Future Shock
David J. Duncan
April 2003


Rating: R

Pairings: Andromeda and Mutant X: general; Forever Knight (slight appearance): Nick/Alyce; Xena: Xena/Gabrielle (gen-über); Smallville: Clana, Chlex, some Martha-Jonathan, Kayla-Martin; Dubois: Dave/Angie.

Summary: Right after the Double Wedding, the Magog attack Earth, forcing a confrontation with Dave and the students in Smallville. When the Andromeda crew comes looking for help against the Magog, the group heads for the future where they meet Clark and Lana's descendants in Kandor. How will they all react to the war?

Notes: The characters from Forever Knight belong to Sony Tri-Star. The characters from Xena Warrior Princess belong to StudiosUSA and Renaissance Studios. The characters from Mutant X belong to Marvel and Tribune. The characters from Smallville in addition to the place names Krypton and Kandor belong to DC Comics and the WB. The characters from Dark Angel and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda belong to their copyright holders. J. R. R. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings. William Shakespeare wrote Henry V. All other characters are fictitious and belong to me. Please send comments to dante0220@yahoo.com.

Additional Note: The Duboises and company have met up with the Andromeda crew twice before, facing the Magog in "Don't Talk to Strangers" and saving Clark in "Legacies" earlier in the Dubois series.

Thanks to Emily and Jarvinia for beta reading.


Introduction [Clearing in front of New Krypton, Kandor]

The Child rants.....

Ah can smell the furballs' crap all over. The others kick ass. Here on the kiddies' planet, we gotta keep things safe.

Then Ah hear the scream.  Turnin', Ah see somethin' glowin'. Chicken-Shit shows its face. Finally.

If it thinks Ah'm scared, it's fucked in the head. Ah'm the baddest bad ass 'round here. Ah grin at it. "C'mere, Glow Boy!"

It whines again an' throws fire.

Ah growl and 'turn fire. An' so it goes.....


Chapter 1 [New Krypton, Kandor-10,000 years in the future]

Far across the universe from Earth, a lone planet traverses its orbit around a red star. For many centuries, the small world had lain unpopulated despite the lush grass, trees and flora. Thus, the birds and animals had things to themselves for the most part.

Then in the year 11,897, a group of wanderers landed there. These travelers had come from Earth, looking to reestablish a long dormant culture, the culture of the Father Founder, where he had been born and spent the first two years of life before the Cataclysm. After scouting around, the group established a city and called it New Krypton.


Ror-El stared up at the stars, wondering what was out in space. True, Commonwealth ships came and went on a daily basis from the spaceport on the city's western edge. However, his duties to the ruling family kept him from traveling on them. The tall, dark-haired man sighed. Some day, I would love to see what else is out there.

"Wondering what is out there?" a gravelly voice inquired.

The ruler chuckled. "For a Wayist priest, you are most inquisitive. Is it not in the Way that you should accept things?"

Rev. Bem ambled into view. Despite his appearance, the Magog priest only sought to help others. "I suppose. However, aren't questions the basis for learning? Look, Ror-El, out there. In space, there are countless worlds waiting for contact-countless civilizations waiting to be heard from."

The Kandorian nodded. "I suppose you're right. After all, we did come from Earth. Someday, I would like to visit another race of people. Kryptonian customs are so dry and tedious."

Rev shrugged. "You receive Commonwealth visitors frequently. Duty is a hard master, isn't it?"

Ror-El sighed, recalling the Commonwealth function from the previous week. On the next day, there would be another one. "Yes. We Kandorians have held our own against the Long Night. You were with Dylan Hunt as he recruited worlds, were you not?"

"For some of them, yes. The Divine had me serving as his guide," Rev noted. "Why do you ask?"

"According to the accounts, the Andromeda visited ancient Earth, did it not? Did you meet the Founders, per chance?"

The Magog replied, "Yes, we did travel to Old Earth to assist the people there in fighting off my brethren. No, we did not meet the Founders. However, we did meet their teachers."

That statement got Ror-El's attention. "You met Dubois! The raving lunatic!"

"I did indeed. However, he is not a raving lunatic...despite what you have heard and seen from the historical records. His is a tortured soul split in two. I hope that I was able to help him a little bit," Rev disagreed.

"There is always more than one way to look at something, I guess. He did found the Community of Tolerance that is a model for our Commonwealth," the leader admitted.

