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Sexual Adventures:

Now that’s an intriguing way of putting it!  But yes, there is, that’s basically what the whole story is about…No it’s not a PWP, it actually has a plot (well then, technically I guess it could be classed as a PWP with a plot.)  So I’m warning you that there are sexual tendencies in this story involving two consenting adult women.


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Written By CXW

Natalie Brighton ran through her small apartment, racing towards her bedroom.  Her motions faltered once she was in proximity with ‘the’ door, her feet nervously scuffing at the shinny hard wood floor.  Taking a deep breath, she took the last step forwards, turned the knob, and slowly pushed open the door.  She stood in the threshold, watching a dark haired man shove random pieces of clothing into a large duffle bag.  Natalie was speechless, he was actually leaving, he had said it many a times before, but this was the real deal, they were actually…over.

Finally gathering up enough courage, she walked into the room, wishing to God she were invisible.  Setting down on the king sized bed, she fiddled with the comforter as her gaze fell to the floor.  Letting blonde bangs fall into her line of sight, she noticed, from beneath the thin layer of hair, that the man had stopped his packing and was now staring at her.

“You’re actually leaving?” she croaked, just barely getting the words to form and leave her lips.

“Yea…I think we need some time.”

“Brad, come on, it was just a small fight…Why throw away two months over something so…”

“Don’t you dare say stupid!” The dark haired man cried, sizing up the nervous blonde.

Taking a step towards her, he knelt down, and tilted her chin up towards him, making her look into his eyes.  Scared green eyes peered up at him beneath the veil of golden hair.  He always hated when he made her upset, but this wasn’t something ‘stupid’ as she would like to class it, it was important…to him!

“I don’t see why you don’t want to meet my parents” he said, softening his voice.  “It’s important to me that you meet them.  We’ve been dating for two months now, Natalie, their going crazy waiting to see you…”

“I’m sorry…I just…can’t”

Looking into her eyes he noticed something he had never seen before, fear.  She was afraid; there wasn’t any reason to be afraid unless…unless she wasn’t planning on being with him for as long as he wanted to be with her, wasn’t planning on committing.  ‘She doesn’t love me…’ he thought, pulling himself away from his now ex-girlfriend.

Picking up his full duffle bag, he hefted it on his shoulder and began walking out into the hallway.  Making his way through the apartment, he heard the soft pounding of footsteps following him; he knew she was going to make this hard for him.  But this time, she wasn’t just going to give him a look and make everything better, no, this was final!

“Brad!” yelled Natalie, chasing down the hall after him.  “Brad wait!”

Stopping at the front door, Brad turned around, and looked at the disheveled girl before him.  Blonde hair was flung around her shoulder in disarray, her eyes glossy, and tear stains tainted her cheeks.  Groaning at the pathetic and displeasing display, he shook his head, realizing she was penetrating him was the, oh so famous ‘look’.

“Natalie, there is nothing to talk about!  Its over, we’re over.”  Reaching for the door knob, all of his motions stopped when he heard four strangled words fling at him, hitting him directly in the heart.

“But…I love you…”

“You don’t know what love is, Natalie!  You may think you love me, but in reality, you’re in love with the idea of being in love.  Once you decide what you really want…give me a call…”

With that, he threw open the door, and slammed it behind him, leaving Natalie alone in her apartment.  Tip toeing over to the door, she opened it a jar, and watched him walk away…forever.  Shutting the door, she slid her back against the cool wood until she was sitting on the floor.  Folding her arms around her knees, she lowered her face to her legs, and cried.

* * * * *

Small fingers wrapped around the thin stem of a wine glass, blood red liquid filled to the brim.  Moving the glass to her lips, Natalie took a small sip and continued looking out the large window, watching the sun fall behind the horizon.  The sky was painted in bold reds and golden yellows, the light of the dying sun glimmering across the glossy windows of tall skyscrapers.

Since the break up, two long days passed by, those two days felt like an eternity, she wasn’t use to being alone…and now that’s all she was.  A few friends had called to check up on her, but she didn’t expect to get any calls today, since every one would be out partying all night.  That made her mad, Brad was probably having a great New Years Eve, while she sat in her apartment mulling over what she did wrong.

Turning her eyes away from the scene, she snuggled deeper into her chair, trying to relax her agonizingly stressed mind and tensed body.  Twirling a piece of golden hair around her finger, she took another sip of her wine, and slowly began to uncoil to the illusion of peace.  Green eyes fluttered shut, but quickly jerked open at the annoyingly familiar sound of her phone ringing.

Untangling her body from the chair, she dashed into her kitchen, where her cordless phone sat in its cradle, picking up the phone; she pushed the ‘TALK’ button.  Hesitating momentarily, she readjusted her grip on the device, and hoped that it wasn’t someone that would make her condition even worse, meaning the friend’s who hadn’t been informed about the Brad situation yet.


