Esta Noche (This Night)

By L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
Copyright © September 6, 2005 L Crystal Michallet-Romero
All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: None needed, this is an original work of fiction.

Rated: PG-13, for its eroticism. It is a vampire story and not intended for children, however, compared to a few of my other vampire stories, this is pretty tame and should not upset the faint of heart.

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Some said the road to perdition was reserved for the damned, but Valerie Munoz didn’t believe in it.  The tall, leggy beauty didn’t accept that the damned were destined for an eternal existence of pain and suffering.  In her mind, it was the mortals whose lives were hard, which is why she left that life behind her so many years ago.

As the daughter of Mexican migrant farm workers, Valerie Munoz could have looked like any other Chicana save for one difference.  Once, in her mortal days, her flesh was as brown as earth but now it was an ashen color.  But this didn’t take away from her ethnic beauty.  In fact, whenever she met someone new the question was eventually asked, “what are you?”  A part of Valerie, the dark evil side, wanted to answer them without words.  She wanted to show them exactly what she was so that they would see with their own mortal eyes that creatures of the night were not relegated to fables.  But she did not.  She, more than anyone, knew that discretion was necessary.

By vampire standards Valerie was considered a youth.  She was brought over in the summer of nineteen forty-two at the age of twenty-eight years old.  Not yet one hundred vampire years old, Valerie knew that she had many years of being undead before her.  Although only a babe the young vampire knew how to utilize her new immortal powers to her best advantage.

With a slight arch of a brow, the statuesque vampire entered the crowded dance club.  All eyes turned upon her.  Valerie knew what they were looking at.  Her calf length black dress clung seductively to her body.  Its halter top revealed her milky white shoulders and shapely bosoms.  Long, wavy hair that was her pride in life fell past her collarbone like a gentle waterfall.

With an inward smile, the immortal sauntered into the crowded nightclub.  At the instant press of bodies, she inhaled deeply of the fresh humanity.  As she threw her head back to inhale the intoxicating aroma, she felt her long hair tickling her back like gentle fingers.  All around her the mortals pressed against her, their pulses of life beat to the staccato rhythm of the music.  While the syncopated beat of the music reverberated off the stone walls and floor, their bodies gyrated against each other.  A myriad of neon colors flashed from the ceiling lights and soared through the air.  The brilliant beams honed onto the dancers like beacons in the night, yet never once settling on a single person.

Valerie Munoz was in her element.  The dark dank dance club was her feeding ground.  Just as she had done in the past, she began the hunt.  Her eyes fell upon the multitude of women.  Their inviting smiles might have caused her heart to skip a beat, if she were still alive.  But Valerie was not alive.  She was part of the living dead and as such, her heart no longer beat, her veins no longer coursed with mortal blood and the vampire thrived in this new existence.

Like a shopper gazing over the latest gadgets, Valerie made her way through the throng of women.  As if parting the red sea, the dancers glanced at her as they opened a path for her to walk through.  The vampire smiled at the women dancing in pairs.  Her eyes gazed lustfully at the gyrations of their bodies.  “Lovers on the floor, lovers in bed,” she silently mused as she walked past their forms.  Once or twice her eyes caught sight of the women who courted her, flaunting their willingness to flirt with danger.  Their inviting smiles were enough to encourage the hungry vampire’s desires, but Valerie held off.  Instead, she smiled seductively at an Asian beauty as she passed her by.  With another, she lightly ran the long nail of her forefinger across the mortal’s cheek, down her neck and over her clothed bosom, yet she did not choose this woman.  For tonight, she wanted something different – something new.

As the vampire turned away from each morsel, she heard their disappointed thoughts in the back of her mind.  Valerie smiled as her slow seductive walk continued past the crowd.  With arms stretched out at either side, she lightly grazed her fingers over their warm mortal flesh.  She closed her eyes as a gleeful smile escaped her control.  With her vampire senses she reached out and listened to their inner thoughts.  She heard their turmoil, ecstasy and longing.  Their passions matched the movements of the dancers and just when she was ready to settle for one of the patrons, a still, small voice entered her senses.