"Yes. As I told him, do not judge based solely on appearances. If you'll pardon me, your guests will be arriving soon, I believe," the Wayist continued.

"Come. Let's greet them," Ror-El said, walking back into the Citadel's main chamber.


An hour later, the ruler strode through the spaceport, anxiously awaiting the dignitaries' ship. I wish the Andromeda were here. Dylan should be present when the Commonwealth's presence in this system is solidified. He'll be here tomorrow evening. I suppose that will have to do.

Then he saw a Rigorian slide up to him. The reptilian creature, although standing nearly seven feet in height, glided over the polished floors. "Minister Sagus, I presume?"

"Yessss. Ror-El, correct?" his visitor replied frankly, allowing his forked tongue to flick out between his sharp teeth.

"That's right. Welcome to Kandor," the host responded, shaking the other's scaly appendage.

"Ttthank you," the visitor accepted. "Where are our colleaguessss?"

Seeing a blue skinned Gigatorian and a furry Felonian approaching them, Ror-El indicated, "There they are now. Follow me." As they reached the others, he greeted, "Welcome, Estal of Gigator and Pilor of Felonia. I am Ror-El, the leader of Kandor's council."

"Thank you," Estal replied. "Sagus, it's good to see you again."

Recalling the successful trade negotiations between their worlds, the reptilian ambassador replied, "And you assss well, Essstal. Good to meet you, Pilor."

The cat like Felonian mewed anxiously at the sight in front of her. "And you. Ror-El, shall we get to business? I would like to have this done in case the Magog disrupt things."

The host sighed. As with everything, the Magog remained a threat. "Our scouts haven't detected them anywhere near here. Besides, the Andromeda will be here tomorrow night. What can happen between now and then?"

The three guests looked anxiously at each other. What indeed? Even as they followed the Kandorian, they gazed at the sky wondering where the horde lurked at that moment.


[Magog Worldship]

Unknown to Ror-El, a threat hovered just beyond the system's edge and the scouts' knowledge. On the surface, it appeared to be a mini system in its own right-four worlds rotating around a star. However, it was much more than that. Upon closer inspection, one would find that the four worlds were indeed linked together. Inside, millions of Magog swarmed, awaiting their next conquest and meal.

At the heart of this complex, a dark glowing creature brooded. The Spirit of the Abyss wanted revenge against the humans and their Commonwealth for the costly defeat on Earth millennia before. At every turn, its beloved Magog were slaughtered despite their better efforts. As the Commonwealth expanded, they unified the flesh bags against the Harbingers of the Abyss.

The Spirit screamed in fury, sending its directions out to its followers. While it would oversee the immediate destruction of Kandor, the matter of Earth still remained.

As one, the Magog hustled toward their swarm ships. When their god commanded them to do something, they did it without question.

Thirty ships streaked from the complex, heading into space.

At the Spirit's urging, a bright blue portal appeared in front of the armada, allowing the invaders to cross the galaxy and head back in time in a heartbeat. Within minutes, the fleet streaked into the Milky Way in the year 2005, heading for Earth.


[Now, to deal with the flesh bags and their group.] With that, the Spirit disappeared, heading for its command post. Soon, it would be time for blood and revenge.


Chapter 2

[A mountaintop in northern New Mexico-three days following the double wedding in "Big Events"]

Martin Littleclaw sat on the top of a mountain deep within his tribe's reservation. Beneath him, nature blossomed in its brilliant colors. The animals called to each other. Everything went on as it always had. However, for once he was too sad to notice. For a week, he had mourned the death of his fiancée. His depression swallowed him whole, forcing this retreat. He needed time to himself.

"Martin?" an intruding voice asked.

The shaman snapped out of his trance. "Professor?"

Dave approached him. "Angie and I wanted to tell you how sorry we are."

"Thank you," Martin accepted, climbing to his feet. "Given your recent issues, I appreciate that. I'm sorry that I didn't make it to the wedding."

The medievalist waved it off. "Clark, Lana, Chloe, and Lex understand. Mourning is one thing. Being a leader in mourning is another."

"That's right. You have your kingdom to think of too," Martin realized. "How's that going?"

"All right, I guess. My honor brother, Ferali, runs things for me. We both have duplicate responsibilities, Martin. The kids look up to us both. Take your time. They want to be there for you. Don't shut us out," Dave noted.

"I won't. Thank you, Professor. I heard you kept control despite everything. How did you do that?"