“Natalie!  How are you doing?”

Instantly relived by the familiar, female voice, Natalie released the breath she was holding, and plopped onto a nearby chair.  Tucking her legs underneath her small frame, she placed the phone between her ear and the crook of her shoulder.  ‘What’s this about…?’  She asked herself, and then suddenly it hit her!  There was only one reason why this particular ‘friend’ would be calling tonight, and Natalie didn’t know if she was up for those plans.

“Hey, Mel…what’s up?” the blonde asked hesitantly, waiting for the bomb to drop.

“Nothing much…Just getting ready for a night on the town!  Guess who’s coming with me?”

There it was…the bomb.  Natalie rolled her eyes at the knowing answer.  She knew that Mel was going to ask her to go clubbing with her, especially since it was New Year’s Eve, but the small blonde just wasn’t sure she was ready to jump back into the whole party scene, mostly because her normal haunts were the same as Brad’s.  Shivering at the thought of him dancing with some other girl, she braced the phone between her small hands and began her colorful tirade.

“No.  No, no, no, no!  I am not going out tonight, Mel, there is no way!”

“Come on…” whined the woman on the other line.  “Forget about that jackass for one night, and have some fun with you’re friends!”

Groaning in annoyance, Natalie contemplated her options.  Stay home…depressed, go out, and most likely have some fun.  Depressed?  Fun?  Knowing what she would most likely choose, she brushed her fingers through her long hair, shaking out all the stress that had been consumed throughout the past two days.  ‘I guess it couldn’t be…too bad?  Right?  Have some fun with my friends, get a good buzz on, and forget that asshole!’  Smiling at her own ranting, she leaned back into the phone, Mel, noisily awaiting her answer.

“Alright…alright, I’ll go.  But on one condition!”

“Okay, okay, you got it…uh, what is it?”

“Please…don’t take me anywhere we usually go.  I don’t want my night to be ruined by witnessing Brad gyrating against some hooker look-alike.”  Natalie pleaded, the images of her words already forming within her mind.

“Sure thing.  I’ll come an get you at…is ten okay?”

“Ten sounds great!”

“Great.  See you then, Nat.”


Hearing the reassuring click on the other end, Natalie begrudgingly hung up the phone.  Realizing, once again, just how alone she felt, but not for too much longer.  Tonight was going to fun, nothing was going to change that or get in the way. 

Standing up, she walked over to the mirror, just inside the dinning room.  The sound of her own gasp scared her as she took in the sight of herself.  She was a mess; her normally glossy blonde hair was matted down with a slight layer of grease.  Her cherubic features were masked behind puffy green eyes, and blotchy skin, due to dried tears.

“I can’t go out like this!” she moaned to herself, quickly dashing off towards the bathroom to scrub away the staleness that radiated off her, and hopefully some of the anguish that tortured her mind.

Stripping off her grimy clothes, she hopped into the shower, spinning the hot water nozzle.  A shock of hot water sprayed over her, instantly soothing her body and her mind.  Quickly, she scrubbed away two days worth of sweat and tears from her body and hair that had clung to her.  When every part of her body was thoroughly cleaned, she stood beneath the jetting hot water, easing into a peaceful state of mind.  Natalie had a lot to do, but right now, all she wanted was to stay under the calming water.

* * * * *

Hours whirled by, and soon enough, it was almost ten. 

Rushing around, Natalie threw a decent outfit together, consisting of a black, strapless dress, and her favorite pair of silken shoes.  Brushing on a slight array of makeup, and combing out her drying hair, she was almost ready. 

It was a few minutes before ten when she heard a soft knock on her door.  Deciding that she’d better finish getting ready instead of answering, she hollered a “Come in!” and continued organizing herself to perfection.

For some reason, she felt as though something extravagant was going to happen, but pushing that aside, she reasoned that nothing particularly ‘special’ would happen tonight in the least.  In all, her going out was special in itself.  Running her fingers through her hair once more, she smiled at herself in the mirror, and left the bathroom, surprisingly feeling great and very happy.

“There’s my favorite girl.  Damn, you clean up good!”  Laughed Mel, leaning against the door.

“Me?  God, Mel, you look amazing!”  Natalie replied in pure awe.  Mel stood, slouched against the door, her light brown hair blown out razor straight.  A red dress adorned her body, matching perfectly with her dark eyes.

“Eh, I could look better.  But you…you just got dumped, and you look like that?” The brunette pointed at a beaming Natalie.

“It wasn’t that easy.” Changing the subject from herself, she nodded towards the front door.  “Shouldn’t we be heading out?”

“Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  Good idea.”

The two women left the apartment arm in arm, making it halfway down the hallway before, the small blonde ripped away from her friend.  Surprised brown eyes peered into annoyed green ones, Mel only hopped Natalie wasn’t having reservations about the whole thing, but before she could begin pleading once again, the second time that night, the small blonde spoke up.

