Double Play II

By Cruise



Chapter 5



Dakota had searched most of the campus looking for Cass unsuccessfully. She stood in the middle of the campus and looked around, wondering where Cass could be. 'Okay, where are you Cass? Where are you hiding?' She tried to put herself in Cass' shoes and figure out where she would go if she were as upset. She moved around in a circle looking and stopped when it hit her where Cass might be. She had a thought. 'I'll give it a shot.' She shrugged her shoulders and headed off towards the softball field.

After arriving at the field she peered over the outfield fence and saw Cass lying in the middle of center field. 'Remember; forget about softball camp and Cass' ambivalence to talk about it. Try to be nice and put your angry feelings aside. Let her talk about it in her own time.' She climbed over the fence and walked towards her. "Hey." She called out softly when she drew closer to not scare her.

Cass turned her head towards the voice and squinted from the bright sun. She opened her eyes fully when Dakota stood above her blocking the sun. "Yeah?"

"Aah, listen. I'm aah, sorry for…" Dakota shifted her weight from one leg to the other nervously and stopped in mid-sentence when Cass interrupted her.

"No, I should apologize to you." Cass sat up and pushed her hair off her face.

Dakota's heart skipped a beat when Cass pushed her hair back. She stood staring at her, momentarily at a loss from how beautiful she looked. She came to her senses and cleared her throat. She thought about what Cass said and was baffled by why she was apologizing to her. "Cass, I've been a royal bitch to you."

"Yeah, you have but today is just a really bad day for me and that coupled with all the stress I'm under just got the best of me. I'm sorry I took it out on you." Cass looked down at the manicured grass and pulled out a blade of grass. She split the blade and tossed the pieces to the side. She sniffled back her tears and wiped her eyes, then looked up at Dakota.

Dakota felt a catch in her heart from the pain she saw in Cass' eyes. She felt bad for treating her so horribly and it dawned on her how selfish she had been with her. She had been thinking of her feelings only and didn't even consider what might have been going on in Cass's life. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled and squatted down before her. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Cass grabbed another piece of grass. "Not unless you can bring someone back from the dead." She chuckled timidly and tossed the blade of grass from her hand.

There was an awkward silence as Dakota chose her words cautiously. "I'm sorry that I can't, but I'm here if you want to talk about it?" She offered with a slight smile.

"Thanks, I appreciate it, but maybe some other time. It's the anniversary of their death and well…never mind it's still painful to talk about." Cass smiled appreciative; staring into the warm blues before her and saw Dakota for the first time in a different light. She was relieved to see compassion in her eyes for a change.

The pain Dakota saw in Cass' eyes touched her deep within. 'I want to hold you and take away your sadness, but I think I've blown my chance with you by acting like such a jerk.' She broke the silence and smiled warmly. "I'm here when you're ready to talk about it." She sat down next to Cass.

"Thanks." Cass smiled and looked around the field. She inhaled deeply and looked up with her eyes closed. She exhaled and smiled, feeling the heat of the sun on her cheeks. "It's so peaceful out here."

"It sure is. I love it here. The smell of the freshly mowed grass and the wet clay of the infield brings back so many wonderful memories." Dakota smiled and looked around the field.

"I thought I was the only one who actually liked the smell of the grass and clay." Cass chuckled and looked at Dakota who had turned towards her.

"And I thought I was the only one." Dakota laughed harder.

They stopped laughing and stared at one another. Cass' heart raced as she stared at the beautiful woman before her. She still couldn't believe that she was at this college and on the same team as her idol. She inhaled deeply and thought it was a dream that Dakota was sitting so close to her. Only in her wildest dreams did this scenario play out and now she was living those dreams, which stunned her. "Well, I guess I should stop lollygagging and take advantage of your help to get good grades." She smiled and reached for her backpack.

"Yeah, but there is one huge factor involved in getting good grades." Dakota smiled mischievously when Cass looked back at her.

"Of course, being smart." She chuckled as did Dakota.

"No, an easier one." Dakota teased.

"Do tell, I need to know!" She laughed, intrigued and happy by Dakota's playfulness.

"It's called food!" Dakota chuckled and stood up. She wiped the grass off her shorts and looked down at Cass.