Dave shrugged. "I didn't really. I exploded. But our friends helped me. Let them help you now. It's okay to cry, you know."

The shaman nodded, allowing tears to streak his face. "We were promised to each other since childhood. She was my heart!" He embraced the professor, wailing his grief.

For a long time, Dave held his student tightly, allowing the latter to release his agony. "Let it out, Martin. It's okay. Let it out."

For the next hour, Martin wailed, protesting his pain to the sky. Finally, he sobbed, "I'm alone."

Dave shook his head. "Never, Martin. You have your classmates and us. We're here, all right?"

Martin managed a smile. "Thank you, Professor. Can we go to Smallville? I would like some company."

"I think we can do that. Come," the older man agreed, creating a portal. "After you." Once Martin had stepped through, Dave followed closely behind, closing the doorway behind them.



Martha crept up the stairs quietly. Since the wedding, she, Jonathan, and Melissa had handled the early morning chores, allowing the resident newlyweds a few minutes more together. It was such a great wedding. I can't believe David pulled it off. Opening the door, she peeped into the bedroom. There she saw Clark and Lana snuggled closely together under the covers. Most notably, he smiled broadly.

At least he doesn't have to dream anymore. She recalled how he had pined after Lana throughout high school. Several times, it appeared that hope was lost. Yet, somehow they persevered. Now, they needn't worry ever again. Clark has his dream. Fate, it seems, has brought them together at last.

He squinted. "Mom?"

"Sorry, Clark. I couldn't resist," she admitted. "I'll leave you two alone." With that, she closed the door quietly.

He shook his head and grinned. She still can't believe that Lana and I are together. Heck, I still can't believe it. Lifting his right hand into view, he admired the gold band, watching it glitter in the morning sun. We're married. We're actually married.

"Mmm...Clark," Lana muttered. "What time is it?"

He glanced at the bedside clock. "6:30."

She sighed and rolled over to face him. "I've got to get up. Shift at 8."

"During our honeymoon?" he wondered. "Come on, Lana. Sandra can run it by herself."

"It's just for a few hours, Clark. I'll be done after lunch," she promised, kissing him.

"All right, but I'm holding you to that, Mrs. Kent," he asserted playfully, returning the kiss.

"You do that, Mr. Kent. Meantime, why don't you join the others at the Talon for coffee?" she suggested. "Lex is treating everyone." Sitting up in bed, she pulled her robe over her nightgown and made her way to the shower.

At least breakfast is taken care of. He grunted and got up himself. Stretching, he put his own robe on and walked down toward the bathroom. Meanwhile, I can share a shower with my wife. The Kent smile appeared on his face as he walked into the steamed room. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Right at 8:00, Lana and Clark entered the Talon, holding hands and enjoying life. After sharing a shower and Martha's breakfast, even dealing with work wasn't quite so bad.

"Hey, there you are," Lex cracked, smirking over a cup of coffee. "We were getting ready to send a search party out after you."

"Oh, give it a rest, Luthor," Chloe interceded, sitting down beside him. "We're on our honeymoon, remember?"

"By making himself and my wife work?" Clark wondered. "Come on."

"It's only for a few hours," Lana reiterated as she started the coffee going behind the counter. "Relax."

"I suppose it'll be great to make a public appearance as a married man," Clark admitted, grinning at his wife.

"You think?" she giggled. "This is going to his head, Chloe."

"Well, give the farm boy a break, Lana. He's only been dreaming of this for the last ten years or so," the reporter teased.

Clark blushed. "Chloe!"

"Relax, Honey," Lana assured him. "It's nice to know that my husband thinks of me too." Then she heard a knock at the door and saw their classmates standing outside. "How?"

"Need you ask?" Lex supposed. "My money's on Deirdre." Opening the doors, he allowed their friends inside. Sure enough, the priestess in question-disguised by a cloaking spell-walked in behind them all. "Nice trick."

"Thanks, I guess," Deirdre yawned. "Goodness me!"

"The feeling's mutual," Michelle concurred, stretching.

"Oh come on, I'm always up for a super good coffee," Paula cut in.

"Amen to that," Samantha concurred.

"You got that right," Sebastian stated.

"Absolutely," Miri concurred. "Although getting up at 4:00 Tucson time wasn't part of the plan."

The billionaire teased his wife. "I think we found your group. Hate early mornings, driven personalities, and needing lots of coffee. Sounds like someone I know."

