by Cruise

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Sex: Sexual innuendo between two women.

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Part 2

Lark sat down on the floor and hugged her knees thinking back six months ago as the tears trickled down her cheeks. She realized what she said to set Rayne's foul mood off this time. It was the same question she asked Rayne on that fateful evening and she got the same answer from Rayne...she walked out. 'How could I have been so stupid to have asked her the same thing knowing it would upset her?' Lark asked herself. She thought her and Rayne might be making a break through that would bring them back together...but she was wrong. Lark's tears flowed harder as she thought about how she loved Rayne so much and tried to explain things to apologize to try and keep her from leaving that night...but she wouldn't listen. Rayne has been devastated, as she would be if the same thing happened to her. Lark thought as she remembered the hurt and pain she had seen in Rayne's blue eyes that night.

Rayne never gave her a chance to explain...she walked out of Lark's life for good without another word. She never came back to pick up any of her belongings...she just left and had her mail forwarded to an undisclosed location.

Rayne, Lark surmised, was able to keep that a secret considering who she worked for and was never able to find her. Lark asked her father to help and he had no luck finding Rayne. Rayne was gone for good Lark thought at the time...until now. She knew exactly where she was, but wasn't able to do the one thing she wanted more than anything in the Rayne back. Lark decided there was a reason for Rayne coming back into her life no matter how dastardly the circumstances were, but she was in it and it was Lark's only chance to try and make things right again. She somehow had to get through all of Rayne's hate for her and make her fall in love with her all over again.

Lark felt more confident in her intentions to win Rayne back as she headed into the bedroom to dress for her morning workout. Rayne stood in the shower with her hands flat against the wall as the hot water beat down on her neck and back.

She hoped the hot water would sooth the tension in her neck and shoulders. Lark had pissed her off to no end and now her body suffered for it from the stress of the situation. This was the worst assignment she could have possibly been assigned to she thought to herself as her anger mounted at the thought of it. She turned the dial on the shower for hotter water and told herself she should have just quit and walked out of the director's office when she had the chance. It had taken her a long time to bury her feelings of contempt for Lark to a point where she could function and now everything was coming back.

The same pain of betrayal that she felt before was back with a vengeance and it gripped her around the throat to a point where it felt like she couldn't breath. 'How could she have turned to another woman?' Rayne asked herself as she stood up and let the water run over her head. It felt so soothing as the hot water trickled down her tense body and she felt her muscles start to slowly relax.

She loved Lark with every ounce of her being and couldn't understand her indiscretions. 'Why?' She asked herself and then decided she didn't want to know, just like she didn't want to know then...why? Because it would only hurt her worse and more pain was something she just didn't need right now or six months ago either.

Maybe she should find out to get closure on this so she could move on but the thought of hearing the details of another woman making love to Lark nauseated her and gripped her heart like a vice. No, she didn't want to hear it. 'I guess I'll never have closure.' Rayne thought to herself as she finished showering and stepped out to dry off and start the day.

She looked at herself in the mirror as she slipped the hair gel in her raven hair and asked, 'How do I gather the strength to get through this facade without having a breakdown?' Discipline was the answer she came up with... 'Discipline.' She repeated. 'Remember...they taught you that in the military and during your training with the Secret Service? So, remember it.' Rayne instructed herself as she combed her hair and slipped on her robe as she headed out for her clothes.

Rayne exited the bathroom to find Lark in the middle of her workout with Kim. She casually slipped past the open door in the bedroom unnoticed by both of the women and pulled out a pair of black jeans which fit her perfectly, a white T-shirt and grabbed her black mid thigh leather jacket to put on when they left to conceal her weapon. She finished dressing and headed out of the room to the table where Hazel had croissants, bagels and muffins laid out with freshly brewed 'African Cinnamon' flavored coffee ready for her to savor.

The coffee was her favorite she thought as a smile slipped on her face when the aroma met her. "Hazel...I have missed you beyond belief!" She replied with a smile after taking a sip of the tasty coffee.

"I've missed you as well Rayne." Hazel answered with a smile and a loving pat on the back. "I'm glad you're back." She answered as she leaned down and whispered in Rayne's ear before she left the room.

'I wish I was.' Rayne thought to herself as she munched on a blueberry muffin, also one of her favorites.

Lark, Kim and Hazel entered the room as Rayne looked over the day's itinerary she had written out. "Hello, sweetheart." Lark replied sweetly with a smile as she leaned down and kissed Rayne's cheek. Lark took an opportunity to admire what Rayne was wearing. 'Oh, she is so damn sexy! She drives me insane with her sexiness.' Lark thought to herself admiringly as she gave Rayne a lingering look... ever so wanting to take her in the bedroom and make mad, passionate love to the sexy beast!

"Morning." Rayne answered with a strained smile as she tried to keep from choking Lark from the kiss.

Everyone sat down to eat and conversed in idle chit chat as Rayne pretended to study the itinerary which she had memorized by heart so she wouldn't have to join in on the conversation when someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it!" Rayne replied as she jumped out of her seat seizing the opportunity to get away from the women and rushed over to the door. She opened the door to find her brother Shayan with her two nephews Brandon and Cole standing there that surprised her.

"Auntie Rayne!" They shouted excitedly as they both engulfed her in a hug as she squatted down to greet them.

"Hey, how are my two favorite guys?" She asked with a smile.

"Great!" They both answered in unison. "Where's Auntie Lark?" They asked excitedly as they looked over Rayne's shoulder for her.

"Geez, what am I? Chopped liver? You see me for not even two seconds and you already want to see Lark." Rayne teased the two as Lark stepped into the room.

"Auntie Lark!" They shouted as they released their hold on Rayne and ran to hug her.

Rayne watched the greeting with an adoring smile as she remembered how much the boys loved Lark. They were broken hearted over the breakup because of their closeness with her and that's why she couldn't deny Lark's access to them. It wouldn't have been fair to the boys. Fortunately, her brother kept her whereabouts a secret as he was asked to do so.

"Hey, little sister." Shayan replied with a smile as he hugged her.

"It's good to see you Shay." Rayne answered as her brother held her tight, which she needed. Her brother felt her tension and held her longer.

"It just got better bro." Rayne answered as she reluctantly released her hug and smiled lovingly at her brother.

