All of the characters in this story are strictly of my own creation. They may have the same, recycled souls of our two favorite women, but for once, there is also no resemblance between the girls in my story and in our favorite 90's television show (this is very strange for me, by the way; I'm just testing the waters with this one.) Although, they do share MINOR physical characteristics of two famous women; L.H. and H.B.C. Even though the descriptions were completely accidental, I believe their physicality fits the two characters, so, I decided to keep the resemblance. But no, these characters are NOT based off of the real people they slightly resemble, not at all, actually.


A tiny bit of violence, a cause of nature not human, not graphic by any means. For cursing, just a few words speckled here and there, hopefully none of this offends.

Sexual Adventures:

Now that's an intriguing way of putting it! But yes, there is, and it can get quite intense, so if you don't enjoy reading stories where two consenting adult women make passionate love, then veer away from here as quickly as humanly possible, or, as fast as your computer can take you.

Story Title:

This specific story is named after the song of the same name (The Blower's Daughter) by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. I suggest that, if you want to capture the full tone and meaning of the story, then listen to the song softly in the background. And if you don't want to, well, you're missing out on a beautiful song!


The plot of my story was inspired by the Australian Independent film "Till Human Voices Wake Us", staring Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter. Although my story is not a pastiche of the movie, by no means, it does have a few similar plot points, to be on the safe side, I would still like to point out that I mean no harm to the movie, actors or crew, no copyright infringement is needed, if I have indeed caused any harm.


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Read on...

The Blower's Daughter

Written by CXW

The sound of crashing waves caress my ears as I take a step off the train; a tumultuous familiarity welcoming me back home. It has been more than ten years since I decided to venture here; a small, rural town in which I was born. Memories begin to lodge themselves back into the cerebral cavity of my brain. Terrible thoughts I figured had dissipated in time; they haven't. Shaking away my frightening reverie, I completely evacuate the boxcar and step down onto the cracked cement of the arrival area; my feet feel stuck in this spot, my throat constricts from my nerves. If I stay here, in this spot, long enough, perhaps I could catch the next ride to the city, forgetting the very reason I have chosen to come back. But I know I have to stay, I need closure, I crave it for that matter. A small grimace contorts my lips at the irony; the catalyst of my leaving is the same reasoning that has brought me here, and it is because of her, the blower's daughter.

From the time that I was able to wander the town alone I spent all my waking hours at the beach. The smell of salty freshness wafting in the air; the crescendo of the crashing waves; the pure, natural beauty beckoned me into it's irresistible grasp; a temptation that I could never have dreamed surpassing. And it was at the beach when I had seen her for the first time. It was an unusually windy day, dark brunette wisps of hair whipped around my face as I trudged through the long, dying grass. Autumn was on it's way, the browning foliage revealing the plants' inevitable death once winter arrived. Taking long strides I made my way up the large hill, the beach lying just beyond the incline of land, but reaching the peak, I stopped. The silhouette of a girl caught my eye; her unruly red curls dancing in the rushing air, my breath caught at the surprise. For as long as I had been coming to the beach no one had ever set foot on the property whist I was there. It was strange, in a positive viewing. Knocking away my shock, I jogged down the other side of the hill, onto the sand, getting closer and closer to the water with each stride.

Eventually I stood beside the stranger, no more than ten feet between us. I glanced over to see if she had noticed me; she had. Black eyes looked me over softly, and a large luminous smile lit her face; it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen throughout my life. Her face was ghostly pale, as if, until that point, she had spent all of her days hidden away from the brutal rays of the sun; deep auburn ringlets swept across hallow cheeks and smirking lips. She was very small, and very slim, but I found her physicality completely irresistible, she was an angel dancing within my eyes.

In my flustered state I hadn't noticed as she began to make her way over to me. When I had finally emerged back into reality she was standing before me, mere inches away. I could feel the heat radiating from her body; her warm breath caressed my skin and I visibly shivered. My actions made her laugh, the sound of her happiness was almost heavenly, and I knew at that moment, even though I was only an adolescent, I was in love.

