King of the Beach

by Cate Swannell

Disclaimer: This is an Uber Xena: Warrior Princess tale. Xena and Gabrielle are owned by a bunch of people - Studios USA, Creation Entertainment, RenPics and who knows who else. Certainly not me.

But these characters - Jo and Cadie - are all mine. They bear a passing resemblance to Xe and Gab, but you have to look pretty close. And besides, it's absolutely not intended for personal profit.

The title 'King of the Beach' comes from the album of the same name by Chris Rea, released in 2000 on Magnet Records. The music inspired the pictures in my head that triggered the story, but again, I'm using the title and any quoted lyrics without permission, and not intended for profit.

Oh, there's also a modicum of violence here and dashes of curse words. What can I tell you, I'm a cursing fool.

This is, despite appearances to the contrary early on, a love story, featuring two consenting adult females. There will be kissing, a degree of moisture and a moan or seven. If that's not your bag, I'm so sorry.

You will also find a lot of hyperlinks sprinkled through the writing. I'm a big believer in hypertext - it can turn a run-of-the-mill reading exercise into a journey of exploration. There are also some pictures and maps - I've tried to keep the files small. Some of them are hyperlinked so you can see enlarged versions separately.

I have also added a glossary to deal with all the Aussie-isms and sailing terms that may be unfamiliar. Just click on the highlighted word to be taken to a definition.


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