"I'm there!" She shouted eagerly.

"Let's go, I'm buying. I hear Burrito Bro's has guac today."

"They have guacamole? No way!" Cass asked excitedly and tossed her backpack over her shoulder.

"Not if you keep wasting time. They will be out by the time we get there if you don't hurry up!" Dakota joked and held her hand out for Cass.

Cass grasped her hand and Dakota helped to pull her to her feet. Cass' touch sent a flush of warmth throughout her and she swallowed hard when Cass stood close to her. She stared at her unsure of what to say or what to do. She wanted to kiss her, but didn't think she was allowed to do so. 'She's a contradiction to me. One minute she angers me and the next I just want to take her in my arms and never let go.' Dakota tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach by inhaling deeply. She waited for Cass to make a move.

Cass stood staring at her and felt her heart beat quicken from their closeness. 'She has a girlfriend. So, don't think of anything else.' She steadied her heart beat and gathered her senses, by taking a deep breath. "Thanks." She smiled and turned away from Dakota, releasing the hand that held hers. She looked back at Dakota with a nervous smile and both walked out of the softball complex for the long trek across campus to the popular burrito restaurant across the street from the school.




The pair placed their food order, took the ticket and waited outside of the small restaurant, which was only big enough for a few people to fit into at one time.

"I can't get over how busy this place gets. Why they don't expand the restaurant?" Cass looked at the small place with the line of people stretching out along the sidewalk and chuckled when she saw the sign that read 'We have guac today!'

"I know and it would be even better if they had an endless supply of guac everyday. That stuff is a hot commodity around here, you're very lucky. I've seen people fight to get in here before it ran out."

"Oh, come on!" Cass chuckled in disbelief and leaned against the building for support.

"I'm serious; my two brothers were fighting one another to get in here. Fortunate for me, I got the last of it while they were pushing and shoving each other to get in." Dakota looked up laughing and looked down shyly when she saw Cass staring at her. She looked back up still smiling and fixed her gaze on Cass.

Dakota's nicer side made Cass feel at ease and she lowered her defenses. "You have a beautiful smile." She said softly and smiled.

Dakota blushed and looked away, then back at her. "Thanks and so do you." She smiled and paused. Her heart raced in excitement from being with Cass.

Cass stood silently wondering what Dakota's motives were considering she had a girlfriend. 'She's a player, that's what she is and I'm sure she's just toying with me.'

Dakota decided to take the initiative and moved closer to her. Her heart beat faster and the nervousness in her stomach escalated. Cass turned her head towards the door and held up the ticket when she heard them shout out their number. "That's us!" She smiled excitedly and walked into the restaurant.

'Shit!' Dakota exhaled deeply and inhaled, trying to calm her pounding heart. 'She excites me so much. Why was I so nasty to her?' She rolled her eyes at her stupidity and walked into the restaurant.

She laughed when she saw the smile on Cass' face after she grabbed the bag with their food.

"I can't wait to devour this!"

'I can think of something else to devour, you!' Dakota hoped she only thought that comment and didn't voice it loudly. She smiled and followed Cass out of the restaurant.

"Are you sure we aren't violating any NCAA rules by you paying for my food?" Cass chuckled and pulled out a tortilla chip. She held it up as an offering to Dakota.

Dakota took the chip and smiled mischievously. "Well, I'm not going to tell anyone are you?"

"As long as you allow me treat the next time." Cass bargained with a smile and chomped on the chip in her fingers.

'Ooh, a next time. Maybe she is interested in me.' Dakota was happy with the invitation and smiled broadly. "Just let me know when."

The pair turned the corner and walked past the Purple Porpoise bar. They waited along the curb to cross the street.

"I haven't been in here before. Is it any fun?" Cass looked at the bar behind her then turned back to the street waiting for the traffic to clear.

"It gets crowded big time especially before and after the football games."

"I take it you have frequented this establishment?" Cass questioned her teasingly.

"Who me? Not me." Dakota laughed flirtatiously and grabbed Cass' arm when the traffic cleared to guide her across the street.

They made it across the street safely and walked towards the University that was before them.

"So, what's it like to attend school with two of your brothers?" Cass munched on another chip and held one up for Dakota as the pair continued walking.