It was new.  It was fresh.  It pulsed with life and Valerie knew that she had to possess it.  Turning in the middle of the dance floor, she searched for the source.  Her keen vampire senses were alert as she honed in on the object of her hunt.  The multicolored ceiling lights flashed radiant beams overhead and pulsed to the beat of the music.  Despite the distractions Valerie found the object of her search.  When the vampire laid eyes upon the mortal, a slight smile crossed her lips.  If it had been a different place and time, the prey could have passed for a Nubian princess or an Ethiopian Queen.  But Valerie knew that this mortal was neither.  The woman who caught her attention was simply a beautiful African American who would soon be consumed by the hungry vampire.

The black woman stood surrounded by her friends.  She was not as tall as Valerie, nor was she short.  She wore her hair natural and even in the darkness, its large massive mane flowed out with pride.  In dress, she knew what she had and flaunted it to anyone who looked her way.  The tight red dress clung seductively to her body and the slit up the side showed off her muscular calves and thighs.  Her round bottom slowly swayed to the beat of the music as she spoke with her friends.  When the mortal laughed, a trill like the sound of bells seemed to echo through the room. 

Valerie smiled as she focused all of her concentration on this woman.  She reached out with her vampire senses into the darkest recesses of this mortal’s mind.  In it, she heard the single name that sounded like music to the vampire’s heart.  Octavia Mae Jamison was her name, but for Valerie, her name was ancillary – an accouterment that meant little to a hunting creature of the night.

As she admired Octavia’s large, brown hair, the vampire smiled to herself.  She imagined all of the delights that she would bring to this woman, and in exchange the mortal would give to her what was needed the most.  The black woman would become yet another soul that would succumb to Valerie’s dark powers.

Valerie knew that this woman had never encountered the likes of her kind before, nor would she ever again.  The tall, lithe vampire strode casually toward the black women.  When she grew closer, the group of mortals suddenly turned and looked her way.  The newcomer had a look of perplexed disbelief as she slowly gazed over Valerie’s form.

“Would you like to dance?” the vampire smiled seductively as she held out a hand.

The mortal beauty glanced at her, a surprised brow cocking in disbelief before she looked back at her friends.  A wide smile crossed Octavia’s full lips as her shoulders began to shake with laughter.  Before Valerie could harness in her emotions, the woman mumbled something to her friends, and then turned toward the vampire.

“I know you didn’t just come up here thinking I’d dance with you,” the African American chuckled before turning her back on Valerie to address her friends.

Valerie was not accustomed to such a rebuff from a mortal.  In most cases all she had to do was extend the invitation, and it would be eagerly accepted.  Now, to her utter disbelief, she found herself calling upon her dark gifts.

Filled with confidence Valerie stepped forward once more, her smile never wavering.  She instinctively began to draw upon her vampire powers.  She felt her unholy gift soaring from her, moving out to envelop those nearby.

“I only asked for a dance,” Valerie’s voice was seductively low.  At the sudden change, the woman’s eyes grew wide with surprise.  As her friends moved forward to protect her, Valerie lifted her palm to them and spoke in a voice so low that most mortals could not hear, “You will remember nothing.”

“Remember nothing,” the three friends spoke in unison as a haze covered their eyes.

“You, on the other hand,” Valerie reached below the woman’s chin and lifted it up to gaze into her dark, fathomless eyes.  “You will remember this day for the rest of your life,” she promised her victim.

“The rest of my life,” the black woman echoed with a vacant tone as she slowly followed the vampire to the dance floor.  Her body movements were slow and hesitant at first.  Valerie felt the mortal fighting against the unnatural powers.  But eventually Octavia gave in to the unholy powers and like a zombie followed the vampire’s unspoken commands.

