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A Charmed Life

Chapter 9

After visiting Lauren’s house that Saturday and subsequently turning in a ridiculously low bid on the work Lauren wanted done, Kate waited anxiously to hear back from Lauren.

She didn’t have to wait long. Lauren called her the next Saturday to tell her she had the job.

Kate was ecstatic. “I just want to warn you of one thing Lauren – I like to do a lot of the work myself, so I’m pretty slow – that’s one reason I’m so cheap.” Kate laughed. What she’d told Kate was a slight untruth, but she wanted to drag out the work at Lauren’s home as long as possible.

Lauren chuckled. “I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. You were 20% below the next lowest bidder.”

“Hey - Slow and steady wins the race, ” Kate replied, laughing. That had been Kate’s philosophy for some time now.

Kate showed up to begin work that Monday. The girls were off school for their summer break and Lauren had taken a short two-week vacation, intending on doing some painting and redecorating in other parts of the house while Kate was working on the major renovations.

Kate could hardly suppress her joy at the prospect of being in the house with her family. What she couldn’t figure out is how she’d ever bring herself to walk away again.

Kate started on the large deck addition on the back of the house, since Lauren wanted it finished so they could use it later that summer. As Kate worked, Lindsey who seemed friendly and inquisitive, watched her and asked one question after the other - seemingly intrigued by the details of laying out the deck and setting the supports in place.

Kate chatted with the curious little girl, explaining to her what the finished product was going to look like. Lindsey was especially excited to hear about the hot tub that was going to be installed on the deck. Kate grimaced slightly to herself, hoping she hadn’t spoiled a surprise.

Kris, on the other hand, was sullen and unfriendly, not attempting to disguise her aggravation with the endless hammering and sawing in the backyard. Having ignored Kate since she arrived, she eventually came outside, glancing dismissively at Kate. She walked over to a basketball goal in the backyard that Shawn had hung many years ago, and began shooting baskets.

Distracted, Kate glanced over at her occasionally. Finally, she put down her tools and walked over to the unfriendly girl.

“Uhm – you’re doing that all wrong you know.” Kate said, hoping not to offend the surly teenager.

Kris looked abruptly over at Kate with a look that radiated hostility. “What would you know about it?”

Kate smiled nervously. “Well, I played basketball quite a bit when I was younger – I was pretty good at it too.” Kate hesitated slightly over the untruth. Shawn may have played high school and college basketball, been first team all-state as a Junior and Senior and Honorable Mention All-American in college, but Kate – despite being an excellent natural athlete - had avoided sports for fear of being stigmatized as a lesbian, and had never played organized basketball.

“First of all - you’re not squaring to the basket and you’re pushing off with the wrong foot, plus…” Here Kate glanced over at the basketball goal, noticing something she’d missed before. “…that goal isn’t at regulation height. That’s going to throw off your shot – and if your shot mechanics ever get off…”

Kris looked somewhat taken aback. She had a lot potential in basketball, and worked hard at getting better, but her Junior High coach was a math teacher first and did essentially no skills development. As a matter of fact, he did little more than throw them the ball when they practiced.

“Uh – well the goal came loose a few years ago and when my uncle Mason fixed it I think he lowered to make it easier for me to hit the basket.” Kris replied, her voice losing some of its hostility.

Kate rolled her eyes at this – it sounded so much like her lovable but ambitionless brother – lower your standards so that they are easy to achieve. Kate glanced back at Kris, hoping to establish a rapport with the stand-offish girl.

“Do you want me to put it back to the proper height? I’ve got my ladder here with me. It won’t take a minute.” Kate offered, smiling.

Kris looked at the woman with confusion. ‘Why is she being so nice to me?’ she wondered. Looking into Kate’s warm brown eyes, Kris couldn’t make herself respond with one of her customary rude retorts.

“Yeah, sure – that would be great. I guess it never occurred to me that it would hurt my shot.” Kris said, her face breaking into a smile.

A few hours later, a paint-smudged Lauren emerged from the house to check on Kate’s progress and was shocked to find her normally withdrawn daughter in a spirited game of one-on-one with her carpenter – and with very little work done on the deck.

Lauren didn’t know whether she should be pleased or angry. ‘At least I’m not paying her by the hour,’ Lauren thought to herself. Looking at Kris however and hearing her happy laughter, she knew there was no way she could be mad at Kate.