“Damn it, I forgot my keys.  Why don’t you go down, get the car started…and I’ll be right down?”

“Are you really gonna come…or is this just some kind of excuse to…”

Natalie interrupted her friend by waving her hand in a way of saying no, looking back to her apartment, then over to her friend, she gave her a small smirk and began walking back towards the way they came.

“If I’m not down in ten minutes, you can come up and drag me out!” giggled the smiling blonde as she walked backwards down the hallway.

“Okay…” groaned Mel, flipping her hair off her shoulders, “just remember…I’m not gonna let it slide.”  With that, she turned and headed towards the parking lot.

Running the rest of the way back to her apartment, Natalie threw the door open, and dashed in.  Without losing anytime, she snatched the keys that were setting on the bathroom counter…right where she left them, and headed back out the door.  Making sure, that this time, she would lock the door, before almost leaving.  Fidgeting the keys around, she found the right one, inserted it, and turned it, locking the door instantly.  Before she could fully get a handle on them, they fell from the knob, and skidded across the carpeted hallway.

“God damnit!” she huffed under her breath as she went in search of the delinquent keys.

“Looking for these?”

Spinning around at the sound of a voice, Natalie turned and was captured in a luminous smile.  Not helping the smirk that spread across her lips at the sight, she walked over to the dark haired woman, kneeling on the floor, holding her keys.

“Y—yes, thank you!”

“No problem…” the woman continued, standing up to her full height.

Natalie’s eyes grew wide at the sight; this woman was frighteningly tall, almost six feet at the least.  She sure was beautiful too; the small blonde had never seen anything like her before.  Long black hair reached to her shoulders, mixing in with the dark color of her blazer, and contrasting against the white of her blouse.  Her eyes were the most wonderful blue, the color of the sky on a summer’s day, and Natalie could just feel herself being pulled into their enticing gaze. 

Shaking away the strange feeling that had so obtrusively overcome her, she reached out a hand towards the woman.  Slowly, the other woman laid the keys into the smaller palm, softly grazing Natalie’s finger’s with her own.  Taking a step back, the woman nodded down the hall, a little ways past the small blonde’s apartment.

“I live down there…I’m just guessing you live here” the brunette assessed, pointing to the door of Natalie’s apartment.  “So I guess that makes us neighbors.”

“Yea.” Cooed a hazy Natalie, “it does…”

No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t take her eyes off the dark, statuesque woman standing before her.  Her gaze fell to the other woman’s chest, watching it slowly rise and fall with each breath she took.  Green eyes reveled in the abundance of cleavage that lay beneath the neatly pressed blouse.  Lowering her gaze to stop the insistent heat that spread across her cheeks, she admired the short black skirt, and the long sculpted legs that left very little to the imagination.  ‘God!  What am I doing…I’m not gay!  Sure, she’s gorgeous, but I’m drooling over her.’ 

“Well…thank—thank you for you’re help” stuttered the stricken blonde.  Smiling up at the woman once more, she quickly left the hallway, and headed down the stairs. 

Once she got to the car, she jumped in, and fastened her seatbelt without looking at her friend.  Feeling the penetrating gaze she was receiving, she turned towards the brunette, and gave her a look of her own.


“Nothing…you just look…glowy.”

“Glowy?  Is that even a word?”

“Stop changing the subject, Natalie…what’s up?”

“Nu—nothings up.  I just went and got my keys!” stuttered the irate blonde, “let’s just go, okay?”

Turning back towards the steering wheel, Mel put the car in drive and drove out of the parking garage.  She knew something was going on with her friend, but she wasn’t going to push it…at least, not yet.  If she wanted to tell her what was up, she would, in her own time.  But, if it were to just, slip out during her drunken stupor, Mel had no intention of trying to shut her up.

* * * * *

“Where are we going?”  Natalie asked her friend. 

She had never been on this side of town before, and was partly nervous, and partly curious about where they were going.

“There…” pointed Mel, leaning slightly towards Natalie as she directed her friend’s gaze a little ways up the street towards a large line of people, and flashy vibrant lights.

“It looks cool, ever been?”

“Yup.  Actually I’ve been there a lot lately, I feel I can be more ‘myself’ there…” she joked, knowing that her small blonde friend wouldn’t have the slightest clue of what she meant.

Ignoring her friend’s remark, Natalie looked out the passenger seat window as they drove past the long line of people waiting to be admitted into the club.  Something was strange about the scene, Natalie couldn’t put her finger on it…but something was unusual about all the people that were standing on the sidewalk.  Then, as if she got into a car crash with the thought, it came and smacked her across the face.  They were all women, every, single one of them.  But why…she stopped her thought processes when everything slowly came together.

“You took me to a gay bar!” screeched the erratic blonde.

“How did you know it was a gay bar?” asked Mel, a mock pout twitched at the sides of her lips in play.