After our first meeting we spent every following day together on the beach; skipping through the freezing water, laying on the sand, gazing at the stars. It was as if our hearts and souls had become one with the other, and without being near each other we felt lost and alone in the miserable world. But when we were together we were in a utopia, a perfect world where love thrived and there was no such thing as pain or heartbreak. She was my life and I was her's and nothing could ever tear us apart; my lovesick naivety was wrong.

It was a day like any other, I woke up, got dressed, and raced down to the beach, to her. When I arrived she was sitting on the sand, gazing at the crystalline water. I ceased my movements for a moment, just looking at her. Slowly, I approached and as if she could sense my presence she turned around and captured me within her ebony eyes; a smile igniting her face, a smile that was just for me. Getting up from her perch, she ran over to where I stood, watching her. She quickly ran into my arms, embracing me, pulling me tightly against her body, I shivered from the contact of her warmth. As the hug continued she told me that she couldn't stay for long and that I should meet her at the beach later that night, I enthusiastically agreed as I watched her run off in the direction of her home. Far too excited to venture back to my own house, I laid down on the sand, waiting impatiently for the sun to set and the love of my life to return to me.

Time passed, and it seemed as if the sun refused to leave the blue sky; I slowly slid my eyes shut, curling up in the sand. I suppose I had fallen asleep because when my blue eyes had fluttered open there she was, hovering above me; her cherubic features glowing in the moonlight. Her black eyes gazed at me mischievously as dark auburn ringlets fluttered around her pale face. She was wearing a flowing, white nightgown that clung to her slender form; she looked like an angel, and I had to breathe deeply to regain my breath.

A few moments passed with us merely looking into the others eyes, both breathless from the emotions that we found within the depths of each others irises. Her small, cold hands cupped my cheeks, and ever so slowly she leaned forward. My eyes fluttered shut, her warmth and her unique scent surrounded me completely, I was rendered still until her lips brushed across mine. As quickly as they had touched mine her lips had disappeared, and I opened my eyes in question. She was hovering above me, tendrils of hair tickling my face, but I noticed none of this, only the pure worry wallowing within her black eyes. I smiled at her then, moving my hand to the back of her head, my fingers tangling in her unruly curls, and lifted my face to hers until our lips met once again. This time it was different, it wasn't a short, meek kiss; it was a passionate, assured union of lust and love. Our tongues swirled within the others mouth, hands tentatively grasped at cloth and skin, as the touches became bolder our body temperatures escalated. We both knew we had to stop, no matter how much either of us tried to fight it. We pulled away then, our mouths swollen with passion, our veins thrumming with boiling blood, and we fell into each others arms, catching our breaths.

"I want to go swimming." She whispered, draping her arm across my waist.

"It's late, it's dark...I--" I was stopped before I could finish,

"I know that it is late, and it is surely dark," she hushed, idly running her fingers over my mid-section, "but with darkness and water, it makes the likeliness of prying eyes very null." She breathed, pressing her body tightly against mine, a moan escaping from her mouth, "if you get my drift..."

With her last husked remark I leaped to my feet. Of course I got her "drift", and being a young woman who was thoroughly aroused I let my arguments flutter into the wind, stretched out my hand and pulled her up from the sand. We raced to the edge of the water, our clothes falling off of our overheated bodies once we reached our destination. I looked over to her, and the sight made my knees grow weak. Her pale, naked skin glowed under the white moonlight, she was absolutely perfect; I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She smirked at me then, as she dove into the calm waves of the ocean, I, following right behind her.

An hour or so had passed, and we were both carnally sated; our skin illuminated more so by love than by moonlight. Her laughter fluttered across the empty ocean, the mere sound made my heartbeat increase once again. As we grew tired we stilled our movement, opting to float on our backs and stare at the stars, our hands clasped tightly; and all was perfect as the sky grew ominously violent.

