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~ Woman of My Dreams ~

BY Debbie Dee


Part 2


Pain shot through Jamie's head as she woke up. She brought her hand up to the side of her head feeling sticky wetness. She figured it was blood, but couldn't be sure. There wasn't enough light to see by.

Jamie slowly looked around her surroundings. The Jimmy looked like it had rolled several times and landed up against a tree at an odd angle. With her seatbelt still on she tried to look around for Kaisha. Not seeing the dog, Jamie started to get worried because she'd had Kaisha since she was a six-week-old puppy and the big dog was her best friend and companion.

"Damn, I have got to get out of this thing. I've got to find Kaisha. Shit, I think I smell gas." Reaching for the buckle Jamie tried to unfasten it, but nothing happened. "Damn it, can't anything just work like it's supposed to?" She remembered the other day. When they went for a drive, Casey had been eating an apple. Wanting to finish it, she had brought a pearing knife along with them.

"I hope that thing is still in the jockey box here." Reaching in the jockey box between the front seats she felt for the knife. After a few minutes she found it and started to cut. It was hard going because the knife was not that sharp. She started to cut the last part of the belt, just as it gave way. Before she could react to grab something, she fell to the other side of the Jimmy landing on her back.

"Oh god, that hurt. That was so damn stupid," Jamie groaned as she laid there starting to feel sorry for herself as the door handle stuck her in the back. No matter how much she wanted to just stay right where she was, she could not, Jamie could smell gas and she needed to get as far away from the Jimmy as possible.

Slow and painfully she eased herself up on the seat. Getting herself turned around enough she could tell that the back window was broken and the tailgate was popped open. Knowing that was the best way out, she started easing herself over the seats trying to watch out for broken glass on the way.

It took her longer than she wanted because the pain in her head hurt so much it almost made her want to pass out several times. Jamie had just gotten to the open tailgate and was ready to ease herself over when a black form jumped out at her.

"Shit, Kaisha, what are you trying to do finish me off?" Jamie yelled at the dog, as she grabbed at her heart trying to calm herself down. Jamie reached for the dog to give her a hug at the same time the dog started licking her face. "Oh god, girl, I am glad to see you too. Where were you, huh? Are you ok?" Jamie questioned as she ran her hands over the dog. She found several cuts, one on the right side and another above the dog's left eye.

"Ok, girl, move over so I can get out of here. We need to get away from here." Jamie eased herself around so she was siting on the tailgate. She gave herself a push off to drop to the ground. "Oh god!" She screamed as her right leg touched the ground pain shot up so sharply it made her almost pass out. She fell to the ground her leg being unable to support her. The throbbing in her head got worse, as she could feel the pressure behind her eyes building.

Leaning up on her elbows she looked down at her leg but could not tell if it was broken or just twisted. No matter which one it was, it still hurt like hell. Looking around for a stick, Jamie saw gas dripping out from under the Jimmy. Taking a better look under it she saw a pool of gas. What really set her into a panic was seeing sparks from the engine reflecting off the gas.

"Damn, Kaisha, come on. Time is running out. Move it!" She yelled at the dog as she tried to stand with the stick she found, but it didn't do any good. Every time she tried to put a little bit of weight on her leg the pain was too much and she would fall to the ground again. Jamie knew time was running out as she started to pull herself along the uneven ground.


"Casey dear, come sit down. Jamie will be here soon." Jamie's mother told her.

Since the fire, Casey had worried about Jamie. She wished she'd hurry up and get home. Every few minutes she walked to look out the window. Casey looked over her shoulder. "Tom said she left from there awhile ago. Where is she?" She asked turning back to the window again. "The Search and Rescue station is only a few miles up the hill from here. It shouldn't take her this long."

Just then they all heard a big explosion. Running out to the porch they saw a fireball in the sky. "Oh god no!" Casey screamed. "It's Jamie."

"Casey, calm down. You don't know that," Jenny said as she shook Casey by the shoulders.

"…that is the road to the station, she should be here by now," Casey cried.

Dan ran into the house to phone Tom and the fire department then came back out. "There is only one way to find out," he said as he headed for his car. "You coming?" he called back to them as he got in the car and started it.

Casey and Jenny didn't have to be asked twice, they ran for the car. In the distance they could hear the sounds of sirens. When they reached the road they followed the fire truck until it stopped.

Casey could see something burning as she got out of the car. She ran to the edge of the road and started to fall to her knees, when she saw it was the Jimmy, but Jamie's dad caught her.

Casey was beside herself. Where was Jamie? Oh, please don't let her still been in the Jimmy. She needed to get down there and started to twist out of Dan's hold, she stopped when she heard a dog's bark.

"Kaisha, that's Kaisha!" Casey yelled as she broke loose from Dan and started running towards the sound with Dan and Jenny right behind her.

Finally seeing the dog farther down the hill they ran in that direction. As they got closer they could make out the shape of a body lying beside the dog. "Jamie!" Casey yelled as she ran for the body, falling to her knees checking to see if Jamie was still alive.

"Don't move her, Casey! I'll go get some help," Dan said looking at his daughter with concern.

Casey nodded to Jamie's father, but didn't take her eyes off of her injured lover. She laid a hand on Jamie's cheek, not wanting to hurt her by touching her in the wrong place.

Jenny walked over and put her hand on Casey's shoulder getting a better look at her daughter. Kaisha looked at the both of them and whined. "Don't worry, girl, she'll be fine," Jenny said,

hoping she was right.