Lauren withdrew back into the house without drawing their attention, ‘What an unusual woman,’ she mused.

Chapter 10

A few weeks into the renovation, despite all of the distractions, Kate had finished up the deck construction and brought in an electrician and plumber to do the final hookup on the hot tub. Kate felt somewhat guilty about how long it had taken her to complete the job, and after paying her subcontractors, she really was making hardly any money on the job, but she’d had a wonderful time getting to know Kris and Lindsey.

After a rough beginning, Kate had actually bonded easily with the normally reserved Kris. She couldn’t believe how much they had in common. They even had the same sense of humor. Meanwhile, making friends with the friendly and outgoing Lindsey had been easy.

The only bad thing about the two weeks was that Lauren had studiously avoided her most of the time, keeping herself busy with the painting and redecoration she was doing in the master bedroom and bath.

When the deck was finished however, Lauren announced she was going to have friends and family over for a big cookout to show off her new deck, hot tub, and built-in stainless steel grill. Much to Kate’s surprise, Lauren invited her to the party. Needless to say, Kate accepted without hesitation.

When the day of the party arrived, Kate was incredibly nervous. After changing outfits at least three times, she finally settled on khaki cargo shorts and a plain blue polo.

Kate’s perturbation increased ten-fold on arriving at the house slightly late and finding at least a dozen cars parked in front of the house. Kate tried to calm herself with the knowledge that most of the guests were people she had probably known and loved in her former life and not complete strangers. She had to admit however that part of her worry had to do with her fear at becoming emotional in the presence of old friends and family.

Lauren came to the door when Kate knocked and seemed extremely pleased to see her.

‘Kate, I was afraid you weren’t coming!” Lauren looked down at the wrapped gift Kate was holding out towards her. “What’s this? Kate, you didn’t have to bring anything.”

“It’s a deck-warming gift.” Kate laughed.

Lauren quickly unwrapped the long, thin package, revealing a set of stainless steel barbecue tools. “Well, this is what I call an appropriate gift.” Lauren stated laughingly, extremely charmed by Kate’s simple and thoughtful gift.

“Well - I notice your old ones had flipped one too many hamburgers – and barbecue tools are not exactly the kind of things most women think to buy themselves.” Kate said, her eyes twinkling.

“Except you, of course,” Lauren interjected. “I bet you’re really into tools, aren’t you?” She said, winking at Kate.

Kate blinked and stuttered, blushing slightly, “Busted.”

Lauren grimaced inwardly, ‘Damn, that was definitely flirting. Why does she have to be so incredibly cute? I keep forgetting to behave myself.’

Lauren ushered Kate in the house and out on the deck. Kate immediately recognized one of the guests.

“Holly!” Lauren called out. Holly turned, smiling at Lauren and giving Kate an assessing glance. “Kate this is Holly Sargento, and this is her partner, Paula. Holly, Kate is the contractor I told you about.”

Kate glanced at Holly, who - other than her newly short hair - looked little changed from the last time she’d seen her. Her partner was a cute petite brunette. Kate couldn’t believe that the serial dating Holly had actually settled down.

Kate held out her hand, which Holly shook a little too firmly. “It’s nice to meet you, Holly…Paula.” Kate said, grimacing slightly.

“You do great work. The deck is beautiful. I can’t wait to see everything when it’s finished.” Holly said, looking around.

Before Kate could answer, Lauren was called away to a kitchen emergency, leaving Kate alone with Holly.

“So – are you single?” Holly asked suddenly.

Kate wasn’t sure where this line of questioning was heading. “Um - Yes, I’m single.”

“Are you gay?” Holly asked, which made Paula elbow her in the ribs.

“Holly – for Heaven’s sake, stop being so rude,” Paula said, laughing. “Ignore her, Kate. She thinks she’s the lesbian Cupid.”

Kate laughed, somewhat taken aback - shocked at Holly’s boldness, but she felt compelled to be truthful. “Yes, I’m gay. Now - may I ask why you’re giving me the third degree?”

Holly sighed. “Listen – I’m sorry, Kate. I don’t want you to think I’m an ass, but Lauren is a dear friend of mine, and I can’t help but try and look out for her.”

Kate nodded, still not quite understanding.

“Has she told you about Shawn?” Holly asked, frowning slightly. Kate had never asked Lauren about Shawn, although she couldn’t help but notice the pictures of her scattered throughout the house. One picture in particular, a family portrait taken shortly before Shawn’s death, was hung prominently in the entrance hallway.