Suddenly a large wave tore through the calm ocean, ripping us apart, our fingers disentangling at the pressure. I stood abruptly, searching for her; her terrified screams cutting through the silence like a serrated blade. My heart raced, and my lungs burned as I dove beneath the water, swimming beneath the deathly waves in hopes of locating her. Each time I reached the surface I came back without her, the echo of her cries the only notion that she had been there at all. Silence swelled; her frightened shrieks slowly disappeared; I cried out but a reply was never given. My eyes welled with tears as I continued screaming her name. Eventually, from the endless noise, several town's people had flooded onto the beach, curious to the reasoning of the never ceasing screams. But I didn't care if they thought I was insane, all I cared about was finding the small red-head that had stolen my heart.

I spent hours in desperation as I searched for her, the onlooking crowd growing. Eventually, two large men pulled me, kicking and screaming, from the depths of the water and set me down on the sand.

"She's gone," I sputtered, a deep seeded madness glinting in my blue eyes, "she's gone..."

Tears fall from my eyes and roll down my cheeks, I still haven't moved from my spot; stuck in a fast spinning carousal of her memory, but slowly I blink open my eyes and look over to the faded sun. Perhaps this is the only way that I can feel better about my past, and hopefully, it will assuage my heart of it's invisible wounds. With this notion imminent in my mind I begin to walk, I have no idea where my legs could possibly be taking me, but my intuition breaths the answer into my veins, swelling my heart in frightened anticipation. The beach. My eyes scan the familiar surroundings; the old field speckled with weeping willow trees, the main convenient store, but all of these small details are merely colorful swaths of blurry land, the only thing that matters is finding my way back to the beach; the phantom agony holding me in it's reassuring grasp, terrified of being released at the nearing of my ultimate closure.

My eyes face the ground as I continue walking down the old, cobblestone streets, the very streets I played on as a child. Happy, enjoyable memories bubble from beneath the heavy layer of tragedy, and a smile ignites across my lips. But all too soon I can feel the familiar itchy sensation of long grass grazing across my bare calves, and my mind becomes clear and sorrowful once again. Pupils dilate, and tears form as I shift my view upright and forward, and as I thought, the large, emerald hill of tumbling weeds lies before me. Just beyond the grassy canyon is the beach, her beach, our beach. Taking a deep and shaky breath, I brace myself and begin the ascent up the hill, my mind racing at the speed of light, tormented by the myriad of emotions that will quickly, and inevitably overthrow me. But, just as I reach the top, I stop, my eyes widen as my heartbeat increases; my lungs constrict at the sight before me.

Long, unruly, auburn curls billow in the wind, a trait so familiar to me that the startling surprise ceases my breathing. It is her, I whisper to myself, her name tumbling off my tongue, only to be whisked away in the whipping wind. Her name sounds foreign and bittersweet, but I adore the way it slides across my vocal cords, illicting a small shiver to run up the length of my spine. For several moments I stand here, and just watch her, terrified that I'm imagining this wonderful prospect, but with each blink the vision still remains. Ever so slowly I descend down the hill, my feet touch the sand and I break into a run, I need to reach her, need to touch her, to smell her, to prove she is actually here and not just in my thoughts.

In seconds I stand just behind her, my fingers twitch in a need to feel her, but I remain still and continue looking. She's wearing a dark green frock that falls just above her knees, as the wind blows it gently wraps itself around her body, revealing more of her pale, satin skin. Without a word, she turns around, just as a wave crashes against the still water, her black eyes gazing deeply into mine. Her face has matured, as it should in normal circumstances, as if she has aged. Her once delicate features have become defined, giving way to hollow cheek bones and a femininely chiseled jaw. My heart stops, she is beautiful, even more so than when she was younger. I can't breath, I can't think, but then I feel her small hands cup my face, and everything comes flying at me full force. I lean into her touch, desperate, as a sob rips through my body, and I collapse into her waiting arms. She holds me, I can feel the warmth emanating from her body, tantalizing my skin in sweet, tingling sensations. I urge myself to stop crying, and my entire body relaxes into her, my mind concentrating on the soft thrum her heart makes as it beats, her hot breath on my neck. She is alive.