Dan rushed back with two paramedics to help. Casey and Jenny both stepped back and watched them work on Jamie. Casey had to force herself to stay back. All she wanted to do was go to Jamie and hold her.

"Hey, Dan, that is some dog your daughter has," Tom called over to them. He stood between the burning Jimmy and them. "From what I see by this trail here it looks like Jamie tried to crawl and when she passed out the dog dragged her the rest of the way to get her away from the Jimmy exploding and to safety."

They all stopped too a look at the dog. Kaisha give them a look and barked. "You, my very lovely dog, are going to get a steak tonight." Jenny told Kaisha as Casey gave the dog a big hug.

"Ok, ladies, we are ready to transport her to the hospital," the Ambulance driver informed them.

"Fine. We'll be right behind you. Come on, girls." Dan helped Casey and Jenny back up the hill with Kaisha right beside them. They all got into the car and followed the Ambulance as soon as it took off, while the fire fighters stayed behind to finish putting out the fire in the Jimmy.


They had stopped long enough to drop Kaisha off at the vet's to get her taken care of, then went to the hospital. They were told that Jamie was being worked on and they could wait in the waiting room. The doctor would be out when he was finished. It must have been close to two hours before the doctor finally came out of the emergency room to talk to them.

"Well, we meet again," the young doctor said to Casey. It was the same doctor that had worked on Amy several days ago.

"Hello, Doctor. This is Jamie's mother and father. Please, how she?" Casey asked quietly as she shook his hand wishing he'd hurry up and tell her how Jamie was.

"Well, she really did a job on herself. She dislocated her kneecap, and twisted her ankle all on the right leg and she has a severe concussion that we will have to keep a close eye on for the next few days. She is just very lucky to be alive. If she had hit her head any harder she wouldn't be here. We will be a little while longer dressing and stitching up all her cuts. We will, then move her to a room and you will be able to see her."

"Thank you, doctor," Dan said as he came over to talk some more to the doctor.

Jenny helped Casey over to a chair to sit down when she saw Casey's face go white as she heard the doctor say Jamie could have died if she had hit her head any harder.

A few hours later, Casey found herself sitting alone by Jamie's bed. Jamie's folks had taken a walk to get something to eat and to bring Casey something.

Jamie still hadn't woken up. The doctor told them she might not wake up till tomorrow, and to just talk to her.

"Jamie, please honey, wake up. I just found you, so don't leave me here by myself." Casey picked up Jamie's hand and started playing with her fingers. "Did I ever tell you that I used to dream about you? It's true, when I was about seventeen I started having these dreams about a girl. She looked just like you, but I didn't realize it was you till Amy said something. Anyhow, I had this dream for a year. I don't know why they started or why they stopped. But all I have to say is, Jamie, you're my dream woman. I need you. I love you." Casey tightened her hold on Jamie's hand, when she felt the smaller woman do the same. She knew then that Jamie heard her and was going to be just fine.


Jamie heard talking from far away. "I know that voice," she thought. Slowly she focused on the voice. The harder she tried, the louder and clearer it got. Till finally she could tell who it was talking and what they were saying.

"I'm sorry, sheriff, she's not awake yet. I know you need to talk to her about the accident and I will let you know as soon as she wakes up," Casey informed the sheriff standing at the door.

Jamie had a hard time trying to focus on why the sheriff needed to speak to her. She tried to say something but her throat was so dry it came out in a squeak, but was loud enough because Casey heard it.

"Jamie?" Casey cried as she rushed back over to the bed. "Sweetheart, please if you can hear me, open your eyes. Please, honey, open them."

Jamie's eyes slowly opened and gave Casey a small grin.

Casey was so happy to look into those sea green eyes again. Being careful not to hurt Jamie. Casey leaned down and kissed her. "Oh god, Jamie, you had me so scared."

Jamie brought her hand up to her throat as she once again tried to speak. Seeing Jamie having trouble talking Casey reached over and grabbed a glass and helped Jamie put the straw into her mouth and held the glass as Jamie took her fill.

"Thanks, honey, that's better." Jamie smiled up at Casey as she took her hand. She spotted the sheriff over Casey's shoulder standing there fiddling with his hat. "Hey, Mike, what's up?" Jamie asked.

Sheriff Mike Rock walked over to the bed. "I have already talked to Casey, but I needed to ask you some questions about what happened a few nights ago, Jamie." "After 30 years of being a sheriff you'd think you would get use to visiting people in the hospital", Mike thought," but you never do".

"Wait, Casey, what is he talking about?"

Casey saw the puzzled look on Jamie's face. "You do remember the accident right?"

"Yes, of course I do," Jamie answered after she thought about it for a second.

Casey didn't even realize she was holding her breath till she let it out at Jamie's answer. "Then why did you ask what was going on?"

"Because he said a few nights ago. It happened just last night didn't it?" Jamie asked

"No, honey." Casey tightened her hold on Jamie's hand. "It happened 4 days ago."

Jamie looked from one concerned face to another having a hard time believing she had been asleep for 4 days.

"Jamie, I'm sorry but I need to ask you if you have rubbed anyone the wrong way lately?" the Sheriff asked. "The reason I'm asking, Jamie, is the brakes on your Jimmy were cut. Someone did that because they wanted to hurt or kill you."

"Oh God, why would someone do that?" Casey had no idea that this was why the sheriff wanted to talk to Jamie about the accident.

"That is what I am trying to find out, Miss Marks," Sheriff Mike told her sincerely

"Sorry, Mike, I can't think of anyone." Jamie was both puzzled and shocked over what the Sheriff had just told them.

