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By Debbie Dee




People moved out of the way of the fast moving five-foot nineteen-year-old blonde. A year ago, Dawn had been found wondering around outside of town not knowing anything about her past. All she could remember at the time was her name Dawn and the name Kodi. No one by the name Kodi could ever be found. Therefore, for the past year Dawn tried to put her life back together. She got a job and signed up for classes at the local collage. Nevertheless, like many other days she was running late and had to rush.

"Damn." Dawn said to herself as she dropped the pile of papers she was carrying for the second time. She was going to be late for class again if she didn’t hurry.

"Slow down you’re going to hurt yourself." A voice to her right said.

"Oh hush up." Dawn said as she looked to see who was talking only to see no one there. "What the hell!" Dawn looked around her. That was the forth time that day she thought she heard someone talk to her. "Damn, I must be losing my mind." She told herself as she ran up the collage steps to the classroom.

Dawn made it to her seat right before Professor James came in to teach the class.

"Hey Dawn what you going to be for the Halloween party?" Jill, who sat in the desk next to Dawn, asked.

"I don’t even know if I will be going Jill. I might have to work at the hamburger joint Halloween night." Dawn told her talking about the place where many of the collage students worked at for extra money.

"You’ll be with me." Dawn heard.

"Jill, I told you I don’t know yet." Dawn told her friend again.

"Dawn, I didn’t say anything." Jill frowned at her.

Dawn gave Jill a puzzled look. She was sure she heard her say that.

"Oh well." Dawn thought to herself. "If I am going crazy at least I picked a sexy female voice to talk to me."

"Thank you. You’re sexy too." The voice said in her ear.

"WHO SAID THAT!" Dawn screamed as she jumped out of her seat. Her green eyes got big.

"Miss Frank, are you ok?" Professor James stopped teaching to ask.

"Yes sir, everything is fine. Sorry." Dawn said as she took her seat again looking around her. Dawn was sure she heard a laugh as she opened her book to the lesson being discussed.




It had been a long day for Dawn, first her collage classes. Then she had to work a double shift at Hamburger Heaven because one of her co-workers didn’t show up. Now all Dawn wanted to do was take a nice hot shower and go to bed. She had a quick snack at work so she wasn’t really hungry.

Dawn threw her dirty clothes over in the corner. She would deal with them tomorrow. As she climbed into the tub, she made sure the shower curtain was closed so no water would get on the floor.

"Ahhh…now this is haven." Dawn sighed leaning against the wall as the hot water ran over her back.

"You can say that again." A voice came out of nowhere said.

Dawn screamed as she threw the curtain open only to see an empty room.

"Oh god not again." Dawn moaned as she slid down the wall to sit in the tub. Dawn look around the room then put her head in her hands.

"What the hell is going on with me?" She cried. "Why am I hearing voices in my head? Am I really going crazy?" Dawn started questioning herself.

"I’m your soulmate Dawn." The voice said.

"Oh shit you know my name." Dawn started to jump out of the tub to run for it.

"No don’t. I won’t hurt you." The voice said.

Dawn didn’t know what else to do since she couldn’t tell from where the voice was coming. She sat back down in the tub and turned off the water. How can you fight something you can’t see? Besides there was some thing about the voice.

"Who are you? What the hell do you want with me?" Dawn asked.

"Your soul called to me." The voice told her.

"Yeah right, I’ve got to get that soul calling thing fixed." Dawn wisecracked as she looked around the room to see if she could see where the voice was coming from.

"Our souls are one." The voice told her.

Dawn decided to go on the defense to scare whoever was playing this joke. "Hey wait a damn minute. What the hell are you doing in my bathroom while I’m taking a shower!" Dawn yelled. "GET OUT, GET OUT NOW!" She screamed.

Dawn looked around her when she didn’t hear anything from the voice. "Hello." She said quietly. "Are you still here?" Not hearing a thing Dawn carefully got out of the tub and grabbed for her bathrobe.

"I’m still here." The voice whispered.

"Ahh...damn it, will you stop scaring me like that." Dawn shouted at the voice as she stormed off into the front room.