Like the rest of the dancers, they began to sway to the music.  Valerie felt her powers consuming the woman until they became like one.  As their bodies bumped and rocked against each other, the vampire’s cold hands ran over the mortal’s form.  Standing above her, the vampire admired her prey.  Their breath seemed to mix as one as the music flowed over the dance floor.  Once or twice, Valerie leaned in and received a kiss.  At first it was tentative, like a hesitant lover.  But when she felt Octavia’s sweetly soft lips parting, she explored fully.  Tongues brushed against each other.   Lips that were once defiant now welcomed the ashen vampire’s touch.  When Valerie felt the heightened sense of pleasure, she began to guide the mortal to a darken corner of the nightclub.  With lips still locked, Valerie completely controlled her prey.  Only when the wall pressed against the mortal’s back, did they stop their movements.

Gasping from the raw sensuality of the kiss the two looked at each other in the darkness.  The music continued to blare around them, yet they were submerged in a world of their own making.  Through the haze of the bright lights, the vampire examined the mortal carefully.  Valerie noticed the pearls of sweat that coated Octavia’s forehead.  The contrast of light sheen on brown skin caused the perspiration to look like droplets of rain.  Valerie leaned forward and brushed her nose against the African American woman’s soft, thick hair.  The sweet scent of jasmine wafted to the vampire’s senses.  When she pulled away and looked into Octavia’s almond shaped brown eyes, she saw the full spectrum of the mortal’s emotions.  Like a trapped animal, the black woman watched her intently.  The fear made the mortal ready to bolt, yet there was a part of Octavia that wanted this, wanted to court danger in order to be close to the immortal darkness.

With a curious arch of a brow, Valerie smiled at her prey.  Her fingertip traced the line of Octavia’s brow, then her temple and down her high cheek bone.  In slow, methodical movements the vampire left an invisible trail down the ebony neck.  At this gentle touch, her prey sighed softly as she closed her eyes and leaned back, exposing her neck.  This motion was inviting for the thirsty vampire, yet she did make her move.  Instead she ran her finger over the woman’s warm flesh and marveled at the throbbing pulse that coursed through her prey’s jugular vein.

“Not yet, not yet,” the vampire’s mind whispered in answer to the woman’s silent plea.

Valerie smiled as she leaned forward and planted soft kisses against her prey’s warm flesh.  As the vampire’s mouth left a slow, methodical trail, her hands explored the woman’s curvaceous body.  When the immortal cupped her palms around the warm, fleshy bottom and her tongue moved lower down Octavia’s shoulder, she heard a low guttural moan escape her victim’s control.  With an almost pleased smile, the immortal ran her fingers down the length of the mortal’s waist and came to rest along the hemline of her taunting red dress.

“Hey, if you two would like company,” a lewd, interloping voice of a man stopped Valerie in her tracks. 

Angered by the intrusion, she turned her full vampire wrath upon the man.  Her face metamorphosed into the unholy beast that she was.  Like a raptor protecting her kill, she reached out her hand, her long fingernails sending a menacing warning to the intruder.  Even in the darkness he could see her monstrous face clearly.  As if he were part of the undead, his face turned deathly pale as he released a yelp.  Before the vampire could grab him, he turned and ran away. His pudgy body pushed and shoved the dancers in an attempt to escape the vampire’s wrath.  Unaware of his fright, the dancers continued to bump and grind to the sound of the music. 

Valerie smiled as she pulled her prey further into the darkness.  Her concentration had been broken, but she would not allow it to happen again.  Turning to her victim, the vampire smiled a toothy grin as her fingers slowly ran over her prey’s soft flesh.  When she gazed into Octavia’s dark brown eyes, she noticed the mortal’s pupils dilate, her lips parted as her hands instinctively reached around the vampire’s back.  With a smile, the tall un-dead leaned down and claimed her victim’s warm lips as her own.  While her tongue explored her prey’s mouth, her frigid touch sensuously moved down the black woman’s body.  Fingers that were cold and pale roamed down her hips until she found the slit in the silky fabric.  The instant she touched the mortal’s thigh, the woman inhaled deeply as if she knew what was to come.