They talked for awhile longer about everything else that had happened in case the girls could remembered something else that was not in the reports.

Just as the Sheriff was ready to leave after thanking them, Casey spoke up. "Wait Sheriff. Jamie, what about Joey? Remember him?" Casey looked at Jamie and asked.

"Come on, Casey, you fired him weeks ago. He's long gone."

"But what if he's not. And he did say he was going to make us pay when I fired him," Casey reminded her.

"Ok, girls, who are we talking about?" Sheriff Mike asked.

"When I was getting my house and the bar and grill done, Jamie had trouble with one of the workers. He didn't like it when I fired him," Casey told him.

The Sheriff held his hand up when Jamie looked like she was going to protest again. "It doesn't matter if you think it is him or not, Jamie. Just give me a name and let me do my job to find out if he is involved or not."

Casey got up off the edge of the bed and walked over to her purse that was sitting on one of the visitor's chairs. She reached into the side pocket and pulled out a business card. "Here, Sheriff, this is the name of the place I hired to do the jobs. They should be able to give you all the information you need. I just knew him by his first name Joey."

The Sheriff took the card, thanked them, and left to go make some phone calls.

Casey went back over and sat back down on the bed. "How do you feel?" she asked Jamie.

"Like I was ran over by a train. I just can't damn well believe that someone cut the breaks to my Jimmy. Damn it!" Jamie gave Casey a concerned look. "How are you holding up? Damn, honey, I forgot. Your grand opening was supposed to be the other day. Please don't tell me you put it off again because of me?" Jamie asked her feeling a little guilty.

Casey gave her a chuckle as she thought back to the Grand Opening. "No, your mother would not hear of it. She said I had to keep busy. So while your father sat with you, we had it. Amy came back to help. Believe me, Jamie, I swear I am going to hire your mother to manage the place. My gosh, she had people jumping to her commands. She even had Amy moving fast. And, Jamie, no one gets Amy to move fast." Casey gave Jamie a big smile

Jamie had to laugh. She knew how her mother could be. "So is Amy going to stick around and help out with the bar and grill?"

"Yeah, your mom is putting her up in your old room till she can find a place of her own. Also, your mom is going to help out whenever she can. She said it was to help me out, but I know she loves it," Casey said as she reached over and

An uncomfortable silence fell as Jamie and Casey stopped talking and just looked at each other. A shiver ran through their bodies as it finally hit them of what they had almost lost. Without saying another word, Casey ran her fingers softly over Jamie's face. The love they shared shined deeply in their eyes as they went into each other arms, feeling once again the deep love they had for one another as they sealed it with a kiss.


"Come on, you guys, give me a break here," Jamie begged as she sat up in Casey's bed.

She had gotten to finally come home after being in the hospital for almost a week, but only after the doctor gave strict orders that she was not to be up running around. But after being confined to a bed in the hospital, still having to stay in bed here was really starting to get to her.

"You just lay yourself back down in that bed, young lady." Jamie's mom told her as she fixed the covers at the foot of the bed. "If you had done what you were told to do in the first place, young lady, and stayed in bed you would be up running around by now. So just hush up."

Casey laughed when Jamie gave her a sad face. "Don't look at me for help. I'm not going to fight with your mom."

Jamie looked down at the covers. "You guys act like it was my fault that old guy hit me with his wheelchair. All I was doing was taking a walk; next thing I know here comes Evil Knevil racing down the hallway, wham right into me. And then that stupid old lady in her walker started stepping all over me."

By this time Casey and Jamie's parents were laughing so hard they were almost lying on the floor.

"Jamie it wouldn't have happened if you had stayed in bed like you were supposed to. That little old lady was trying to help you, and it didn't help matters by you screaming at the top of your lungs, 'Get her off me, get her off me, she's trying to kill me.' Casey reminded her as she tried to catch her breath from laughing.

Jamie's dad could not help adding, "And the guy in the wheelchair started yelling, 'I've killed her, I've killed her.' And don't forget the patients that came running out into the hall screaming for help thinking there was a mass murder in the place with all the talk of killing. I don't think I have ever seen a hospital so glad to get rid of a patient."

"Ok, you guys, just laugh it up. I'm in pain here and all I get are the Three Stooges," Jamie pouted.

"Ah, poor baby." Casey came over and gave her a hug. "We still love you, honey."

"Well, we can see our daughter's in good hands. So we are going to run along home," Jenny said as she went over and gave her daughter a good-bye kiss and hug. "You be good and behave yourself. Casey, we'll stop and make sure Amy is doing ok with the bar and grill."

Dan gave Jamie a hug. "I will bring some car books around tomorrow that we can look at, honey. Sorry about the Jimmy. I know how much you loved it."

"The only reason that Jimmy meant so much to me, dad, is because you gave it to me." Jamie gave her dad a smile. "I'm sure we can pick out something great again."

Casey gave Dan and Jenny hugs and thanked them both as they left.

She was just walking back over to Jamie when the phone rang. Walking over she picked it up. "Hello? Hello?" but no one answered. She shrugged her shoulders and hung up.

"Who was that?" Jamie asked as she made room on the bed for Casey to sit beside her.

"I have no idea. That is the third time today no one has answered." Casey told her as she sat down. "Wow, I missed you."

"How could you miss me? You stayed at the hospital most of the time."

"Yeah," Casey smiled at her, "But I couldn't do this." Casey grinned as she slid her hand under the covers.

"Now wait a minute, remember I am a sick person." Jamie playfully grabbed for Casey's hand "You have to be gentle with me. Oh god, Casey."

Casey smiled as she moved her hand some more. "You still what me to be gentle?"

