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By Debbie Dee




"God what am I going to do." Tracy the small blonde-haired woman asked herself for the umpteenth time that day. She pulled her coat closer around herself and was glad she had worn pants that day because of the cold weather. She and her family were barely making it as it was and now this. She lost her job because of cutbacks and it was only two days before Christmas.

Things had not been going good for the green-eyed blonde lately. She had gotten married right out of high school at the age of seventeen to her high school sweet heart, Jeff. She thought they were so much in love but found out different.

She held down two jobs so he could go to collage to become a doctor. She didn‰t even complain when Jeff would take their last dollar so he could go out with the boys after class to make good contact for the future he told her.

It all changed when she found out she was going to have a baby. Of course, Jeff blamed her for not being careful and asked how she was going to work now so he could keep going to school. It was hard but Tracy worked all the way up till time to deliver. The one baby turned into twin girls and it went down hill from there.

Jeff started staying out later after class saying he was studying. As soon as she could, she went back to work while the nice woman next door, Dorothy‰ watched the kids. She was a godsent because she would not charge them very much.

Just when Tracy thought everything was going to start getting better with Jeff finishing school he turned around and dropped the bombshell on her eight months ago. He was leaving her for another woman; some rich bitch he had met that would help him climb the latter of success faster and won‰t tie him down with kids. Here she was, seven years of her life thrown away on a no good louse. The only good thing that came out of it was her beautiful four-year-old daughters.

Now she had lost her job. The bill collectors were pounding at the door and Jeff had decided to fight her in court for child support claiming the children were not his. He told her he decided he didn‰t want to pay for something he felt was her fault anyway. He never wanted kids. There was no money coming from him right now.

So here she was 25 going through a divorce with two little girls. She had no money and now no job. Christmas was just two days away. What the hell was she going to do?



It was starting to snow as Tracy walked down the street. She was so deep in thought she never noticed the snowflakes landing on her short blond hair. The chilly wind blowing through her thin coat finally brought her back to the present. Looking around, she noticed she had walked almost five blocks without thought of where she was going.

"Merry Christmas." Tracy heard someone at her side say. As she turned to look she saw a person dressed as Santa standing beside a black pot. This person was ringing a bell to attract shoppers into adding money to the pot for those more needy.

"Merry Christmas" the person said again. Tracy looked up into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Yeah, right. Merry Christmas to you, too." Tracy mumbled as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her last dollar. She looked at it thinking, "There are other people in the world worse off then I." Giving a shrug of her shoulders, she put the dollar in the pot.

"Thank you," the Santa said.

"What no HO HO HO." Tracy tried to laugh but the last ho came out more like a cry. "Sorry." Tracy said as she started to walk away.

"Wait." Santa called so Tracy would turn back. "I‰m done here for the day. Would you please have a cup of Cocoa with me? You look cold and the way you looked at that dollar I bet it was your last one. It is my treat." Santa reached up and took off the flake beard and hat. It almost floored Tracy when she saw the long black shoulder length hair on the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen standing in front of her. She was very tall. Tracy realized she only came up to the woman shoulders. With Tracy just being 5‰ 4", she knew that had to make the woman at least six feet tall.

"No, really I couldn‰t." Tracy started to say as the tall woman reached over and wiped off a tear running down Tracy‰s cheek with her finger.

Santa leaned down and looked Tracy right in the eyes. "Please." Was all she said.

"Alright." Tracy heard herself agree.

Santa took the pot of money and they walked together down the street to the caf³. After finding a booth over by a window, they give their order to the waitress for two hot cocoa‰s with whip cream.

"Well." Tracy folded her arms on the table and looked over to the other woman across from her. "Do I just keep calling you Santa or do you have a name?"

A rich laughter came from the woman. "Sorry I forget sometimes not everyone knows me. Hello, my name is Noel." She said as she held out her hand to Tracy.

