Somewhere in Time

by DS Bauden

Disclaimer: This is an adaptation of the movie "Somewhere in Time" which was based on Richard Matheson's novel, "Bid Time Return. " The characters have been changed a little to resemble a couple of women we all know and love. I took liberties with the screenplay, but used quite a bit of the actual dialogue to keep this story as true and as wonderful as possible. I even made my own cover I was so obsessed! MCA/Universal released this film and no copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this piece of fiction.

Dedication: To my mom, Nancy. I love you, wherever you are.

Thank You's: CN Winters and TNovan for coming up with the wonderful idea of rewriting the movie classics "Xena style." As soon as I received the email, I knew exactly which movie I had to do. This will always be one of my favorites. So ladies, thank you both so much for asking me to participate in such a fun endeavor. I hope you enjoy it as well. May I present, my adaptation of the classic…

Part 2

Rachel ran to the theater and noticed the placard in front of the doors.





FRIDAY JUNE 28, 1912

AT 8:30 P.M.

She took a deep breath and opened the door to force herself to keep going despite her lack of confidence. The theater was alive with several noises from hammering to singing. She entered the theater and anxiously headed towards the stage.

A group of actors and actresses were rehearsing on stage with their director. The stage manager was sitting in the front row arguing with another man. She braced herself as she approached the stage manager.

"…be out of here in two hours? That's impossible! The man's insane," the stage manager cried.

"Nonetheless, it's what he wants and you know Robinson," the other man replied.

"I wish to God I didn't," he said angrily. "All right! If he wants us out of here so soon, let him doff his fine coat and help us tear the set down, pack the…" he stopped glaring at Rachel. "What!"

"Is Miss McKenna here?" She asked shakily.

"You have a message for her, give it here. I'll see it reaches her," he offered.

"I came to see her," Rachel pressed on.

"Well, I don't know, she may be backstage, maybe not. I just don't know."

Rachel looked miserably around then walked up to the stage. She noticed one of the carpenters and approached him.

"Excuse me, have you seen Miss McKenna?" She asked.

"Danke schoen," he answered in a thick German accent.

She quickly turned away from him and knocked into a serious faced man.

"Excuse me, have you…" she started.

"No, I haven't," he finished and brushed past Rachel.

Rachel walked backstage and rehearsed once again.

"May I speak to you a moment, Miss McKenna?" She rolled her eyes and groaned softly.

"Watch it!" A stagehand cried coming around a corner carrying a huge statue with another stagehand. She jumped aside and bumped into the wall.

"Um.. have you seen?"

"Not now, toots," the burly stagehand said sourly.

Rachel blinked at the men and quickly moved towards the dressing room. The door was open and Rachel looked inside finding Maria, a gypsy-like woman on the inside sewing a costume.

"Excuse me," Rachel said politely.

"Yes, my dear?" The woman said looking up.

"I'm looking for Miss McKenna."

"She's walking on the beach of course," Maria strangely informed Rachel.

"Of course," Rachel answered reacting to the oddness. "Thank you very much."

As Rachel left, Maria stood and walked towards the doorway looking after her with a strange expression on her face.

Rachel walked down the corridor as quickly as she could. She found the exit door and headed outside. She followed a path that led down to the beach. She looked towards the beach searching for Elise. The last rays of sunset were falling onto the water. Along the path were several benches and Rachel noticed a man resting on one of them smoking a cigar. She continued down the walk taking in deep breaths.

"I just came sixty-seven years to see you, may I speak with you?" Rachel repeated to herself.

She made a pained sound as she passed the man on the bench who eyed her curiously. She reached the end of the path and stopped to look at the beach. She saw nothing at first, then looked again into the distance. She stiffened as she saw a tiny outline moving almost imperceptibly against the background of the water. Her heartbeat began to quicken and her palms began to sweat. She knew it was her.

The figure walked along the surf line holding her dress above the sand. She moved in a dreamlike slowness entrancing Rachel with each step she took.

Rachel walked down a series of steps leading her closer to the figure. Her eyes never left the figure strolling slowly towards her. Suddenly, the figure stopped and stood immobile by the water, a silhouette against the last dim flicker of the sunset. She was looking at Rachel.

Rachel continued on still not knowing what she was going to say, but unable to stop. She was compelled by what she felt was the inevitability of the moment.

As she neared Elise McKenna, Rachel's expression was taut and uneasy. Elise remained unmoving as Rachel continued to approach her. When she stood in front of her, Elise's beauty paralyzed her completely. Even though the light was dim, Rachel couldn't believe how beautiful she was. The photograph in the hotel didn't do her justice. The photograph that she fell in love with in another time.

"Is it you?" Elise whispered.

Rachel just stared at her incredulously. "Of all the things I imagined you to say…"

Rachel's lack of answer increased Elise's tension.

"Is it?" She said in a demanding tone.

"Yes," Rachel replied impulsively.

Elise began to waver and Rachel reached out to quickly assist her.

"Are you all right?" Rachel asked concerned.

"I'm quite all right," Elise replied even though she was dazed.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," Rachel said gently.

"You didn't startle me," Elise said almost mechanically.

"I think I did," Rachel said with a small smile forming on her lips.

"I'll take you into dinner now." A voice was heard above the steps.

Rachel looked around for the voice and found it belonged to William Fawcett Robinson, the man who'd been seated on the bench. He was a very distinguished looking man with dark hair and a well-manicured beard. He extended his arm out to Elise.

"Could I speak to you first?" Rachel asked as Elise moved towards William.

"Elise?" William questioned.

"All right," Elise said as she moved up the steps to take William's arm.

"Wait a second, please," Rachel said nervously, momentarily thwarted.

Elise was trying to regain the emotional balance she'd just lost.

"Who is she?" Robinson asked Elise.

"I don't know… I mean… I don't know… I think…" She stammered.

"Very precise," he chuckled sarcastically.

"Don't be snide, I'm not myself," she said struggling for control.

"What in God's name did she say to you to make you act like this?" William was stunned.

"She apologized for startling me," she said uncertainly.

William regarded her suspiciously as Rachel started after them.

"Miss McKenna?" Rachel called.

Robinson glanced across his shoulder in displeased surprise, then looked to Elise.

"Keep walking. I'll be right along," he said as he turned towards Rachel.

Elise moved on for several paces, paused, slowed down to a stop, and then finally turned back. She looked distressed and confused as she looked at Rachel and Robinson. Robinson was clearly disturbed by Rachel's presence.

"Are you a guest at this hotel?" He asked her gruffly.

"I don't understand," she answered not knowing what that had to do with anything.

"Are you?" Robinson insisted.

"Yes," she said in case she was being set up.

"Then stop annoying Miss McKenna or I'll see to it that you are put out from the hotel. Good evening," he threatened as he turned from a very frustrated Rachel.

Robinson extended his arm to Elise wanting to end this situation.

"What did you say to her?" Elise asked.

"What have I always said to people like her? To stop annoying you. Now, shall we go?"

Elise hesitated then took his arm as they headed back towards the hotel.

Rachel was extremely angered with herself for her lack of perseverance.

"Why am I just STANDING here?" She stood up straight and started after them.

Robinson noticed Rachel approaching them and Elise glanced back.

"If you look at her, she'll follow us," he said.

"She is following us," Elise answered as Robinson started to turn back to Rachel.

"Never mind. Walk faster," Elise said holding him back.