"Hell no."


It was sometime later that Casey and Jamie finally wore themselves out. Lying quietly together in bed Jamie remembered the question she had wanted to ask.

"Has Sheriff Mike gotten back to you yet? I was wondering if he found out anything."

Casey adjusted her head on Jamie's shoulder a little. "He called me the day after he talked to us. It seems the head of the company was out of town and would not be back till tomorrow sometime. And of course no one else could get into the files to look."

"Damn, I was hoping he would find something. Has anything else happened around here while I was gone?" Jamie asked her.

"Nope, it has really been quiet around here since the night of the fire and your accident. Just those phone calls today," Casey answered her. "How about I go fix us a snack then we call it a night? Does that sound good to you?"

Jamie was just ready to answer her when her stomach growled. Both of them laughed as Casey grabbed her robe and went to fix a snack.


A few miles away in a lonely campsite a figure was pacing back and forth in front of a campfire.

"Damn, damn, damn. How the hell can two bitches be so lucky? That accident should have killed her and that damn fire should have did more damage. If it wasn't for that old man seeing it, the whole place could have burned down with them in it."

He picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could against a tree, then started hitting himself in the head.

"Come on, Joey, think. Think. You can't let these bitches get away with what they did to you. You've got to show them who's boss. Damn women should know their place. But don't worry, Joey boy, you're going to show them."

He started laughing. "Oh yeah, Joey boy, you are going to show them good." He kept laughing louder and louder until the only thing you could hear in the night was laughter from the campsite.


Casey turned to walk up the stone path towards her home as she came out of the bar and grill. It had been a good day but she was tired and just wanted to go home to Jamie.

She could see Jamie sitting in the porch swing. Casey was so glad she talked herself into getting it when the house was built. Their best time in the evening was sitting on the swing and watching the sunset.

It had been two days since Jamie had come home from the hospital. She still had to wear a knee brace and a bandage around her ankle. They were getting better, but the doctor told her she could still not be on them long, so was not able to go back to work yet.

Things were looking better. There had been no more accidents or phone calls. Casey was hoping whoever was doing it got tired of the games and moved on.

"Hey," Jamie greeted Casey as she came up the steps and sat down beside her. "How'd it go tonight?"

"Great, thanks for suggesting having one night a week being new talent night." Casey laughed to herself. "They are having a blast over there seeing who can sing or tell jokes."

"Welcome. Glad it worked out. Come here, you look like you need a hug," Jamie said reaching for Casey to bring her into the circle of her arms. She was just about to kiss her when the Sheriff drove up.

The Sheriff didn't look too happy as he got out of his car and walked up to the porch.

"Hi, Sheriff. Have a seat. What can we do for you?" Casey asked wondering what was so important that would bring him out this late in the evening.

"Thanks," he answered as he sat down on the rocker against the wall. "Sorry to come so late, but I'm afraid I don't have very good news, ladies. I got the report back today, it seems like this guy Joey is not someone you really would like to get to know."

"Great, that's just what we needed to hear," Jamie groaned. "Why did it take so long to get it, Mike?"

A look of disgust came over the Sheriff's face. "Seems like when I called the State Police to inquire about our man, the officer wrote the name Johnny Smith down instead of Joey Smith."

"When I didn't hear back I called again. When I was told they had nothing on Johnny Smith, I knew there had been a mistake. And had them check for Joey," he informed them.

Casey gave Jamie's thigh a pat. "What does the report say, Sheriff?" she inquired.

"Well." He took the report out of the inside pocket of his brown leather jacket and opened it. "Let's see, his name as we know is Joey Smith. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes and is about 6 feet tall. It seems like he has been in and out of trouble since he was a kid."

"He somehow was able to marry into a pretty wealthy family, but got the job with this crew to build and repair your place, Casey, through some kind of work program. No one has seen him since the day after you fired him. There's also a warrant out for his arrest. The night before he disappeared, he almost beat his wife to death."

"Oh damn." Jamie started to stand up but Casey put a hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

"What can we do, Mike? We don't know where to find this Joey. Damn it, we don't even know if it's him doing this shit." Jamie was angry. She felt so helpless.

"Jamie, calm down. Getting upset won't do any good." Casey turned to the Sheriff. "What can we do, Sheriff?"

"Well, right now don't go out by yourself. Make sure all the doors and windows are locked. Does one of you have a cell phone?" he asked.

Both the girls nodded their heads yes.

"Good. That way if something happens to the phone you still have a way to call out. Always make sure you have them with you. And if anything that is not normal happens, no matter how small, you call me right away. Got me?" He gave them both a look to make sure they understood what he was telling them was very important.

"Good, because I sure as hell don't what to have to deal with your mama, Jamie, if something was to happen to either one of you." Sheriff Mike said as he stood up. "In the mean time I will make posters of his picture and post them around."

The Sheriff shook both their hands as they thanked him for coming out to tell them. As Casey got up to walk him down to his car, Jamie started to stand to come with them.

"You just sit yourself right back down there." Casey pointed to her. "You know the doctor said to stay off that leg as much as possible and walking up and down stairs is not staying off it." Jamie sat back down as Casey turned to walk down the steps of the porch.

"Damn she's bossy." Jamie thought to herself. She didn't dare say it out loud with Casey's good hearing. There are only 4 steps going up and down the porch. Jamie didn't like this feeling of being helpless.

The knee and ankle were healing just fine and hardly even gave her trouble any more. But she would do what Casey asked of her because she loved her too much to cause her worry.