Tracy reached over and shook her hand while a warm tingling seemed to pass between their hands. "What do you mean by everyone knowing you?" She asked

Not wanting to say too much yet Noel just said. "Oh I get around a lot and so most people know me." The waitress came back with their order, which kept Tracy from asking more questions.

After taking a drink, Noel looked over at Tracy. "I‰ve seen you around here the last week. Do you work close by?"

"I used too." Tracy said getting a sad look to her face. "I lost my job today because of cut backs." Tracy couldn‰t help it. The tears started running down her cheeks again.

"That‰s too bad." Noel said as she reached over and took Tracy‰s hand in hers. "Tell me what is bothering you."

Tracy looked into the deep blue eyes. "What is it about this woman that makes me trust her and want to tell her about my life." She thought.




Tracy did just that for the next few hours. She told Noel everything that has happened in her life regarding the last seven years. Every once in awhile, Noel would ask a question. For the most part, she would just let her talk.

"So you see where I am. I am such a loser. Christmas is in two days and I have nothing to give to my children because Jeff cleaned out our bank account when he left too." Tracy finished as she put her head down on her folded arms lying on the table.

Noel looked at Tracy‰s bowed head then turned and looked out the window. Looking up into the sky she noticed the snow clouds had passed and the stars where shining. Looking over to the North Star Noel saw it give a twinkle. She smiled and gave it an answering twinkle with her eyes.

"You know, Tracy, I think your luck is just about to around." Noel smiled over to her.

Tracy looked up at Noel wondering if maybe staying so long out in the cold had affected her brain after all.

"Come on, let‰s get out of here and go for a walk." Noel said as she stood up.

They walked slowly down the street, talking about really nothing at all. Noel was holding onto Tracy‰s hand with one hand and the pot of money with the other.

"Hold it right there ladies. Nothing is going to happen to you if you just hand that pot of money over to me." A voice said behind them.

Turning around they came face to face with a young teenager holding a knife. "I mean it; don‰t make me hurt you. All I want is the money."

"Oh great. I thought you said my luck was about to turn. If this is it, I‰m in trouble." Tracy said.

Noel stood there and looked at the young man. "Frank, do you really what to do this. I know you‰re down on your luck but adding robbery to it isn‰t going to help."

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW MY NAME!" Frank yelled looking around to see if this was a set up.

"It doesn‰t matter how I know your name, Frank, just listen to me. You don‰t want to do this. Go home you‰ll find out your dad has his job back. It was all a mistake and the company gave him his Christmas bonus after all. You don‰t need to do this to help them out." Noel told him again.

"How the hell do you know this?" Frank asked pointing the knife at them.

"Here use my cell phone and call home. Find out for yourself." Noel said as she held out her phone.

Frank very carefully took it. As he called home, he took a step back to give himself more room to move in just in case it was a trap.

Tracy stood and listened to the talk between Noel and Frank. How the hell did Noel know this stuff and who was she really. All they had been talking about all evening was herself. She knew nothing about Noel. She looked at the teenager when suddenly she heard him give a yell.

"YAHOO! Damn I don‰t believe it. You‰re not kidding are you dad, really? That is so great. Yes, I am on my way home now. Bye dad." Frank lowered the knife and handed the phone back to Noel. "It‰s true; all you just told me is true. I don‰t know what to say but I‰m sorry. If you want to press charges I will understand. I‰m so stupid for trying this. I deserve what you do to me."

"We‰re not going to do anything to you, Frank. All I ask is that you just do what you were going to do and go to collage. When the time comes, help out someone else in need." Noel smiled at him.

"Damn, lady. It was like magic; you knowing what happened. You bet I will do what you asked. Thanks." Frank said as he took off down the street. He got about a half block away when he turned back to them. "Merry Christmas and thank you." He yelled and took off again.

"Wow, what the hell just happened here?" Tracy asked Noel.

Noel just laughed, took her hand and started walking again. "Christmas magic I guess."

"You‰re not going to tell me are you?" Tracy asked shaking her head already knowing the answer.

Noel was a mystery and Tracy loved mysteries.