"Hush, you!" Chloe chided, slapping at him playfully. Looking out the door, she saw Dave and Angie standing there with Martin. "Hey, look who else is here!" She got up and unlocked the latch. "Hi, guys."

"Good morning, Chloe," Dave replied, trying to put his best smile on. "Sorry we're late, but well...I wanted to invite Martin."

"Of course," Miri agreed, coming out of the storeroom. "We're really sorry about Ranger Sittingwolf."

"Yeah," Clark concurred, rubbing his classmate's shoulder in consolation. "I'm sorry about celebrating and everything at a time like this."

Martin shook his head. "Don't be, Clark. Penelope would want you and Lana to be happy. Your happiness is the best medicine for me, my friends." He embraced the other man.

"Thank you for that sentiment," Lex piped in, shaking the shaman's hand.

Martin nodded and embraced both Chloe and Lana-after they had walked over to him. "My friends, may the Great Spirit give you many years of peace and prosperity."

May the goddess back that up. Deirdre hoped to herself that he was correct. Only she knows that we've dealt with enough. Feeling something weird in the air, she asked, "Papa?"

Dave looked outside. Something strange is happening. I can feel it.

[Within his head, the Child snarled, "They're back. Scum asses!"]

Martin stared up at the sky. "Shooting stars at this hour?"

The medievalist stared at the streaks, watching as they curved and headed in their direction. "Those aren't shooting stars." Spaceships, but who is he talking about? "Get ready, guys. Lana, do you?"

"Masks are in the back if we need them," the co-owner replied.

"Is this necessary, Dave?" Lex wondered.

"Let's hope not because I..." Dave started before gripping his left shoulder and gritting his teeth. "Trust me, it's necessary! Oh damn, is it necessary! Play time's over!"

"Dave, what is it?" Angie wondered.

Opening a portal, he disappeared for a minute before returning with his bow and quiver. "We've got trouble, Princess. Gabrielle and Eve are coming in a minute. Get Xena because we're about to have nasty furry company if you get my drift."

At that moment, the Amazon Queen and her heiress stepped into the room. "David, what is it?"

"Our fur balls are back," the professor growled, watching as the armada landed in the street. "We've got to get the townspeople out of here!"

The ships opened, releasing the Magog horde on Smallville. They were hungry and eager for prey.

"What in the world?" Miri inquired.

"They're called Magog," Angie stated, drawing the sword and changing into Xena.

"We've fought them before," Gabrielle stated, holding her javelin at the ready.

Seeing that the kids were suited and masked up, Dave advised, "No one gets separated. Fight back to back against these scumbags. Got it? These are pack killers."

The college students gaped at the sight of the invaders chasing the few locals out in the street.

"Hey, Kids!" Dave cut in. "Back room. Mask up and stay sharp!"

The students headed for the back and got ready.

"David, don't you think that was a bit harsh?" Eve wondered.

"You ain't seen what we're up against, Eve," her mother retorted.

When the students came back out in full disguise, he complimented, "Looking good, gang. Good luck!"

Lex gave Chloe a hug. "I wish you'd stay here."

"Not a chance, Luthor," she disagreed, before kissing him. Then she radiated on. "Be careful. Just like Adam taught us."

"You heard them, Clark," Lana concurred. "Be careful."

Peeling his mask up over his nose, the Kryptonian kissed his wife's exposed mouth. "We'll get through this one too, Lana." With that, he pulled the mask back down and streaked out the back.

"Go on, guys. I'll stay here just in case," she stated.

"I'll stay with you," Miri agreed. "Go on, Uncle Dave."

"Be safe, Miri-Ma. You too, Lana," he agreed. "All right, everyone else, let's rip!"

As soon as the others spilled out the side door and into the alley, Lana took out her beeper and buzzed the green button. Come on, Adam, we definitely need reinforcements!


Chapter 3

[New Sanctuary]

Adam rose early and ate a quick breakfast. He had diagnostics to run before the students returned from their trip to Smallville. Looking over the latest report from the database in between bites of granola and sips of juice, he soaked in the data. With Genomex back on the straight and narrow, it seems the new mutant community is stable. Finally.

Max made her way into the dining area, following the coffee aroma. "Hey, Adam," she murmured, trying to wake up.

"You're up early," he replied. "What's up?"

"Just couldn't sleep," the transgenic remarked, giving a shrug of her shoulders. "Call it a gut feeling."