"I was just having some fun with you." Dawn heard the voice chuckle.

"Who are you? Do you have my place bugged? That’s it isn’t it? This is some kind of joke. Somehow you have bugged me and my place."

Dawn was sure she figured it out. It had to be one of her friends playing a joke on her. She started looking in the lampshades and under the table for a mike and camera. That is the only explanation for her hearing the voices.

"It is not a game Dawn you called me here. You’re not going to find anything." The voice told her.

"Yeah right." Dawn disagreed as she kept looking. "It had to be Fred. He was always playing jokes. With it being close to Halloween, that had to be it." Dawn thought to herself.

"It’s not Fred." The voice told her.

Dawn looked up in shock that it knew what she was thinking. "Ha you just slipped up. You knew I would blame Fred. Now I know it’s a game." She told the voice.

Dawn went back into the bathroom and started looking at the shirt she just taken off to find the hidden microphone she just knew was on it. She suddenly felt a hand go up and down her back then settle on her hip. It felt as if someone blew in her ear. She finally lost it when she was suddenly kissed on the lips.

"Oh god, oh god." Dawn cried as she slammed back against the wall to get away from the kiss. "You are a ghost, aren’t you. That means you’re dead. Right? A dead person just kissed me. Oh god." Dawn cried as she put her hand up to her mouth.

"Dawn take it easy. I’m sure the hell a better kisser than someone dead." The voice acted insulted.

Dawn got a puzzled look onto her face. "Wait, I can’t see you. So if you’re not a ghost then what the hell are you?" She asked.

"I am the other half of your soul Dawn." The voice told her.

"What?" Dawn looked puzzled at first then her eyes got really big. "My soul. Oh shit I’m dead and you’re here for my soul."

Dawn started breathing hard. "That’s it. I’m dead and I don’t even know it." She started running her hands through her short blonde hair. "Wait a minute." She stopped and turned back to where she last heard the voice. "If I’m dead how did I die?"

"You’re not dead Dawn." The voice told her.

Dawn shook her head. "Hang on, you just said you were here for my soul."

"No I said I was the other half of your soul. We are one Dawn. We belong together. Your soul has been calling out for mine." The voice patiently told her.

It was just too much for Dawn after having worked so hard all day. Her mind was in total confusion.

"Oh, that makes it so much better." Dawn told the voice as everything started going black. She was sure she heard the voice say, "I’m Kodi" before she passed out.



Dawn felt as if she were floating. She could feel everything around her but could not make herself wake up. She was in her bedroom lying on her bed as she felt her bathrobe being removed.

"So beautiful." The voice said.

Someone got into bed beside her, pulling the covers up over them. Dawn was pulled back against the front of someone and held tightly. Warm breath blew on the back of her neck. Somehow, she felt safe inside the circle of these arms, as if she had came home.

"Go to sleep love. You’re safe. I’ll watch over you." The voice whispered in her ear.

The last thing Dawn remembered was feeling a kiss on the back of her neck.



The ringing of the phone and bright sun light woke Dawn from a sound sleep. It took Dawn two tries before her hand found the phone. "Hello." Dawn answered sitting up in bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Where the hell have you been?" Dawn’s friend Jill yelled into the phone.

"What do you mean where have I been? I’ve been sleeping. Where would I be?" Dawn puzzled over the question as she looked around her room for any sign that last night really happened.

"Dawn, it’s Sunday morning I have been calling you since yesterday. I even came over and pounded on the door. But you never answered." Jill told her.

"Ok Jill. Enough is enough." Dawn told her. "I know what Fred has been doing. It’s Halloween and he’s playing a joke on me. Now you’re in on it too. I found out, so stop now. Ok?"

"Dawn what the hell are you talking about? What joke? Fred has been gone for the past week. Remember? His Aunt died and he had to go home. There’s no way he could have been playing a joke on you or anyone." Jill told her.

Dawn dropped the phone as she jumped out of bed running to the front door to see if the Sunday paper was on the front stoop. Dawn stood in shock as she stared at the paper wondering how in the world had she lost an entire day.