Shayan wasn't pleased with what Lark had done to his sister but his wife Holly and him loved her like a sister so, it made it very difficult to push her out of their lives. The three made a deal that they would not discuss Rayne when Lark would visit them, which suited everyone.

"What brings you by here?" Rayne asked with confusion as she glanced over at the boys who sat on Lark's lap inundating her with question after question which she sat patiently and answered each one. She loved the boys and didn't mind the questions at all.

"Well...Lark called and asked us to stop by and see you. She explained everything that was going on." Shayan explained as the pair took a seat.

"Where's Holly?" Rayne asked with concern as to the whereabouts of her sister-in-law.

"She wasn't feeling too well today so, she decided to stay in the condo to rest."

"Is everything alright with the baby? Should we send someone over to be with her?" Rayne asked with worry about Holly who was almost eight months pregnant now.

"Easy Rayne...she's fine. Her mother is there with her." Shayan answered reassuringly to get his sister to calm down.

"Okay...I can't help that I'm protective of my niece and Holly?" Rayne answered with a laugh and relief that Holly and the baby were fine. "Are you all out here on vacation or business?" Rayne asked as Danielle entered the door.

"Hey Rayne! Did I hear there's a party in here?" She asked teasingly with a smile.

"Good morning Danielle...this is my brother Shayan and my two nephews...Brandon and Cole." Rayne answered as she conducted the introductions knowing the boys paid no attention to them.

"Nice to meet you Shayan." Danielle replied with a smile as she shook his hand.

"Same here." Shayan answered with a smile.

Lark looked up to see Danielle having an animated conversation with Rayne and Shayan, which made her jealous. Hell, Danielle made her jealous from the moment she first saw her. The woman was beautiful with long blond curls, hazel eyes and a very toned body to die for. Lark thought to herself as she watched the attractive blond who stood entirely too close to Rayne which pissed her off.

She didn't know for sure if Danielle and Rayne had a relationship going on other than just a friendship but from Danielle's body language you would think they did. She thought to herself as her jealousy mounted. Lark felt like she was moving in on her territory, her family and she had no right too. But then again what right did she have to think and feel that way considering what she had done to Rayne? She asked herself as she returned her focus back to the boys.

"Well...I'm going to grab something to eat before all the other grubs get in there and take it all." Danielle replied with a laugh as she headed into the other room.

Lark's employees knew they were always welcome in her room at anytime, which put forth a relaxed atmosphere. She constantly had her handlers around at all times which worked out perfectly for Danielle's cover so, she could join the crowd and see if she could find out any information from them. Lark's agent and accountant where both out of town on business which cut down on the craziness of the room. Shayan lifted an eyebrow and smiled at Rayne as Danielle passed him. Rayne's blues met his and she laughed as she shook her head no to let her brother know they were only friends. "Just checking." He answered with a cocky smile much the same as the one Rayne possessed. "Hey, Lark." Shayan replied as he approached the couch.

"Hey,'s great to see you." Lark answered with a smile as she leaned up to receive the kiss Shayan was offering her. As many times as Lark saw the two of them together, she found it hard to believe they weren't twins. In fact, there was two years in age difference between the both of them but they looked like identical twins. The same could be said for Rayne's younger brother Jayce and if you put the three of them together they could be triplets. Lark thought to herself but found Rayne to be the best looking of the three of them...obviously.

Rayne and her had discussed having children and Lark wanted the child to possess Rayne's striking features, in particular those incredibly sexy blue eyes much to Rayne's protest who wanted the children to have Lark's green eyes but Lark won out. So, they considered asking one of her brother's to be the sperm donor for when Lark was ready to conceive a child. Her heart raced every time she thought about having children with Rayne. She wanted that more than ever as she watched Rayne playing with Brandon by holding him upside down as they both laughed hysterically. Lark knew Rayne's sexy smile was still there it was just buried and she knew calling Shayan to come over would make Rayne happy. She watched Rayne's interaction with the boys and knew she would be a great mother. Lark wanted to give birth to the children for them because she loved Rayne so much. She realized that dream of her and Rayne having children together was just that...a dream. She screwed up that dream, her life and Rayne's life by what she had done and wondered sadly if she would ever forgive herself for what she had done to Rayne.

'NO.' She would never forgive herself she thought as Cole who kissed her cheek and hugged her, snapped her out of her thoughts. She smiled lovingly and looked down at him. "Thanks sweetheart...what was that for?" Lark asked as she hugged him tight.

"I forgot to thank you for taking us to see Star Wars so, I wanted to make sure that I did." He explained with a childlike wonderment about him.

"You did thank me, but I don't mind your hugs and kisses at all." Lark answered adoringly as she kissed and hugged him tighter. She was glad that the kids were in town for an extended stay because she knew how excited they were to see Star Wars. Lark invited them as her dates to the premiere of the movie, which they absolutely loved and had a fabulous time seeing all of the characters from the movie at the after party. The three had their picture appear in People magazine, which they also got a big kick out of Holly told Lark the last time they spoke to one another.

Lark had only one wish...that Rayne could have been with them. She thought about how much she adored the children and loved having them in her life. It gave her a sense of family and she treasured every moment she had with them.

She was an only child and Lark knew she would never be an Aunt so she made sure she savored every moment with the boys. Lark was ecstatic when Holly and Shayan asked her to be Cole's godmother. It meant the world to her and made her feel like she was a part of their family, and as if she had siblings of her own which she so desired. Her parents loved her dearly and gave her anything she desired except siblings. So, she grew up lonely and that's why it was important to her when Rayne's family made her feel like she was part of theirs.

"Hey...did you see Hazel yet? I know she had some really good pastries." Lark asked Cole as she watched his eyes widen with the mention of the pastries.

"I'm on it!" He answered with a laugh as he climbed off her lap and scrambled into the other room to join his father who had made his way in to find the tasty morsels also.

Lark watched adoringly as Brandon and Rayne lay on the floor talking. "Auntie Rayne...are we going fishing soon?" He asked as he stretched out on his side facing Rayne, his head propped up on his hand just like Rayne.

"Don't we always go on a big fishing trip every summer?" Rayne asked her godson with a smile.

"Yes...but I want to go soon. Will Auntie Lark be going with us?" He asked excitedly as they both glanced over at Lark.