Six more days went by and still nothing else happened. But Jamie would not let her guard down not when it came to the safety of Casey. She even went so far as to have more security alarms put into hers and Casey's house and the business.

She was siting on the grass in the front yard of Casey's place brushing Kaisha, she had been spending most all of her time there. It just felt right to be there with Casey. She knew things have been moving fast with them but it didn't seem to matter. They both felt as if they had known each other for years.

"Hey there, stranger," Amy called to her as she walked up the path from the bar and grill. Amy was taking a little break from being inside most of the morning. It was so beautiful outside she wanted to enjoy it some before it started getting too hot.

Jamie was so deep in thought she didn't hear Amy walk up. "Hey yourself. How's the arm?" she asked as Amy sat down on the grass beside her.

Amy was wearing the work shirt Casey had gotten all the workers to wear. It was a light blue short sleeved button up shirt. With the name Casey's Bar and Grill in small print on the front left pocket and in bigger print on the back.

"It's getting there." Amy grabbed a small twig and started to scratch between her arm and casts. "Itches like hell. How's the leg?" she chuckled as she gave Jamie a slap on the back. "I would ask you how your head is, but we all know it is just too hard to do any damage too."

"Thanks." Jamie gave Amy a look. "How's it going over there? I was just about ready to come over and have some lunch."

"Not bad. Casey has the place running smoothly. What were you thinking so hard about when I came up?" Amy asked as she ran her hand through the green grass Casey had put in.

Jamie thought for a minute. "Tell me, Amy, if you had people looking for you and you were in this area, but you can't stay in town cause it's too small, someone might see you, where would you go to hide?"

Amy waited before she answered. "Well, if I couldn't stay in this town or the next one over, I would go up in the hills and mountains around here. No one would find you up there if you're careful. Why?"

"Yeah, that's what I've been thinking," Jamie answered her as she got up to go find Casey. "Thanks."

Amy watched her walk away wondering what that was all about. Getting up she started to follow Jamie. Stopping she took another look Jamie's way then looked around at the mountains and hills that surrounded the town in the valley as a shiver ran down her back.


"Hey, honey, how are you doing?" Casey greeted Jamie as she came in the door of the bar and grill. "Damn she looks sexy in those shorts and tee-shirt" Casey thought wondering if she should take off early today. "Come on over here, I have a table saved for us."

They walk together over to a table in the corner. As they passed a waitress, Casey told her they would take the lunch specials.

"Wow, it looks like things are really shaping up in here," Jamie acknowledged as she looked around the big room.

There were around ten dining tables set up in the area they were in. Over on the other side of the room was two pool tables with an area a little bit away from them set up for live music and dancing. Right now the jukebox up against the wall was playing, right across from the front door was the bar and through the door to the right of the bar was the kitchen.

"I see you got the other pool table set up. It looks nice in here, Casey. Sorry I couldn't be here to help like we had planned." Jamie gave her a sad look.

"Hey, none of that. It is not your fault what happened and your parents were great help. I'm sure I will put you to work quite often to fix things when you are better. So knock it off, sweetheart," Casey said as she leaned in for a kiss.

Just as Jamie started to kiss Casey again, they heard loud voices coming from around the pool table area.

Looking over her shoulder toward the area, Casey could see a couple of men looking like they had a little too much to drink.

"Oh great, wonder where they came from? I haven't served enough drinks this afternoon to get anyone drunk," Casey stated as she rested her hands on her hips.

Jamie looked over at the men to and watched as one of them walked up to the bar demanding more beer.

"Casey, go call the sheriff and is my dad still in the kitchen showing off his recipe for BBQ sauce?" She looked over to see Casey nod her head yes. "Good, go get him for me." She told her as she stood up and started walking towards the bar.

"What the hell do you mean we can't have more to drink?" the drunken man yelled as he slammed his fist on top of the bar. "This here is a bar right?" he asked the young female bartender scaring her as he kicked at the bar.

Amy, who had just minutes before walked behind the bar, came up next to the bartender. "Is there a problem here, Jill?"

Before Jill could answer the drunk yelled again. "Hell yes, there's a problem, honey. I want more to drink and this here bitch won't get me any."

"Now that's not nice to call Jill a bitch."

The drunk turned around and found Jamie standing right in front of him. "Oh now aren't you a pretty little thing. Hey Frank, come on over here and meet our new little play toy." He wiped at the drool that ran down his chin.

Frank stumbled over to stand beside his friend. "Hell, Jed, not much to her, she's so small. You sure there will be enough for the both of us?"

"Yeah like in your dreams. Now I am only going to ask this once, leave now." Jamie stood there with her arms crossed in front of her.

The two drunks laughed. Neither of them noticed Dan had come up behind them.

Just as Jed made a grab for Jamie, Dan grabbed Frank from behind.

Jamie dropped down on one knee took her right fist and hit Jed as hard as she could right between the legs. As he bent over in pain she stood up and brought her uninjured knee up to connect with his jaw. He was out before he hit the floor.

Jamie heard a sound and looked over to where her dad had Frank. The man hit the floor hard with Casey standing over him with a frying pan in her hand. Jamie raised her right eyebrow giving her father a look.

"He got away and was ready to hit me when Anne Oakly here took him out," Dan said proudly.

"Hey, honey, remind me not to get you mad." Jamie smiled as she took the frying pan from Casey and handed it to Amy. Jamie could tell that Casey needed a hug and was very happy to oblige.

"What is it with you and hitting a guy there?" Casey pulled back a little so she could see Jamie's face as she answered.