"I--I thought you...I thought you were dead..." I choke, clutching her ever the more closer to me.

"Hush, my sweet." She reassures me, running her fingers through my hair. "It does not matter how we got here, only that we are together once more..."

Then, gently, my chin is risen from her chest, her cold fingers pressing me to look at her, and I obey. Our eyes meet, and a spark of life ignites throughout both our veins, the blood sent racing to our hearts. Smiling, I stand upright, dwarfing her small, gaunt form, my hands fall to her waist and I softly pull her closer. My head leans forward as she reaches hers up to meet mine, but before our lips reunite in a kiss, she whispers against my skin "come with me." She then grabs my hand from her midsection and pulls me across the sandy beach until we stand before the large, dilapidated lighthouse, her father's lighthouse. She slips away from my reach as she ascends the long staircase to the entrance, pulling out a ring of keys, fumbling for the right one.

As soon as we are both within the lighthouse, she races up the spiraling staircase to the top, looking back constantly to make sure I am following, I am, I'm right behind her. Reaching the top, she throws open the heavy wooden door to the observation and dashes in, and again, I chase after her. She stands just on the threshold, and as I enter, I push her against the door, instantly slamming it closed from the pressure.

My overheated body presses into her, her head lulling back as a moan escapes her parted lips. Kneeling down, I touch her lips with mine, and instantly her mouth opens, my tongue, accepting the invitation, darts within the sweetly moist depths. Our lips play across each other in a passionate symphony as our tongues dance to the heated, sensual rhythm. Our first kiss after this incredible rebirth of love, a reunion of indescribable sensations; I can't stop touching her. Every time her fingertips brush against my raging skin it's like fire burning pathways across my flesh and I can't stop the shivers of complete pleasure. My hands fall from her face into her unruly curls, pulling her deeper and deeper into me, feeling every curve of her body against mine.

Her mouth unlatches from mine at the lack of air, and I look into her eyes. If our 'encounter' is any consolation, her eyes mirror mine, glossy and glowing with pure, carnal lust, and deep seeded emotions. The mere look on her face sends shivers throughout my diaphragm, reverberating within my nether regions. My hands drift down her spine, over her backside until both hands are cupping the flesh of her thighs With this, I lift her from the floor, both of her legs instantly wrapping around my waist. I can feel the heat from her center against my stomach and I moan.

"Over there..." she raggedly breathes, motioning to a space on the floor covered in wool blankets.

Shifting my hands to the small of her back, I carry her across the room, bypassing the large light bulb that had once warned sailor's of nearing land on foggy nights. Reaching the blankets I slowly and gently kneel down, pressing her back into the warmth of the fabric, my body sprawling across hers. Leaning up, I pull myself from her, gazing down at the beauty before me. Pale skin glows in the new moonlight, contrasting against the dark color of her dress; fiery ringlets pool across white sheets and I can't think of anything more breath taking than the vision laying in front of me. I ache to touch her and my hands cautiously fall to the neckline of her frock, my eyes look at her questioningly, and she simply nods. Her breath hitches, ebony eyes close in anticipation, as I begin to unbutton her dress, with each clasp I become more and more urgent until finally the last button is released. The fabric falls slightly open, revealing soft, silky skin; her chest rising and falling with her ragged and rapid breaths. My fingers flutter above the open dress, begging to touch her, but I'm afraid, I slow my movements and sit back. Seeing my reaction, she sits up and crawls over to me, her dark eyes full of question. Trying to reassure her, I reach down to the hem of my shirt, pulling it off over my head, but once again, after I am stripped of an article of clothing, I stop.

"What is wrong?" she asks, her voice shaking, "did I do something--"

"No, you did nothing, you're perfect," I intersect honestly. "I just, I just can't lose you again..." I breathe, just below a whisper, tears forming in my eyes.

After my declaration she crawls into my lap; her skin touches mine and I visibly jolt. Using her hands, she sweeps the hair from my face, cupping my cheek in the process. Lifting my chin up, she smiles at me, and even though I am on the verge of weeping, I have to smile back. Her fingertips caress the skin of my neck in a comforting manner, and I writhe beneath her touch.