“Oh I don’t know…” Natalie replied, pointing towards the crowd of women.  “Maybe because all of them are women!”

“Hey, hey, you said you wanted to go some place were Brad wouldn’t be.  Do you honestly think Brad would go to a gay bar?”

Remembering what she said earlier, her eyes softened, and her fists uncurled.  Taking a minute to think it over…she came to the conclusion that it could actually be a great time.  No creepy guys trying to flirt with you, no guy’s period, which sounded pretty good to Natalie.

“Sounds great!”

“Really?” Mel question, shock evident in her wide brown eyes.

“What could be better than being surrounded by women at the time of a break up?”

Mel found an empty spot near the back of the bar, and began getting out, then halted her movements and looked over to her friend.  Her warm brown eyes peering into excited green ones.  Laying a gentle hand on the small shoulder, Mel smiled at her longest and best friend.

“If you feel uncomfortable…just let me know…and we’ll leave.”

Natalie nodded, and cupped her friends hand with her own.  Moving closer to the car door, she exited it, and shut it behind her, waiting for Mel to follow.

“Come on, let’s party!”

* * * * *

Natalie and Mel had waited outside in the bitter cold winds that swirled from Times Square for over a half an hour.  Finally, they were inside, sitting on identical stools at the bar, sipping on a few beers, something to start the night off with.

“I can’t believe you got an I.D check…twice!” giggled Mel around the neck of her bottle.

“Shut up!” Laughed Natalie, slapping her friend on the arm, “at least when you’re sixty and looking old and haggard, I’ll be looking like I’m in my forties.  So, ha!”

The two sat in companionable silence for a few moments, draining their second beer and continuing onto the next.  A high-beat techno song came over the speakers, making the whole club buzz with noise.  Jumping off her swivel stool, Natalie grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her onto the dance floor.

“Come on, Mel, dance with me!”

The two made there way through the sweaty bodies until they were in the center of the floor.  People danced around the two girls, making them bump into each other every few minutes, but shrugged it off and continued dancing.  The song ended, but the two never faltered, spinning around, and laughing at their own bad steps, the few beers lowering their inhibitions. 

After a couple songs, the two grew tired, and dragged their bodies back to the bar.  Racking her fingers through her drenched hair, Natalie noticed Mel’s far off gaze.  Following her eyes, she caught a glimpse of a very familiar face.  Squinting her eyes, she noted that it was Mel’s old friend, Stephanie.  Looking back to her friend, she noticed the hurt expression in the brown depths.

“What’s wrong, Mel?”

“Huh?” The brunette shrugged, her eyes coming back into focus.

“I said…what’s wrong.  You’re staring at Stephanie as if you…”

Natalie’s brow crinkled slightly in thought.  ‘Oh my god!’ she thought, ‘they were a couple?’  Reaching across the counter, she grabbed her friend’s hand and held it tight, she was going to ask if her assumptions were right, but the sadness in her eyes told all.  Swallowing the lump in her throat she gazed back over to Mel, and smiled.

“Come on.  We can’t mope around, we’re suppose to be having fun!” encouraged the small blonde

“You’re right!” Mel chipped in, “who knows, maybe tonight will be my night!”

“See, there you go!  Maybe you’ll find Miss. Right!” giggled Natalie, still blown away by the prospect of her closest friend being gay.

“Sorry I never told you…”

“It’s fine.” Laughed the blonde, “you must not have been ready…and I guess I kind of intruded…”

“Well…” started Mel, taking another sip of her newest beer, “you could always make me feel better by telling me what happened when you went to get your keys!”

Mel stared at her friend, suddenly the green eyes grew wide, and directed across to the other side of the room.  Deciding she was just messing around, Mel hit her knee against her friend’s ripping the blonde’s attention from whatever it was she was staring at.

“So…are you gonna tell me?”

“Her…” whispered the contrite blonde, moving her gaze back to where it was to begin with.

“Who?” the brunette asked over the loud music, turning around abruptly, she came face to face with a smiling goddess.

Natalie instantly noticed the woman since she walked into the club.  Her outfit had changed…indeed, but for some strange reason her eyes were drawn to the door, and, there she was.  Blinking her eyes a few times, she realized she wasn’t imaging her, she was actually here, only two feet away to be exact.  Trying to find something to say, she stopped when she noticed that Mel was in deep conversation with her.  Clearing her throat to admit her appearance, they both looked at her, Mel giving her a questioning smile.

“Hi…” Natalie breathed, slightly breathless.

“Hey!  I never would have expected to see you here!” the tall brunette yelled over the loud music.

Once again, the small blonde was captured by the beauty of the tall stranger.  Now, she was wearing a short blue dress bedazzled in microscopic sequence, making her eyes stand out more boldly.  The dress was excruciatingly tight, hugging every one of her perfect ‘assets’.  Licking her dry lips, Natalie smiled up at the woman who seemed to be staring at her in the same manner.