"You're turning psychic on us now?" he joked, giving her a teasing glance.

"No. I just trust my instincts," she retorted, sipping on the hot caffeine. "Yeah, that hits the spot. Anticipation is key. Ain't that what you're always telling us?"

"Sort of. Just don't get paranoid on us, all right?" he requested.

"That's your job, Leader Man," she cracked.

Adam sighed and shook his head. "You think so, do you?"

"Admit it, Adam," she teased. "You're way too anal for your own good. Heck, even the Little Professor's enjoying himself this morning."

At that moment, the intercom buzzed and the newly installed alarm light flashed red.

"What now?" she griped, stalking over to the control and pressing the 'talk' button. "Hey, Max here, what's up?"

"Max? It's Lana Kent. Is Dr. Kane there?" Lana requested, the anxiousness evident in her voice.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Aren't the others with you?"

"They're all here. In fact, they're in a fight outside with aliens!" Lana reported.

"Aliens?" Max inquired incredulously.

"That's right. We could use some help up here!"

Emma rushed in, rubbing her head. "Lana, what's going on up there? I'm picking up on extreme anger and hatred...and not just from Professor Dubois."

"There's an alien invasion and these fur guys from Hell are attacking Smallville! Can you get up here?"

Somewhere close to Lana's end of the conversation, the trio heard an explosion.

"That's it," Adam decided. "Lana, we'll be there as soon as we can!"

"Thanks, Dr. Kane," she concluded, severing the connection.

"Let's move," he urged. Pressing the brown PA button, he announced, "Hey, guys, we're on the move. Get dressed and meet at the Helix in five minutes! Emergency in Smallville! Repeat, emergency in Smallville!"

So much for being paranoid. I guess my gut was right. Max shook her head as she headed for the hangar bay with Emma and Adam in pursuit.



Lana put the beeper back in her pocket and nervously glanced around. Just outside, her husband and their friends were about to engage the Ma-whatever they were.

Miri gulped nervously. "Are they coming?"

"They'll be here ASAP," Lana informed her.

"The sooner, the better," Miri replied, feeling her nerves eating away at her.


Meantime, the others watched the developing scene from the alley in back of the café. Up and down the main street, the invaders overturned cars, chased onlookers, and drove the local police force back.

"This is getting' outta hand. David, we gotta do somethin'," Xena urged.

Feeling the waves of hate coming from the invaders, he nodded tersely. "Yeah...Ah...I...think...so." He let a slight growl out.

The students looked nervously at him. Would he be able to keep control?

"Hey, Dave," Lex inquired. "How are you doing?"

"Tryin' to hang in there. These creeps piss me off," the professor growled as he slid two incendiaries into his bow. "Paula, Chloe, give 'em hell."

Chloe looked at her husband quickly before taking off into the morning sky. Once over the scene, she bombarded the Magog with intense heat and radiation.

Paula shifted into her dragon form before following her teammate's path. Once airborne, she exhaled, sending a plume of flame into the furry invaders' flank.

"That's our cue!" Dave told the others. "Lex, can you shake things up?"

The billionaire nodded. In the street, he saw the aliens shooting at his wife, trying to bring her down. That stops now. Focusing, he sent wave upon wave of mental energy into the asphalt in front of them. Within seconds, all of the downtown quaked violently, ripping the street open like tissue paper and scattering the Magog. "How's that?"

"Great job. Go, guys!" Dave yelled, releasing his shafts at the enemy.

As the explosives went off, the invaders howled. Some of them still recalled the earlier failure in Arizona. All of them knew about this infernal mix.

Not caring in the least for their opinion, the medievalist stepped into the street, launching shaft after shaft into their shaggy hides and dropping them like flies.

Beside him, Xena, Eve, and Gabrielle rapidly carved a swath through their numbers.

Samantha focused in all directions, creating a powerful air gust, further scattering the Magog and controlling the flames simultaneously. "Sebastian! Your turn!"

"Right," he agreed, redirecting the water pressure from beneath the street into a concentrated flow and blasting the aliens with it. Then he saw two TV trucks setting up on the other side of the street. "What the hell?" Looking at Michelle, he pointed out, "News reporters. Can you?"

The telecyber's eyes glowed and turned blank as she reached out with her mind. Touching the circuitry, she shorted out the equipment, delaying the news of this attack to the outside. "How's that?"