"You're afraid of a woman?" William said amused. "You aren't yourself, are you." "Stop badgering me and just keep moving," Elise said as they approached the back door of the hotel.

Robinson opened the door for Elise who looked back at Rachel before entering the building. William glared at her as he escorted Elise inside.

Rachel ran the rest of the way towards the back door. She opened it to find Elise's mother walking with Elise and Robinson down the corridor towards the lobby. She watched the three of them as they made their way to the dining room.

Rachel crossed the lobby willfully, intent on her quest. She moved to the dining room entrance and had to wait for several couples to go in before her. The Maitre D' looked at her.

"I'm dining with Miss McKenna," she said as she moved past the Maitre D' before he could utter a word.

The dining room was crowded with several tables of people making her search very challenging. The sound of a light string orchestra could be heard in the background. Suddenly, she stopped as someone plucked her coat, pulling her off balance.

"Ma Cherie," an actress said from a table. "I so admire a woman not hide-bound by fashion," she smiled.

"What?" Rachel looked at her confused.

"That adorable suit! I haven't seen one like it for a decade." "A decade?" Rachel said shocked.

"What is your name?"

"Uh… Collier," Rachel stammered.

"Mademoiselle Collier. Mademoiselle Hammond. Monsieur Fisher. Monsieur Bones." She introduced her table.

Rachel smiled distracted and glanced around looking for Elise as she shook a trio of hands.

"Enchante, Mademoiselle," Hammond said.

"Good evening, Mademoiselle Collier," Bones greeted.

"Unless I miss my guess, you're going to a costume ball," A drunken Fisher said. "No woman would dress like that." "Correct," Rachel said not correcting the inebriated man as she continued to look around.

"Are you still looking for Miss McKenna?" The actress smiled.

"Yes," Rachel replied anxiously.

"She's over there," she said while pointing to the dance floor.

"Indulging in the light fantastic, as t'were," Fisher slurred.

Rachel watched on as many guests danced on the floor, including Elise with her stage manager.

"Thank you," Rachel said to the group as she headed towards the dance floor.

The quartet exchanged smiles and snickers.

Rachel made her way out to the dance floor and tapped the stage manager on the shoulder.

"Excuse me," Rachel cut in.

"I beg your pardon," the stage manager said surprised.

Rachel took Elise away from him. "Thank you." The two began to dance while Elise's composure began to rattle in the arms of the beautiful stranger.

"What do you think you're doing?" Elise demanded.

"Trying to get through to you," Rachel said intensely.

"How, by making a scene?"

"No, I just wanted to talk to you," Rachel pleaded.

"Why? We've never met before." "Yes, we have," Rachel insisted.

Elise stared at her in confusion.

"I know everything about you," Rachel said softly.

"Of course you do," she said snidely. "A little research and you'd have it all." Rachel was frightened thinking that some way Elise knew about the research she'd done on her.

"Have what?" Rachel said perplexed.

My heart. "I'm sure you know my income down to the penny," she said instead.

Rachel was distressed and accidentally stepped on Elise's foot. "I'm so sorry," she apologized.

"If you'll excuse me," Elise said trying to extricate herself.

"Please don't leave me. You don't know how far I've come to be with you," she said desperately.

Elise heard the sincerity in Rachel's plea and it made her heart jump. She wanted so much to get away from this woman, but she couldn't force herself to move. Something in her eyes arrested her will.

"I'm not after your money. I'm not that kind of person… Oh God…" she stepped on Elise's foot again making her hiss in pain. Rachel couldn't bear it anymore. "If I really meant to cheat you, don't you think I'd have learned how to dance first?"

Despite the pain in her foot and the doubts in her mind, Elise managed a smile that melted Rachel's heart.

She looked miserably into Elise's eyes. "Let's sit down before I cripple you."

Elise started to speak but looked over Rachel's shoulder suddenly as Robinson's hand grabbed for it. Robinson and the Maitre D' were staring at Rachel.

"This woman is an intruder. Kindly see to it that she is escorted from the premises," Robinson growled.

The Maitre D' took Rachel's arm and addressed her coolly. "If you will, Miss."

Rachel looked at Elise pleadingly as she was drawn away. Elise spoke up impulsively.

"One moment," she said to the Maitre D'. "I'll walk out with her."

Robinson looked at her in amazement.

"But of course," the Maitre D' said politely.

Elise moved towards Rachel when a glowering William blocked her way.

"I cannot permit this, Elise," he said softly.

"Your permission is not required, William," she said stone-faced.

Robinson realized he'd gone too far and stepped aside. Elise walked with Rachel to the lobby and Rachel looked at her gratefully.

"Thank you."

Elise didn't respond but continued to walk across the dining room. They passed the actress's table and she raised her glass of wine.

"Together at last! Tres merveilleux!" She cried hardening Elise's expression as they walked through the entryway.

Rachel and Elise crossed the lobby and Rachel was eying her uneasily.

"Are you angry?"

No response.

Elise looked around for a private spot. "Where are we going?" Rachel inquired.

Rachel noticed that Elise was leading them to the place where the enormous fish were hanging.

"The perfect spot," Rachel said wanly.

Elise stopped by the fish and faced Rachel. She was determined to get to the bottom of this.

"Your name, please?"

"Rachel Collier," she answered obediently.

"Your place of residence," she continued.

"New York," Rachel said more confused.

"Your profession?"

"I'm a writer; what is this, a job interview?" Rachel challenged.

"Yes, what indeed?" Elise challenged back. "You say we've met…" "Yes."

"…which is patently absurd. We've NEVER met. We're strangers. Total strangers," she overlapped Rachel's answer.

"Then why did you say 'is it you?'"

"I don't have to answer that," she said brusquely.

"I know you don't," she answered almost child like. " I wish you would though." Rachel noticed Robinson watching them. "What's the matter with him?"

Elise looked in the same direction. "Nothing," she defended. "He's protecting me." "From what? Do I look dangerous?" Rachel fired back.

"I'm sorry, but I have to leave." The confusion was just too much for Elise.

She started to turn away.

"Wait," Rachel pleaded. "When can I see you again?"

Elise stared at her unable to resolve her ambivalent feelings. "I have no idea." She walked away from Rachel towards Robinson. His face was filled with worry.

"Are you all right?" he asked as she walked passed him into the dining room.

William looked back at Rachel then followed Elise inside. Rachel looked to the dining room then moved to the sofa and sat down. She lowered her head into her hands and stared at the floor defeated.


Elise sat at her vanity table brushing her long blonde hair while staring solemnly into her mirror. On her vanity were the silver decorated comb, hand mirror and perfume bottles.

"You're going to brush it all away if you don't stop," her mother chided surprising Elise out of her thoughts. "You've been at it for almost an hour." "Yes," Elise answered quietly and put her brush down with a sigh.

"What is it, darling? Are you still concerned about that young woman?" her mother said unbelieving.

"I don't know." "Elise," she gently scolded.

"Well… what if she's the one I was told about?"

"You must be joking," her mother said in amusement.

"Yes, I must be," she said gazing at her reflection sadly. "It's written all over my face."

"You're not a superstitious person, Elise," her mother continued.

"I'm glad one of us is sure of that." "You'll be fine, dear," her mother soothed as she stroked her back. "You've seen this sort of thing before… well with others… and never succumbed once." "I'm good at not succumbing, aren't I, mother?" She sighed. "I'm a whiz-bang non-succumber." Elise stood and moved toward her bed while removing her robe.