“I guess you two know each other…” Mel piped in, noticing the on going heat radiating between them, she had a feeling something was going on.

“Yea.” The two said at once, falling into laughter due to their copying.  “We met when her keys decided to be little bastards!” Laughed the brunette, directing her comment to Mel, but her eyes never strayed from the small blonde.

“Well…” Mel started, looking between the two, “I think I’m gonna go and mingle…See yah two in a bit!”

The two watched as Mel walked away, and then turned back towards each other.  The brunette quickly replaced Mel’s spot beside Natalie, and ordered herself a drink.  Once the drink arrived, she took a long sip, hoping it would calm her nerves, and reassessed her new companion.

“So…you come here often?” she giggled, waggling her eyes in a blatant suggestion.

“Actually…” Natalie started, “I’ve never been here before…it was my friend—Mel’s idea…”

“Ah…” the brunette replied, seeming slight depressed by her answer

“But I’m glad I came…I’m glad you’re here…”

The brunette’s eyes grew in surprise at the other woman’s comment, her sadness from prior completely disappearing from her face.  Looking down at her hands, she noticed they were shaking, she didn’t understand why she was so nervous…it was just another girl, she dated lots of them.  But there was something special about this one…she couldn’t put her finger on it, it was more of a feeling she assumed.

“Do you…uh—do you wanna dance?”

“Sure!” Natalie exclaimed, feeling as though she over emphasized her reply, “I mean…okay.”

The tall dark haired woman gave her one of those amazing smiles, grabbed her hand, and led her out onto the dance floor.  Everyone around them were jumping and jiving to the upbeat tempo of the music, following their lead…the two women did the same.  The songs continued, and Natalie had to admit, she was having a great time, especially since the tall, dark, and drop dead gorgeous woman from earlier arrived.

Suddenly, the aura of the room changed, and with is so did the music.  A soft, melodic beat reverberated through the room, as each woman went in search of a partner.  Natalie looked over at her companion, and noticed the nervousness grace her angular face.  Reaching up, she smoothed away the hair from her face, and looked up into her eyes.

“Don’t worry; I’ll dance with you…”

The brunette shivered when she felt the small hands run through her hair, nodding her acceptance, she wrapped her arms gently around the small woman’s waist.  At the same time, Natalie wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s neck, quickly leaning her body closer until not even air could rush between them. 

She felt peculiar, she felt so…alive, so happy.  When she was with this complete stranger she felt the best she had in years.  Biting her lip in confusion, she continued dancing, loving the way the woman’s hands felt on her waist, the small circles her fingers made on her back made her feel light headed.  Leaning in closer to the other woman’s firm body, she stood on her tip toes until the taller woman’s ear was in proximity with her mouth.

“You never told me you’re name…” she whispered, pulling back a bit, scared by the sensations that were creeping up and consuming her.

“Adelaide…my name’s Adelaide.”  The dark haired woman said, stumbling over her words.

“Mine’s, Natalie…” the blonde cooed, “nice to meet you”

The two continued dancing slowly following the rhythm of the music, until all music ceased, and the large, flat screen television turned on.  It was Times Square, and the large ball was about to drop, ringing in the New Year.  The whole room erupted in a ten second countdown, as did everyone on the television.


‘Should I’  


‘What’s the worst that could happen?’


‘Come on, Natalie, just go for it!’


‘But…I don’t want to offend her, or hurt her…’


‘Don’t chicken out, you have feelings for her!’


‘Maybe what Brad said was right…you didn’t love him…’


‘Do I LOVE her?’


‘I think I do…but it’s so sudden…I barely know her…’


‘Aww, what the hell!’


Once the first syllable of the word was beginning to be spoken, Natalie, pulled Adelaide towards her, and crushed her lips soundless against her own. 

Natalie moved her lips against the soft ones of the taller brunette, feeling her kissing her back was the most surprising yet amazing thing she’d ever felt.  Her mind was running on overdrive, and crashed into oblivion once she felt Adelaide’s warm tongue poke out and run across her bottom lip.  Not even taking a second to acknowledge its presence, her lips spread, letting the warm muscle fill her mouth.  The two tongues duel frantically, fighting for possession of space.

The kiss lasted a long moment, but the two reluctantly broke away in need of air.  Each gazed at the other, their eyes saying a thousand words that need not be spoken; the sparkle in their eyes said it all.  Never releasing the smaller blonde from her embrace, Adelaide knelt down so they were face to face.  Brushing away errant golden hairs, she cupped the small cheek and smiled at her.

“I love late Christmas presents, there always the best.” The brunette whispered, her smile growing bigger as Natalie smiled back at her.

“True.” Natalie giggled back, “but two are always better than one…”

With that, Adelaide pressed her lips softly against Natalie’s in a soft kiss, involving much less passion, but meaning volumes more.

“I think we should get out of here…” the blonde breathed, after pulling away from the tantalizing lips in front of her.