“Slowly, slowly,” Valerie kept repeating to herself as she laid tender kisses over her prey’s face and down her neck.  As her fingers made their way up the side of Octavia’s legs, the vampire’s lips left slow, deliberate kisses over warm flesh.  Just as her exploring fingers moved between the mortal’s legs, the vampire’s lips slipped further down until she found the hidden treasure.  In a casual move, Valerie brushed aside the red fabric that hid the black woman’s luscious breast.

“Oh!” the mortal gasped as Valerie latched onto a round, brown orb.  While her fingers found their way between her victim’s legs, her mouth began to suckle.  At first the vampire was gentle.  Her tongue swirled around the erect nipple as the palm of her hand pushed aside the lacy panties and stroked along the mortal’s vulva.  The victim’s excited moisture covered the hunter’s digits.  Her increased movement was matched by her frantic suckling.  Once or twice, the vampire nipped hard to let the mortal know her intentions.  Each time, the black woman groaned as her pelvis pushed against the vampire’s touch.

Valerie was an adapt hunter.  In the beginning of her immortal existence, the vampire had felled her kill with the brutal force that was at her command.  Over time, she learned the many ways of stalking her prey and seduction was her preferred method.  Each time she took a mortal, she thrived on their fiery human emotions.  There was a fine line between pleasure and pain and Valerie strived to keep her victims on the cusp of both in order to be fulfilled. 

The vampire kept this in mind as she released a toothy smile and reached out the tendrils of her mind.  Fear was always the first barrier that she encountered.  Fear of the unknown - fear of death.  Her prey never knew what the vampire’s intentions would be.  Death for the mortal would be very easy, yet it would not be fulfilling for Valerie.  Instead, she would play with her victim.  She would torment and tease until it was the mortal who begged for release.  As she delved deeper, she felt the intoxication that always befell her prey. 

With an inward sigh, Valerie smiled as she pulled away from the African American.  This woman was proud and strong.  Under normal circumstances she would not go out without a fight.  But this was not normal.  Using her vampire powers, the immortal looked down upon the helpless victim.  Like child’s play, she reached out and coaxed the mortal into her world.  When she felt the barriers finally dropping, the vampire wrapped the woman’s mind in the warmth of her dark powers.

Although she might have been slow in the beginning, the vampire saw no need to hasten her actions.  Without preamble, Valerie dropped to her knees before the captive.  When she looked up and saw the thinly veiled fear in the dark gaze, an inward smile crossed her features before she reached below Octavia’s dress and pulled her silky panties down.  As if knowing what was to come next, the black woman closed her eyes as she leaned back against the wall.  She seemed to brace herself as the vampire moved between her legs.

Valerie loved this part.  While she craved the taste of mortal blood, she could not deny to herself that some habits die hard.  For her, this was it.  She loved the taste of a woman on her lips.  To feel the liquid evidence of their pleasure spurred the vampire’s lustful desires.  The moment the tip of her tongue first brushed against the womanly flesh, when she inhaled the musky aroma and felt the tickle of pubic hair against her nose, Valerie’s needs increased.  Like an aphrodisiac, she leaned in and greedily lapped up the sweet nectar.

In the back of her mind the vampire heard the loud music blaring in the night club.  She could feel the pounding of the dancer’s feet against the floor.  Their soft, silent thoughts soared around her, yet she paid them no heed.  They were like invisible players in this game.  Like props on a stage, they enhanced the encounter with the mortal and made it real.  Attuned to Valerie’s thoughts, Octavia groaned audibly, yet her pleasure was drowned out by the sounds around them.

The vampire wasted little time in her assault.  With years of experience, she lapped out and licked the folds of this woman.  Her tongue encircled the warm, humanly flesh.  With each press of her tongue, Octavia cried out and wiggled against her raging tongue.  Enticing fingers moved between the silky folds to become buried in warm moisture.  As the vampire’s tongue worked its magic, her deathly cold fingers glided upward, tickling and stroking the mortal’s inner walls.

Octavia was unlike any woman she had ever encountered before.  Her lustful desires matched the vampire’s.  When she grabbed Valerie’s dark hair and held her tightly, the vampire released a slight smile before diving in to the delights of this living body.  The wetness, the scent and the sounds from the black woman spurred the vampire’s actions.  With a single intent in mind, she drank of her prey’s offering. 

