asked about you and I guess I kinda felt, you know, pissed off about that so I told her that you wouldn't be interested, you were into your cars and stuff and I kinda gave her the impression that you liked guys."

"What?" Miranda felt a sudden rise in her temper.

"I'm sorry, but I figured if she thought that then she'd stay away from you." Megan felt really low.

Miranda took a deep breath, "It's okay, I guess it's a good thing that you told me. Megan, don't fuck it up with Jodie okay."

Megan's eyes widened a bit, she didn't ever remember hearing Miranda swear, especially the F-word. "I'm really sorry," she said sheepishly.

"Well, now that I know Karla really wanted me and settled for you, I guess I forgive anything," she said with a grin.

"Ouch, I deserved that. Go get her." Megan smiled then turned and went back inside.

Jodie smiled lovingly at Megan, "What brought that on?" She asked.

Megan grinned as she wrapped her arms around Jodie. "Well, I realise now that since I got the best cookie, I don't need the whole jar."

Jodie shoved Megan away, "Cookie?"

Megan smiled, "The best cookie, the cookie I've been searching for my whole life?"

Jodie sighed, "Oh baby, I love you."

Megan felt her heart swell with love for Jodie. "Let's go back to bed?"

Jodie nodded then reached up and kissed her mechanic then led her back to the bedroom.


"Knock, knock" Miranda's hand tapped at the door. She felt nervous and excited at the same time.

"Hi," Karla said happily as she answered the door.

"Wow, you look beautiful. I didn't know if I should dress up or not. I figured we could go down to the Red Dragon for some Chinese food if that's okay with you," Miranda said as her eyes drank in the site of Karla in a red oriental dress with matching shoes. Her hair was curled down her back. Her lips were painted a soft, subtle red.

"Well actually," Karla said with a sensual tone, "I was kind of hoping we could stay here for dinner?" Oh Miranda, if only you knew, Karla thought.

"That would be wonderful. So what are we having?" Miranda grinned.

"We can do Chinese," Karla said with a smile.

"I love Chinese, it's my favorite," Miranda said. Just tell her, what do I have to lose now? She thinks I'm straight. "Karla there's something I think I should tell you before you hear it from anyone else." Miranda decided to talk about Megan and Jodie instead.

"I know, those two can't hide it even if they tried, and you know what I'm really happy for Megan." Karla sat down her sofa and patted the empty space next to her for Miranda to follow.

Miranda took the empty space next to Karla. "That Megan, I tell you, you know what she told me today," Miranda paused and swallowed loudly. Her stomach was doing flip flops.

"What did she say?" Karla asked noticing Miranda's nervousness.

"Well, she said that when you two first met, you had asked about me and she told you that I was into guys." Miranda looked down at her feet not knowing what to expect with that statement.

"Yes, she did say that, that you loved a boy who was in the Navy."

Miranda started laughing, "Well, at least she didn't lie."

"Oh I see," Karla said with a disappointed tone in her voice.

"My brother's in the Navy," Miranda continued to laugh.

"Your brother? I don't understand," Karla asked confused now.

"Yes, my brother Jason, and I do love him, but Karla, I've never been into guys. Only women. Well one particular woman." Miranda took another deep breath.

"She must be one lucky woman," Karla said trying to smile but not quite succeeding.

Miranda reached her hand up and touched Karla's chin.

Karla's eyes widened just a bit and she held her breath hoping.

"Do you feel lucky Karla?" Miranda spoke bravely never taking her eyes off the dark haired woman.

"I do," was all that Karla said before their lips met in a heated kiss.

The end

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