“Sounds great to me…but what about you’re friend?”

“Um…” looking around the club, not being able to spot Mel, “we should tell her…”

The two walked hand in hand through the masses, coming to the large platform that the bar sat on.  Natalie stretched her body up until she was on her tip toes, her green eyes frantically sweeping across the room for any sign of her friend.  Finally, in a very dark corner, she spotted her friend, in a tight position, locked between the wall, and a very eager woman.  Laughing to herself, she nudged her new companion, and pulled her in the direction of her ‘busy’ friend.

“Well…well…well, what do we have here?”

Mel and the other woman instantly untangled themselves from one another at the sound of a voice very close behind them.  Natalie’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets at the sight of Stephanie pressed up tightly against Mel.  Giving her friend a raised eyebrow, Mel just shrugged and nodded toward her and Adelaide’s locked hands.

“Long story…” Natalie started, unable to stop the dorky smirk that spread across her lips, “Anyways…I’m heading out…so you’re staying…?”

“Yea…” Mel smiled, looking down at the embarrassed Stephanie who was eagerly trying to hid behind her, “catch up with you tomorrow…have fun.”  Giving her friend a wink before the small blonde turned away, pulling her gorgeous dark haired companion behind her.

Natalie and Adelaide made their way through the myriad of clubber’s, the bar quickly growing hotter and hotter.  When they made it to the exit, they hastily threw open the door, a gust of cool wind instantly cooling the damp bodies.  Once they were outside, completely, Natalie looked over to the brunette, hoping she had a car.

“Um…do you have a car?”

“Yeah, its parked out front, why don’t you?” joked the brunette, slipping her fingers back between the Natalie’s smaller ones.

“Of course I do!” chuckled the blonde, playfully slapping her companion, “Mel drove…”

The two walked in companionable silence as they rounded the corner of the building, the loud music slightly penetrating the walls.  Out front sat a silver Porsche, green eyes widened in shock.  Frantically, Natalie looked back and forth between her friend and the beautiful car.

“Is that yours?”

“That’s my baby!” Cooed Adelaide, dragging her speechless companion around to the passenger side of the car. 

Opening the door, Natalie jumped in, quickly falling in love with the car as she sunk into the soft leather seats.  A few seconds passed, and the driver’s door opened, giving view to long legs.  The small blonde licked her lips at the sight and gave a low whistle to pay tribute.  Hearing Adelaide’s laughter from outside the car made her smile.  It was so strange how this all happened, a few days ago she had a boyfriend, and now, she hoped to have a girlfriend.  Sometimes the strangest things happen, but Natalie couldn’t complain.

After Adelaide was seated in the car, she shot the ignition, and pulled it into drive.  Glancing over at her companion she gave her a slight wink, and a lopsided smirk.

“You’re place, or mine?”  She giggled, tearing out of the parking space and down the street.

* * * * *

Adelaide and Natalie made their way up the parking garage stairs, and into the main lobby of the apartment building.  Strolling through the empty space, they walked towards the elevator, both a little nervous about the events that could possibly take place that night.  Pushing the up button, they both waited a few minutes until the elevator doors opened, giving view to an empty chamber.  Natalie rushed in, pulling the taller woman behind her.

“So…” Natalie sighed as the elevator doors closed, “what do you want to…”

Her words were cut short when the taller woman pushed her up against the far wall, leering down at her as if she were some tasty morsel.  Natalie quickly followed the act, and flipped positions so Adelaide was now pinned up against the wall.  Running her hands through the long, dark hair, she pulled her face closer and pressed her lips tightly against the shocked brunette’s in a bruising kiss.

The elevator continued its destination as the two women’s passion flared to life.  By the time the elevator reached the top floor, Adelaide’s dress straps were pulled away, revealing a hefty amount of skin that would not go over well with the public.  Noticing the open doors, the two quickly gathered themselves, and made their way down the hall.

“Where?” Natalie gasped, breathless from their elevator charades.

“Yours is closer…” panted Adelaide

Grabbing the brunette’s hand, Natalie whisked them down the hallway, stopping abruptly at her door.  Fumbling with her keys she unlocked and pushed open the door, remembering to grab the keys before entering.  Once inside, their ministrations started once again, but this time, there would be no interruptions. 

Picking up her companion, Adelaide pressed their bodies together, the heat from the small blonde’s legs burning through the thin material of her dress and searing the skin at her waist.  Waiting no time, she mouthed the word bedroom and was replied with a quick finger pointing towards a dark hallway.  Complying, the dark haired woman carried her soon to be lover down the hall and into the bedroom at record speed.

Entering the bedroom, Natalie shrugged from the hold that was on her, and made her way over to the bed, sprawling out across the cool sheets, and shooting her companion a hopefully come hither glare.  Adelaide wasted no time, and lunged across the bedroom, pinning the smaller woman to the bed.  A spark of some sort lit up the dark green eyes, contemplating for a moment, Adelaide looked down at the small woman.