Lark smiled and her breath escaped her as two sets of piercing blue eyes stared at her. "We'll see sweetheart." Lark answered as she caught her breath unsure of what she should say.

Brandon looked at Rayne and they began to laugh. "She hates fishing because she doesn't like to get her hands smelly." Brandon teased as they both laughed harder.

"Hey, you better behave young man." Lark teased as she crawled on the floor and began to tickle him.

Rayne watched the pair and was amazed at how well they got along. "Lark...he's a wimp...look...he's already turning blue." Rayne teased as Lark stopped tickling him and helped him stand up to catch his breath.

"You okay?" She asked with concern as she checked him over and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes...the same feature she loved so much about Rayne.

"I'm fine babe." He answered with cockiness as Rayne and Lark laughed.

"I think you've been around your Auntie Rayne a little too much." Lark laughed and gave Rayne a sideways glance.

"No, not enough...he would have been worse if he was around me more. That must be from daddy." Rayne laughed as she sat up next to Lark, who thoroughly enjoyed the closeness.

"Auntie Lark...why don't you live with Auntie Rayne? She loves you don't you know?"

Lark was taken back by his statement and wondered if Rayne had mentioned that she still loved her in front of the kids. Rayne looked down at the ground in disbelief at the child's honesty. 'Damn, it's not bad enough that Lark is desperately trying to rekindle our relationship and now my nephew is in on it.' Rayne thought to herself.

"Is that so Brandon?" Lark asked as she glanced at Rayne to see her reaction of disbelief then back to him.

"Uh-huh." He answered with a shake of his head yes. "Oh, Auntie Lark...I don't want you to go away again...I love you." Brandon sighed with sadness as he hugged her tightly.

Rayne looked at Lark who had tears streaming down her face. "Hey, buddy...Auntie Lark will always be there for you." She answered reassuringly and tussled his dark hair as Lark wiped the tears from her eyes. "Why don't you go make sure your brother isn't eating all of the goodies." Rayne instructed him so Lark could collect her emotions away from him.

"Okay!" He exclaimed as he broke the hug and ran into the other room. Rayne reached to put her hand on Lark's back to comfort her but pulled back... instead, she stood up and put her hand out to help Lark up who took the assistance provided gladly.

Lark locked cloudy green eyes with blues. "I'm sorry I got so emotional it's just that his comment meant a lot but it also hurt too." Lark answered with sadness as she wiped more tears away.

"Yeah...well, you have to face the consequences for your actions Lark. It should hurt because I wasn't the only person you devastated." Rayne answered coldly as she joined everyone in the other room.

Lark fought to keep the tears that formed in her eyes from falling. Rayne didn't have one kind word for her and it hurt down to the core of her being. She understood Rayne's feelings towards her and would probably be the same way if the tables were turned but it was the hardest thing in her life to have to go through. Lark thought to herself as she slipped into the bedroom unnoticed to dress for the day's activities.

Lark found it very difficult to watch the love of her life walk away from her not to mention seeing the pain, hurt and betrayal Rayne possessed in her blue eyes when she walked into the bedroom and saw her with another woman. It was definitely hard but this was worse, knowing that the person you love dearly and who is standing before you want nothing to do with you except to be out of your life.

Lark could no longer hold her tears back and let them fall. She felt sorry for herself and she knew she had no right too. Lark saw a spark of hope in Rayne's devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes and refused to give up hope no matter how bitingly harsh Rayne was to her. Lark finished dressing and headed out to join the rest of the crowd trying to keep up a stoic facade despite her sadness.

"We should be going Lark." Rayne replied as she hugged and kissed the boys then her brother.

"Yes...we don't want to be late." Lark answered with a strained smile as she hugged and kissed the boys goodbye also.

"Shay...tell Holly I'm sorry I didn't get to see her and I hope she feels better." Rayne replied as everyone walked towards the door.

"I sure will...she'll appreciate your thoughts. Hang in there Ray and don't give up hope. There was a reason the Fates put you two back in each other's lives. So, take a long look at what you had before and don't be so quick to push that aside. Maybe you'll find that what you had before was so wonderful that it will allow you to forgive her for her indiscretions." Shayan informed his sister as he hugged her again.

"I don't know about that bro. I think it's a dead issue." Rayne answered as she glanced over at Lark then back to her brother. It was hard for her to look at Lark without seeing the image of her that night with another woman. The thought of the other woman touching Lark made Rayne's skin crawl. She thought to herself with a shiver at the thought.

"Give it a chance and really look into your heart for your true feelings. I really hate to see you so unhappy Gooniebird and whether you want to admit it or not, I can see in your eyes that you still love her." He answered with a smile as he patted her on the back.

"I'll consider it and you knock it off with the Gooniebird thing. You know I hated it when you called me that as a little kid." Rayne answered teasingly.

"That's why we continued to call you that just to piss you off!" He answered with a laugh as he left the hotel suite with a little boy on each side of him holding his hands.

Rayne watched them leave and was stunned by what her brother had said to her. The hand that touched her arm startled her and she quickly turned her head around to find Danielle standing next to her.

"Are you okay Rayne?" She asked with concern as she gazed into Rayne's confused blue eyes.

"Aah...yeah...I'm fine." Rayne answered nodding her head in agreement.

" looked like something was bothering you. I'll meet you both out front in a couple of minutes." Danielle answered as she walked past Rayne out the door.

"Yeah...okay." Rayne stammered, as she was still shook up by what her brother had said to her as she walked back into the suite to grab her briefcase. She wondered if he saw something she just didn't see in herself.

Rayne looked at Lark who gathered her own belongings and had to admit she was a beautiful woman who still excited her.

She had a beautiful smile that made her heart skip a beat and green eyes that made her heart melt when she looked into them. But Rayne just couldn't get past what she did to her and she felt nothing but hate for the woman.

"Lark...let's get going." Rayne replied sternly blocking her previous thoughts out of her mind and replaced them with disdain. Lark sighed disappointingly and followed Rayne out the door. They made their way to the elevator and waited for the door to open in silence. As much as Rayne hated to have to do it she knew she needed to thank Lark for calling her family for a visit. She really needed it and their visit lifted her spirits. Rayne looked down at the ground. "Aah...thanks for calling my family over for a visit. It was a very nice gesture." Rayne replied and took in a deep breath. 'There, that's out of the way.' She thought to herself relieved as the elevator doors opened and they stepped on.