They walked for another hour just looking at the Christmas lights and talking about what was in each store window.

Tracy was having a hard time trying to explain to herself the feelings she was starting to have towards this mystery woman. She had just met her that day but she felt like she knew her forever. For some reason she felt like she never wanted to say good-bye or to be apart from this woman.

She had never felt like this about woman. She knew she never really got excited when Jeff would kiss her or made love to her but she just thought it was her. At least that is what Jeff had told her. Now, she was beginning to wonder. Had her whole life been a lie?

"Well, I guess I better be getting home." Tracy finally said knowing she couldn‰t put it off any longer. She needed to go home and try and explain to the girls why there won‰t be a tree or any presents under the tree.

"Ok, show me the way and I will walk you home." Noel smiled down to her.

They turned north and walked another three blocks before they come to the block Tracy lived on.

"That‰s a nice home you have here." Noel said as she looked at the two-story house.

Tracy looked at her home. "Yes I know it is. My parents left it too me in their will. But I‰m not too sure how much longer I will be able to keep it. I can‰t even afford to pay the taxes on it now and things are going to start being turned off soon. It costs a lot to heat in the winter."

Tracy took Noel‰s hand. "Come on, I will show you the inside before I have to go get the kids. Besides I now owe you a hot drink."

Tracy showed Noel all around the house. As they walked through it Noel noticed that Tracy only had a few items to sit on and what looked like a day bed to sleep on. Jeff must have taken everything that was worth money too him. The only room he didn‰t touch was the girl‰s room.

"So where do you live Noel?" Tracy asked as she handed Noel the hot cocoa she just made.

"Oh I live here and there." Noel replied still not wanting to tell Tracy too much yet.

Tracy looked over to Noel. "You mean you‰re homeless. Damn it Noel, why didn‰t you say something to me. Damn, I should have seen it. A lot of the Santa‰s ringing the bells are homeless and out of work. That is how they make their money for Christmas."

"Tracy." Noel started to say.

"Nope, it is settled. You‰re going to stay here. I don‰t want to hear another word about it. This is a big house so don‰t worry about putting me out." Tracy stood there with her arms crossed waiting for Noel to argue with her about it. She was glad she had a reason to keep this woman around.

Noel decided why not. "Fine. I will go pick up my stuff. Why don‰t you go get the girls? Be right back." Noel told her as she walked out the door.

Tracy felt like jumping up and down with joy for some reason.



The girls were excited about their new houseguest. Noel had fun playing with them while Tracy fixed dinner. Tracy kept hearing the girls laughing so she finally walked in to see what was going on. She stood there and watched Noel doing magic tricks for the girls. Damn she was good. Tracy had no idea how she did some of the tricks she did.

They fed the girls and Noel helped give them their baths and put them to bed.

"The girls look just like you. I don‰t see a bit of their father in them." Noel told Tracy as they walked down the stair back to the front room.

"Oh I know it and it really would tick off Jeff when someone would tell him that. I think that might be one of the reason‰s he is claiming they are not his." Tracy answered as she sat down.

"So Noel the kids are fed and in bed. The dishes are done and it is now just you and me again. Tell me about yourself. I think you know everything to know about me. Let‰s hear about you." Tracy smiled knowing Noel was trapped now and had to tell her.

Noel just chuckled at the cute smile Tracy gave her. "Well my family lives way up north. I have a mother and a father who is very jolly. We have a big home because they have a lot of little people that work for them that live there too. Some of them help take care of the animals we have."

"Really what kind of animals." Tracy asked.

"Ahhá well reindeer are what we raise." Noel told her.

"Reindeer huh. So let me see; you live up north." Tracy said as she started counting on her fingers. " Your father is jolly and you have little people working for you and you just happen to raise reindeer. Yeah right. Next thing you know you‰re going to tell me is that you‰re Santa‰s daughter. Right Noel, if you didn‰t want to tell me about yourself just say so. Don‰t be making up lies. I think I‰m going to bed." Tracy got up and left before Noel could stop her.