“This is really happen…” she whispered, not wanting to say it loudly incase it were a dream.

“Yea…it really is…”

Natalie reached up and cupped a sculpted cheek, smiling at the beautiful woman straddling her hips.  She never knew that something so simplistic could feel so exhilarating.  At that very moment she knew her feelings from earlier that night were correct, tonight was life changing, she finally realized who she was, and not only that, possibly found the person she would spend the rest of her life with.  Pressing her lips softly against Adelaide’s, she could tell that this woman felt the same.

Slowly, the brunette reached behind Natalie, gently sliding the zipper down her back, exposing the heated flesh.  Rubbing the soft skin, she pulled down the dress, giving way to a beautiful female form adorned in black lingerie.  Smiling at the pure bliss she was feeling, Adelaide laid a feather light kiss on the golden halo of hair.

“I love you…”

“Its absurd isn’t it?”  Questioned a thrilled blonde, “but I feel the same way, I think I have ever since I first saw you earlier today.  It was so strange, yet, completely natural.”

Adelaide nodded her agreement.  It was something unusual, especially when it happened to someone who didn’t believe in myths or fairy tales, but the brunette was slowly starting to believe in love at first sight.  How could she not, when the product of it sat before her.

Silence fell between them; arousal and passion were conceived in its place.  Each article of clothing that hadn’t already been strewn, was quickly thrown away.  The two women laid side by side on the large bed, marveling in the just having the other near.  They both wanted the same thing, but had no idea to go about it…how could anything get anymore perfect then it already was?

Running her long fingers threw blonde hair; Adelaide leaned in, and kissed her companion on the cheek.  Ever so slowly, she moved her body so she was now on top of the small blonde, skin touching skin.  Both moaned as their bodies touched together for the first time in this context.  Continuing on, the brunette made a damp pathway of kisses and nips from Natalie’s mouth, down to her breasts.

Reaching the responsive mounds, Adelaide hungrily licked, and sucked the thick skin, reveling in the rapid heartbeat of her companion, and the ragged breathing she had caused.  Dipping her tongue out of her mouth, she flicked the already erect nipple, getting an even greater response.  Capturing the nub between her teeth, Adelaide left the spot, followed by a distressed moan.  Doing the same to its twin, the brunette tucked her thigh between the two smaller legs, smiling when they seemingly opened on their own accord.

In a soft rhythm, Adelaide rubbed her thigh against the blonde woman’s sex, making her writhe beneath her.  Slowly, she continued her kisses down a firm abdomen, muscles and tendons rippling under the brunette’s lips and tongue.  Pulling her thigh away, her kisses led her to the apex of Natalie’s legs.  Scooted down further on the bed, she spread the other woman’s legs farther apart, granting her full access.  Running a finger through the sopping folds, Adelaide felt a tremor run the length of the blonde’s body, making her quiver. 

Natalie felt her companion’s hot breath seep over her exposed sex, she couldn’t help the dizzying sensations that coursed through her, she wanted Adelaide more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.  Bucking her hips, Adelaide got the point, and lowered her face, the smell of her lover’s desire acting like an aphrodisiac to the brunette’s nostrils.  Spreading the folds apart, she dipped her tongue into the wetness that she had caused. 

The taste blew her mind, Adelaide couldn’t wrap her mind around how amazing the feeling was, and the way the small blonde’s continuous moans could so easily through her over the edge.  Running the length of Natalie’s sex, the brunette stopped at the small nub, and quickly wrapped her lips around it, suckling the tender area roughly, but made sure to cause no pain.

Blonde hair spilled into Natalie’s face as her hips bucked involuntarily towards Adelaide’s face.  Gripping the edges of the comforter, she planted her feet firmly on the bed.  She felt as though she were on fire, her body was in the highest state of ecstasy she had ever felt, it was beyond belief that she still hadn’t hit her peak. 

“Oh, god!” she moaned as she felt two broad fingers enter within her, filling her completely.

“Come on, baby” cooed Adelaide, as she pumped her fingers in and out of the velvety gap of Natalie’s sex.  “Come for me…”

Moving back up her body, the brunette pulled the smaller woman forward with her free hand, placing her lips against her own.  As soon as their lips touched, Natalie’s body exploded, and her body held suspended in the air as tremors shook through the small frame as the orgasm rolled over her.  Adelaide supported the blonde’s racked body, setting her back down on the bed as the last few shivers raced through her.  Embracing the small blonde, she pressed her body tightly against the smaller one, their sweat slicked bodies instantly reheated at the contact.

A new fire was born, and Natalie quickly crawled on top of the seemingly tired brunette.  Running her fingers down the length of her body, the blonde mulled over the expanse of muscle that was presented to her, licking her lips, she lowered her body until they were breast to breast.  Kissing Adelaide abruptly, she just as quickly pulled away, her fingers working their way to the full breasts that rested beneath her.