"Ok Dawn I am here now. Settle down. What is this voice you keep talking about?" Jill had came over to Dawn’s when she couldn’t get her back on the phone. As soon as she got there, she got Dawn dressed and took her out.

"Never mind Jill. Someone is playing a sick joke on me. I just want to enjoy the day and forget about all of it." Dawn talked herself into believing someone was playing with her or it was all just a bad dream. She had been busy lately with school and work. Look at what happened? She had slept all of Saturday. That had to be it. Now that she was rested, she knew what she felt was not real.

Jill and Dawn enjoyed the rest of the day together by going shopping and seeing a movie. Dawn didn’t feel like going back to her place just yet so she brought herself a Halloween costume to put on at Jill’s house. They would go to the party from there.




The party had been going on for several hours. Dawn was having a good time but her mind kept going back to the voice. There was just something about it that sounded so familiar. It was as if she had heard it before.

"You having fun?" A voice asked her.

"Yep I sure am." Dawn answered as she turned towards the voice but no one was there. "Oh god, not again." Dawn hung her head.

"Dawn I’m sorry I don’t mean to scare you." The voice told her.

"Why me? Why the hell me? What did I ever do to you? Go away." Dawn said as she walked off.

Dawn walked over to where Jill was, grabbed her drink and took a big swallow. "OH GOD!" She choked. "What the hell do you have in that drink?"

"My usual of course. You never could drink it." Jill chuckled at her. "You ok?" She asked.

"Yeah." Dawn said as she looked around. "I fine. Just great."



Dawn stayed a few more hours before becoming tried. Since she didn’t hear anymore from the voice she decided to go home, hoping the person playing the joke finally gave up. After saying her good byes to everyone, she rode home in a taxi.

"Wow what a night." Dawn told herself as she took her costume off and got ready for bed. "What I need is a nice cup of cocoa."

"Dawn I need you." The voice came again.

Dawn slammed the cocoa box on the counter. "Ok that’s it I’ve had it. Come out. NOW! I am tried of your sick joke!"

"Dawn." The voice said.

"NO! You hear me? Show yourself now or leave me the hell alone." Dawn yelled.

"Fine. Dawn." The voice told her.

Dawn’s jaw dropped. Her eyes got big as she watched the form of a beautiful woman start to take shape right before her eyes. The form faded in and out then became solid.

The woman stood six feet tall with long dark midnight hair that shone in the lamplight. Her eyes were the color of a light blue sky. The woman was dress in leather pants and a white long sleeve shirt. "I have died and gone to heaven." Dawn thought to herself. The woman is gorgeous.

"You like?" The woman asked.

All Dawn could do was nod her head yes as she stared.

"How did you do that? Who are you?" Dawn whispered.

"I’m Kodi, the other half of your soul Dawn." Kodi told her.

"What! No way. They never found anyone by that name." Dawn cried.

"Dawn it’s really me. They couldn’t find me because I wasn’t here to be found." Kodi told her.

"Now I know this is some kind of sick joke." Dawn said. "You talked to someone didn’t you. Who did you talk to?" She asked.

"Dawn settle down." Kodi told her.

"I won’t settle down. Who the hell are you? How do you know about me? How the hell did you appear in my apartment? What kind of game are you playing?" Dawn questioned.

Kodi sat in the chair next to Dawn’s. "Dawn I am here because your soul is calling to me. Our souls are bonded together.

Dawn started to ask questions but Kodi held up her hand to stop her.

"Last Halloween I felt a pull to my soul. I followed the feeling and pulled you out of a plane right before it crashed. I knew you were the other half of my soul the second I touched you. But I left you behind anyhow at the edge of town to give you another chance at life." Kodi told her.

"Wait, damn it. All of this is so hard to take in. You said you weren’t a ghost. Are you some kind of a spirit then? That would be the only thing to explain what you just said." Dawn asked Kodi trying to not panic from what she was being told.

Kodi smiled at the way of Dawn’s thinking. "I guess you could say I’m a kind of spirit."