The immortal felt the beat of Octavia’s desire crescendo higher and higher toward the brink of ecstasy.   But before the prey could find her blessed release, the vampire pulled away.  The dismay registered for only a moment before Valerie stood before the smaller woman.  Her gaze bore into her victim even as her fingers continued their movements.  With an almost animal grunt, the black woman pulled at the vampire’s shoulders.  Void of any words, she begged and demanded release.

Valerie could not have asked for anything more.  The total subjugation of her victim spurred the vampire’s lustful needs.  When she heard her captive begging for release and felt the desires well up, the dark creature smiled as she felt the full power of her vampire senses coming to the fore.  Whatever beauty the immortal may have shown suddenly metamorphosed into a creature of the night.

“Now!” she heard her victim’s unspoken plea.  As the black woman tilted her head in invitation, her legs parted further even as her hips were swaying to the rhythm of the vampire’s thrusting fingers.

With an animal growl, Valerie hissed as she bared her teeth.  Like a creature only intent on the hunt, she opened her mind fully to control her victim’s pain.  When she felt her sharp canine teeth latching on to the familiar spot, the sound of a painful hiss registered in her brain before the exquisite pleasure filled both souls.

Everything seemed to happen at once.  The pounding of the music was in synch with the pounding of the mortal’s heart.  With each thump, a gush of blood rushed past Valerie’s lips.  Even as she drank of the sweet blood, the vampire’s fingers never stopped thrusting into her victim’s warm, slick folds.  The combination of the friction and the merging of the minds sent the mortal through a spiral of ecstasy.  As if no one was near, the beautiful black woman cried out her blessed release.  Her body, once rebellious, and then demanding, grew slack with satiation.

Valerie released a pleased smile as she licked the open wounds of her prey, and then pulled away from the mortal.  In a gentle manner, she lowered the woman to a nearby chair as she held her close.  A part of the vampire wanted to hold this woman close.  She contemplated taking her as her own, but then realized that this was not the way – it was not her way.  Vampires by their very nature were soulless creatures damned to live in exile forever alone.  Valerie was no different.

Before Octavia could even utter a word, Valerie pulled away.  She began to withdraw from her prey as quickly as she had entered her life.  Like an elusive star that passes in the night, she began to make her way through the throng.  The music never stopped, the bodies never ceased their rhythmic movements.  The lights that illuminated the crowded floor like neon lighting bolts continued to flash over the dancers’ heads.  Just like before, the throng slowly parted as the vampire made her way from the night club.

When the tall vampire moved from the noisy club into the dusky night, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  Her vampire senses caught the scent of the mortals nearby.  Their enticing aroma called to her like beacons in the night.  But Valerie was sated – at least for now.  She drank of mortal blood and her hunger was abated.  Now, she had a hunger of another kind.

As the wind brushed past her, Valerie felt the cloth of her dress fluttering against her shapely legs.  Her heels made a slight clicking against the cold cement.  With a rueful grin she took a few steps in preparations of her transformation.  Just as she had done when she arrived, she would become a creature of flight to soar back to her lair.  Before she could take the needed steps, the metal sound of the night club door slammed, breaking into her concentration.

“Oh, I know you don’t intend to just soar away and leave me hanging!” Octavia’s voice shouted.

It was over.  The fantasy had ended.  Whatever game that Valerie was playing had come to a screeching halt.

“Honey, you’re not supposed to do this!” the vampire could not hide her exasperation.

“Don’t you honey me!” the black woman moved forward with menacing steps.  Her eyes were filled with a fiery anger as she stood before the tall vampire, “You were just going to leave me like that, weren’t you?”

Valerie released a deep sigh as she turned away and shook her head in defeat.

“Octavia, baby, honey, you know how the fantasy goes,” she pleaded as she turned to the mortal.  “I go into the night club, find my virgin and take her innocence,” Valerie begged for understanding.

