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The prisoner in section 9 level 203 sat on the cold metal bunk nervously studying the walls of the all-metal cell that held her. There was nothing to look at, no bars or windows, no screens, nothing but featureless bulkhead. Even the door she had entered through had blended so tightly into the walls that she could not find the edges. The Amazon crafted outfit she had traveled from her home planet in had been ordered removed to be replaced by a non descript prison shift. Examined from head to toe with scanners that found no weapons or chip implants, only feathered earrings that had been confiscated abruptly. Her waist-length golden hair had been loosened from the braids and gone through by hand in the search for anything hidden. Her slender wrists had been secured behind her back with binders.

Darth lord Xena paused to study the prisoner’s read-out just out side the cell entrance. The girl’s medical history up to that date showed that she was disease-free and had no apparent psychosis. And she had a clean criminal record up to the point she chose to speak out against the Empire and in particular Lord Xena. She ran another body scan on the prisoner; she was barely shoulder high to the sith lord, and the girl’s color-highlighted figure was quite eye pleasing under the thin shift.

"I’ll do this myself." She dismissed the two guards with a wave of her hand. She placed her hand in the door scanner and it opened with an electronic hum.

The prisoner sat bolt upright at the sound of the door sliding open. Her heart pounded at the sight of her. Standing well over six feet in heeled boots. Dressed in black leather up to her chin. Her ornately handled light saber hung from her right hip. Raven hair brushed to a high sheen fell over her shoulders and her full lips were painted blood red. She only met the ice blue eyes for a second before she had to lower her’s to the floor, lest she die from the thrill. She had hoped against hope that the Sith Lord Xena herself would be the one to do the interrogation. Three long years she had worked toward the slim chance for this moment, ever since that first visit paid by Xena to the Amazon planet. She had seen no one else in front of her eyes, had thought of no one else, and had desired no one else. The tiny palm computer she carried with her every where was full of thousands of pictures and articles and the few cybervids she could find, anything about the woman of her dreams. The palm she had kept open to one of those pictures every night by her bedside had also been confiscated, nearly breaking her heart.

A floating tray, covered with a white cloth followed Xena into the cell coming to rest in front of the prisoner. With her gloved hand she folded back the cloth to reveal the collection of evil looking instruments, some of the obviously sexual in nature. Sometimes that was all that was needed. Many other rebels had caved with disappointing speed at the sight of them and of Xena’s reputation for creative questioning. The girl would be one of them, she sensed, but she was in the mood to play. She turned to the girl and, placing a hand under her chin, gently lifted her to standing.

"So, Princess Gabrielle, is it? Are you guilty?" She said in her smoothest voice, almost a sensual whisper.

"Ye, yes my lord." A tear ran down her face, partially from fear and part from sheer joy.

"You’re a smart girl princess. Rather chilly in here isn’t it?" she gently thumbed one of the girl’s painfully erect nipples through the shift. Gabrielle trembled and her knees nearly gave out from the small touch, and she craved so much more.

"Tell me, why do you keep all of those pictures of me? Are you an assassin?" with her greater mind powers Xena willed the girl to speak the truth.

"No, my lord, I think you are beautiful. I can’t get enough of looking at you. I adore you lord Xena. I want to be yours. " She could feel the blood rush to her cheeks, she might never have said these words on her own. Xena’s gloved hands cupped her face. She was quite adept at reading minds; thoughts came not in words but feelings and concepts. The ice blue eyes bore into Gabrielle’s green ones, under black gull-wing brows. She knew this girl was being truthful. She could feel the girl’s arousal. Knew the girl had got herself arrested just to be here. Betraying her people, and marking herself as a criminal against the Empire. A stigma that would follow her forever. Her determination was at least impressive.

"So you came all these parsecs just to meet me, profess you’re love for me, offer yourself to me?"

"Yes, my lord."

"You want me to take you to my bed? Make love to you? Do with your body what I want? Do you know what you’re asking?" Far be it from her to pass up something so tempting.

"Yes! I want all of that. Please, my lord." She was fairly crying now.

"Lick your lips" Xena ordered. Once someone had tried to kill her by kissing her with poison painted lips. The princess obeyed, with closed eyes.

"Again." She just enjoyed watching the action.

Xena leaned in closer, stopping a mere fraction or an inch from the Amazon princess’s lips. The girl leaned forward, her mouth open like a little bird. But the Sith Lord stepped out of arms reach and waved a hand toward the girl. Gabrielle felt an unseen finger trace all the way down her spine, causing her to gasp.

"I will grant your wish. But as you may know the locations of the private chambers of the Sith on this vessel are kept secret. I’ll have to put you out while we travel to mine."