"I'm glad I could make you happy. I've missed your beautiful smile." Lark answered as she looked at Rayne who hit the buttons on the elevator.

'Why does she have to go there? She acts as if I'm the one that just walked out of the relationship and she had nothing to do with the end of it. She is in some serious denial.' Rayne thought to herself as she pulled her gun out and checked her ammunition supply. 'She was the fucking cause of it ending and she just doesn't get it!' Rayne thought to herself as she tucked her gun back in her holster and turned to Lark with fiery blue eyes.

"'re the cause of my unhappiness. You weren't concerned with my happiness before so, why do it now?" She snapped with anger in her voice.

"Because I want to make it up to you and I feel terribly guilty." Lark answered through cloudy green eyes.

"You are unbelievable Lark!" Rayne snapped angrily. "Do you really think you can make up for what you did by bringing my family over for a visit? You're incredible...and you should feel guilty for what you did to me!" Rayne answered with fire in her eyes as the veins in her neck stuck out from her hot temper.

"You're right Rayne...I can't make up for it but I would like to try too." Lark answered as the elevator doors opened and they stepped out heading towards the lobby to the limo.

"Don't bother." Rayne snapped in response as they climbed into the limo.

"Rayne...please." Lark pleaded.

"Lark...don't talk to me. I don't want to hear anything from you." Rayne snapped as she opened the window and handed Danielle the directions to the autograph session Lark was required to attend.

Lark sat and quietly reflected as she looked out the window. 'I've got to figure some way to break through that tough exterior and get her past all that hate.' She thought to herself as she felt Rayne shift back in the seat and glanced over to her.

"Don't do it Lark...not one word." Rayne demanded as she looked at her paperwork-knowing Lark was about ready to talk to her. 'She's persistent and a pain in the ass. I have to giver her that much but then again that's the reason she fell in love with her in the first place.' Rayne thought, as she remembered how persistent Lark was in her pursuit of a date with her. 'If she wasn't as persistent as she was, Rayne would never have agreed to a date and then would not have fallen in love with her. But then again, she wouldn't have broken my heart like she did. What a catch 22 situation.' Rayne thought to herself and shook her head in disbelief as her anger welled in the pit of her stomach at the thought of Lark's betrayal.

She wished she could put it past her and move on ...actually she had done just that until she got this bogus assignment. 'What a cruel freaking joke this was.' Rayne thought and rubbed her forehead to alleviate the pain from her wicked headache.

They reached their destination for Lark's autograph session, which lasted the remainder of the day. Lark was very accommodating to her fans and loved to personalize her autographs, which took her much longer than other stars that usually zipped through the lines.

Lark was finishing up the autograph line much to Rayne's delight who sat next to her and handed her the pictures the fans wanted autographed as a fan approached and excitedly asked Lark, "Would you mind if I took a picture with Rayne and then with the both of you?"

Lark smiled knowing Rayne was going to hate having her picture taken with the fan because it embarrassed her and Lark looked at Rayne who had an obvious look of displeasure from the look she was giving Lark.

"I'm sure she would love to but you don't need my permission. Ask her yourself." Lark answered with a smile as she looked up at the fan and began to autograph the picture she handed her.

"May I Rayne?" She asked with a smile as Rayne strained out an embarrassed smile.

"Now that Lark gave her seal of approval I suppose I could do it." Rayne answered with disdain from the request, but tried to be pleasant and she didn't want to miss an opportunity to needle Lark with her comment.

"Oh, excellent!" She exclaimed as she sat in Rayne's lap much to Rayne's surprise as her friend snapped a picture of them.

Lark laughed inwardly knowing Rayne hated the limelight for herself. She was content to hang in the shadows as she fulfilled her celebrity duties of pictures and autographs. Rayne had been approached by many for her picture and autograph, which unnerved her. She couldn't understand why someone would want that from her she told Lark who in turn told her that it's because she's gorgeous and there was no sense to not show the world her beauty.

Lark remembered telling her she could be a star and Rayne had been asked and offered many acting and modeling jobs by agents. Not to mention Lark tried to get her to do it but Rayne refused saying that wasn't her bag. She was content with the job she had with the Secret Service.

" with you both." The fan replied as Lark leaned closer to fit in the picture with the girls friend taking the picture. "Thank you so much." The girl answered excitedly as she stood up from Rayne's lap and moved along off stage.

Lark looked at Rayne who had an embarrassed look on her face and she began to laugh as she took the next picture to be autographed from Rayne. "What?" Rayne asked sternly with confusion as to what Lark was laughing at.

"You're embarrassed." Lark teased with a laugh as she autographed the picture while fans took her picture.

"I am not." Rayne stammered trying to keep up her stoic image and to conceal her embarrassment.

"You are too!" Lark answered with a heartier laugh, "and you're blushing too!"

Rayne couldn't contain it any longer and began to laugh too. "I guess I am huh? That was a very strange request for me to take a picture." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"Not really...people used to ask me if they could do that all the time. You're gorgeous and they know it. They can't help but want a picture with you and she was a lucky woman to get to sit in your lap." Lark answered with a laugh and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"Yes, she was wasn't she?" Rayne answered cockily and realized she was actually having a civil conversation with Lark and put her wall back up because she wasn't about to let Lark off the hook that easily. "Jealous?" Rayne snapped sarcastically as she stood up after the last fan passed by her and she walked over to Danielle to let her know they would be leaving soon.

"Yes...I am." Lark whispered sadly out of earshot of Rayne as she stood up and thanked the people who arranged the autograph session. She took pictures with each of them and posed for pictures for fans that stayed later.

Danielle left to get the limo to meet them at the exit Rayne chose. Rayne walked over to get Lark moving to the next scheduled appearance at a movie premiere.

"Lark...we're running behind...we need to get moving." Rayne replied as she interrupted her conversation.

"Okay." Lark answered as she turned to Rayne then back. "I'm sorry I can't stay longer." Lark informed the staff with regret for having to leave so soon.

"Thank you so much for coming Miss. Morgan." The appreciative staffer replied.

'Kiss asses.' Rayne thought to herself as she watched them fawn all over Lark. 'That's why I never wanted to get involved in the business. Way too many buttsniffers!' Rayne thought to herself.