"It's great, but then again I wouldn't know how it would be without them. I've always been in school with one or more of them."

"I remember reading a Sports magazine article about your family. You have four brothers right?"

"Yep, one older and three younger brothers. How about if we park it right next to this tree and eat?" Dakota pointed at the tree.

"Sounds good to me."

The pair sat down and Cass handed Dakota her burrito.

"Your older brother is a starting quarterback in the NFL now right?" Cass looked at her for an answer, and then took a bite of the burrito.

"Yep, Rex is doing pretty well too." Dakota smiled proudly.

"I don't follow the NFL much, but I heard he was drafted number one. That must have been so cool and I'm sure your father was very proud of him seeing as how he was an NFL player as well."

"Oh, yeah. He was ecstatic." Dakota's tone was strained and she felt uncomfortable speaking about her father. She took another bite of her burrito and swallowed what she was chewing. "Maybe you can check out one of his games with me some time?"

"That would be great! So, how was it to grow up with such a famous father?"

"It was okay I guess. He wasn't around too much and when he was..." She was hesitant and uneasy with the subject. She changed the subject quickly. "So, what class are you having the most trouble in?"

'Hmmm, that's strange. I wonder why she doesn't want to talk about her father.' Cass looked at her surprised. "Aah, Gross Anatomy and literature."

"Ooh, my favorite and not my favorite." Dakota smiled and both women laughed. She no longer had an appetite for the burrito from the conversation of her father and placed it in the wrapper. She wiped her hands with the napkin and crumbled it along with the burrito wrap and threw them in the bag. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to be in the hospital lab at Shands this evening studying and if you want to stop by I can help you with anatomy."

"That would be great. Where can I find the lab?"

"It's in the basement, room 111. I'll be there around eight." Dakota looked at her watch. "Damn, I hate to bolt but I am late for a class. I'll see you later." She smiled and stood up hurriedly.

"Okay, see you later and thanks for the burrito." Cass smiled when she looked up at Dakota.

"Anytime and thanks for the company. Bye." Dakota smiled and turned to walk away. She turned back to Cass. "I'm very sorry for the way I've treated you since you arrived. I hope we can start new and be friends."

"I'd like that, thanks Dakota."

"You can call me Kody if you want."

"I like Dakota better; it's a very nice name." Cass smiled warmly.

"Thanks, aah well I'll see you later then. Bye." She was nervous and waved at Cass, then walked away. 'She makes me so nervous that I act like such a bumbling idiot. Ooh, she likes my name Dakota better than Kody.' She smirked as she walked away and felt a tingle in her stomach. She enjoyed Cass's company and the way her heart beat faster when she was with her. She was looking forward to seeing her later that evening.

"Bye." Cass called out and watched as she walked away. 'She is restoring my faith that she is not a self absorbed jerk.' She stuffed the remains of the burrito in the bag and gathered up her belongings. She stood up and headed towards her dorm. 'I can't wait to tell Brooke about the afternoon I had with Dakota.' She smiled and felt a tickle in her stomach, thinking of the attractive blue-eyed woman as she walked across the campus.



Chapter 6


Michelle and Brooke entered the busy sub shop and took a place in line.

"So, what interests you?" Michelle looked at Brooke with a smile and turned to look up at the menu board.

'You, that's what interests me.' Brooke smiled mischievously and gave her brown-haired counterpart a sideways glance. "The 'Gator Bomb' sounds delicious." Her tone was flirtatious as well as the look she flashed at Michelle.

Michelle stared at her for a moment and smiled. "A very good choice." She looked away and stepped towards the counter.

'Damn, I have got to find out if she's gay. Please be gay, please.'

"Brooke?" Michelle touched her on the forearm.

Brooke shook off her thoughts. "Oh, aah the 'Gator Bomb,' small, with the works." She fired off her order and the fellow student working behind the counter quickly wrote down what she had ordered.

The pair moved down to the register and Michelle pulled out a wad of money. "No, let me get that." Brooke insisted and reached into her pocket. She looked up when she felt Michelle's soft touch on her arm.

"No, this is my treat." She smiled and released her grip. She slowly slid her fingers off of Brooke's arm.