“I’ve seen the pictures of Lauren and another woman around the house, but I’ve never asked – I assume that’s Shawn?” Kate replied.

Holly nodded. “Shawn was killed about seven years ago. They came home one night and interrupted a burglary in progress and Shawn was shot. It almost destroyed Lauren. Kris was devastated too – she saw the whole thing and watched her mom die. She barely spoke for a year.”

Kate struggled not to show her emotions. “That’s terrible. I had kind of wondered why Kris seemed to have so much anger inside her.”

“Lauren says you and Kris have become the best of friends,” Holly said, thoughtfully. “That’s pretty incredible. As a matter of fact, Lauren can’t seem to say enough good things about you. Every time I talk to her on the phone I hear some new anecdote about the amazing Kate.” Holly smirked. “I’m glad to finally get to meet such a paragon.”

Kate felt slightly giddy to hear that Lauren had been talking about her to Holly, particularly as she seemed to have been going out of her way to avoid her recently.

“So when are you going to get around to asking her out on a date?” Holly asked, laughing at Kate’s shocked look.

Kate stuttered. “I – I, uhm – I don’t think she’d be interested in dating me.”

Holly laughed at Kate’s uncomfortable response. “Oh, I’m not saying Lauren might not turn you down the first time, but I’ve waited seven years for Lauren to show some sign she was ready to return to the living, and you’re the first woman she’s shown the slightest interest in. All I know is that I hope you’re as nice as you seem to be. Lauren deserves some happiness in her life. She’s been alone way too along.”

Just then Lauren returned from the kitchen, much to Kate’s relief. “Holly, I hope you’re being nice to my guest.”

“Of course I am.” Holly responded innocently, giving Kate a conspiratorial wink.

“Let’s go meet the other guests.” Lauren said, giving Holly a cautionary glance and linking her arm with Kate’s - leading her off into the crowd.

Several people Kate knew from her life as Shawn where there, but there were new faces as well. Her brother Mason was there with his partner, Stewart, a handsome older man with curly gray hair. Her sister Helena was there with her husband, Greg, and her children, a rambunctious pair of identical twin boys that were apparently born a few years after Shawn’s death. From talking to Helena, Kate learned that both Shawn’s and Lauren’s parents had retired to Florida, were living in the same up-scale retirement community, and had become the best of friends.

The night passed in a whirl of activity. Kate had enjoyed herself tremendously but was exhausted and couldn’t suppress a yawn.

Lauren noticed and laughed at her. “Oh, are we boring you that badly?”

“Actually, I’m having a great time, but I’m wearing out. Considering I need to be here bright and early Monday morning to start on your family room addition, I probably need to get home and get some rest.”

Lauren smiled understandingly and walked with Kate out to her truck. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself tonight. You’ve worked really hard these last few weeks, and entertaining my kids was thrown in as a freebie.”

Kate laughed, folding her arms and leaning her hip against her truck.. “It was a pleasure. I love kids.” Kate hesitated, not wanting to overstep her boundaries. “I regret not ever having any of my own. You’ve got two great kids, by the way.”

Lauren leaned up against the truck as well, facing Kate, her eyes glistening slightly in the moonlight. She looked at Kate, smiling slightly and shaking her head somewhat bemusedly. “You’re such an amazing woman. I can’t quite figure out how it’s possible that you’re still single.”

Kate flushed. “Perhaps I just haven’t met the right woman yet.” With that Kate and Lauren’s eyes locked in a heated glance and Kate leaned forward toward the tempting lips she hadn’t tasted in what seemed like an eternity.

As soon as their lips met, a shudder and a flash of heat washed through Kate, and the tentative kiss soon became passionate and out-of-control. Kate abruptly turned Lauren, pressing her back against the truck as their tongues probed each other’s mouths hotly and their teeth clashed. Kate wrapped her arms tightly around Lauren, pressing their breasts together as she kissed down Lauren’s neck.

Kate pressed her leg into the warm place between Lauren’s thighs. Kate could feel the wet heat radiating off Lauren on the bare skin of her thigh. The sensation set off a hot throbbing between Kate’s legs that made her draw back slightly, ‘My God, I’m going to cum just from touching her’, Kate thought to herself as she drew back, amazed at the intensity of her body’s response.