Noel just watched her go. "If she only knew how close she came to the truth." Noel thought to herself.


Tracy was sound asleep. She started dreaming the same dream again of being chased by bill collectors that turned into hungry lions. All the while Jeff was standing there in his doctor outfit with his arms around his new girlfriend, laughing at her and calling her a loser.


Suddenly, Noel was there and Tracy knew everything was going to be ok. With a wipe of her hand Noel made the bad dream disappear. "Take my hand,Tracy, and I will show you wonderland."

Without a second thought Tracy reached out for Noel‰s hand and the next thing she knew they was flying up in the stars.

"What is happening?" Tracy asked for some reason she was not afraid.

"Shhhá I am just going to show you my home." Noel told her.

That is what she did. Tracy could not believe the wonder of it all. It was like a fairly tale story that came to life. She got to meet Noel‰s mother and father. Noel was right he was jolly. She got to meet all the little people. She even got to pet a reindeer.

In the back of her mind, Tracy knew this was all just a dream so nothing she saw scared her. For it was just a dream. Right?

Noel took Tracy back to her room and put her back to bed. Noel turned to leave.

"Noel." Tracy called her back.

"Yes." Noel came back and set on the edge of the bed beside her.

"Why are you here and not at the North Pole?" Tracy asked the question that had been bugging.

"Because my father told me you needed me." Noel answered.

Tracy looked at her puzzled. "But how you don‰t know me?"

"Yes I do Tracy. When I was younger my father took me on his ride one year. We were delivering your gift when you walked down the stairs and caught us. You must have been about six. You weren‰t afraid of us at all you just said "hi there". I think at that minute I fell in love with you." Noel said.

Tracy thought for a minute, and then her eyes got big. "I thought that was a dream."

Noel smiled. "No, it was real and I have been watching you ever since. I would have come for you when you was old enough but my father told me I had to give you a chance to live your own life. I did give you that chance and because of it you got hurt. Now I am here to claim you."

"You act like I am a piece of property you can own." Tracy was getting mad. No one owned her.

"No, you‰re not something anyone can own. You are a gift; you‰re my Christmas gift and I would be the happiest person in the world if you would give me the pleasure of calling you mine. For you, my dear Tracy, are one of a kind and that makes you priceless." Noel said as she leaned down and sealed the love she had for Tracy with a kiss.

Because Tracy still thought this was all just a dream she was not afraid and gave herself completely over to Noel.





The early morning light was just starting to shine through the window when Noel finally found the strength to leave Tracy from their all night lovemaking. She knew Tracy still thought this was all a dream and she knew it was not time to tell her differently.

Tracy woke up not to long after Noel left. "Wow, damn that was one hell of a good dream I had" She thought. It felt so real and as Tray throw the covers off she noticed she wasn‰t wearing her nightgown; it had been thrown down to the end of the bed.

Tracy shook her head thinking she must have gotten hot last night. As she got up she noticed her body felt like it had truly been made love too.

"Oh god it was a dream, wasn‰t it?" Tracy questioned herself. "It had to of been one," Tracy finally told herself to stop being silly. She had done a lot of walking yesterday and that was why she was sore.

It was Christmas Eve and Tracy still had no idea what she was going to do. She didn‰t have the heart to tell the girls last night about not having any Christmas. They had been having so much fun with Noel. Damn just thinking about Noel made Tracy‰s body shiver.

Tracy got up, showered, and dressed. As she was coming out of her room she heard laughing coming from down stairs. She walked into the front room and saw Noel sitting there doing more tricks for the kids.

"Hey there you guys. Give me a minute and I will have breakfast fixed for everyone." She said heading for the kitchen.

"Don‰t bother, I already feed these guys and cleaned everything up. Your breakfast is under the cover on the top of the stove." Noel told her as she gave the ball she just had appear out of thin air to the two girls.

"Yeah, mommy, Noel did magic." The two girls told her.

Tracy looked at them a little surprised they would say that. Sure enough, as she walked into the kitchen she saw her breakfast right where Noel said it would be.