Brooke inhaled deeply from the sensation she felt when Michelle's fingers moved down her arm. 'She drives me crazy. I think I just had an orgasm. She has to be gay!' She hoped she was right and followed the object of her insatiable desire to the table.

They sat down and began to eat their subs. "So, how do you like living in this small town? It must be a huge difference from living in West Palm?" Michelle looked at Brooke, and then took a sip of her soda.

Brooke was momentarily lost in the soft brown eyes that stared back at her. She exhaled the breath she held and smiled. "I'm pleasantly surprised by Gainesville. The people are so friendly and courteous here. In South Florida people would rather bite off their own hand than say hello to a stranger."

"Wow that sucks. I love it here." Michelle smiled and sank her teeth into the sandwich in her hands.

"Me too." Brooke grinned and couldn't help but stare a little longer than she should have at her alluring lunch date. 'She's so sexy.' She watched admiringly as Michelle ate her sandwich, wishing she could feed it to her.

Michelle's straight brown tresses where cut in layers and framed her long, thin face. Her lean 5'7" finely toned frame was accentuated by a dark brown tan from being on the softball field so much.

Michelle looked up at Brooke who glanced down at her food nervously. 'She is adorable.' She looked Brooke's petite, thin 5'5" frame over intently. She chuckled at how Brooke had her blonde collar length hair pulled into two short pigtails to the sides of her face. "Uhmmm, Brooke aah." She stammered unsure of how she should broach the question. She glanced up with a nervous look about her and diverted her eyes towards a person who walked by when Brooke looked at her. She fidgeted in her chair and looked Brooke in the eye. She leaned closer to Brooke and asked in a hushed tone, "Are you gay?"

'How could you not tell that I am?' Brooke smiled and nodded her head forward. "Yes, I hope that doesn't bother you?"

"On the contrary. I'm relieved." Michelle chuckled and sat back in her chair.


"Yeah, I thought you were straight."

"No, I'm very gay. Please tell me you are?" Brooke grimaced hopeful.

"Big time lesbian here!" Both women laughed.

"I knew it! I told Cass I thought you were gay."

"Well, I'm relieved that is out in the open."

"Me too, that has to be the most awkward question for people who just aren't sure." They smiled in agreement and laughed again.

"You just never know and you really put yourself out there that's for sure, but I'm glad that you are gay."

"The feeling is mutual. So, how many others on the team are gay?"

"Well, if you classify those who have slept with Kody as being gay then the majority of the team is, but if you don't consider the one night stands of hers from the team, then there are eight lesbians. She loves hitting on the rookie's who join the team. I can't speak for the rookies unless of course you and Cass have fallen to her prey?"

"Not me and I know Cass hasn't done anything with her. Cass doesn't get along with her at all." Brooke smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "So, she's quite the cad huh?" She wanted the scoop on the woman.

"Oh, yeah. She could charm the panties off of a nun." Michelle laughed at the comment.

"Hmmm, well it won't work on me."

"Well, I'm glad to hear it." Michelle smiled happily. "I would give Cass a warning about her if I were you especially if she is as naïve as she looks." She chuckled at her last statement.

"Yeah, she's naïve." Brooke laughed and was in agreement, knowing how trusting her best friend is. "Thanks for the tip. Are you ready to head out? Unfortunately, I have to get to class." She gathered the lunch mess.

"Yep, I've got class too in about fifteen minutes." Michelle rolled her eyes and cleaned up her wrappers.

They threw away the trash and Brooke stood by the door, holding it open for her.

"Thank you very much." Michelle grinned and winked when she passed by.

"You are very welcome." Brooke smiled widely and walked behind her through the door. "Would you mind if I walked you to your class?"

"I would mind if you didn't." Michelle smiled flirtatiously and playfully poked Brooke in the stomach.

"Well, lead the way." Brooke grinned and inhaled deeply, then exhaled in an attempt to calm the nervousness she felt in her stomach.      

The women crossed the busy road to reach the campus. They walked down the sidewalk in front of the college that ran parallel to University Boulevard.

"What class do you have?"

"Geometry and Calculus." Michelle grimaced as it was one of her least favorite classes.

"Combined? Ooh, yuck! What are you majoring in?"

"Pharmacology." She pointed towards the sidewalk and Brooke made the turn.