Lifting her body up, she cupped the firm mounds, massaging them in a reluctant manner.  Flicking her thumbs over each nipple, she felt a quiver make its way through her own body, echoing in her lover’s.  Bending down, she captured the puckered flesh between her lips and suckled the salted skin, falling in love with the taste of Adelaide’s skin.

A few moments past, and the brunette was already humming with the bouts of pre-orgasm.  Laughing at the state of her companion, Natalie made her way down the lithe frame, tracing her tongue along prominent ribs and well developed muscles.  Following her instincts, she was led south, the scent of Adelaide’s arousal growing stronger and stronger each inch she moved.

“You smell so good, I could just eat you up.” Giggled the blonde, knowing her words had two meanings.

Facing the owner of the delicious smell, she dove in, licking the strong thighs clean from the painted juices that coated them.  Adelaide could feel the tremors building in her diaphragm, knowing she didn’t have much time until she tumbled into an abyss of pleasure.  Coaxing the blonde with her hand, she led her face down until she could feel the small muscle come in contact with her aching sex.

“Ungh” the brunette moaned loudly, bucking her hips fervently towards the tongue that was now penetrating her.

“Mmmm” the blonde retorted, as her tongue filled the deep cavern.

Knowing what she liked, Natalie ran her hand up the length of one long leg, coming to the apex of the brunette’s thigh.  Using her thumb, she rubbed the erect nub in tempo with the rhythm of her tongue. 

Seconds later, Adelaide was in the same state that Natalie had been prior.  Not stopping her motions, she continued until all tremors elevated the tall woman’s body.  Moving back up the long body, Natalie lay between the wobbly legs of her companion.  Adelaide poked her tongue out, running it the length of the blonde’s full lips, mulling over the taste of herself mixed with the sweetness of her lover’s lips.

“I love you.”

“And I love you…”

The two quickly fell asleep in each others arms, cooed by the sound of the others breathing and the sweet scent of their love making that wafted throughout the room.

* * * * *

Brad stood outside Natalie’s apartment, he had knocked a few minutes before and no one had come.  He figured she was still asleep, but decided to give it one more try.  Ever since their break up, all he could think about was the small blonde that had claimed his heart as her own, and he wanted to give her one more chance to prove she loved him.

Rapping at the door, a little more loudly then before, he was instantly greeted by a smiling Natalie, decked in a white silken robe.

“Brad…What’re you doing here?”

“I—I uh, wanted to talk to you.”

Brushing a few stray hairs from her face, she placed her hand on her hips and stared into his eyes.  He seemed genuine, but she couldn’t grasp what he wanted to talk about.  He had made it perfectly clear they were over three days ago.

“Okay then…talk!”

“Can I—can I come in?” he asked, hesitant by the deviant stance of the small woman.

Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled the door open, leaving enough space for Brad to squeeze in.  Leaving him at the porch, she scooted back into the kitchen, finishing the task she had started before his impromptu visit.  Following Natalie like a lost puppy, Brad walked into the kitchen, quickly sitting down at the kitchen table.

“What do you want to talk about, Brad?” Natalie asked, pouring steaming coffee into two mugs.

“I wanted to give US, another try…” he breathed, nervous at the way she was acting.  This was the Natalie he was accustomed to.

“Oh, really?” she said, turning around to face the dark haired man, “and what makes you think I do?”

“Ah…ah, well...I—I” stumbling over his words, her scrubbed his face with a large hand and tried to continue, “You seemed as though the break up was quite upsetting…so I just figured…”

“You just figured that I would be upset about the destruction of our relationship forever?  Get over yourself, Brad!  Yea, I was upset, and yea, it did hurt a lot, and maybe yesterday, I would have come crawling back to you…but not today, definitely not today…” the blonde smiled, remembering the person who was occupying her bed.  “You said that I didn’t really love you…at first it hurt to hear you say that, because I thought I did love you…but now I know I didn’t.  When we were together, I never understood what love meant.  I just understood the concept, not the act!  But yesterday, I realized what love truly is…”

“What happened yesterday?” he asked, watching as she carried the two mugs of coffee out of the room.

Following her through the large apartment; he marched right into her bedroom, flinging the door open in slight rage. 

“I said…what happened yester…” his words left him when he noticed the beautiful woman lying naked in his ex-girlfriend’s bed.

Adelaide smiled over at the gob-smacked man.  Readjusting the sheet around her naked form, she cleared her throat, and turned her gaze towards her lover seated on the edge of the bed.  Natalie turned back towards the stricken man, holding back the laughter that so desperately wanted to escape her closed lips.  Looking over at the woman in her bed, she smiled; her green eyes alight with love and happiness.  In a soft voice, she answered his question in a very short, contrite sentence.

“Her…” turning her gaze towards Brad, “my New Year’s girl.”



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