"Hey my dad taught me to always hit them where it would do the most good. What better way to drop a guy fast than to hit them there?" Jamie chuckle.


After the Sheriff finished putting the two men into the back of his car he walked back over to the others to tell them what he had found out.

"Seems like we have some pissed off men that want to talk their heads off. Some guy came up to them in the bar over in the next town and hired them." The Sheriff shook his head. "They were supposed to cause Casey here as much trouble as they could. No one told them about getting arrested or beat up for it." He chuckled thinking "how stupid the two men were for thinking they would not get into trouble for this."

"Damn. Do you think it was Joey?" Jamie clenched her fists together.

"Yeah, that is what I'm thinking. Well I'm taking them in to lock up, if all of you would please come in sometime today and give your statements I would be grateful." The Sheriff told them. "I will show them a picture of Joey and if it is him, I will get in contact with the State Police and let them know he is in the area." He finished as he turned to leave.

"Thanks, Mike, we will be in later." Dan told him as he shook the Sheriff's hand and walked back to the car with him.


"Hey, honey, you here? I took off early tonight," Casey called out as she came though the front door of her home. She bent down to give Kaisha a hug as the dog came running to greet her. "Where's you mama, huh, big girl?" Casey gave the dog one last pat and started up the stairs to the bedroom to see if Jamie was there.

She came though the door to find an open backpack on her bed and Jamie taking some clothes out of the dresser drawer that had been cleaned out for her to use. Casey's first thought was, she's leaving me. Even though Casey felt like her whole world was coming to an end she had to ask. "What are you doing?"

Jamie looked up from putting clean socks in the pack. "Hey, what a great surprise, you're home early. I was going to finish this and come over and have supper with you," she said walking over to give Casey a kiss.

Casey pulled back after the first kiss when she remembered the talk Jamie, Dan and the Sheriff had the night before when the Sheriff came by to let them know that Frank and Jed identified Joey as the man who had hired them. And the possibility of him being up in the mountains. The packing was all making sense now.

"You're going to see if you can find him aren't you?" She asked even though she already knew what the answer would be.

"Yes," Jamie answered. "You know I have to, Casey. This has to stop and he's too much of a chicken to show himself. I have to go after him."

Casey didn't like it. Not one bit. There was too much of a chance of something happening up in the mountains. Giving a sigh she knew she wouldn't be able to stop Jamie if she had her mind made up. At least she would not be by herself. "Fine, who all is going with you?"

Jamie rocked back and forth on her feet lowering her head so she wouldn't have to look at Casey when she found out the answer. "Huh well." Jamie rubbed her hand across the back of her neck. "No one is going with me. I'm going alone."

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?" Casey threw her hands up in the air. "What a stupid question. Of course you're out of your mind if you think I am going to let you go up there looking for a mad crazy killer by yourself."

"Now hold on there one minute. First of all, he hasn't killed anyone," Jamie informed her.

"Not for lack of trying for crying out loud," Casey interrupted her.

"And what do you mean you are not going to let me?" Jamie raised her voice. "I don't remember asking your permission to go."As soon as the words were out of her mouth Jamie knew that it was the wrong thing to say.

"God, Casey, I'm sorry I didn't mean that," Jamie tried to apologize.

"What the hell do you mean by that? I thought we were a couple. I thought we had decided to always talk things over with each other. But I guess not." Casey cried as she started to back up.

"Damn it, Casey, don't do this. Please," Jamie pleaded as she tried to take Casey in her arms but Casey backed up out of her reach. "Casey, I can't take dad. He has to stay here and watch over you for me. And the sheriff will just slow me down."

Jamie started pacing. "I'm the best one to go. I grew up in the mountains, Casey. I know them. I would have a better chance to get him than anyone else. Please understand, I can't let this go on any longer. There is too much of a chance of him hurting you."

"And what about him hurting you, Jamie? Huh, what about that?" Casey twisted away from Jamie as she tried to take her in her arms again. "No matter what you think, Jamie, you're not immortal. No matter how good you know the mountains, something could go wrong and you could be the one that got hurt."

Casey was more hurt than mad, because Jamie decided to do this without talking it over first.

"Damn it, Casey, I have to do this. Please don't make it any harder for me," Jamie pleaded with her again.

"Fine, you want to go then go, but I am coming with you. I am young and can keep up, so you can't use that as a excuse to say no." Casey looked at her teary eyed.

"No, you're not coming. You have no idea how to act up in the woods. You're just not trained for it, Casey. No, I'm going alone." Jamie tried to reason with her.

Casey gave Jamie a defeated look

"Well, it sounds like no matter what I say it's not going to make a difference is it? So fine, you want to go up there alone, then go. In fact, you might as well do everything alone because it sounds to me like you don't really want a partner." Tears rolled down Casey's face. "Damn you, Jamie. Damn you to hell for doing this to us."

"Casey wait!" Jamie yelled as she ran to the bedroom door Casey had just disappeared through trying to catch her. "Casey, please, you don't understand," Jamie started to say more but stopped when she heard the front door slam. "Shit." Jamie angrily hit her hand against the wall.

Kaisha came over and laid down by Jamie's feet giving her a look. Jamie looked down. "Well that went well didn't it, girl?"

Jamie felt like crying as she went back over and sat down on the bed that they had just made love in that morning. "Damn it, why wouldn't she listen? This is the only way to do it, I know it is. God, why did this have to happen now?" Jamie thought as she put her head in her hands.


Jamie sat down on the big rock by the creek and checked the bandage on her right knee. As she took a drink from her water bottle she watched Kaisha take a long drink from the creek before, she came over to lay down beside her.

