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DISCLAIMER: This is a Xena: Warrior Princess/Star Trek: Voyager crossover yarn. Captain Janeway and her crew belong to Paramount and their use here is not intended for profit. They're just visiting me for a bit. Xena and Gabrielle, who belong to RenPics and Studios USA, among others, don't actually make an appearance here, but two women who bear a physical resemblance to them do. Cass and Lis belong to me, but their use is not intended for profit either. This is just a bit of fun.

Two words of warning - my Voyager universe differs from Paramount's in a couple of respects. Lt Tuvok makes an early exit, for one. This is also a subtext-friendly zone. By that I mean there will be love and love-making between women in this story.

This is also a Janeway/Seven friendly zone. There will be no Seven/Chakotay or Janeway/Hologram mishigas here.

If any of the above bothers you, perhaps another story would be more to your taste.

Otherwise, enjoy!!

If you would like to see photographs of the Voyager crew, including Lt Cass Lansdown and Dr Elisabeth Dayton, click here. Be warned, if you don't picture ubers as LL and ROC, then you may want to give these a miss.

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