Everything had been cleaned up. "Mmm maybe she does really do magic." Tracy said as she sat down and ate.


Tracy still didn‰t know how it had happened but somehow she let Noel and the girls talk her into spending the day out in the snow playing. They built snowmen, did snow angels in the snow, had snowball fight and then saw who could slid down the hill the fastest. It had been a fun day.

Tracy found herself watching Noel most of the day; the way she moved the way she talked. It was something about this woman that drew Tracy too her. Tracy was finding out she did not want to put up too much of a fight.

Every time Tracy found herself thrown into the snow with Noel she never stopped the little kisses Noel would give her before she would help her up.

She was starting to like them very much. In fact she was starting to crave them.

It was way past dark by the time they got back to the house. They girls were so tired they were almost asleep before they could finish eating.

"Damn. I wanted to talk to them tonight about Christmas. They will expect presents in the morning, Noel. What am I going to do?" Tracy went into Noel open arms crying.

"Shhá first of all we are going to put you to bed. You‰re just about to fall over. We will worry about tomorrow when it comes." Noel told her as she walked Tracy down the hall to her room. Tracy tried to protest but she was asleep herself as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Tracy started to dream again but instead of dreaming of being chased like always she dreamed of Noel making sweet love to her again. Tracy knew she had deep feelings for this woman. She knew she was falling in love with her. Even if it had only been a few days it didn‰t matter because sometimes you just know when it is the right one. She had a feeling Noel was the right one for her.

Noel got up after hours of love making to leave Tracy sleeping. She looked down and noticed the big smile on Tracy‰s face. A strong feeling of love went though her body knowing she is the one that put that smile there.



Noel went downstairs and looked at the empty bare room. "Ok, Dad, let‰s hope I can make you proud."

Noel started lifting her arms and as she did different colored lights started dancing around the room. Strings of lights started to appear up on the walls and in the windows. A tree of prefect size and shape appeared in the corner of the room. Lights, bulbs and other stuff started dancing around the room as it found it way onto the tree. Presents of all shape and sizes came from down the chimney of the old fireplace that had not been used in years floating over to lie under the tree.

By the time Noel was done, the room looked like a wonderland. Her next stop was the kitchen to fill the fridge with all types of food and treats.

She had just finished when she heard a noise behind her. Turning she saw Tracy standing in the doorway watching her.

Noel stood there waiting for Tracy to scream, kick her out, yell, or something. What happened was something she never thought would happen.

Tracy walked over to her. "Hi there, Noel Claus" she said and put her arms around Noel and gave her a kiss. "It wasn‰t a dream was it? The last two nights really did happen didn‰t they?" She asked.

"Yes they did." Noel told her truthfully.

Tracy gave her one of the biggest and brightest smiles she could. "THANK YOU GOD." Tracy laughed hugged her.

"Wait a minute." Tracy stepped back. "Is this just a fling are you going to disappear after Christmas. If you do Noel I think I‰ll just die." She told her as tears filled her eyes.

"Tracy, I didn‰t come this far to lose you now. I love you. I have for a long time. You have nothing left here. I came to bring you and the girl‰s back with me. Please come home with me. Let me love you for all time. The girls will have a great education Tracy. They will never go a day without knowing the love we and everyone there has for them."

"Oh god, Noel, just try and go back without me." She threw herself into Noel‰s arms.

They heard screaming of excitement from the girls as they came down the stairs and saw the front room.

"MOMMY, MOMMY, SANTA WAS HERE!" They yelled together as they started to grab at the gifts.

Tracy had tears rolling down her faces as she watched the smiles on each girl‰s face as they opened their gifts. Her life was changing for the good. Noel was right; her luck did change. She looked at Noel and felt the love in her heart for this woman. They were a part of each other and she was the luckiest woman in the world for it.

"Mommy what did you get for Christmas."

Tracy looked at Noel with love in her eyes. " I got the best gift of all honey. I got a Gift From The North."


The End