They walked into the building and Michelle led them towards her classroom. "How about you? What's your major?"

"Journalism. I'd love to write for a famous magazine someday." Brooke smiled.

"That sounds like a cool profession." Michelle smiled and stopped in front of her classroom. "Well, it's time to go into this hellish class I suppose."     

"Yeah, well have fun." Brook laughed and smiled shyly unsure of what to do next. She wanted to spend more time with her.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?" Michelle felt a nervousness sweep over her as she waited for the answer.

"I would love to have dinner with you tonight. What time and where should I meet you?" Brooke fired off the questions excitedly.

"How about seven? I'll come by your dorm room."

"I'll be ready." Brooke smiled widely and felt her heart race with excitement.

"Great, I'll see you later." Michelle smiled and walked to the classroom door. She looked back at Brooke. She smiled and waved before entering the classroom.

Brooke reciprocated the smile and waved. She turned and pumped her fists in front of her, happy that Michelle was as interested in her. She couldn't remove the smile from her face or the excitement she felt and ran out the door of the building. 'Wait until Cass hears about this!' She giggled and ran across campus to find her friend.


Chapter 7


Owen entered the house and walked towards the kitchen table. He looked over at his brother who was talking on the phone and was worried by the look on his brother's face. He placed his backpack on the table and stood waiting for Chad to finish the call.

"Okay, alright. Bye." He hung up the phone and looked over at his brother.

"What's going on? Is there something wrong?" Owen asked growing more worried by the pained expression his brother showed.

Chad walked closer to the table and stood face to face with him. "That was dad." His tone was solemn.

"What does that bastard want?" Owens tone was contentious and reflected anger.

"He'll be here for homecoming." Chad rolled his eyes and sighed as if it were the end of the world.

"Of course, you didn't think the beloved son of the University of Florida would pass up an opportunity to be glorified when all the alumni were here did you?" He shook his head in disgust and picked up his backpack, then walked past his brother.

"Man, why can't he stay away?" Chad followed Owen who was walking to his bedroom.

"He lives for making our lives miserable haven't you figured that out yet?" Owen looked back at him incredulously. He looked back down the hall and began to walk. "Does Kody know?"

"Nope." Chad nearly ran into his brother who stopped.

Owen turned to Chad. "She's going to be so pissed. You better call and give her a warning before he does."

"Why do I always have to do it and face the wraith of Dakota? You do it!" He argued, afraid of his sister's reaction.

"You are such a whiney chicken shit. Just call her and leave a message, that way she will be cooled down by the time she gets home." Owen teased and grinned.

"Alright!" Chad relented and sighed. "You're telling her the next time." He warned and pointed at him.

"As if this day wasn't shitty enough." He shook his head discouraged with the day's events.

"Aah, bro it gets worse." Chad grinned sheepishly.

"Man, you are full of good news today aren't you?" Owen looked at his brother and shook his head, hoping the news wasn't all that bad.

"Well, the old man also said the sporting network will be interviewing all of us."

"Damn, don't they get sick and tired of doing that stupid piece about all of us going to the same school as our father? Come up with something more original for a change!"

"Tell me about it. I think Kody might have a stroke when she finds out about another interview to glorify dear ol' daddy." Chad chuckled and shook his head thinking of how his sister was going to take the news.

"No shit!" Owen was in agreement and paused briefly to think of how his sister was going to react. He inhaled deeply then exhaled. "Is it possible for one good thing to happen today?"

"I think you might get your wish." Chad grinned mischievously and pushed open the door to his brother's room. "She came by a little while ago looking for you. She said you told her to stop by to study Anatomy?" His tone was sarcastic.

"Well, hello." Owen greeted, obviously pleased with the naked blonde sitting on his bed.

"Hi Owen." She giggled and stretched out on her side on the bed.

"Ooh, very nice." Owen smiled and leaned closer to his brother.

"And very forward too. Bro, I didn't know you were an Anatomy tutor." Chad taunted sarcastically out of earshot of the woman.

"I surprise even myself. Want seconds?" Owen grinned mischievously, staring at his brother.

"No thanks. Oh, don't forget the condom." Chad grinned and patted his brother on the back before turning away.