He grinned and continued to spray their adversaries. After a few more seconds of this treatment, he turned the water to ice, trapping twenty Magog. How many of them are there?


Back inside of the Talon, Lana saw ten invaders ram their way through the doors, looking for her and Miri.

"Now what do we do?" she asked.

"We fight!" Miri asserted, firing several pulses at the advancing horde with little effect. "They aren't slowing down!"

At that moment, Lana saw a bright glow appear in front of them. From it, a white wolf leapt onto the scene, growling fiercely at the invaders.

Without considering its own safety, the newcomer sprung into action, slashing and biting its way into the invaders.

One Magog tried to hit their latest attacker with an energy weapon of some kind. He missed but hit Lana in the process.

Miri turned in panic toward her friend. To her relief, Lana remained standing. "Are you?"

"Fine!" the former cheerleader asserted, blasting the enemy with their own weapon's energy. "Come on, we're in this now too!"


Just outside the café, Dave continued to fire on the Magog, inflicting heavy casualties on the adversaries. These bastards don't know how to take a hint, do they?

["Nah, Ah think we just kill 'em all," the Child asserted.]

["You would say that. Crap, there are over 400 of those creeps! Where do they come from?" Dave wondered.]

["Hey, watch it!" the Child urged.]

At that moment, three wounded Magog blindsided the professor, knocking him backward, breaking his bow and scattering his arrows at the same time.

"Crap," he cursed. "That was my good bow! Now I'm mad!" Changing tactics, he leveled the three attackers only to see several more rushing to take their place.

One particularly big Magog dropped his shoulder, ramming Dave further backward and through the Talon's front window.

The medievalist flew through the air, smacking into the counter and knocking over several bags of flour.

In the midst of the melee, he teetered on the edge, looking around. The glass from the window had cut his arms and legs badly. His ribs hurt from the impact. Worse, the flour floated around him, resembling snow. The residual breeze from Samantha's offensive outside made it seem almost winter like.

Blood on the snow.... His mind flashed back to the first trip here. Instead of the Magog and his friends, he only saw the rioters. Nesbert stood ready to rip into him with his chain. His father grinning wickedly.

His father....

Miri and Lana turned momentarily to watch him. Geez. He's gonna lose it.

At that moment, the Child screamed and seized control. "Rarrrggh! No more! Ya'll hear me, no fucking more!" Snapping back to reality, he felt the aliens' claws cutting into his side. "Ya're dead!" Emitting a potent mental energy burst, he blasted that Magog into the far wall. Then he staggered to his feet, snarling. "Hey, fur balls! Ya'll like pain? Take this!" Pointing at them, he released his dark fire, burning their bodies and scalding their psyches.

"Didn't like that, did ya?" the Dark One asked sarcastically. "Beat it, Creeps!" Firing again, he took out several more invaders, just missing Lana, Miri, and the wolf in the process. "Git outta the way!" he growled to the threesome fighting with him as he stepped back through the broken window. Emitting a loud scream, he announced his presence to friend and foe alike.

From where they stood, the aliens turned to see the Child advancing on them. As with their previous trip here, this one confused them. This meat bag wasn't like the others. He was a kindred spirit. Why would he attack them?

"AH SAID SCRAM!" the Child screamed, smacking them with still more bursts.

For their part, the Magog didn't anticipate this reception. While they didn't relish the idea of retreating, they were leaning that way. Wanting no part of the defenders, the Magog retreated back down the street and to their remaining ships. Within seconds, the fleet limped skyward, heading back into space.

"Good riddance!" the Child roared at the fleeing armada. "Damn cowards!" Looking at the others, he spat, "What?"

"You're a mess," Clark declared. "Come on, we'll get you cleaned up."

"Not 'til the picture-place is 'kay," he refused, stepping back into the former theater.

"What the?" Sebastian inquired.

"The dark persona was born here," Martin told the others, pointing at the ground in front of them.

"And he's protective of it," Xena added before hustling into the restaurant. Looking around, she winced. The place is a total disaster.

"I can't believe this," Lana muttered, kneeling in the middle of the carnage and devastation.

At her side, the wolf whined and nuzzled her cheek sympathetically.

"Well at least, you saved us. Thank you," the co-owner expressed.

Clark ran inside ahead of the others. "Wow. Lana, are you all right?"

"Yeah. Thanks to our new friend here. Where did this wolf come from?" his wife asked as they embraced.

He studied the animal carefully. There's something about the eyes. I...no...it can't be.