"That's it. Get some rest. It'll be out of your mind by morning."

Elise got into her bed as her mother sat beside her stroking her hair. She smiled up at her mother and kissed her cheek.

"Good night, mother," Elise said softly.

"Good night, dear," her mother replied before leaving her room.

Elise sat motionless for many moments just staring ahead of her. Her mind was filled with more confusion than she'd ever known. She reached over and turned off the lamp on the bedside table and lied down. Moonlight was shining down and accenting her beautiful and troubled face. She knew she wasn't going to get much sleep this night. She looked towards the window seeing the curtains move from the breeze coming off of the ocean. The sound of surf accompanied the fresh air coming through.


Rachel came out of the side door of the hotel and moved to the porch heading for a group of wicker chairs. She sat on one of the chairs and gazed towards the water feeling extremely somber. She leaned back slightly and remained there until morning.

As she woke the next morning, panic raced through her body until she looked up at the hotel. She got up from the wicker chair and stood on wobbly legs.

"I've turned to stone," she muttered stiffly.

She noticed a horse and carriage making its way to the front of the hotel and she smiled knowing she was still in 1912. She took the watch from her pocket and pressed the stem to check the time. It was just after six a.m. Winding the watch, she yawned, and placed it back in her pocket.

She walked down the porch holding slightly to the railing collecting the dew on her palm. She rubbed her face with her palm then dried it with her handkerchief. Suddenly, she felt her head in amazement.

"Oh my God… no headache. Not a trace!" she paused to marvel at her health. "Jesus, God! It's a miracle. A bloody miracle!" She cried.

She walked into the hotel and down the corridor and headed for Elise's room. Rachel approached Elise's door and ran her fingers through her long dark hair. She tried unsuccessfully to remove the stiffness in her back as she turned to knock on her door. After hearing no response, Rachel raised her hand to knock again.

"Who is it?" Elise asked through the door.

"It's Rachel Collier," she said as her heart rate quickened.

Moments passed slowly as she waited in agony for a response from the young actress. Finally, the door was unlocked and opened by Elise, wearing her gown and robe. Rachel knew she hadn't woken her but was worried by her tired nature.

"Good morning," she said warily.

Elise stared at her almost accusingly.

"Sleep all right?" Rachel asked.

"Wonderfully," Elise said astringently.

"I'm sorry," Rachel winced. "I didn't sleep well either, if that helps. I was on an outdoor chair, of course."

"Don't you even have a room?" Elise asked not wanting something new to stress about.

"I will. At 9:18," she said too quickly.

Elise stared at Rachel quite confused by her answer.

"I mean…" Rachel said trying quickly to change the subject. "Would you like to go to breakfast?"

"At six a.m.?"

"Oh. Well. Later?" She tried again.

"I don't eat breakfast on performance days." "No, of course you don't," she said forgetting that piece of her research. "Lunch then?"

"Ms. Collier," Elise began.

"Not Ms. Collier." "Isn't that your name?" Concern was etched on her face.

"Yes! It's…"

"Shh!" Elise shook her hands at Rachel.

"What's the matter?" Rachel asked alarmed.

"My mother's in the other room," she said pointing.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said softer. "Of course my name is Collier. I just hoped you'd call me by my first name." "Nothing is resolved in any way yet, Ms. Collier," she said firmly.

"All right. All right," Rachel said assuaging. "Let's resolve things then. Today." "I'll be rehearsing all day," she said resolutely.

"All day?" Rachel cried loudly. "I…"

Elise waved her hand frantically in front of Rachel. "Shh! You'll wake her up!"

"Good!" She said softer but stronger. "I'll take her to breakfast then! Maybe she'll be more cooperative."

Elise tried to be angry but couldn't repress the smile that formed on her lips.

"Stop it, please."

"Will you walk with me?" Rachel tried a different route.

"I can't," Elise refused.

"I'll throw water in her face," she threatened with a look of playful derangement forming on her face.

Elise made a sputtering attempt not to laugh. Rachel grabbed one of her hands marveling the softness of it.

"Walk with me. Please," she begged.

Elise was in turmoil. This went against everything she'd ever learned.

"Oh…" she said as she drew her hand back and looked at Rachel with indecision.

"Say yes," Rachel supplied and prompted. "Yes, Rachel, I'll walk with you and talk with you and resolve everything with you and we'll live happily ever after."

"All right!" Elise said trying not to smile.

She flung the door shut in her face and Rachel flinched staring at the door. After a few seconds, Elise opened the door again and glared at her.

"One o'clock," she said in a deliciously fierce tone and almost closed the door again holding it back convulsively. "In front of the hotel." Slamming the door again.

"Elise?" Her mother called causing her to groan and threw a hand to her head.

"She's crazy about me," Rachel said happily until she saw Robinson glaring at her from his doorway. She quickly turned away, practically skipping down the corridor.


Rachel sat at a table outside eating breakfast in the warm sunshine. She looked up from her meal as she heard a chair pull away from the table. She hesitated then continued eating.

"Can I talk you into joining me?" Rachel asked a scowling Robinson from across the table.

"I want to know exactly who you are and what you are after." "Rachel Collier. Nothing," she answered curtly.

"Do not attempt to gull me, Mademoiselle." "Love the way you talk," she said with a mouthful of food.

"Your manner may seem inexplicable to a certain female party, but I read it clearly enough. You are after gain," he said ignoring her jab.

"Gain," she repeated not understanding.

"Money," he spelled out.

"Are you serious?" She asked incredulously.

"I warn you, Collier. I know about your kind. There is the law and I will not hesitate to make avail of it."

"Robinson…" she started.

"Mister Robinson," he corrected.

"Oh… right. Yes, Mr. Robinson, she mocked taking a drink from her water glass. "You're full of shit," she said in her most polite tone.

Robinson twitched as though she'd slapped him. She picked up her fork and began to eat again.

"You will regret that," he said simply. "I have run across your sort a dozen times over and have always dealt with them as they deserved. The prisons of this country are encumbered with your type of amateur extortionist. Believe me when I tell you, you will join their ranks of durance vile unless you back off instantly."

Rachel put down her fork and began to applaud quietly.

"Good. Good," she said mockingly.

Robinson stiffened and gained control of his anger. He stood and gazed at Rachel coldly.

"The matter is ended, Ms. Collier," he smiled harshly. "You may count on that." "Bye," she said ignoring him.

Robinson turned and walked away. Rachel watched him leave and continued to finish her breakfast. She took the watch from her vest pocket and checked the time. It was nine minutes after nine.

She rushed across the lobby and up to the desk. The clerk looked up and regarded her.

"Good morning, Miss." "Good morning. Could you…"

"Excuse me, Miss," he said suddenly turning to Arthur as he looked guiltily by the hanging fish. "Arthur?"

Rachel turned around smiling at the little boy's face.

"No, Arthur, he said straining a smile to his face. "Sorry, Miss."

"That's all right… I'd like a room, please."

"Don't you have one, Miss?" He asked surprised.

"Uh… I was ill when I arrived last night. I stayed with a friend," she lied.

"I see," the clerk said.

Rachel glanced at the clock over the counter and got nervous.

"You do have one, don't you?" she asked anxiously.

"Uh… yes; yes." The clerk turned to look at the key slots and grabbed one and placed it in front of Rachel. She took it and looked at the number and flinched. The number on the key was 420.