"Anytime." Lark answered with a smile that Rayne read as her buttsniffer smile indicating Lark was thinking the same thing as Rayne. They had made a joke of smile's one night and named certain one's and the one Lark just gave was the buttsniffer one for sure!

Rayne chuckled as they walked away knowing that Lark could give a friendly smile but inwardly was telling them they were a bunch of kiss asses which she hated.

"What?" Lark asked as they approached the door and wondered why Rayne was looking at her.

"I was just laughing at the buttsniffer smile you gave her."

"Noticed that did you?" Lark asked with a laugh.

"It was very obvious." Rayne answered as she opened the door to the limo for Lark.

"Let's hope it wasn't to them." Lark answered with a laugh as she climbed into the limo.

The ride was quiet as Rayne studied the contingency plans as to what exits to use to get Lark in and out safely. She didn't like the idea that Lark had to enter in the front but they wanted the stars to walk the red carpet for publicity purposes. Rayne checked periodically to make sure they weren't being followed. She grew more anxious as she thought about having to walk up the red carpet with Lark.

It unnerved her to think about how they would be inundated by screaming fans and popping flashbulbs. She learned early on to wear sunglasses to cut down on the popping flashbulbs or else your eyesight was gone for a while. Her hands became clammy and she nervously wiped them off repeatedly on her jeans as they drew closer to the theater.

Lark knew Rayne absolutely hated this and put her hand on hers to calm her. Rayne looked at Lark surprised and pulled her hand away quickly. "I'm looked nervous and I thought it would help to calm you's just a habit I guess." Lark apologetically answered.

"Your touch used to do that Lark but now it makes my skin crawl." Rayne answered back with agitation as the limo stopped and she jumped out after Danielle opened the door to wait for Lark to step out. Rayne put her hand out to help her exit the limo and Lark looked up at her.

"Don't bother... I wouldn't want to make your skin crawl." Lark replied with sarcasm and anger as she exited the limo to a deafening roar from her fans.

"Touchˇ." Rayne whispered with a sneer on her face as Lark passed and gave her a sideways glance to let her know she was not at all pleased with her. Lark walked close to the crowd to pose for pictures and Rayne moved in behind her placing her hand on her waist to guide her away from the crowd. "Not too don't know who might be waiting."

Rayne whispered in her ear with a fake smile for the cameras and guided her arm around Lark's waist. Lark smiled to hide her anger at Rayne as the walked into the building. They were escorted to their seats for the premiere in time for the start of the movie. The movie finished and they headed into the premiere party with Lark holding Rayne's hand leading her to their table to be seated.

"You really love this charade don't you?" Rayne asked as she leaned close to Lark and whispered angrily into her ear, which drove Lark nuts. The closeness and her silky voice in her ear no matter how angry it sounded sent her fire blazing as she tried to calm her racing heart.

"I'm reveling in it...wouldn't you if you were in my place?" Lark answered sarcastically as she grew tired of Rayne's attitude once the desire wore off of her.

"I would have thought you might have a little more consideration for my feelings seeing as how you're the cause of all my hate and unhappiness." Rayne snapped back with a whisper so others wouldn't hear her. "Oh, but stupid me to have thought that because had you been more considerate of my feelings before we would be happily married by now." Rayne answered with anger as she left the table and headed to the bar. "Jack and coke! Make it a double!" Rayne ordered with anger for what Lark had said to her. 'Chew on that one Lark.' Rayne thought to herself as she sipped the strong, tasty beverage enjoying every minute of her drink. The whiskey burned on it's way down but it sure tasted good and calmed her nerves.

Lark sat solemnly and stunned as she thought about what Rayne had just said to her. 'Did Rayne really mean what she said about being married?' She asked herself as she thought back to their discussion about marriage but had never finalized plans to actually do it. Lark wanted to be married to Rayne and wanted children with her but she got the feeling that Rayne wasn't ready for the marriage commitment at that time and wondered if Rayne had just said that to hurt her.

'That's right Lark...I meant it.' Rayne thought to herself with a smirk on her face as her anger welled in the pit of her stomach along with the Jack Daniels that hit it like a firebomb.

She thought about how she had intended to ask Lark to marry her.

When they had their discussion on marriage she had been evasive because she intended to ask her on their anniversary. Rayne had already purchased the ring she wanted to give her long before their discussion took place and it took every bit of self-control she could muster to save the surprise until their anniversary.

That surprise was never to be revealed the night of their anniversary when Rayne found Lark in the arms of another, in their bed no less! Rayne thought with anger at the memory, which disgusted her. She didn't know why she kept the ring but she still had it. Maybe she kept it to remind herself to never give her heart to another like that again. Rayne thought as she drained the drink and set the empty glass down on the bar.

"Ready for another?" The bartender asked as he picked up the empty glass.

"No, but thanks." Rayne answered as she turned back around to an even worse nightmare and it was approaching her! It was Sal...a balding, flamboyant chubby, jovial agent who constantly hounded her to let him represent her. 'Damn!' She thought as she looked for an escape but she was cornered and had nowhere to run.

"Rayne! Daawling!" He drawled flamboyantly. " Don't you run from me you sexy beast!" He excitedly replied while pointing at her with his moderately feminine voice.

"Hello, Sal." Rayne answered with agitation because she was in no mood to deal with him right now.

"Ooh, you look so sexy sugar! Please tell me you'll let me represent you for a modeling job?" He responded, as he looked her over with delight. "If I didn't love men so much...hmmm, I would have to fight Lark for you!" He replied with a laugh along with his feminine gestures of whipping a limp wrist around to make his point.

'Like I would have anything to do with this guy if I was interested in the male species. Tom Cruise. yes, way!' Rayne thought to herself with disgust at the thought of it. "Sal...we go through this all the time. I'm not interested." Rayne answered with mounting agitation along with a splitting headache.

She considered downing the entire bottle of Jack Daniel's to put herself out of her misery.

"Come on it's for charity...please?" He answered with a smile hoping she would do it.

"What charity?" Rayne asked slightly defeated and not believing she was actually considering doing it.

