Sex is Good...Love is Better

by Crow and Barbara G. Smith

This is an Uber story, I guess this means they resemble the cast, but have no ties or relations to them.


If the idea of two women in love and having a really great time showing it bothers you, please, please, please stop reading this stuff. If you are under 18 years of age or this type of story is illegal where you live then close your eyes and don't read. Hey...I meant both eyes.

Barb, thanks for working on this with me. I'm so looking foward to seeing you and your wife Jean in May 2001 YEA! Even though it seems like a million months away.

Part three

She said she loved me. That was weird, I wonder where that came from. Funny though cuz when she said it. I felt it. I just met her though. Looking at her sleeping in my arms. She's so beautiful, she looks so young and innocent. She's starting to stir.

"Hi," she spoke as her eye lids fluttered open.

"Hi yourself, how you feeling?" She feels so good in my arms. I don't want her to move.

"I feel wonderful." She draped her body around mine and leaned in to kiss me. I could feel the passion begin to stir once again. Not this time though, this time it's my turn. I want to hear her cries.

"Mmmm Megan you feel so good." She whispered into my ear before she started kissing it again.

I moved my hand down toward her nipple and she gasped. I squeezed gently until it erected. Oh that feels good. I want to taste it. I moved down a little so my head was over her breast. I leaned in and grabbed her hardened nipple between my teeth. I bit down ever so gently.

"Oh my goodness." She let out.

She was so hot, I moved my hand down to her center and didn't wait just moved my fingers right in. She was more than ready. "Yes, oh Megan, please..." She cried out. The more she cried, the more excited I became. I positioned myself so my cunt was up against her thigh. I couldn't help it, I was hot too. Very hot, her sounds were bringing me over the edge.

"Oh my gosh...Megan..."

Now it was my turn to hear her beg.

"'m gonna make you cum." Love? hmmm, never used that word before.


I worked my way down to her center until it was within tasting range. Her scent was so intoxicating. I felt dizzy. I needed to taste her. I took my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. To my delight she began to wiggle, bump and grind. I brought my fingers back to her clit and added to the stroking with my tongue.

I used my other hand and slid my fingers inside my own clit, I was so wet, I wanted us to cum together. Her eyes moved down to see what I was doing. I could see her getting more excited.

"OH YES, MEGAN....YES...OH MY GOD.....I'M CUMMING...." She cried out.

I could feel her throb. I could feel my own. "JODIE...oh Jodie...oh.....o..."

I moved up toward her face and looked in her eyes. She was crying. My heart ached. I held her again. This felt so right. It was perfect. Love?

I can't believe I spent the weekend at her house. I didn't want to leave but I knew I had to be at work early Monday. She said she would be in her office and I should go up and see when I get a chance.

It's been a slow day today, I think I will go up to see her. Hell who am I kidding I've wanted to go up there since I first saw her drive by and honk. These last three hours have been killing me...


I'm so glad she spent the weekend at my house. What's she doing down there. Looks like she's changed out of her jumpsuit. Oh she's crossing the street. I think she's going to come up here. Oh I have to fix my hair. OK, calm down.

"Buzz, buzz." Hi, Sue, what is it.

"There's a woman named Megan, she said she had an appointment with you, but I don't see her name written down.

"YEs, Sue, send her in and hold all my other calls until I tell you OK."

"Megan, hi"

"Sooo, this is your office, nice. gotta a great view." She's looking out the window. Shit I didn't put the binoculars away.

"What's this. wow, you can see right inside my shop. You weren't kiddin when you said you could see the garage. HEY WAIT A MINUTE..."

OH shit. OK just tell her. "Um Megan."

"What the hell is Jose doing. I told him not to put that rebuilt alternator in that coupe. Damn it Jose."

Shoot, I think I should just tell her the truth.

"Sorry Hon, what where you going to say?"

"Megan, I've been watching you for months and I just wanted to meet you. I mean I met you a while back when I took my car in. And after that I just....I um, well I couldn't get you out of my mind." There I said it.

"I know."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lie to you. I planned on telling you all along, but things just got out of hand and I wanted you so much."

"I know, Honey, I know you've been watching me."

OH shit she looks like she's gonna kill me, why is she walking so slowly toward me. She has that wild look in her eyes. " do you mean you know....."

"I talked to Sandy this morning, she dropped her car off for a tune up. She told me everything. I'm amazed that you would go to all that trouble. I'm also very flattered."

She kept walking toward me until I was backed up against the wall. "What are you going to do." I swallowed.

"Meg-gan." She put her hands on the wall. I was in between both. She leaned down and kissed me. "Mmmmm."

She moved her hand toward my breast and began to unbutton the top of my shirt. I could feel my breathing grow faster. I had no choice but to wrap my arms around her neck and pull her in to complete the kiss.

"MMMPH." She moaned inside my mouth.

Her hand found it's way under my bra and to my nipple. She tweaked it.

"Ummph." This time I jumped.

"You don't play fair." I said.

She grinned. "Neither do you....Shall we not play fair together?"

She kissed me again this time it was tender and very sweet.

"My love." Was the last thing I heard her say before she lead me to the floor.


The end.


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