Jamie knew she might have travel in some bad areas so she had worn her canvas hiking pants with the many pockets to put things in and a wool long sleeve shirt. She had her heavy wool jacket tied to her backpack and wore her high top-hiking boots.

She had been up in the mountain since before dawn. She had waited that long hoping Casey would come back so they could talk but she didn't. Finally she called her mom to see if she had seen Casey only to find out that she was asleep up in the guestroom. Jamie wanted to go over and talk with her one more time, to see if she could get her to understand. But her mom told her to give Casey some time and then talk.

So here she was, walking all over the mountains, looking for a crazy man while she was as miserable as could be. Hoping that when she did find Joey he would give her a reason to beat the shit out of him.

"Well, girl, what do you think?" Jamie asked Kaisha as she took the map of the area out. "My thoughts are, he has to be on this mountain. The others are too far away; he would have to be close enough to keep an eye on what is happening around here. Question is where?"

Jamie got down on the ground and laid the map out. Taking rocks and putting them on each corner to keep it from curling she studied it.

"Ok think, Jamie," she thought to herself. "This guy is not a woods man, so he would want to make it as easy as he could. One of the things is stay close to water, not too far into the woods. Just enough to make it hard for anyone looking to find you. "

Jamie started studying the map and circling the places she wanted to check out. After a time she decides she has chosen the best places to look. Folding the map back up she put it back in her pack. Getting up she put the pack back on. "Come on, girl, let's start checking these places out." Jamie motioned to the dog to follow as she started walking along the creek.


"Well, honey, just how long are you going to make my daughter suffer before you forgive her?" Jenny asked Casey with a twinkle in her eyes

Jenny and Dan had talked to Casey and told her that even though they were worried about her too. Jamie's plan was a good one. But Casey was still mad at Jamie for not talking it out first.

"Just what makes you think I am going to forgive that stubborn hardheaded, would - not - listen - to - anyone - else - but - her - own - plan woman?" Casey pouted.

"Because you love her." Jenny smiled over at Casey.

Casey knew Jenny was right. She did love Jamie too much to give up that easy. But she sure as hell was going to make Jamie beg. Casey got a big smile on her face when she thought of all the things she was going to make Jamie do to make it up to her.

They were in the Hutch's back yard enjoying the warm summer afternoon. Jenny had made some lemonade and they were sitting in the yard chairs in their sleeveless shirts and shorts trying to stay cool.

Jamie had been gone for a day and a half so far. Even if Jamie kept checking in with her radio, Casey would not really relax till she came back home safely.

"Ok, Jenny you're right. Jamie does mean the world to me. There is no way I am going to let her get away. And as soon as she gets back I am going to tell her just that. But not before I make her pay for going off without me." Casey amitted to Jamie's mom.

"Oh honey yes, you can forgive them but always make sure they pay for it." Jenny agreed with a twinkle in her eyes.

Casey laughed as she went to refill her glass. "I will go fill this up, be right back." She noticed that the pitcher that sat on the table between the two women was empty.

Jenny gave her a nod and settled back in her chair enjoying her cool drink.

Casey went into the kitchen through the patio doors. She refilled the pitcher with more lemonade. As she started to go back out she spotted the plate of cookies they had forgot to take out earlier.

"Hey, I found the plate of cookies we forgot earlier." Casey called out to Jenny not looking up as she stepped through the door. Not getting an answer Casey looked up to where Jenny was sitting.

She stopped and watched as Jenny slowly slump down in her chair. It took Casey a minute to realize what was happening. She lifted her eyes up passed the chair as she watched the dark hair man bring the cloth that had chloroform on it back away from Jenny's mouth and stand up.

"Well hello there, Miss Marks. Isn't this nice? We meet again," he sneered.

Casey dropped the pitcher of lemonade and plate of cookies. Casey heard them hit the ground as she looked up at the half-crazed hazel eyes as feelings of dread and fear squeezed her heart. "Hello, Joey."


"Keep moving, bitch!" Joey gave Casey a shove to her shoulders from behind. Casey stumbled and fell to her knees for what seemed like the tenth time within the last few minutes.

Casey struggled to get back up on her feet. Which was not easy with her hands tied behind her back. Her whole body ached with pain. Her knees were cut and bloody.

Damn it. Casey knew she should have put up more of a fight back at the house, but at the time all she could think of was getting Joey away from the helpless Jenny.

Her arms hurt where the ropes were cutting into her wrists. And the sandals she wore were not much protection for her feet. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded with all the stress.

"God, Jamie, I am so sorry, " Casey thought as images of Jamie and the fight they had ran through her head "Please, god, just give me the chance to say how sorry I am, and let her know how much I love her one more time, please, god, please."

Joey was walking behind Casey laughing every time she would trip or stumble over roots sticking up. He had dreamt of this moment. Had done nothing for weeks but have thoughts of what he was going to do to her. And now the dreams were becoming reality. In Joey's mind Casey was responsible for everything that had gone wrong in his life lately.

"Did you know my wife wanted to leave me because of you?" Casey jumped at the sound of Joey's voice. "Yeah it's true, she did, all because you fired me, you bitch. But I taught her nobody leaves Joey boy here." Joey started laughing, as the last words were spoken. "Boy, did I teach her."

Stopping Casey turned to face Joey. "What the hell did you show her? You beat her half to death, Joey, what did that teach her? That you're nothing but a bully," Casey threw at him, "I did nothing to you, Joey. You've done it all to yourself."