"For HIV/AIDS research. A very prominent gay and lesbian magazine is donating proceeds from the next issue for the charity. We have other stars lined up for the magazine shoot as well and you would be a fabulous addition." He smiled with delight at the thought of her modeling for it and for him being able to represent her. Many people in the entertainment world had tried to land Rayne as a client because they knew she would make a killing modeling or acting and he wanted to be the one to do what everyone else couldn't...get Rayne Donovan as their client.

"What's in it for you?" Rayne asked skeptically.

"Just to be able to represent you in this and any future assignments." He answered with a hopeful smile that she would agree to it.

Rayne thought about it and figured it wouldn't hurt to do it considering it was for a good cause. Okay...I'll do it." She reluctantly answered much to Sal's delight.

"Aah...fantastic!" He exclaimed with joy as he hugged her happily and repeatedly.

"Yeah...yeah...when do I have to do this thing?" Rayne asked with embarrassment from his excitement.

"Tomorrow at noon." He answered with a sly grin.

"Man, you work fast dude!" Rayne answered with shock at the time frame as he laughed and wrote down the address for where the photo shoot would take place.

"'s good to see you!" Ellen replied happily as she hugged her.

"Hey, Ellen are you?" Lark answered with a strained smile still hurting from Rayne's comments.

"I'm doing great! I'm really happy to hear that you and Rayne are back together. Where is she anyway?" Ellen asked as she looked around the room but didn't see Rayne.

"Aah...cornered at the bar." Lark answered with a laugh as she motioned with her hand where Rayne was located.

"Oh, geez Lark! How could you not get her away from that little scam artist?" Ellen asked with a laugh feeling sorry for Rayne.

"Aah, she can handle herself." Lark answered with a laugh hoping she was miserable talking with the man.

"She is looking so good Lark!" Ellen observed with obvious enjoyment with what she saw as she watched her interact with Sal. "You are one lucky woman Lark. I don't know what I would do if I got to look into those sexy blue eyes everyday and to be held in those strong arms not to mention those sexy lips pressed against mine! I just don't know if my heart would allow that much excitement." She answered as they both stared at Rayne.

Lark's mouth watered, her heart raced and warmth swept across her body at Ellen's description of Rayne. She desperately wanted those strong arms wrapped around her and absolutely needed to feel those lips against her own to... taste Rayne. "Well...Ellen a woman's go to do what a woman's got to do and some of us are more fortunate than others. I'll catch you later." Lark answered with a laugh as she quickly walked over to Rayne desperate to be near the tall, dark and gorgeous woman as her desire for her mounted.

Lark finally made it to the pair and could tell Rayne was growing more agitated with Sal. "Hey, Sal...I'm going to steal Rayne from you." Lark replied with a smile as she grabbed Rayne's hand and led her onto the dance floor. Rayne's touch sent a rush of electricity straight to Lark's center and she inhaled deeply to calm her pounding heart.

"Okay...good to see you Lark and I'll see you tomorrow Rayne." He shouted as the pair briskly moved away from him.

Rayne was happy to get away from him but she went from one frying pan into another. At least this one was better looking she thought to herself as they began to dance. The song changed to a sultry Latin song "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias... a song that Rayne absolutely loved. "Great song." She replied as the rhythm consumed her and she drew Lark into her arms and began a slow, salsa dance with her.

Lark's breath escaped her as she met sexy blue eyes and felt Rayne's body move sensually against her own. Her legs felt weak and she was lucky Rayne had a tight hold on her as they danced or she would have been in a heap on the floor. Her body temperature rose as Rayne stared into her green eyes and sexily guided both of their bodies through the sultry dance. 'Oh, she is so beautiful and exudes sex appeal. She captivates everyone when she steps into a room with her sexy confidence.' Lark thought to herself as her heart raced faster when Rayne spun her around and drew her back in close to her body as their eyes met in a stare once again. A lump formed in Lark's throat as her arousal mounted. 'Oh, please kiss me.' She thought and hoped Rayne would plant those sexy lips on her own. 'This is driving me nuts!' Lark thought to herself and felt weak at the knees again as Rayne began to sing the chorus to the song.

Rayne caught the weak kneed woman and pulled her back up close to her and flashed a sexy, cocky smile knowing she was driving Lark nuts with the dance. 'She's beautiful. I can't deny that but I can deny her trying to weasel herself back into my life as if nothing happened.' Rayne thought to herself as they continued with their sultry dance.

'I want her so bad I can taste her.' Lark thought as she stared deep into her blue eyes and lost herself in them. "Kiss me Rayne." Lark whispered seductively and moved up to meet Rayne's lips that never met hers.

Rayne leaned her head back to avoid Lark's advances with bewilderment as to what Lark was doing. "Why would I do that Lark?" Rayne asked with agitation and a scrunched up face at the absurdity of Lark's request.

Lark was snapped out of her trance and swallowed hard as she blinked her eyes repeatedly to refocus her thoughts on something other than those blues eyes. She quickly glanced side to side and looked back up into those sultry blue eyes and replied, "Because people are watching us and I thought maybe you would want to?" Lark answered with a smile hoping she would capture her lips and devour them with her own. Her mouth watered with desire and anticipation to be kissed by her sexy ex-lover.

Rayne laughed... "Are you whacked? I could care less who is watching us and I really don't want to kiss you Lark." Rayne answered with obvious agitation and wanted to change the subject.

"Why don't you want to kiss me Rayne? Are you afraid you might feel something other than hate for me?" Lark asked with agitation and hurt in her voice at the turn in the mood of Rayne.

"You are whacked woman!" Rayne answered with a laugh as she shook her head in disbelief. "By the way, I'm positive I wouldn't feel a thing." Rayne answered arrogantly with a smug look on her face as she looked down at the shorter woman.

"Let's see then." Lark answered in a whisper as she leaned up and pressed her lips against Rayne's as a photographer snapped their picture. Lark's heart raced and warmth swept over her from the kiss.

'Damn photographers! They're friggin everywhere!" Rayne thought to herself with agitation at the intrusion as she broke the kiss and looked down at Lark and waited for her to open her eyes.

"Well?" Lark asked dreamily as she was still caught up in the sensuality of the kiss.

"Nothing." Rayne answered with a look of agitation and boredom.

"Let me try again." Lark answered seductively as she once again pressed her lips against Rayne's slipping her tongue past her lips for a deep, soul-searing kiss. Lark broke the kiss and looked up at Rayne. "Now, tell me you didn't feel something wonderful." Lark answered assuredly that she felt the undeniable passion from their shared kiss.