Gabrielle nodded in agreement, relived that there would be no torturous interrogation. She’d also heard stories about those who went to Xena’s chambers never to return. Xena put an arm around her back and waved her hand in front of Gabrielle’s face. The girl went limp in her arms.

Gabrielle did not even recollect closing her eyes, so fast was she asleep. She dreamed about the Sith lord, Darth Xena and portions of her life. Even though her former husband Lord Vader had claimed to have fallen into a volcano. In truth, during their brief, stormy marriage. The young and handsome Vader had had an affair with a certain young queen. (Not that Xena didn’t have plenty of outside dalliances herself) During one of their sparring matches, using live light sabers, they had gotten into a violent argument over this matter. Vader had been warned about Xena’s temper, but was so blinded by love, had married her anyway. In the course of the match she had got the better of him out of the sheer violence of her saber blows. Then finished him off by spraying a mouth full of expensive liqueur at him, ignited into a ball of flame by her saber. The resulting injuries were so grievous, that he now was never seen without the helmet and metal mask that kept him alive, and was said to always be in a foul mood. But was still so smitten with his ex-wife that he never pressed charges against her. Just stuck to the volcano story.

She must have been sharing memories in her unconscious state. Gabrielle had heard of this happening to people, but only when they were true soul mates.

She saw Xena sparring with a student of hers, Darth Maul, and Darth Alti; they had tired her after their best attempts, but had only managed to land one small light-saber burn on Xena’s left thigh.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the wide port window open upon the star-field. Her accommodations were very luxurious indeed. The bedroom furniture was mostly black lacquered and sparsely decorated, except for a strange sort of leather contraption that hung from the ceiling. Darth Xena was looking down at her, holding a small paper box. Gabrielle noticed that her slightest movement caused the bed to ripple like water.

"Haven’t you been on a water bed before?" Xena said smiling down at her. "I bet there’s a lot of things you’ve never done before." She helped Gabrielle to her feet and handed her the box, leading her to a door.

"Take yourself a bath and put these on. Don’t worry about germs, they’re brand new. Something I keep handy for unexpected guests."

After luxuriating in a bubble bath, Gabrielle dressed in the sheer white gown and matching white lace panties from the box. She almost felt like a bride. She caught sight of herself in the mirrored wall in the luxurious bath, and was stunned; the gown hid almost nothing of her nakedness beneath. She let down her hair and used one of the brushes she found on the neatly arranged vanity. She did not think Xena would mind. Every lacquered surface was so clean and shiny that nary a fingerprint showed.

When she emerged from the washroom, Xena was sitting on the bed totally nude and cross-legged. She pointed a small remote control at Gabrielle and the white panties came apart and fluttered to the floor. Xena stood up displaying the powerfully feminine warrior’s body and tawny skin she was legendary for. Giving a small wicked laugh she instructed Gabrielle to lie back in the leather swing that hung by chains from the ceiling. The swing had various straps and loops of leather attached. Xena helped her into the bouncing swing and made sure that she would not be lying on her hair. She had Gabrielle put her hands through two leather loops above her head, and her feet into stirrups that held her legs apart in a wide M when she relaxed. They were loose enough to slip her hands and feet out of, yet still gave her the sensation of being restrained. It had the desired effect of excitement and anticipation. She grasped the hand straps and leaned her head back, letting her hair brush the floor. When she looked up again, Xena was standing in front of a wall of glass shelving, that displayed a collection of pleasure devices of every description imaginable. She was stepping into a leather harness and tightening it around her hips. A smooth, black phallus protruded from the harness and to this she was applying a liberal amount of lubricant.

She approached her partner with an unreadable expression on her face. Suddenly she bent to her knees and started to feast like a wild animal on the princess’s tender folds. Gabrielle threw her head back again and screamed, just when she thought she could stand no more and was about to explode, Xena pulled back and stood once again, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth. "You are so sweet." She said. She loved nothing more than to totally dominate her partners. She stroked the head of the phallus up and down against her opening, teasingly. It was custom made and provided the wearer with a full-range of corresponding virtual sensations, through a discreet little insert.

"Are you sure this is what you want, my Amazon princess? My helpless little prisoner?"

"Take me. Take me, please." She cried.

Grasping Gabrielle’s thighs in her arms she plunged the phallus into the waiting princess with one fluid motion, enjoying the reaction in the girls face. It was heated to a few degrees above body temperature, to provide an intense experience.

"Tell me about the book."

(Does she mean the sacred book of ancient Amazon pleasuring secrets?) The princess thought involuntarily.

"That’s exactly the one I mean." Darth Xena answered with another slow thrust.

(The secrets collected in the book have been handed down from one generation to the next since before our written language, to promote the ultimate bonding with other females, and are only to be shared with other sisters) she thought between her panting.