"Ruthless." Owen chuckled and glanced back at Chad who walked away down the hall. He turned back to his bedroom and walked inside. The woman jumped to her feet and immediately approached him.

"Let me help you with this." She offered seductively and removed his shirt. She enthusiastically rubbed her hands on his bare, muscular chest.

He leaned down and kissed her lustfully, then closed the door.


Chad sighed and lifted the phone to his ear. 'Please don't answer, please don't answer.' He grew happier with each unanswered ring and sighed relieved when the voicemail came on. "Hey, Kody. I aah hope you are sitting down because dad called and said he will be here for homecoming and he has an interview set up for all us. I thought I would give you a heads up. Bye." He clicked off the phone and smiled that he didn't actually speak with her. 'Man is she going to be pissed. I think I'm going to make myself scarce so I don't have to see her after she finds out.'




"Cass!" Brooke shouted elatedly when she rushed through the door of her dorm room. "Cass!" She tossed her book bag on her bed and peeked around the wall that separated her side of the room from Cass'. She didn't see her friend and turned towards the bathroom when she heard the water from the shower turn off. "Hey, Cass!" She called out and walked towards the door.

"Yeah!" Cass yelled back and pulled the shower curtain to her right. She grabbed her towel and wiped off her face. "Is everything okay?" She was worried by Brooke's tone and began to dry off quickly.

"It's fantastic!" Brooke responded and leaned her head against the bathroom door. She smiled dreamily as she thought of her lunch date with Michelle.

"What's going on? You worried me with your tone." Cass stepped out of the tub and dried off her legs. She wrapped the large towel around her body and ran her fingers through her wet hair pulling it back off her face.

"Michelle is gay!" She told her friend happily.

"What?" Cass shouted in surprise and pulled the door open quickly. "Aah!" She shrieked and reached to grab Brooke who stumbled into the bathroom when she opened the door unexpectedly.

"Shit!" Brooke tried to catch herself and grabbed Cass, who grabbed her. Both women struggled to keep their balance. Brooke grasped Cass' towel, which fell to the floor with her.

"Brooke!" Cass shrieked embarrassed that she was standing there naked.

Brooke lay on the floor with the wet towel on top of her, staring at Cass. She laughed. "Hey, you're hot!" She teased and laughed harder when Cass snatched the towel from her hands. She blinked and the towel was back around Cass.

"Very funny Brooke! Damn, woman!" Cass huffed and stepped out of the bathroom, still fidgeting with the towel.

Brooke scrambled to her feet and sheepishly grinned as she stood in front of her friend. "I'm sorry. You're not mad at me are you?" She snickered.

"No, but I'm freaking embarrassed." Cass admitted and looked away shyly.

"Don't be its no biggie and trust me I've seen naked women before." Brooke teased and tried to play off the embarrassing moment. "Come on, I'm sorry." She put her hand on Cass' shoulder and smiled trying to put her friend at ease.

"Okay, but no more comments." Cass warned and felt her flush face begin to subside.

"You got it." Brooke winked and both inhaled, and then exhaled. They looked at each other, and then began to laugh. "It's funny that we haven't seen each other naked before isn't it considering we've been roommates for quite awhile?"

"I suppose." Cass shrugged her shoulders, still embarrassed.

"It was pretty funny though." Brooke laughed.

Cass looked down and thought about the incident then looked up.

"I don't think I've ever seen someone put a towel on that quickly before." Brooke laughed harder thinking about how fast Cass wrapped it around her.

Cass burst out in laughter and both women laughed hysterically.

Cass caught her breath and wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. "So, what was it that you were telling me before you fell through the door?"

"Oh, shit how could I forget?" Brooke slapped her forehead with her hand and moved closer to Cass. She reached up and grabbed Cass by the shoulders.

"Don't you dare touch my towel? Once was enough!" Cass warned teasingly and grinned looking eye to eye with her.

Brooke chuckled. "Don't worry, no more stripping for today!" She laughed. "What I was so excited about was that Michelle is gay! Woohoo!" She squealed in excitement and smiled broadly.

"No way, really?" Cass was surprised.

"Yes, we had lunch together and wow, it was wonderful." She smiled and looked off in the distance dreamily.

Cass smiled looking at her friend and snapped her fingers in front of Brooke to bring her back to the present time. "Hello!" She said and snapped her fingers again.