"You have never lost me," she whispers. "And you never will lose me, simply because I will always be here" she says, brushing her lips across the skin covering my heart. A single tear falls across my cheek and she sweeps it away with her thumb as her head cuddles against my neck and shoulder.

Hot breath caresses the skin of my neck, and I feel completely content with just holding her, feeling her, loving her. But ever so gently she begins kissing and nipping the flesh, awakening my arousal acutely. She then wraps her lips around the sensitive area of my pulse point, sucking deeply. My eyes clench shut, the air evaporating from within my lungs and the blood in my veins heats up, making my body boil, in a very pleasurable manner. Noticing my reaction, she smiles against my skin, kissing the moist spot once more before she moves her face higher up my anatomy. Now, her mouth is aligned with my ear, her tongue dipping out and laving the lobe and I shudder. God, we haven't even begun and I feel as though I am on the brink of losing total control.

"Take me," she whispers.

With her desperate plea, I comply, wholeheartedly. For the second time tonight, I swiftly lay us down against the sheets. Quickly, as soon as her back touches the blankets, she flips our places, she now hovers above me, and I swoon at the simple gesture. Darting her tongue out, she licks her lips as she lets the green material flutter from her body. My eyes rake across her skin, utter beauty illuminates from her naked form. Taking the initiative, my hands graze across her thighs, up to her hips, sensually grinding her against me. Her face falls down towards me, her lips capturing mine, in yet another searing kiss. I drag my fingernails gently across her back as her thigh presses against my center, my moan echoing into her mouth.

Pulling away for lack of air, she begins to kiss her way down my body, I pant deeply. Her tongue flickers across the lace of my bra, just barely snaking within the material before she moves lower. Her lips caress the slight outline of my ribcage and my back arches up towards her, trying to feel more of her mouth on me. My mind hazes over as her ministrations continue, until my whole body jerks as her tongue traces across the top of my capris, grazing the skin just beneath the jean. I moan loudly, disgruntled by my clothing, and she complies by unbuttoning my pants, and pulling down the zipper. Ever so slowly she pulls the garment down my thighs until, finally, it is completely removed from my body, I sigh, contented. A mischievous smirk adorns her lips as she seductively runs her nails across the bare flesh of my legs; succumbing to her sexual torment I let the limbs fall apart, opening up to her. As soon as my knees touch the fabric of the blankets her fingers move to the most sacred part of my anatomy, her fingers outlining the lace of my panties, I lick my lips in anticipation.

"Please..." I moan, "take them off."

She laughs at my desperation and I can't help but to chuckle at her amusement. I sit up, scooping her into my arms, intertwining our limbs together in a loving gesture. My hands rub the soft skin of her back, my fingertips flutter across the outline of her spine and I can feel her shiver against me. Suddenly, her small hands begin to wander over my flesh, and once again all I can think about is the instant throbbing between my legs. Her fingers roll across my taut stomach, over my hips and graze the tops of my thighs. Not being able to stand anymore, I gently grasp her hand moving it to the apex of my thighs, the mere touch drives me insane with need and I grind into her whilst loosening a groan from my throat.

Taking the initiative, her free hand floats around me, reaching my back she unclasps the confines of my bra. I sigh in contentment as the garment slips away from my heated body, but the innocent sigh quickly turns into a throaty moan as her cold palm cups my breast. I arch my back, giving her greater access to my newly exposed flesh. Her right hand vanishes from between my legs to join the other, kneading the delicate skin of my chest. Small fingers pinch the puckered nubs and I cling to her as my breath grows rapid and my body becomes weak. My eyes squeeze shut as her mouth descends on me, leaving wet, fiery kisses across my breasts. Her lips wrap around my nipple and my mind explodes as I fall backwards into the blankets, taking her with me. With each flick of her tongue and nip of her teeth I can feel myself become uncomfortably wet, and as if reading my mind she leans back, pulling away the constricting material.