Kate’s slight withdrawal seemed to snap Lauren out of her passionate haze and she pushed Kate away none too gently, slightly disturbed by her actions. She moved away from the truck and several feet away from Kate, turning her back to Kate and breathing deeply to regain her composure.

“Lauren, are you okay?” Kate asked, terrified that she had overstepped her boundaries.

Lauren turned and attempted to give Kate a reassuring smile. “I’m alright Kate. It’s nothing you did. I wanted that as much as you did.” Lauren looked down then back up a Kate. “It’s just a little too much for me, too soon. I - I haven’t been with anyone since…”

“Holly told me about Shawn.” Kate said, abruptly.

Lauren shook her head and blinked back tears. “Why doesn’t that surprise me? Holly is the nosiest person I’ve ever met.” Lauren laughed and glanced back at me. “Listen, I don’t want this to cause any awkwardness between us, Kate. I want you to know that I really, really like you and I want us to be friends.”

Seeing Kate’s somewhat glum expression, Lauren reached up and brushed her fingers along her cheek. “But I’d also like to see where this takes us. I just need to go slow, Kate. This is really, really hard for me.”

Kate smiled back at Lauren, grasping her hand and squeezing before leaning forward to give her a chaste kiss on the cheek. “I can handle that,” she said. “Slow and steady…remember.”

With that Kate climbed into her truck and drove back to her lonely apartment, knowing that in spite of her exhaustion, she wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night.

Chapter 11

The family room addition was the most difficult part of the remodel, and Kate had to bring in a crew to help with the demolition work and the excavation for the new foundation. Coordinating the work kept her busy all week, so she rarely saw Lauren and was too preoccupied to visit with the girls. By the end of the week, she was exhausted and missed her time with the girls and Lauren terribly.

Kate had found out from talking to Kris that she had a softball game on Saturday afternoon. Kris was going to be pitching and wanted Kate to go to the game to cheer her on, but Kate wanted to okay it with Lauren first.

When Lauren arrived home from work Friday night, Kate was waiting for her in the kitchen. As she entered the room, Kate felt a surge of emotion and affection. Even tired and slightly rumpled, Lauren looked beautiful to Kate.

Lauren smiled over at Kate as she removed a glass from an overhead cabinet and poured herself a glass of red wine. “TGIF.” She motioned toward Kate with the wine bottle. “Can I interest you in a drink?”

Kate shook her head. “No thanks. I don’t drink…not anymore at least.”

Lauren sipped her wine and frowned at Kate, thinking. “I know there has to be a vice in there somewhere. Let’ see – sloth? Definitely not. Gluttonly? Hardly…”

“I’ve renounced all of my vices.” Kate smirked at Lauren. “Wait a minute…is lust considered a vice?”

Lauren looked at me and blushed. “Gotcha…”

Just then Kris, who’d just arrived home from a friend’s house, ran excitedly into the room. “Have you asked her yet? Did she say it was okay? Is it okay, Mom?” She asked, glancing over at her Mother hopefully.

Kate laughed at Kris’ enthusiasm. “I was just getting around to it before I was interrupted.”

“Alright, alright, I’m leaving.” Kris rolled her eyes and turned to leave the room. “Say yes, mom – Please?” she tossed over her shoulder as she ran out of the room towards her bedroom.

Lauren looked towards Kate curiously. “Exactly what am I supposed to say yes to?”

“Kris wants me to come to her game tomorrow.” Lauren started to respond, but Kate raised her hand to stop her. “But I thought we could make a day of it. Take the girls out to dinner and a movie after the game.”

“That sounds like a great idea. Do you want to meet us there or drive over to the game with us? “ Lauren responded happily.

“Actually I wanted to pick all of you up and drive you over in my truck. Kris thinks my truck is cool anyway and she’s been wanting to ride in it.”

Lauren laughed, delighted. “Station wagons just aren’t very cool, are they? That sounds like a great idea, Kate.” Lauren stepped forward and grasped my hand. “You know, I really appreciate the time you spend with Kris, it’s rare for her to take to someone like she has you. The only problem is, I’m beginning to think she likes you better than she does me.”

“Oh no, she loves you dearly Lauren. I’ve just got much cooler tools…” Kate replied, laughing as Lauren shook her head at her and rolled her eyes.

“You are so bad,” Lauren said, amused.

My God, she’s beautiful, Kate marveled.