Rachel was feeling disoriented and looked at the key in bewilderment. She put it down as if it burned her.

"One single, three dollars a day, bathroom privileges extra. Would you care to sign the register, Miss?"

Rachel looked at him numbly feeling as though everything was going to go wrong now.

"Are you sure this is the right one?"

"Right one, Miss?" the clerk asked confused.

Rachel didn't know what to say, but was saved as another clerk stopped and took a look at the room key.

"Oh; sorry, Mr. Beals. That room is reserved. Forgot to put a notice in the slot." Rachel sighed audibly making the clerk look at her in confusion.

He turned back around to the key slots and chose a different key resting it in front of Rachel. She tried to control her hands as they snatched it up to look at the number. She smiled and exhaled loudly as her composure returned to normal.

"Right…" she pointed to the register. "Shall I sign in now?"

The clerk eyed her warily as he turned the book for her to sign in.

Rachel Collier, New York, NY

She was about to finish the other columns when the clerk took the pen and turned the book around to finish.

"Excuse me," the clerk said as Rachel stared at him nervously.

The clerk began to write in the book and glanced around to look at the clock. Rachel tapped the book loudly.

"9:18 a.m.," she said quickly.

"Thank you, Miss," the clerk said as he finished the entry

Room 350, 9:18 a.m.

"Bingo," Rachel said quietly.


"Nothing," she said smiling.

"What room is your luggage in, Miss?"

"That's all right. I'll get it myself later," she said as she turned away. She spied Arthur poking his finger in the eye of one of the hanging fish and laughed.

She walked up to her floor and went into the ladies bathroom. She noticed several items at the vanity tables including a hair drying dome and a steel curling iron. She raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

She bathed in the tub and marveled at how sore her muscles were from sleeping on the wicker chair. She washed her hair and relaxed in the soapy water.

After dressing in her only suit, she moved to the vanity table to fix up her hair. She combed out the tangles and sat under the heated dome to dry it. "Well, that was different."

She looked at her reflection and then to the curling iron. She'd never used one before now and decided to try to curl her hair. She grabbed the hot steel rod and attempted to roll her bangs, burning her forehead in the process.

"Ow! Jesus! How do most women do this every day of their lives?" She cried to herself holding her head. "That thing's a goddamned weapon!"

She looked up at her reflection and noticed the small bright red mark.

"Oh, nice one, Rachel," she reprimanded herself.

She put down the curling rod and never picked it back up. She fixed her bangs to hide the red spot, but had little success.

She grabbed the rest of her things and walked out of the bathroom with a dignified look on her face. She saw another woman heading inside.

"Morning," she smiled.

"Morning," the woman replied noticing her head.

She watched Rachel walk away and shook her head in sympathy as she walked into the bathroom.


Rachel was in front of the hotel pacing like a caged animal. She was waiting for Elise to meet her out front. She pulled out her watch again, wincing at the time. She turned around and her frown instantly disappeared. Her heart sped up as she watched Elise walk briskly from the hotel towards her. She smiled as they came together offering Elise her arm.

"Shall we go?" She squeaked as Elise grabbed her arm and moved quickly away from the hotel.

"I'm sorry I'm late. There were complications," she explained hurriedly. Elise noticed the red mark on Rachel's forehead and looked into her eyes concerned. "What did you do to your head?"

"Um…" she started embarrassed. "I tried to curl my hair."

Elise looked at her curiously.

"The rod wasn't hot enough, so I um… added some pressure," she said sheepishly.

"I shudder to think what you'd look like if it were any hotter." Elise noticed William over Rachel's shoulder.

"Don't tell me. We're being trailed by…" Rachel looked back seeing Robinson. "Who else?"

Robinson didn't attempt to catch up with the couple, but was keeping his eyes on them.

"I got to give him credit, he's a bulldog." Rachel noticed Elise's disturbed expression. "Would you like me to speak to him?"

"It wouldn't do a bit of good." She saw something ahead of them putting a smile on her face. "I think I know what would though."

Elise grabbed Rachel and ran towards an odd looking bicycle. It had a tiny wheel in front, a slightly larger wheel in back and a gigantic wheel in between. Elise jumped in front to steer while Rachel went to the back to pedal. Rachel was having a hard time balancing and the bike began to weave from side to side. Elise seemed to have second thoughts as her expression held wary amusement.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, after all," she panted loudly.

"Why, we've lost him, haven't we?" Rachel answered struggling with the pedals.

"We may lose our lives as well," she half joked. "Perhaps we'd better…"

Elise cried out as the bicycle hit a rut veering the bicycle sharply. Rachel jumped off and barely managed to grab Elise before the bicycle toppled over. She held Elise closely for several moments as they stared into each other's eyes. Elise eased Rachel away trying to catch her breath.

"I think we'll walk," she said cautiously.

"Good idea," Rachel replied gratefully.

Rachel moved the bike to the side of the road and they walked onto the beach. Rachel moved to take her hand as she would've in the present day, but seeing Elise's eyes question her, offered her arm instead. Elise slowly took her arm as they walked along the beach. She looked intently at Rachel and made a sound that could've been translated, as "it's incredible." Rachel sensing her thoughts turned to look into Elise's eyes.


"I've actually missed you," she said quite baffled by her emotions.

"How odd. I haven't missed you at all," Elise smiled at Rachel then again grew serious.

"You must understand, Ms. Collier." Rachel eyed her with gentle accusation.

"Rachel," Elise sighed. "I've been dealing with the approaches of women for years now and developed quite a network of defenses. That I'm walking here with you when we only met last night…"

"You did say: 'Is it you?'" Rachel interrupted.

"I was expecting…" She paused.

"Me?" Rachel asked hopefully.

"Someone," she finished quickly.

"Who?" Rachel asked gently. "Please, tell me."

"I'm afraid you'd laugh," she said uneasily.

"Is it funny?"

"In a way," she said with a sad smile. "About nine years ago, I did a play in Virginia City." "The Little Minister. "

She looked at Rachel with suspicion again of her knowledge of her. She decided to let it go.

"Yes," she paused. "One night, after the performance, some people brought an old Indian woman to the hotel we were staying at. They said she could predict the future so… as a lark, I asked her to predict mine."

Rachel waited patiently for Elise to finish.

"She told me I would meet a woman under very odd circumstances. I thought it odd since I wasn't aware of my orientation then. I should say I wasn't comfortable yet." Rachel smiled at her.

"Is that it?" Rachel asked getting no response from Elise. "Elise?"

"No, there's more," she reluctantly continued. "There's a wardrobe mistress in our company whose mother was a gypsy. She claims to have… the power of divination, I don't know… Six months ago, she told me I would meet a woman in late June," she swallowed. "On a beach."

Rachel was impressed then remembered Maria backstage. "That's why that woman looked at me so strangely." Elise looked at her. "I met her backstage when I was searching for you, yesterday." They looked at each other and Rachel gripped Elise's arm with her free hand.

"We were destined to meet, Elise." Rachel flinched as Elise pulled away from her.

"I don't believe in destiny. We make our lives what they are," she continued softer. "I'm sorry. I just… can't accept things like that… I just can't."

They walked in silence until they reached a boulder overlooking the surf. Elise sat on it and looked at the water as Rachel sat beside her.

"Are you all right?" Rachel asked

Elise looked at her without answering. She brushed the bangs gently from Rachel's burn and looked deeply into her eyes. The love she had for Elise was very apparent in her stare. Rachel smiled charming Elise down to her toes.