Brooke shook off her thoughts and focused on the woman standing before her. "Huh?" She had a dumfounded look on her face.

"Brooke! Focus and tell me more about your date!" Cass laughed and walked towards her closet.

"Oh, well, we went to the sub shop and chatted over lunch. Do you know she wasn't sure if I was a lesbian?" Brooke chuckled.

Cass turned to Brooke with a surprised look on her face. "How could she not know?"

"Who knows, but she knows now! We are going out for dinner tonight." She smiled and giggled.

"That's great!" Cass said excitedly and looked back to her clothes. She grabbed a blue sweatshirt emblazoned with 'University of Florida' on it and tossed it on her bed. She opened a drawer and grabbed a pair of khaki dress shorts, then walked with them to the bed. "What else did she say?" She put the shorts on the bed next to her friend and walked back to the dresser for underwear and a bra. She pulled those out and walked back to the bed. She grinned as she looked at Brooke and tilted her head to the side towards Brooke's side of the room to give her friend a clue to leave her side of the room so she could get dressed.

"I've already seen you naked what's the big deal?" Brooke teased and laughed.

"Yeah, once is all you get. Now move it!" Cass shooed her off the bed and watched as her friend drudgingly moved to her side.

"Oh, you're no fun!" Brooke teased and flopped on her bed.

"Well, tell me more. What else did she say? Did she tell you who else on the team is gay?" Cass put on her bra and underwear, and then slipped on her shorts and her sweatshirt.

"She said it depended on whether you consider people gay who have slept with Kody or not."

Cass was confused by what she heard and walked past the divider wall to look at Brooke. "What?"

Brooke sat up in the bed and looked at Cass. "Well, she said if you classify those who have slept with Kody as being gay then the majority of the team is, but if you just consider them as one night stands then, there are eight lesbians on the team. She didn't name who they are, but I'm sure we could figure them out." She winked and smiled.

"So, she's a player then?" Cass said disappointedly.

"It seems like it my friend. She said she could charm the panties off a nun and she loves to hit on the rookies." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

'Hmmm, so that's the reason why she changed her attitude with me. She wants to get into the new girl's pants. I had a sneaky suspicion. Well, it's not going to work with me Dakota.' Cass was resolved to not fall into her clutches, despite the effect those alluring blue eyes had on her. "Well, now we know what her motives are." She smiled slightly and walked into the bathroom to brush her hair.

Brook furrowed her brow in response to Cass' comment and walked to the bathroom. She stood in the doorway and leaned against the wall. "Did she try anything with you?" She crossed her arms over her chest. She always had a defensive feeling when it came to other people around Cass. She felt as though she needed to protect her friend from others.

"We went to 'Burrito Bro's' for lunch today and when I was standing there she moved in really close to me like she was going to kiss me." Cass looked from the mirror to Brooke, then turned back to brush her hair.

"Did she try to force herself on you?" Brooke's blood began to boil at the thought and she stood upright.

"No, no." Cass recognized the tone in Brooke's voice and her posturing. She turned towards her friend to put her at ease. "No, she just moved in close to me like she was going to and I walked away. I went into the restaurant and got our food."

"Okay, well as long as she didn't try something with you." Brooke relaxed and leaned back against the wall.

"She is just so weird sometimes. I just can't get a grasp on what she's all about, but from what you told me, I think I've got a better understanding."

"What do you mean she's weird?"

"She was being such an asshole to me for being late to our meeting earlier today that I snapped. I couldn't take her bullshit anymore and got in her face. I yelled at her and took off. She came looking for me later and apologized. She had completely changed her demeanor and was so nice. She apologized and I did too, then we went to the restaurant for lunch. After we finished eating, I was asking her about her family and when I questioned her about her father she changed the subject and said she had to leave. She is so strange and her mood changes with the wind it seems." Cass shook her head in disbelief remembering how Dakota at times acts like the nicest person then the meanest.

"Maybe it's just because she's so full of herself and thinks she can treat people as she sees fit." Brooke's tone turned angry. She despised people like that and felt like it was her life's mission to bring them down.