I cry out as I feel her index finger slide through my slick folds, but instead of plunging her digit within my core she lifts it to her lips, licking away the moisture. Slowly, she leans forward, placing her mouth atop mine. I can taste myself on her tongue, I can feel her body tightly pressed against mine and I marvel whether there is a better sensation in the world. Pulling away, our breaths mingle as our foreheads touch and we look into each others eyes, all is full of love. Taking my hand from my side, I slide it between our damp bodies, cupping the mound of flesh between her legs. She moans loudly as she bucks against me and I press my thumb against the small bundle of nerves, coaxing a cry to rip from her throat as she throws her head back in pleasure, pleasure that I caused. Gently, I run my fingers through her and she shivers as my fingers press against her entrance. I jolt as I feel her fingers nearing my opening, and in unison we softly slip inside one another.

Ours bodies collide in a crescendo of passion, hands touch and tantalize, fingers intertwine. The small observatory is filled with the sound of heavy breathing and soft moans, accompanied by the distant clamor of crashing waves. My eyes flutter open and I watch her writhe above me, her head flung back, her eyes pressed shut, and I try in desperation to embed this image within my mind. Her skin glitters with perspiration and I reach my hand up and caress her waist, gently running my fingers up her body until my palm is cupping her cheek. Black eyes shoot open and her head falls forward, a cascade of crimson tresses tickle my stomach. Her lips graze mine, whispering my name repeatedly across the swollen globes of my lips. I moan into her mouth and she leans further into me, running her tongue across my parted lips. Burning kisses leave a fiery trail along my jawline and neck, her teeth lightly scrape across the sensitive skin of my pulse point and I groan, shuddering beneath her ministrations. Slowly, my body begins to quiver, gently at first, but then more violently as the waves of extacy ripple over me. Her fingers curl into me with expert dexterity, and I have no idea how much longer I can hold on. I can feel her walls tighten and pulsate around my own fingers, perhaps if I can contain myself for a slightly prolonged amount of time we can hit our peak together, crumbling into one another. Wrapping my legs around her waist I grasp onto her with all the strength I can muster, and she reciprocates my notion and...

Oh, Gods, I can't...Bright lights, dancing...behind my...eyes. Mind, exploding...softly. Incredible...wonderful...indescribable...

My mind's initial haze evaporates as I hear my lover cry out, my name reverberating around the small space. Her small body jerks against mine, and I hold her close as the intense climax washes over her. After several minutes the cries become moans which eventually transform into heavy, panted breaths that blow across my neck. She lifts her head and gently kisses my mouth, her tongue mingling with mine.

Sated and spent we separate; she curls up against my side, where she fits perfectly. Her skin feels warm and soft against mine, and I feel content in just holding her as our heart beats and breaths decrease in speed. Lifting my hand I brush away errant tendrils of hair from her face, she's an angel, so beautiful, so graceful, so perfect. I watch her chest rise and fall with each breath she takes, and the mere notion makes my heart burst with pure happiness. Slowly, my eyes wander up her body, finally reaching her face, she's staring at me, those large, intense, black eyes full of an unknown emotion, something that I have never seen within the dark depths of her eyes. The moonlight splashes across her countenance as her eyes begin to water, they squeeze shut, but a lone tear is released, and rolls down across her hallow cheek. Taking my thumb, I wipe away the offending sadness, and my breath hitches as I realize, perhaps I have done something wrong. Unable to think straight, I collect my thoughts and try to speak, but I can think of one mere thing to say, the only words that I can vocalize, the only words that matter.

"I love you..." I whisper, pressing my lips to her forehead.

"I love you, too" she sobs, cuddling into my chest, "God, I love you. So much so that is hurts." She takes a breath to compose herself, then continues. "My heart aches for your presence, my hands crave to touch you. But most of all, my soul yearns for yours, I feel we're eternally connected..."

"Like soul mates?" I question.

"Exactly" she whispers, interlocking our fingers. "In this life, and in our lives of the past and future. Forever."