"A most peculiar moment in my life, Ms. Collier." "You'll survive it, Miss McKenna," she said smiling wider.

"Tell me more about yourself." "Well…" she started with a smile. "I love Mahler's music. Especially the last movement from his Tenth Symphony." This was the music Rachel played nonstop.

"Who?" Elise remarked not knowing the composer.

"Mahler. Gustav Mahler… Don't you know who he is?"

"Should I? Elise answered perplexed.

"Well…" she was unable to finish because she was disturbed by this anomaly. Then understanding, she continued. "Of course." "What?" Elise wondered what her change of expression meant.

"I'll introduce you to his music." "Why did you think I knew about him?" She was unwilling to drop it.

"I thought I read it somewhere," she lied. "A long time ago." Rachel's smile didn't reassure Elise at all. She pulled away from her again. "What's the matter?"

"You said last night that we'd already met." Elise paused. "I know we haven't… Why did you say it?"

Rachel didn't know what to say. "I can't tell you, Elise."

Elise turned her face away from Rachel distressed yet again. Rachel took her hand gently.

"It's nothing bad." Elise looked into her eyes. "Believe me. When the right time comes, I'll tell you everything. I just don't want to disturb you now."

Elise looked away immediately. "But you DO disturb me. Can't you see that?"

"I don't mean to," she said as she lightly squeezed Elise's hand. "Really."

"What time is it?" Elise sighed.

Rachel took out her watch and looked at the time. "A little after two-thirty," she answered.

"I should be getting back." Elise stiffened.

"Not because of what I said," Rachel worried.

"No… I… have to rest a while. The play…" she stammered.

"I understand." Rachel nodded.

Elise took the watch from her hand and looked at it closely.

"It's lovely… where did you get it?"

"It was given to me," Rachel said swallowing hard.

Elise nodded then stood handing the watch back to Rachel. She put it back in her pocket as she started back towards the bicycle. Walking the bicycle toward the hotel, Elise and Rachel were both silent. Trying to break the unease between them, Rachel spoke gently to Elise.

"How long will you be doing the play here?"

"Just tonight," she answered surprised at the question.

"I thought plays ran for weeks," she tried to hide her shock.

"It's only part of a tour," she replied shaking her head.

"Then you're leaving tomorrow?" Rachel hoped it wasn't any sooner.

"Tonight," Elise said sadly.

"Where are you going?" She asked stunned.

"Buffalo," Elise said flatly.

Rachel was extremely upset with this revelation and knew she had to do something soon or she may lose the opportunity forever. They walked into the lobby and headed down the corridor towards Elise's room. Elise handed Rachel her key with a smile, which Rachel misread as an invitation. Once the door opened, she looked to Rachel with her hand outstretched.

"Thank you for the pleasant afternoon, Rachel." Rachel realized that her unlocking Elise's door was only a social formality and handed the key back to her.

"May we talk a little longer?"

"I really should rest," Elise insisted.

"Please," Rachel begged. Elise stared at her while fighting every emotional reflex telling her to go in alone. She couldn't fight the mysterious draw to Rachel any more than she could stop breathing.

"Just for a moment or so," she said finally.

"All right," Rachel said grateful for any time she could spend with her.

She went inside following Elise and closed the door behind them. Elise looked at her unable to move at all. Silence fell between them as they looked at each other. Finally, Elise's gaze dropped then returned back again.

"So, what did you want to… talk about?" She said with a faded voice.

The tension between them was building with each second. Rachel moved slowly towards her feeling her heart begin to beat wildly. As she stood before Elise, she gently reached up and put her hands on Elise's upper arms eliciting a small gasp from the smaller woman.

"No," Elise whispered.

Rachel didn't move.

She reached again slowly and gently cupped one of Elise's cheeks with her palm, caressing her cheek with her thumb. She mirrored the action with her other hand and held Elise's face tenderly. She looked deeply into her eyes looking for some kind of answer. Elise's mind was reeling with the new sensations flowing through her.

"No," she weakly pleaded.

Rachel leaned down and gently kissed her lips.

"Oh, God, what is happening to me?" Elise marveled at the feelings surging through her body.

Rachel reached around holding Elise's body close to hers. She kissed her again, this time more thoroughly. Elise made a slight noise of resistance, but threw her arms around Rachel kissing her passionately. Their lips claimed each other's and Rachel knew she had never known another kiss of its equal.

A loud knock on the door made them jerk their heads apart with a mutual gasp.

"Elise!" Robinson's voice bellowed from the other side of the door.

She instantly pulled back from Rachel upon hearing Robinson's voice.

"Don't answer him," Rachel suggested gently.

William knocked again loudly. "Elise!"

She stopped to look in a mirror and groaned seeing her flushed cheeks looking back at her. She lightly fumbled with her hair and moved passed Rachel towards the door. She opened it finding a very hostile Robinson on the other side.

"I think you had better go," he growled pointing at Rachel.

"Have you been waiting all this time for our return?" Elise asked him icily.

"This is scarcely the time for discussion, Elise." "I am involved with you as an actress, Mr. Robinson, not a doormat," she spat. "Do not attempt to wipe your boots on me!" Robinson paled at her words.

"I'll leave a ticket for you at the theater door," she said turning to Rachel.

Rachel started to say something to Elise, but knew she needed her to leave. She nodded to Robinson and winked at Elise on her way towards the door.

"Thank you. I'll see you tonight," she said as she left smiling victoriously at Robinson as she walked passed him.

William watched her leave with contempt on his face. When he looked back to Elise, he saw the door closing in his face. She locked the door leaving him in the hallway with Rachel.

She smiled at him and made her way to the lobby walking jauntily. Robinson's expression stayed stone like as he watched her walk away.


Rachel was led by an usher down to the first row of seats in the theater and was handed a program. She looked around and noticed the full theater and smiled.

"Not bad, my lady, not bad."

Rachel smiled to herself and glanced down at the program.








Rachel looked up as she heard the overture begin and clapped politely as the play began.

On stage in a bedroom set, Abigail, the maid was opening the bed. Louisa (Elise) came in wearing a gorgeous evening gown. The one Rachel touched in Laura's house. The site of it gave her a warmth in her chest.

Robinson watched Elise on stage as the dialogue began to play out.


Good evening, Miss.


Not good at all. Particularly bad… Help me off with this. I'll NOT go

downstairs again.

Abigail starts unfastening Louisa's gown in back as Louisa removes the gloves.

Rachel watched Elise with an adoring smile on her face.

Louisa sighs heavily on stage.


What is it, Miss?


I've just been dining with the man my father is determined that I wed.


Banker Harwell?


Banker Harwell, yes. All sixty-seven years and five feet four of height and several hundred pounds of him.

The audience laughed loudly. Rachel smiled as she watched Elise on stage definitely in her element. Robinson watched on possessively.


He does have money, Miss.


And never lets a soul forget it. I'm amazed he has the least desire to marry he's so happily wedded to his gold.

The audience laughed again. Elise's gown was removed and she pulled on a robe.


Perhaps it won't be that bad, Miss. There must be SOMETHING you like about him.


Yes. His absence.


The audience laughed again as Louisa walked to the front of center stage.


The one from my dreams has almost faded now.


Uh…Uh...Uh and who is that, Miss? (Confused)


The one I have created in my mind. That special someone who women dream of in the deepest and most secret reaches of their hearts.