The African American woman stood before her.  Her arms were crossed in front of her as she cast a look of disbelief at the vampire.  A thin veil masked Octavia’s anger.

“And just how, Ms-Creature-of-the-Night, am I supposed to get home? Fly there?” she snapped her fingers for emphasis.

“What about your friends?” Valerie asked as she pointed to the dance club.

“Well, they might have taken me home,” the mortal stated with a know it all tone as she stepped closer to Valerie.  “If Ms-Vampire hadn’t put her mojo on them and made them forget that I was with them!  Those bitches already left!” the mortal’s voice rose in pitch.

“B-But…I-I…” if Valerie had any mortal blood left, her face would have turned flushed with embarrassment.  “Awe, honey, I’m sorry,” she apologized to her lover as she wrapped an arm around the woman’s shoulder.

The mortal looked up at her.  Dark brown human eyes examined the vampire closely and then, as if sensing the immortal’s sincerity, the black woman smiled as she released a sigh.  Octavia leaned into Valerie’s embrace as they began to walk down the street.

“Alright, I guess I can forgive you.  But next time, do you have to make my friends completely forget about me?” she asked with an expression of bewilderment.

Valerie chuckled softly as she laid a kiss against her lover’s temple.  “I’m sorry, baby.  I’ll remember to give better instructions next time.”

“Good, because if I had to figure out a way to get home, then I’d be….” Octavia stopped in mid-sentence and looked up and down the street.  Her brows creased into a frown as she looked up at Valerie.  “Where is the car?  Don’t tell me you didn’t bring the car?” she asked with an incredulous expression.

Valerie looked away, her expression saying what she could not vocalize.

“I do not believe this!” Octavia pulled away from her as a look of anger returned to her eyes.

“Honey, you know to make the fantasy real…” Valerie began to say, but was cut off in mid-sentence by Octavia’s raised hand.

“I know, I know,” the black woman released an exasperated sigh.  “You had to fly here in order to keep in the fantasy,” Octavia shook her head as she returned to Valerie’s open arm.

“Come on, honey, lets go get a taxi and go home,” the vampire smiled as she hugged the woman tenderly.

“What exactly is it with you and ‘first-time’ encounters anyway?” Octavia asked.

The vampire thought about it and a smiled crossed her lips.

“Don’t you remember what our first time was like?” she asked her mortal lover.  A smile crossed the black woman’s luscious lips as she dipped her head as if remembering their first time together.  Seeing this reaction, the immortal released a soft laugh.  With an easiness of a long time relationship, Octavia wrapped an arm around the tall vampire’s waist as they continued to make their way down the street.  The people, both mortals and immortals alike, moved about their business completely oblivious to the two lovers walking close together.

“Lets find us a taxi, I want to get home and play out some of my own fantasies,” Octavia cooed softly.

“Oh?” the vampire’s brows disappeared in her bangs in disbelief.   “What fantasies might they be?”

“I got me some ideas,” the African American woman smiled slyly as a grin spread across her face.  When she noticed Valerie’s intense look, she shook her head as she released a playful sigh.  “Well, if you must know, Ms-Creature-of-the-Night,” she emphasized the teasing title, “I have plans to do a bit of plunging of my own, and it won’t be with a wooden stake in your heart!”

Valerie stopped dead in her tracks as she looked down at her mortal lover.  When she saw the teasing glance within Octavia’s eyes, a flutter filled her being as the moisture began to build between her legs.  Suddenly anxious for what awaited her at their home, the vampire began to frantically look along the street for a taxi.

“TAXI!” she shouted when a yellow cab zoomed by.  When the red lights flashed and the car came to a screeching halt, she took her lover’s hand and began to pull her toward the waiting vehicle.   “Come on, I don’t want to waste a moment more!” the vampire urged as her lover began to laugh.

Under ordinary circumstances Valerie would have been the one in charge.  She was the one with vampire strength and the years of immortality at her disposal.  But on this night she knew that she would release all of her control to the single woman who had given her everything.  On this night, the vampire would be the one who was conquered by the magic of a mortal beauty.


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