"I don't know. Maybe she's got some underlying problems with her family or something. We'll see how she is with me later. I am meeting her to study." Cass shrugged her shoulders and placed the brush on the counter. She walked towards Brooke and stood before her. "Thanks." She smiled.

"For what?" Brooke stood up.

"For being so protective and watching out for me. I really appreciate it. You are very sweet." She kissed Brooke on the cheek and smiled. She walked past her into the room.

Brooke grinned sheepishly and looked at her friend. "Wow, a kiss and getting to see you naked all in one day, what's next?"

Cass turned around and put her hands on her hips. She grimaced and narrowed her eyes at her friend. "You better watch it!" She laughed as did Brooke.

"Okay, I sure will." Brooke teased and winked. "Well, I suppose I'll attempt to do a little homework before my date. I seriously doubt I'll get any done considering Michelle is all I can think about."

"I know it will be a chore, but you better get it done. Speaking of chores, I need to head off to meet Dakota. We are studying Anatomy together." Cass rolled her eyes at the class she didn't care for much.

"As long as she doesn't attempt to study your Anatomy, then you'll be okay!" Brooke chuckled as did Cass.

"You should be a comedian. Have fun on your date and I'll see you later tonight." Cass threw her backpack over her shoulder and opened the door.

"Have fun studying." Brooke's tone was sarcastic as was her smile.

"Oh, yeah. Bye!" Cass chuckled and closed the door behind her. She inhaled deeply and sighed, wondering which attitude Dakota would have with her this time.




Cass walked through the large lobby of Shands hospital and headed for the elevators. She waited for the elevator doors to open and felt a nervousness consume her. 'So, Dakota, which way will you be? Nasty or nice? Let's hope it's the latter.' She smiled when the man allowed her to enter the elevator first when the doors opened. She pressed the button for the basement and waited for the short ride to be over. She stepped out of the elevator and looked for the signs telling her which way to room 111. 'Wow, there is no one down here. It's very creepy.' Cass walked down the darkened hall tentatively and looked from side to side for the room she needed. She stopped briefly when she heard a voice. 'It's Dakota.' She walked towards the area where she heard her voice.

"You freaking pansy! I can't believe you left that message on my phone and were too scared to tell me in person." Dakota said angrily into her cell phone.

"Fine, you're right I'm a pansy for leaving it there. I just didn't want to have to deal with you person to person when you got the message about Dad." Chad tried to calm his sister.

"Man, this freaking sucks! Doesn't he get the hint that we hate it when he's around?" Dakota fumed and paced the floor.

"I guess not."

"Well, have fun because I'm going to make myself scarce!" She ran her hand through her hair and leaned her head back. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply to quell the anger in the pit of her stomach.

"Aah, K hmmm, uhmmm, I don't know how to tell you this, but dad has an interview set up with all of us with the sporting network." Chad grimaced and held the phone away from his ear.

"WHAT? Figures, he just has to make it look like we are one big happy fucking family and that he's the most wonderful dad in the world!" She paced back and forth faster with the latest news.

"Of course, you know he can't look bad. Listen, we'll do the interview and get it over with it. Maybe it won't be too bad."

"Whatever! I'm going to try and get out of it somehow. Listen I've got to go!" She clicked off the phone and stuck it in her pocket. Her anger and rage coursed through her veins as she thought of how much she despised seeing her father. Dakota swiped her books off the table onto the floor.

'What in the hell is going on?' Cass worried from the sounds coming from the room and hurried towards it. She opened the door and stood there dumbfounded.

"I hate you!" Dakota shouted, feeling relief from her anger. She breathed heavily and looked up when she realized the door was open. She looked down at her strewn books on the floor sheepishly when she saw Cass standing there. She inhaled deeply and exhaled as she stared at her. Cass stood staring blankly. "Cass?" Dakota said softly and brushed her hair off her face. "Cass, are you okay?" She grew more worried by the blank look on the woman's face. She walked towards her.

Cass felt her heart race uncontrollably and she began to sweat profusely. She grew nauseous and her knees felt weak. She felt as if she were in another place and time. She barely heard Dakota talking to her. She blinked, and then staggered as she tried to steady her weakened legs and saw only darkness.

"CASS!" Dakota shouted and ran towards her when she saw her begin to fall.


To Be Continued…


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