The prompter was frowning and running his finger down the script page.

"What is she doing?" The director said.

Robinson was intent on Elise wondering, also, what she was doing. Rachel sat and watched as Elise changed the play completely. They locked eyes as Elise began a monologue all her own.


I can almost see them before me. What would I say to them if they were really here?

The prompter and director were panicking behind the stage. "She's gone insane," the director stated plainly.

Robinson's expression was hard as he sensed what Elise was about to do. Rachel looked on as Elise held her captive with her eyes and words.


Forgive me. I have never known this feeling. I have lived without it all my life. Is it any wonder then I failed to recognize you? You who brought it to me for the first time.

Is there any way that I can tell you how my life has changed? Any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me?

There is too much to say; I cannot find the words.

Elise struggled for control as she spoke her heart to Rachel. Rachel's eyes were filled with love as the moment overcame her.


Except for these… I love you.

Such would I say to them, if they were really here.

William Robinson's face was cold and hard as he moved across the backstage area to a burly stagehand.

The curtain closed at the end of the first act and Rachel applauded her heart out. The house lights went on as she stood to go to Elise.


Elise moved towards her dressing room when the director stopped her.

"What in God's name were you doing?" He shouted.

"Nothing," she said as she smiled to herself.

"Nothing? Rewriting the entire first scene!" He shrieked.

"I got it back on course," she said serenely.

"I know but…"

"Elise," the stage manager called. "Can you hold a moment? We've just GOT to take that photograph.

"All right. Just a moment though. I have to change."

"I know," he looked to the photographer. "Quickly?" The photographer stood Elise against a neutral backdrop.

"A little smile, please?" Elise smiled, but he wasn't satisfied with it. "Not quite… If we could just…" He broke off as Elise found Rachel looking at her. She smiled at the sight of her as the photographer snapped her photo. It was this pose that would find its way to the wall of the Kingston Point Hotel's Hall of History.

"Oh yes," the photographer sighed. "That was absolutely perfect." The photographer went to compliment Elise, but she was already gone.

Rachel and Elise walked hand in hand backstage and gazed at one another. Elise smiled gently at her as Rachel started to exit backstage before the second act would begin. The burly stagehand came up to Rachel, carrying an envelope.

"Ms. Collier?" He addressed her.

"Yes," she replied to the large man.

"For you, Miss." He handed over the envelope and turned away. Rachel looked at the envelope that had her name written on it with a strong hand. She opened the envelope to find the same handwriting inside.

I must speak with you immediately. This is a matter of life and death so do not fail me. I am waiting for you in Room 132.

W.F. Robinson

Rachel looked at the note in concern and left the theater in search of William Robinson. She walked through the corridor until she came to room 132. She knocked on the door and waited for William to answer. Finally the door opened and Robinson greeted her brusquely.

"Come in." Rachel hesitated briefly, then entered and Robinson closed the door.

The older man looked like he was out of control and had been drinking from the florid expression on his face.

"Whiskey?" Robinson offered.

"No, thank you," she declined.

Robinson poured more whiskey into his own glass and took a sip before continuing. Rachel was getting impatient and wanted to end this meeting and get back to Elise.

"Well?" She prompted.

"Do you have any notion of how many years I have been with Miss McKenna?" William asked finally.

"Yes, since March, 1903. What of it?"

Robinson was startled by her accurate answer and tried to regain the upper hand.

"That is correct. Close to ten years. Ten years of nurturing and guarding her; caring for her. Developing her." "For what? To be Mrs. Robinson?" She spat angrily.

"Do you really think I have worked with her for almost a decade merely to groom a wife?" William said contemptuously.

"What then?" Rachel challenged.

"A star!" He screamed. "A stage performer without equal!" William continued his rant. "This young woman has, within herself, the potential to be one of the greatest… if not THE greatest actress of our generation. A queen of the stage… an empress even. An actress with the capacity to surpass Bernhardt as the stars surpass the moon. An actress with such qualities as I have never seen in any woman. The innate ability to wrench emotional adulation from every theatergoer and critic who will ever see her. A power of expression which is on the verge of standing alone on a pedestal which no one in the world can ever touch again. You understand that? Do you?" He stopped to look at Rachel. "And you would have her lose all that for 'love'?"

Rachel paused quietly as his words sunk in her mind. "I owe you an apology, Mr. Robinson." "What?" Robinson was shocked at the words.

"I understand your motivation now and I respect it. You have nothing but the best in mind for her." "Then you'll…" Robinson started with hope in his voice.

"Do you think I'm blind? Don't you think I'm well aware of her potential? Asking her to commit to me wouldn't be asking her to commit creative suicide. Of course she'll continue to act… and grow… and become everything you see for her." "With you at her side?" Robinson said flatly.

"With me at her side," she repeated throwing the gauntlet at him.

"No," he said simply.

"No?" Rachel asked unbelieving. "You really DO believe you own her, don't you?"

"I DO own her," he shouted with a trembling voice. "I have invested all my heart and soul in her and you will not destroy that. SHE… IS… MINE!"

Rachel turned to walk out but Robinson jumped in her way.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I told you this morning that the matter is ended, Collier. It is."

"Get out of my way," she growled.

"You will not disturb her any longer," he said firmly.

"Will you get out of my way?" She asked one more time.

"Certainly," he answered quietly and opened the door and stepped aside.

"Thank you," Rachel said coldly and turned to leave as Robinson smiled.

As the door opened, the burly stagehand burst in from the corridor and knocked Rachel out.


The performers were on stage accepting their first curtain call. As the curtain closed, Elise was panicked and called to the curtain man.

"No more!"

The other performers were shocked by her behavior and looked among themselves with varied expressions.

"No more?" The first actor said.

"One curtain call?" The heavyset actress questioned.

"The audience will be furious!" Another actor shouted.

"The audience be damned, I'm furious!" The first actor cried.

"Let's take them without her," the actress decided.

Elise ran hurriedly into her dressing room and confronted Maria.

"Did you find her?" Elise asked.

"No, Miss McKenna." "You tried her room?"

"She wasn't there," she said as she shook her head.

"What did they say at the desk?" Elise inquired further.

"They haven't seen her, Miss."

"She left no message there?" She asked incredulously.

"No." Maria's tone was sad.

"It doesn't make sense. Where did she go?" She asked fearfully. "Have you anything to… tell me about this?"

"No, Miss. I'm as perplexed as you."

"Help me quickly," she said quickly to Maria. "I've got to look for her."

Maria started to undress her when a knock was heard at the door. Elise ran to the door and opened it finding Robinson there with a grim expression on his face.

She backed off uneasily as he entered her room. He gestured for Maria to leave and she did without a word. He was back in control, back where he was most comfortable.

"Well?" She asked tensely.

"Your Ms. Collier has gone," he stated flatly.

"What do you mean?" She couldn't help the tone in her voice.

"She's left the hotel… and your life."

"What have you done to her?"

"Confronted her," he answered strongly. "Elicited a full confession." "Confession of what, exactly?" She challenged.

"Intent… On your money. Your position," he lied. "She wanted to use you to gain credibility as a writer! Elise accept the truth. The woman's a fortune hunter, nothing more."

"That isn't true!" Elise cried.

"A bit more shrewd than others we've confronted, but…" "Get out of here!" She shouted.

"Of course… We leave within the hour, remember."