"No, I felt disgusted actually." Rayne answered with a lie. She had never felt such a kiss filled with so much love and caring from Lark that rocked her world like never before but she was not about to go down that road again with Lark. She devastated her once already which was more than enough for one person in their lifetime and she couldn't put herself through that again.

"You're such an assface!" Lark shouted at Rayne as her admission felt like an arrow straight through the heart. She began to cry and rushed off the crowded dance floor leaving a very embarrassed and regretful Rayne standing in her shadow.

'Damn it!' Rayne admonished herself regretting what she said to Lark and headed through the crowded dance floor to find Lark with no luck. Rayne made it off the dance floor and bumped into Sal again.

"What did you say to Lark? She's very upset." He asked with concern and agitation.

"Which way did she go?" Rayne asked with anger discarding his question as she looked around for her to no avail.

"She went out the back door." He answered as he pointed to the door.

"No!" Rayne responded with anger and concern as she ran towards the door with urgency. She had tightness in her chest and a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach as she approached the door. 'What the hell is she thinking going outside without me?!' Rayne thought to herself as she burst through the door to find two men holding Lark as she struggled to break free while they pulled her towards their car. "LARK!" Rayne shouted with anxiety and fear.

Rayne's adrenaline pumped and her heart raced as she ran towards the trio who held Lark. She tackled one assailant at full speed knocking everyone to the ground. Rayne head butted him knocking him out cold and back flipped off the man to take care of the other assailant who still held Lark. Rayne swung her leg around and kicked him in the face as he attempted to stand, sending him back to the ground in a heap. Rayne rushed to Lark's side that lay on the ground crying hysterically. "Are you okay?" Rayne asked as she knelt beside her. "Come on...I'll help you up." Rayne told her as she took Lark's hand and felt her trembling uncontrollably.

"Rayne!" Lark cried with fear in her voice as she moved closer to Rayne and cried harder.

"Hey, it's okay baby I'm here." Rayne answered compassionately as she gathered Lark into her arms to calm her down. Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck tightly burying her face in her neck as she continued to cry.

Rayne hated it when Lark broke her heart every time. "Come on now...calm down...I've got you. You're going to be okay Lark." Rayne whispered reassuringly in her ear as she stood up with Lark in her arms.

Rayne reached into her pocket to grab her phone and struggled to hold Lark as she turned the phone on. She was finally able to turn the phone on and hit speed dial to contact Danielle.

"Where the fuck are you?" She shouted angrily in the phone. "We're at exit three where you're suppose to be! Get back here I've got two assailants out cold waiting to be cuffed!" She shouted as she clicked the phone off. Rayne noticed one of the assailants waking up and she walked over and to reacquaint him with the bottom of her foot assuring he would be fast asleep once again as the limo screeched to a halt in front of her.

"What the hell happened?" Danielle asked as she rushed out of the limo pulling her handcuffs out.

"She was attacked. What the hell were you doing?" Rayne asked with agitation as she watched Danielle handcuff the one assailant.

"I was at the exit that was on the paper I got at breakfast this morning." Danielle informed her.

" was the wrong one Danielle!" Rayne shouted with agitation as she walked over to the limo and to put a slightly calmed Lark into it.

"No, please don't let me go I'm terrified Rayne." Lark pleaded as she cried harder and clutched her tighter.

"Aah...okay...just settle down it's going to be alright Lark...I promise." Rayne answered softly as she tried to calm the hysterical actress down while she sat inside the limo with Lark still clinging tightly to her. Rayne called in back up to pick up the suspects as Danielle finished handcuffing them. Within minutes back up arrived and escorted the men off for interrogation. Lark had fallen asleep, much to Rayne's delight, the crying finally stopped as Lark kept her tight hold on Rayne. Rayne still cared for Lark; she knew that as she held her in her arms. As much as she hated what Lark had done to her she didn't want to see her physically harmed she thought as they pulled up to the entrance of the hotel. "Lark, hey." Rayne whispered to wake Lark as she brushed her long blond hair off her face and noticed her sleepy green eyes look up at her. "We're at the hotel." Rayne informed her as Lark moved off of Rayne's lap.

"I'm sorry Rayne." Lark answered nervously as she ran her fingers through her long hair and pulled it off her face.

"Its okay, come on." Rayne answered caringly as she took Lark's hand and helped her out of the limo.

"Rayne, I'll brief you later. I'm heading off to the interrogation to find out what's going on." Danielle informed her.

"Yeah...let me know what happens." Rayne answered with a slight smile as the pair headed up to the suite. Rayne had instructed Lark's staff that everyone was to leave the hotel with them therefore, decreasing the risk of bugs being planted while they were gone. The hotel staff was informed that the suite would be cleaned when they were present so, there was no need to do a sweep for bugs every time they entered the room.

Rayne unlocked the door and turned on the light to see Lark looked a mess from crying. "You okay?" She asked with concern.

"No, I'm not okay! I was nearly kidnapped tonight because of you!" She shouted with anger.

"Because of me?" Rayne asked with anger and disbelief as she pointed to herself. "You're blaming me for this?" Rayne asked with mounting agitation.

"Yes, you didn't need to say what you did Rayne and for being an assface!"

"Incredible Lark! You're to blame for everything that has happened between us!" Rayne shouted with anger as she moved closer to her. "I'm here to help you despite the fact that I hate being here and now you want to blame me for this? I don't think so!" Rayne shouted back with fiery blue eyes.

"You hate being around me that much?" Lark asked with anger as tears filled her green eyes.

"More than you would ever want to know Lark!" Rayne shouted as Lark's hand swung around to slap her face, but was stopped, as was the other hand that attempted to do the same. "What do you want from me Lark?!" Rayne asked in a raised voice as she held her wrists and pulled her closer. Blues met with greens and the desire for one another was evident. Rayne was pissed at Lark but she wanted nothing more than to take her right there and then. She was hot for her and this latest argument excited her for some reason. "Is this what you want?" Rayne shouted as she pressed her lips against Lark's and aggressively explored her mouth her tongue. "Or is this what you want?" She asked through the kiss as she slammed her against the wall and deepened the kiss.