"You can share them with me, can’t you? Who would know? You’ve already betrayed your sisterhood by being here with me." Another deep thrust.

(HHHAAH! That’s true. AAAH, AHH. Is it true what I heard about how the Sith Lords can pleasure without touching?)

"You have already had a small taste of that in your cell." Xena leaned in close to the princess, kissing her mouth deeply, moving her tongue and phallus inside of her in unison. The princess Gabrielle wrapped her legs and arms around Darth Xena, as their bodies shuttered together in intense climax. They lay there for some time recovering, the swing supporting them both. The princess was enjoying the feeling of the powerful Sith lord’s body resting on top of hers, stroking the well-muscled back and the cool black hair. She just wished it could last forever.

Finally lord Xena roused and, tossing the phallus aside, easily carried the princess back to the bed. She stepped back to observe the princess’s porcelain curves, the beautiful blond hair splayed over her pillows, smiling up at her; her cheeks still flushed pink with love.

"A fair exchange then, my princess," she waved her hand and a tingle ran up and down Gabrielle’s body. "I share the secrets of Sith pleasuring with you and you demonstrate the ancient Amazon methods on me. And no one else has to know, this is just between you and me." Gabrielle nodded breathlessly; not knowing if she was ready to endure the levels of pleasure, that she suspected the Sith Lord Xena was capable of giving her. She felt invisible hands move over her body, lightly.

"Don’t worry, little one, if it gets to be too much for you, let me know."

Gabrielle felt dozens of unseen hands begin to caress her body; arms, legs, breasts and belly, while Xena stood next to the bed in intense concentration. The hands smoothed her curves, warming her flesh were they touched. Her heart was pounding and her breath came in moaning sighs. Xena bent to deliver deep, devouring kisses to her mouth, pinning her wrists to the bed above her head. As the invisible hands parted Gabrielle’s legs and stroked the insides of her thighs, Xena teased and sucked her hardened nipples. She arched her back, moving her breasts closer to the ravaging mouth they were beginning to love. The hands on her legs moved with much more intent, some stroking her swollen, and wet center. She was near to crying as she felt the many phantom fingers enter and fill her. Her hips rose to meet the thrusts, her mouth returning Xena’s kiss, feverently. More hands stroked and teased her clitoris, till she felt that she was flying through space. The tension in her body built up to an almost unbearable intensity, and she was on the point of begging Xena to stop everything, when the release came. With a final scream she fainted.

"They always pass out." Darth Xena said to herself. "Why do they always pass out?"

When the princess awoke, she found the Darth lord Xena lying next to her propped up on one elbow. Smiling at her, she stroked Gabrielle’s face.

"When you’re done resting up, then it’s my turn."

Gabrielle was sure that she would never get another chance like this in her life, to ever again have a woman this fine, no less one that she was so totally in love with. So she was more than willing to share any secret, betray any trust, whatever the out come. Her hands and tongue played over the magnificent, statuesque body like they had done in a thousand of her midnight fantasies. Xena stretched under her touch like a great raven-haired cat, throwing her head back closing her eyes, thoroughly enjoying the attentions, as Gabrielle’s mouth worshiped the warrior’s small up-turned breasts. Her mouth and tongue slowly worked their way down the warrior’s tautly muscled belly, to the neatly styled thatch of black hair between the powerful thighs. She heard the Sith lord cry out as she began the exploration of her most sensitive regions. She could already tell that this warrior would not be as restrained in her responses as the few others she had been with. She brought her arms around Xena’s legs and rested her hands on her belly, so she could gauge muscle response. Holding her began to be a challenge as she practiced her art on the larger woman. The Sith lord’s body started to dance in ecstasy, making waves in the bed surface. She thrashed, sitting up and falling back, whipping sweat-dampened black hair over her half-closed, dazed, blue eyes. She grasped and twisted the sheets, with white-knuckled hands, groaning. Lights flickered, objects fell from shelves, some where in the space station clear communication suddenly became filled with static, computers went on the fritz, people forgot their own names or walked blindly into walls, time pieces stopped or raced ahead, and Gabrielle could feel the Sith lord start to levitate above the bed taking her along. The princess moved her mouth and tongue in the most sacred maneuvers that were proven to bring about the ultimate in climax.

Xena threw her head back and emitted a high-pitched scream that shattered the glass shelving, sending them both back to the waterbed with a thud. For a time her body shuttered, her chest heaving. Gabrielle used soothing strokes on the Sith lord till she brought her breathing back under control. Xena raised her head and smiled at her, her hair soaked, her cheeks flushed.

"Why don’t you move in for awhile?" she said.

"Why not? I haven’t got anywhere else to go."


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