Robinson left the dressing room and closed the door, leaving a shaken Elise who desperately wanted to believe Rachel, but was thrown off by William. She took a deep breath and continued to dress.

She ran to the theater finding the company busy dismantling and packing. Robinson was directing the workers when he saw her leave.

Elise ran to the main desk and approached the clerk.

"Would someone please open Rachel Collier's room please?" She demanded.

"What is it, Miss McKenna?"

"I think something may have happened to her…" she paused as the clerk stared at her. "Please!"

He nodded and called for a porter to lead her to Rachel's room.

The porter accompanied Elise up to the third floor and down the corridor to room 350. He unlocked the door and Elise pushed him aside as she entered. The room is dark and motionless.

The porter turned on the light as Elise ran to the closet. She was struck uncomfortably by the fact that there was nothing inside. She looked to the bureau finding only toiletries. After running throughout the room, Elise found no evidence of Rachel anymore. Stifling a sob, she ran out of the room with the porter in tow.


Inside Robinson's room, Rachel began to stir. She was lying on the floor by the bed, bound and gagged with torn strips of linen. Her arms were tied behind her back as well as her ankles.

She tried to sit up to no avail and was tied so tightly that when she took a deep breath, it sent a wave of pain through her chest. She looked around the room looking for something to help her escape. She began to wiggle toward the door but was stopped when she saw that her ankles bound her to the bed.

Rachel lay there powerlessly and then began to yank her feet trying to break the strips of linen that bound her to the bed. After many attempts, she stopped getting nowhere. The perspiration was evident on her sculpted face and she was gasping for breath. She started to separate her legs using all of her strength she could muster. That began to work and she made a sound of pained victory as she continued to work the bindings until they gave out.

The bindings were clumped around her ankles as she worked her right foot free, followed by the left. She stood weaving and blinked hard trying to get her balance. Rachel walked to the bathroom and managed to switch on the light. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and saw herself bound and gagged, making her more angry and determined.

She found Robinson's glass on the counter and leaned backwards to grab it with her hands. She shattered the glass and took a shard to rub against her bindings. After several minutes the bindings were cut and Rachel freed her hands and removed the gag from her mouth. She checked her watch and saw it was just after two o'clock.

She ran a few doors down to Elise's room and knocked loudly.

"Elise!" She shouted. "Elise!"

She pounded on the door when no one answered her cries. "Elise!" With a sob she leaned against the door. "No…" she panted against the door.

A porter approached Rachel unbeknownst to her.

"Miss?" Rachel jumped in surprise. "Are you all right?"

"The company… is it gone?" Rachel asked in desperation.

"Company?" The porter asked confused.

"The ones who did the play tonight. Are they gone?" She clarified.

"I think they're still in the theater, Miss." Rachel whirled around and ran towards the theater.

She reached the door, flung it open and ran inside. She gasped for breath as she hurried down to the stage. She found a worker and approached him from behind.

"Is Miss McKenna here?" "What?" Startling him.

"Is Miss McKenna here?" She asked again.

"I dunno," he turned to call to another worker. "Hey, Rudy! Are any of the actors still around?"

"No! They left hours ago," Rudy answered irritated.

Rachel watched the man go back to his packing as she felt her heart crush inside of her. She let the tears finally fall as she made her way out of the theater. She walked out of the hotel and onto the path leading to the beach. She found a bench and slumped against it while the tears fell freely down her cheeks. She sat there for several minutes before she heard a voice in the distance.


She stood up quickly and looked around frantically. She looked down to the beach and saw a figure running towards her. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Elise," she whispered to herself. "Elise!" She called out and ran towards her with a joyous sob.

After flying down the steps Rachel converged with Elise clinging to her as their bodies met. She pressed her face into Elise's hair and breathed hard.

"I thought I lost you," she sobbed.

"Rachel," she sighed and drew back to look at her.

Their lips crushed together eliciting moans of passion and happiness from both women. The kiss lasted for many moments as they reassured each other it wasn't a dream. Elise pulled away from Rachel and caressed her cheek with her thumb.

"What happened?" She choked out as her own tears ran down her face.

"It doesn't matter," Rachel said. "I'll tell you later."

"I was so sure William had had something terrible done to you," she paused to look into blue eyes. "We had a dreadful row before he left. He said that you'd confessed you were a fortune hunter." "Good old William," she said with a smirk.

"I was so horribly frightened, Rachel," she said as she rested her head against Rachel's shoulder.

"There's nothing to be frightened of. Not anymore."

Rachel leaned down and captured Elise's lips in another heated kiss.

"Let's go inside," Rachel whispered between kisses.

"All right." Rachel led Elise back into the hotel and back to Elise's room.

Once inside the room, the two women held each other kissing passionately. Elise's body was on fire for the first time in her life. She wanted Rachel more than anything she could ever remember. Rachel was tingling all over from Elise's touch.

Elise slowly pulled away and stood before Rachel. She lowered the straps of her dress one shoulder at a time, letting it drop to the floor. Rachel watched in rapt fascination as the beautiful woman in front of her began to undress. Rachel removed her jacket and vest as Elise stood before her in only her slip.

Elise moved to Rachel and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Rachel watched with heavy eyes as Elise unfastened the button on her trousers and let them fall to the floor. Rachel kicked them off leaving her in her underclothes.

Elise led her slowly to her bed and stopped when she felt the mattress against the back of her knees. She lifted her slip over her head leaving her naked in front of Rachel who in turn removed her undergarments.

"You are so beautiful," Rachel whispered into Elise's ear. "I love you, so much."

"Show me…" Elise whispered back sending chills down Rachel's body.

They moved back onto the bed and sighed as their bodies met for the first time. Elise never felt another person's naked body on hers and reveled in the feeling.

Rachel caressed Elise's breasts and stomach with her hands and mouth, memorizing each inch as she went along. Elise was touched this way by no other and when the passions began to rise, the tears freely slid down her face. Rachel made love to Elise several times before the smaller woman could take no more.

The love that was made was more powerful than either of them had expected. Rachel had never experienced such fervor with any other person. Elise proved to be a quick student in the art of making love and Rachel's body shook from exhaustion when her final release had come. Rachel took Elise in her arms and held her close. She lightly caressed her back as Elise rested her head on her shoulder.

They basked in the glow of their lovemaking for an hour or so, then got up and partially dressed themselves.

"I'm starving, how about you?" Elise said with green eyes sparkling at her new lover.

"Sure, I could eat. Let's order room service, I don't think we are presentable to go anywhere," she smiled devilishly at Elise who looked up at her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

After Elise had ordered room service, she spread a blanket on the floor and set up a picnic for them. When the food came Rachel helped her spread out their food of cheeses, fruits, crackers and wine. Elise had a healthy appetite and devoured as much food as she could with Rachel smiling at her antics. They both were barefooted, but Rachel was wearing pants and her unbuttoned shirt, while Elise sat in her robe.

"You will commit to me, won't you?" Elise asked in a child-like voice.

Rachel burst out laughing at the unexpected question. Elise looked at her with a worried expression.

"You won't?"

"Of course, I will," she said still laughing. "I'm laughing at the way you asked."

"Oh. I thought maybe you had another girl out there somewhere."

"No," she said still chuckling. "Elise…" Rachel leaned towards her and kissed her sweetly. Elise looked at her filled with devotion.

"I want to be everything to you, Rachel."

"You are," she assured.