Lark's passion mounted and her heart pounded through her chest. It was exactly what she wanted, to have her sexy lover's lips and body pressed against her. Rayne's excitement heightened and she wanted to take her right then and there as she continued the deep, moist kiss. It had been a long time since she had sex and that's just what she wanted, sex, just sex she told herself. Nothing more. Rayne let go of Lark's arms that were pinned above her head and ripped open the front of her blouse to find two perky breasts with already hardened nipples ripe for the taking. She groped both breasts roughly as she sank her teeth into Lark's neck sending a rush of desire straight to Lark's center. Her gentle and caring lover was replaced by a rough, aggressive lover, which scared her... yet, excited her. Maybe it excited her because it was Rayne back in her arms again she wondered, as she wished her caring, attentive lover was back. She wasn't going to complain now that Rayne was pressed against her. Rayne ran her tongue down Lark's chest to capture an erect nipple in her mouth and began to suck the hard nipple as she pinched her other nipple between her fingers, sending waves of pleasure throughout Lark. Her breathing increased and she ran her fingers through Rayne's raven hair as Rayne moved her mouth to the other breast to work her magic with that one, which was eager for her to pay it attention.

"That feels so good Rayne." Lark moaned as she watched her attractive lover suck her breast. She loved to look at her dark features and how sexy Rayne's mouth looked wrapped around her breast... not to mention how incredible it felt to have her there she thought as her body burned with desire. Rayne slipped her hand up and under Lark's skirt moving it to her firm backside. As expected by Rayne, Lark wore a thong making it easier for Rayne to slide her hand under the material in her quest to find a moist opening to insert her finger. Rayne's tongue worked it's way back up Lark's neck stopping in her mouth for a deep, moist kiss as her finger found the slick opening and slipped inside as Lark gasped in delight at the penetration. Lark wrapped her legs around Rayne's waist who walked towards the bed as she continued her kiss. Rayne slid her finger in and out of Lark's moist opening, which wrapped snugly around her finger as she approached the bed. Lark sank her fingernails into Rayne's back encouraging her to penetrate her deeper. "Oh, make me feel so good." Lark moaned through her kiss. Rayne laid Lark back on the bed never breaking the kiss and slid her finger out of her as she positioned Lark where she wanted her. Once in position, Rayne slipped Lark's thong off along with her skirt as she lightly nibbled on her erect nipple. Lark pulled Rayne's shirt up over her head until she removed it along with her sports bra.

Once Lark was naked Rayne pushed two fingers inside the tight, wet opening and lay on top of Lark straddling her thigh. Rayne kicked her shoes off as she moved her fingers almost out of Lark and slid them back deep inside of her. 'I am so turned on and want to devour her so bad.' She thought as her passion and wetness increased.

"Ooh, Rayne!" Lark exclaimed in pleasure. Rayne's aggressiveness was rough but it felt 'oh, so good.' Lark thought to herself and knew she could deal with it as long as it was Rayne inside of her. Rayne was turned on beyond belief and Lark was just what she needed to satisfy her months of pent up sexual frustration. She didn't want to take time to make love. She just wanted sex, she wanted satisfaction in a hurry she thought to herself, and her heart raced faster at the thought of achieving her goal. Rayne sat up and continued to finger Lark's sex as she unbuttoned her pants and then unzipped them with Lark's help. Lark pushed her pants down her hips to her legs and Rayne lay back down on Lark and wiggled out of her pants using her opposite leg to remove them. It was quite a feat, but she finally achieved her goal. After all...she does have many skills. Lark's hands roamed Rayne's muscular, sexy, sweaty body as she nibbled on her neck and moved her hips faster to match Rayne's rhythm with her fingers in and out of Lark's slick opening. She was in heaven from what Rayne was doing to her as her arousal peaked and she felt Rayne spread her folds... pressing her wet, hot, sex against her thigh.

"Oh, feel so good." Lark whispered in Rayne's ear as she felt Rayne's wetness on her thigh. Rayne sucked her hard nipple and stroked her sex against Lark's leg. Lark could hear Rayne's labored breathing and put her hands on Rayne's backside squeezing it, which excited Rayne even more.

'That feels so good.' Rayne thought as she felt Lark's thigh against her hard clit. The movement was satisfying her urge to release her sexual tension. She moved her mouth to Lark's neck and began to lightly bite her neck. Rayne took Lark's free hand and guided it down between her legs. "Touch me." She whispered before biting down hard on her neck and driving her fingers deep inside of Lark, who gasped out loud moving her hips faster as she felt her climax drawing near.

Lark ran her fingers against Rayne's slick, hot and hard clit as she moved her hips in rhythm with Lark's ministrations. "Oh, Rayne...I can't hold it any longer...I'm going to come." Lark moaned cuing Rayne to thrust her fingers in and out of her faster as her thumb massaged her swollen nub while the first wave of her climax began. Rayne's sex was on fire and her climax began as she pressed her sex against Lark's hand and stroked her hips faster to reach her orgasm. Rayne felt Lark's opening tightening and knew her release was near as she sank her teeth into Lark's neck again feeling her sweet nectar release. "Aah...oh, Rayne! Baby! Yes...yes!" Lark yelled as one orgasm after another racked her body. "Oh, Rayne...I want to feel your orgasm." Lark moaned as she felt Rayne's hot, labored breath against her neck as her orgasm released sending another shuddering wave of orgasm throughout her own body.

"Aah...oh, aah." Rayne gasped through her breath as she removed Lark's hand from her sex leaving her swollen nub throbbing against Lark's thigh. Rayne laid her head down on the pillow next to Lark's neck spent and tried to catch her breath as she slowly removed her fingers from Lark's opening.

"Oh, Oh, Rayne." Lark moaned as another wave of her orgasm released and she tilted her head back in pleasure as Rayne pressed her hand against her pulsating nub to calm its passion.

Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne tightly and kissed her shoulder as their breathing calmed to a steady rhythm.

"Oh, Rayne...I love you so much." Lark declared as she held her tighter and turned to look at Rayne who quickly closed her eyes to pretend like she was asleep. Lark reveled in the wonderful feeling of having her love wrapped tightly in her arms. She felt the beat of Rayne's heart against her own and she knew this is exactly where she belonged. She thought about how ecstatic she was that Rayne was back as a satisfied smile slipped across her face.

Continued in Part 3.

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