"Wha 'sa matter, Boy?" the Child scoffed while wiping his wounds with a cloth. "Ah don't 'member it bein' here when Big Bro led ya'll out."

"It appeared out of nowhere," Miri reported, stroking the animal's fur. "Want some water?"

The wolf panted. When the bowl was placed in front of it, its tongue lapped a few times before it stopped and stared at Clark.

"Clark, it's looking at ya," Xena noted.

The Kryptonian student nodded and kneeled in front of their new friend. Leaning close to the wolf's left ear, he whispered, "Kayla? If it's you, bark twice."

The wolf did so.

He stood up, walking back to Lana's side. "Unbelievable."

"What, Clark?" Lana wondered.

"Look at her, Lana. Do you notice anything?"

She analyzed the wolf. At first, she didn't see anything unusual. Shifting to a spiritual level, she took another glance and gaped in surprise. "I don't believe it!"

Clark ran in the back and came out with the coat for the cooler. Putting it over the wolf's back, he urged, "It's okay. We're all special here and can keep a secret."

The wolf yipped and slowly it changed shape. Gradually, its fur thinned. The animal features retreated, replaced by those of a human woman and her hair turned dark black.

"Kayla Buckwalter?" Chloe gasped. "But you're...you're..."

"Dead?" the skinwalker replied. "You're right, Chloe. I did die three years ago. However, I have been sent back to help you all."

"It's good to see you," Clark assured the revived woman. "Umm, you know about Lana and me, right?"

Kayla replied pleasantly, "Of course. I am so happy for you both. Clark, my way lies with another now. You and Lana are supposed to be together."

Lana removed the pretty Native American bracelet from her wrist and offered it to her. "Clark said this was yours. I can't take it."

Kayla smiled and shook her head. "It's yours, Lana. You are Nuam's consort. As such, the bracelet is yours."

"Nuam?" Miri asked.

"Yes," Martin replied. "The one who fell from the sky and shoots fire from his eyes. He will start a new race. Sounds like you, Clark."

"Yeah, I guess," Clark replied uncertainly.

"Wait a minute," Lex realized. "You mean that's the reason you wanted to save the cave paintings?"

"That's right, Lex," Clark admitted.

"The paintings are here?" Martin inquired. "Pardon me, I have heard about them, but nobody knew where they were exactly."

"They're close by, Martin," Chloe noted. "We can show you."

"Another time, Chloe," the shaman disagreed. "For the police will want answers shortly."

Lana sighed. "I'd like a few answers too."

The Child growled and took a deep breath, allowing Dave to take control.

"Uncle Dave?" Miri wondered.

"I'm here. Worse for wear, but I'm here," the professor griped, climbing to his feet and walking back out the door. Stooping over, he collected the broken bow and scattered shafts. Returning with the others, he took a deep breath before asking, "Dee-Dee, can you stash these for now?"

"Sure, Papa. Auntie will know where to put them," the priestess agreed, taking the damaged weaponry from him and disappearing with it into the mists.

"Everyone, you might want to ditch the masks too," the professor pointed out. "Xena, Gabrielle, Eve, thanks. You might want to take off before the cops get here."

Hearing the approaching sirens, the three warriors took off for the back room. There they changed back into Angie, Francesca and Eve's modern day appearance.

"Okay, Kids. Amscray. We can handle this. No sense in you all being involved," Dave urged, opening a portal of his own. "Go on. It's pointed at Lex's mansion."

"You'd best go too, Professor," Lana told him. "With your record, the fewer run ins with the law, the better."

"She's got a point, Hot Shot," the oncologist told her husband. "Do you have some place where we can treat him?"

"I think we can rig something up," the billionaire agreed, supporting his friend. "Come on, Clark. Kayla, we can get you something to wear as well."

"Chloe, can you lend her something from my stuff?" Lana inquired.

"I can do that," the reporter agreed, leading their revived friend into the mists.

"I'll see you in a bit, Clark," Lana told him. "No sense in the police seeing you here either."

"I guess," he agreed grudgingly, kissing her on the cheek. "Call me if something comes up."

"I will," she giggled. "Go on."

Her husband nodded and followed the others into the mists. Angie took the rear, disappearing from view. Just after that, the fog dissipated, leaving her alone.

Here goes. Noticing that the coffee pot miraculously survived the fight, she poured herself a cup and waited for the inevitable visit by Smallville's Finest. 

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