"I know how unskilled I am at making love. How could I be otherwise?" Her smile turned roguish. "I have no background, madam, and no experience. I move too clumsily and forget my lines. I forget the very name of the play. I'm so involved in it." Elise shook with mock madness. "I go berserk on stage."

Elise moved towards Rachel and kissed her hungrily. Their kisses were passionate and loving. Their moans were driving them further into the kisses. Rachel broke away and spoke breathlessly.

"The part is yours." Elise's laughter filled her with such happiness she hugged her tightly.

"Tell me more about yourself, Love. What sort of things do you write? Plays, I hope." "No. But I can try," she smiled.

"Oh, DO try. I'd love to act in a play you wrote… Assuming that I ever want to act again after tonight…"

"You will," Rachel said smiling.

"I know I will." Elise returned the smile. "It will be a different me on stage though. A WOMAN me." She kissed Rachel again. "Oh, I do love you, Rachel. Always. Always."

They held each other as they fed one another. Elise looked up at Rachel.

"What time is it, Love?"

"Pretty close to dawn, I'd say." She started to get up but Elise held her back.

"No, no. I'll look," she said as she got up to where Rachel's vest was hanging and removed the watch to look at it. "Almost five," she discovered.

"I don't feel tired at all," she said surprised.

"Neither do I," Elise replied smiling and put the watch on the dresser and looked at Rachel's suit. "The first thing I intend to do for you…" "You've already done," Rachel interrupted.

"The second then." Elise repressed a smile and continued. "Buy you another suit."

"No one seems to like my suit," she feigned taking offense.

"Can you blame them?" Rachel got up and went to Elise.

"Well, I'm offended." She said as she donned the vest and coat as Elise sat on the bed trying not to smile. "I think it's stunning. So it's ten years old." "More like fifteen," Elise jibed.

"Really?" Rachel's eyes widened. "Well… it's still in first class condition. Sleeves are nice and long." She pulled out the vest. "Room for a growing stomach." She noticed a rip in the pocket. " Even a fashionable air vent in the lining of the vest."

Rachel felt something in the lining and pat it with her hands. "And best of all, a hidden coin compartment for any financial emergency." She said as she pulled the coin from the tear in the lining.

She looked at the coin and focused heavily on the date of the penny.


Rachel looked horrified and made a feeble sound of protest.

"Rachel, what is it?" Elise said alarmed.

Rachel tried to fling the penny away but it stuck to her fingers with a nightmarish adhesion she couldn't break.

"Rachel?" Elise called out to her again.

Rachel began to gasp and tremble as a cloud of darkness gathered around her. She tried to cry out but her voice was clutched and frozen in her throat.

"Rachel!" Elise screamed.

She turned like a statue as the shock set in on what she saw. Elise was fading suddenly away from her as she made a last attempt to rid herself of the penny.

"Rachel!" Elise screamed in agony and disappeared. "Rachel!" Elise's voice echoed on as Rachel traveled back to the future.

Rachel's eyes opened and she stared unwilling to believe she was back. It was deathly still in the room and almost completely dark. She looked around and the room was furnished in a contemporary style for 1979. Muted, her lost eyes searched around the room and stopped on a middle-aged couple sleeping on the bed.

Slowly and infirmly, Rachel moved towards the sitting room. She stiffly held herself in check as she reached for the door to unlock it. She came out of the room and into the hallway looking waxen and ill. She started along the corridor with weak, uneasy steps. She looked into her hand to find the penny still resting there. With a hoarse cry, she hurled the penny and wailed as she moved down the hall.

She went up the stairs to the fourth floor and stumbled down the hallway to her room. She walked as if she were fataly wounded. Finally she reached her suite and went inside, locking and bolting the door when it closed. She clutched her head as she walked towards the sitting room and howled in pain. She barely made it to the sofa were she sank into the cushions breathing heavily.

Rachel awoke on the couch a few hours later when she heard a key in the door lock. She opened her eyes and was extremely pale and drawn. A knock came from the door.

"Maid, Miss," she said.

"Huh?" Rachel replied dazed.

"Maid!" She answered louder.

"Later." Rachel's response was unheard.

"…Maid, Miss!"

"Later!" Rachel said louder taking most of her energy.

"Yes, Miss."

Rachel sat up trying to catch her breath as the pain in her head gave a new meaning to the word anguish. She held her head with both hands as she struggled to her feet and headed towards her bedroom. She searched desperately for the bottle of pills she had thrown to the floor before her journey. Finding it, she took a pill and hoped for relief. With a sob of pain she took out another pill and swallowed it falling onto her bed. She pulled herself slowly further onto the bed to lie more comfortably. She drew her legs into a fetal position and continued to cry until she fell back asleep.

Later that that day, Rachel awoke still with severe pain in her head. She finally changed out of the suit and into her other clothes. Her movements were slow and uneven as she walked. She managed to walk out of her room and towards the elevator. When the operator reached her floor, he eyed her curiously as they decended to the lobby.

Rachel walked to the theater and opened the door to the empty auditorium. She weakly ambled down to the first row of seats, sat down and stared at the stage. Her mind wandered back in time to when Elise was standing in front of her on this very stage. She could still hear the heartfelt words as she spoke them to her.

There is too much to say; I cannot find the words. Except for these. I love you.

Rachel's expression was desolate as she walked out of the theater. She infirmly made her way to the beach watching the surf as it crashed against the boulders. The pain in her head was severe and she reached in her pocket to take another pill. When she realized what she was about to do, she flung the bottle into the ocean.

She barely kept from stumbling as she walked back to the hotel. Her eyes were swollen from the constant tears, but she wasn't able to stop them. Her face was filled with torment as she headed through the lobby and towards the Hall of History. She leaned against the wall holding the photograph of her lost beloved. The tears blurred her view of Elise's emerald eyes. With a final glance she left the corridor and headed to her room.

As Rachel entered the sitting room, she turned and locked the door. She could barely walk and her face was practically white. With staggered footing, she moved across the room into her bedroom. She entered the room and wavered unsteadily as she moved to her bedside table where her cassette recorder rested. Using strength she didn't know she had, she ejected the instructional cassette and inserted Mahler's Tenth. She pressed play and walked towards the French doors leading to the balcony.

She sat down in the chair on the balcony as the strains of Mahler came through the door. Her expression was one of acceptance, reminiscent of Elise's in her eightieth year, while she stared at the same surf, and listened to the same music. Rachel took one last look of the surf and closed her eyes as she let the music claim her soul.

As she opened her eyes she saw the last of the sunset resting against the water. In the distance, Rachel squinted and saw a tiny outline of a figure almost imperceptibly against the background of the water. Staring at the figure, she held her breath. The figure walked near the surf line holding her dress above the sand. Her movements were dreamlike in their slowness. Rachel knew it was Elise and now understood that she was no longer of this world.

Rachel looked down and was wearing her suit from 1912. She was standing in front of the wooden steps leading her to the beach. Rachel was in perfect health once again. The nebulous sunset added to her anxiousness of seeing Elise again. The vagueness of the moment was getting clearer with each step that took her closer to her beloved. Rachel slowly approached the figure that was standing immobile by the water. She looked at Rachel and started to run to her. Rachel smiled wide and began to run to her. They coalesced in an emotional reunion. Their arms wrapped around each other as their lips came together. As they stood in each other's arms, their figures began to fade with the sunset as it took them home.



The End

I hope you enjoyed my adaptation of this movie. It will always remain one of my absolute favorites.

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