Casey didn't even see the blow coming to try and duck it. Next thing she knew she was on the ground with pain shooting through her head. The right side of her face felt like it was on fire.

Joey bent over Casey and grabbed the front of her shirt, bringing her up to within inches of his face. "You did nothing, you bitch? You fired me all because of that other bitch you had sniffing around you." Joey hit Casey across the face again, she dropped back to the ground when he let go of her shirt.

Casey felt as if her jaw was broke, she could feel the many cuts on her arms and legs from her fall and not being able to stop from hitting the ground hard with her hands tired behind her back.

As soon as Joey dropped Casey, he started pacing in front of her waving his arms around as he talked. "My wife got mad because I lost another job. She was going to walk out on me. Do you hear me? She was just going to walk out like I was nothing." Joey stopped and pointed to himself as he glared at Casey. Then started pacing again.

"Because of that, her daddy wanted the money back that I borrowed from him to pay off some debts. Shit, the guy's got more money than he knows what to do with." Casey could smell the foulness of Joey's breath when he grabbed her by her arm yanking her to her feet, as he put his face close to hers. "So your see, Miss high and mighty, because you fired me, my wife is gone and so is my money. So yeah, this is your fault."

Casey stumbled when Joey gave her a push to get her started walking again. But this time she was able to get her feet under her better before she fell. Casey was so hot and tired she had to fight the feeling to just give up and sit down. She knew she had to keep going to stay alive. For Jamie she had to stay alive.


"Here you go, girl," Jamie threw the rest of her cookie to Kaisha as she stood up and wiped her hand on her pants. "Ok, girl, let's go. We have a couple more places to check before nightfall."

Jamie bent down, grabbed her pack, and swung it back up over her shoulders. "You think Casey is still mad at me, girl? Maybe I should send you in first when we get back home to test the grounds. Huh, what do you think of that Kaisha, you want to go in first for me?" Jamie asked her dog.

Kaisha gave Jamie a look as if she was thinking about it. Then laid down on the ground put her front paws over her head and started whining.

"Yeah thanks, pal, that's what I thought. Come on, you coward, let's go." Jamie reached down to make sure her hand held radio was hooked tight to her belt. As she moved it back a little, Jamie noticed the switch was turned to off.

"What the hell? Shit, this must have happened, when I went through those bushes this morning. Damn, I hope nothing important has happened at home." Jamie unhooked the radio and turned it back on. "Dad, can you hear me? Dad, this is Jamie. Dad, come in please."

"Jamie, where the hell have you been? I have been trying to get you all morning," Dan called back over the radio.

"Sorry, dad, the radio got turned off by accident. I'm in area 14b down by Flat Rock Creek," Jamie informed him. She had let up on the button but started to push it down again to say more when Dan interrupted her.

"Never mind that, Jamie, you need to get back here fast. Your mother was knocked out and Casey taken," Dan informed her.

Jamie stood there in shock not believing what she just heard her father say. " What? Ah…what did you just say, dad?" Jamie was afraid for him to repeat it. So desperately wanting to believe she was dreaming this whole thing.

"I'm sorry, Jamie, but he got in the back yard without anyone seeing him. He drugged your mom and took Casey with him. You need to come home now so we can get a search going."

Her legs gave out from under her as it felt like a steel band squeezed around her heart, when she heard her father repeated what he had just told her.


"Just how is this all my fault, Joey?" Casey decided to take the chance and try and reason with him again.

She was hot and tired. Her body felt like she had been ran over by a logging truck. She didn't think there was a spot on her that didn't hurt. So she decided to try again. What could he do? Get mad and hit her? Been there and done that. Casey knew she was playing with fire, but she had to take the chance. She couldn't just give up. She had to keep fighting. She owed it to Jamie and herself.

They had been traveling for hours before Joey finally thought it was safe enough to have a little rest. For which Casey was very grateful. Casey knew it was getting late and if she was not found or could some how get away from Joey soon she would have to spend the night with him. She was afraid she would not live to see morning. Casey had no idea what Joey was going to do to her. All he kept saying is he was going to make her pay for wrecking his life. And how he would make her pay Casey had no idea and that scared her.

"Shit, you know you women are all alike. Always asking, 'how is it my fault?' " Joey walked over to Casey and kneeled down in front of the rock she was sitting on. "Do you know what I had to go through to get that bitch of a wife of mine?" Joey grabbed Casey chin and give it a squeeze then stood up.

"I met her at the park. Then I found out her daddy had money and I knew this was the chance I had been looking for. I sold everything to make her think I was up there with the likes of them and their money. I sweet talked her and took her places till I had her hooked. I thought with all her money I could pay off my gambling debts and live like a king." Joey chuckled as he walked around the clearing they had stopped in.

He walked back and stood in front of Casey again. "But her damn father would not let her have her money till she turned 30. Shit, what is with that huh? Oh he let me borrow the money to pay my debt but I had to get a job to prove to him that I could support his daughter. Then you had to fire me and wreck it all. Everything I had worked for is gone!" Joey yelled as he slapped Casey across the face knocking her off the rock onto the ground.

Casey lifted her head to see if Joey was coming at her again but he had walked off mumbling to himself. She could feel blood running down her chin. It was a struggle but Casey was able to sit up and lean her back up against the rock she had just sat on.

"God, Jamie, I love you so much and I am trying to stay alive for you, but I am getting so tired, love. So very tired," Casey thought to herself as she watched Joey turn around and look at her. She could not help but wonder if Joey's evil face would be the last thing she would ever see.



This story is dedicated to my dog Kaisha. She was a great friend and companion. You will be missed my friend.

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