"Ok, then if you knew I was the other half of your soul as you say, why did you leave me?" Dawn asked. She was still hoping this was all a joke someone was playing on her.

"Because I thought it was only fair to give you a chance at a normal life Dawn. That didn’t happen. Our souls have been calling to each other. I can’t be without you anymore. Our souls are bonded." Kodi said.

"You keep saying that. How the hell can souls be bonded? Who are you?" Dawn was puzzled.

Kodi stood as she reached for Dawn’s hand to help her up too. "Dawn, I am the spirit of Halloween. I know Halloween is supposed to be evil, therefore I must be evil. I’m not Dawn." Kodi winked at Dawn. "I chose it. There are many spirits of Halloween and I’m one of the good ones. It can be a fun day." She smiled.

Kodi had to reach over to close Dawns month that had dropped open after listening to Kodi’s explanation.

"Wh…what…you’re a spirit? You’re really a spirit." Dawn put her hand up to her head. "Oh god I think I’m going to pass out."

Kodi grabbed Dawn as she helped her sit down again.

Dawn just shook her head. "Ok let me see if I understand this. You’re one of the spirits of Halloween. You saved me from a plane crash. However, because our souls bonded and are now calling out to one another, you came back for me. Am I right so far?

Kodi chuckled at how cute Dawn looked as she was trying to understand this all.

"Dawn." Kodi kneed down in front of her. "Let me show you what our souls are telling us." Kodi said as she leaned forward to kiss Dawn.

Dawn felt a shocking bolt of energy shoot through her body. An over whelming feeling of coming home flowed over her entire being.

"Oh wow, you are a good kisser." Dawn said as she caught her breath.

"Come with me Dawn, please. I promise you will never regret it." Kodi looked at her. "I know you can feel the bonding of our souls. Give us a chance to learn to love together."

Dawn knew Kodi was right she could feel something. It was almost like a hunger that only went away when she was close to Kodi. "If you’re a spirit Kodi, how can you have a soul?" Dawn asked.

Kodi laughed. "No! Don’t get upset Dawn. I wasn’t laughing at you. I’m a spirit of Halloween but I never said I was a spirit. You felt me Dawn. I’m a warm living person. I have a soul." Kodi held up her hand to stop Dawn. "I will explain it all too you in time. Know for now, I have special powers."

Dawn didn’t know what to do. How many people got a chance like this to not only find love but also a love of the souls? "I don’t know, I just don’t know. Can I think about it?" Dawn asked running her hands through her hair.

Kodi let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding. "I need to leave by midnight Dawn. If you need time, then I’ll give it too you. Take the time you need and listen to what your heart and soul tell you. I will be back next Halloween for your answer." Kodi told Dawn as she held her and gave her a kiss before fading away.

Dawn stood there watching Kodi fading away. "She was going" Dawn thought. "I will be without her for a year." Dawn started thinking about what her life had been like for the past year. Yes, she had friends but she did feel like something had been missing out of her life. If she was truthful with herself, she knew she had felt peacefulness within herself since Kodi has shown up.

"KODI, WAIT!" Dawn yelled. "I don’t know if I’m insane for doing this but I can’t let you leave me. You’re right, Kodi. I do feel something." Dawn walked over to Kodi who had become a solid form again and took Kodi’s hands into hers. "I want to learn with you Kodi. I want a chance to let our love grow and souls bond."

Kodi’s smile was as bright as the sun. "YES!" Kodi yelled as she picked Dawn up and twirled her around the room.

"Do you live in a place like the Olympic gods did or maybe still do?" Dawn giggled. "I have no idea if they were real or not anymore after this. Do I need to take anything with me?" Dawn asked.

Kodi chuckled. "I will give you anything you need so no need to bring anything. I think you’re going to love where I live." Kodi winked at her. "It is time Dawn."

Kodi and Dawn smiled at each other as the growing embers of their love could be seen shining in their eyes. They started kissing as the chimes for midnight began chiming the bewitching hours of midnight. Before the last chime hit midnight the soon to be lovers faded into the start of a new life, spirits of the soul and a bonding for all time.

The End


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