"But in this life..." I pry, pleading, "will we be together forever...?"

Silence descends on us then, her breathing is rendered ragged by her tears and I can feel my heart break at the sight. She angrily wipes away the moist weakness, and presses her body deeper into mine, and I oblige by wrapping my arms around her, cradling her.

"I am not sure..." she begins, sniffling, "but what I do know is that we have tonight, and in my mind tonight will last forever..."

I nod in agreement, but she can see my own tears form within my blue eyes.

"Unlike people, love never dies..." she whispers in my ear. "...It thrives eternally, and with love anyone can be immortalized through the heart. It is the only thing that makes sense in this world, the only thing that matters..."

Her words ring true within my ears, but I can't stand the thought of losing her again, so I do the only thing that I can think of, I cling to her. I hold her tightly and pray that as long as she is in my arms nothing can take her away. She nuzzles into me, and I can hear her yawn, it's late, and the more I ponder the more tired I become. My eyes slowly begin to shut, and my mind begins to wander in the land of dreams, but before I succumb to sleep I whisper "I love you..." once more in her ear. And, inevitably, my world becomes dark, my thoughts scatter, and I fall asleep in the warmth, and love of her embrace.

* * * * *

Bright lights insistently press against the lids of my eyes, and I groan as my body begins to wake itself. I feel disoriented, woozy even, but then I open my eyes, and I remember, everything...Her, the beach, the lighthouse, the bliss, the love. Bolting upright I nervously gaze around the small observatory, nothing, nothing is here. Well, nothing that matters at least. She's gone. My hands ball into fists and I press my fingers tightly together, hoping the pain from the pressure will dissipate the pain in my heart, it doesn't work. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm lost, I can't think straight, I feel numb. With a single look around a room my whole world crumbles, how can this be?

Slowly I begin to stand up, my body aches from sleeping on a cold, hard floor, but I ignore it, it is nothing in comparison to my battered soul. An intense prickling stings my eyes and I can feel the tears well up and over flow, but then I disregard them. Moving my feet, I walk over to the window, hurriedly dressing myself in the process. Reaching the large pane of glass I look out at the sun as it glimmers across the ocean. If I close my eyes I can see her, standing on the beach, the way I had last night...or the way I thought I had seen her last night. It must have been a dream, an extremely vivid dream, but a dream none the less...

Suddenly, I am ripped away from my reverie by the familiar musical tone of my cellphone. Digging into the depths of my pockets I find it, pull it out, and look at the display. "Home" is illuminated across the LCD screen, and although I don't want to, I answer it. Protocol.

"Hello?" I choke, running my fingers through my disheveled waves.

"Hey, Babe, how are you? How was your night?" My wife, so cheery, so full of vigor. If I didn't have some slight affection for her, I could slap her.

"I'm fine, and it was good, I suppose..."

Our conversation continues on the same spousal note: "I miss you", "work was horrid", "I'm doing laundry", etcetera, etcetera. As her upbeat voice wafted from the phone to my ear I began to trudge about the room, picking up my belongings as I went. Making my way to the far corner of the room, I start folding the white, woolen sheets I slept on the night previous. I feel like a robot; lifeless but not completely dead, though, right now, I wish I were. Dead, I mean.

"So, did you find what you were looking for?" she asks curiously.

"Well, I--" I stop myself.

I blink my eyes repeatedly, perhaps I'm only imagining it, but with each shake of my head and blink of my eye, the image remains. Slowly I kneel down, pulling away the remaining sheets, and there it is, a dark green frock, her dark green frock. My mouth breaks into a luminous smile and I pick up the garment, pressing it to my chest. It smells like her, oh, Gods, it wasn't a dream, she was here. She's alive, I wasn't merely envisioning her.

"Hello? Honey, you there...?"

"Yes, yes, I'm here!" I cry, pure joy eminent in my voice.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" she asks once again.

"Actually, I did..." I smile, standing up and racing to the door, "but I have to go, or else I'll lose it once again, and I will not lose it again!"

"Lose what...?"

"The Blower's Daughter."


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