Chapter 12

The Saturday outing with Lauren and the girls was wonderful and was repeated several times over the next few weekends, although they did something a little different each time.

Kate began going to all of Kris’ games and even to some of her practices so she could talk to her coaches about her progress. Lauren suspected the coaches were beginning to think that Kate, not Lauren, was Kris’ mom.

Meanwhile the subcontractors Kate brought in had finished up the exterior work on the family room addition, as well as the interior wiring and sheetrock, so that Kate was back to working on her own finishing up the interior details. One item was a surprise - built-in custom cabinetry to house the home entertainment center.

Kate felt increasingly frantic however as her work on the house neared completion. Although she knew her friendship with Lauren was established enough to continue even after the house was finished, she was going to miss seeing the girls and Lauren almost every day, if only briefly, and the house had begun to feel more like home to her than her apartment. Leaving it every day was getting increasingly difficult.

Finally, the day arrived when Kate put the finishing touches on the new family room. When she’d started on the cabinetry, she’d asked Lauren and the girls to stay out of the room and kept the doors closed at all times.

When Lauren got home from work that night, Kate ushered her into the new family room.

“So – what do think?” Kate asked somewhat nervously.

Lauren looked around and walked up to the beautifully crafted cabinetry, running her hands over some intricate scrollwork on the edge of each shelf. Lauren turned toward Kate, her eyes glistening with tears. “It’s absolutely beautiful. Kate, you didn’t have to do this. You must have spent most of the last two weeks working on this. It’s amazing.”

“I wanted to do something special for you. I enjoyed every minute of it.” Kate said, slightly embarrassed.

Lauren walked up to Kate and grasped her hand. “You enjoy furniture-building so much. I don’t understand why you don’t make a career out of it. You could charge a small fortune for those pieces you have in your house. “

Kate smiled, squeezing Lauren’s hands with hers. “You know, you just may be right. I’ll definitely think about it.”

“Of course I’m right.” Lauren said with a self-satisfied grin.

“You know, now that I’m finished with the house I thought we could do something to celebrate this weekend…” Kate said.

Lauren frowned somewhat dejectedly, “The girls are spending the weekend with Mason.”

“…just the two of us.” Kate finished.

Lauren squinted her eyes at Kate. “What exactly did you have in mind, Ms. Haliday?”

“How about a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant – Vittorio’s? I know you can’t resist great Italian food.” Kate replied, reaching over to grasp Lauren’s hand.

“How did you know Vittorio’s was my favorite restaurant?” Lauren asked skeptically.

Kate froze momentarily, realizing she’d remembered from their previous life together. “It was Kris,” Kate stuttered, ”I think Kris told me.”

‘Well I appreciate Kris looking out for me, but are you sure you haven’t been talking to Holly again?” Lauren asked, skeptically.

Kate relaxed. “I promise I haven’t been talking to Holly…” Kate leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Lauren’s upturned mouth, “…about your restaurant preferences, that is.”

Kate actually had met Holly for lunch several times since the cookout. Holly was a great friend to Lauren, and Kate was touched by her concern and protectiveness towards her. Dealing with Holly had been as bad as dealing with Lauren’s over-protective dad many years ago.

Kate left Lauren’s that night feeling as if everything she’d worked for was within her reach. The look Lauren had given her before she left was anything but friendly, it radiated desire and some unspoken emotion, and Kate had no doubt it mirrored the look in her own eyes.

Chapter 13

Much to her dismay, Kate, whose wardrobe was pretty much limited to jeans and t-shirts, had no choice but to go shopping Saturday morning to find suitable clothing for her date. Shopping malls were among Kate’s least favorite places on earth.

Walking past the racks of summer-weight dresses and skirts with barely a glance, Kate soon settled on loose-fitting, low-waisted white linen pants and an intricately patterned sleeveless cotton tunic top that she paired with a coordinating choker-style necklace. The outfit was still fairly dressy, but at least Kate was comfortable with it. She also spontaneous stopped at a store in the mall and got a manicure. Kate’s job was hard on her hands and especially her fingernails.

Kate showed up a little early to pick up Lauren, and was rendered slightly breathless by the sight that greeted her when Lauren opened the door. Lauren was wearing a simple yellow halter-style dress that clung to every curve and beautifully complemented Lauren’s lightly tanned skin and sun-streaked golden hair. She was the most beautiful thing Kate had ever laid eyes on.

Kate and Lauren talked very little during dinner. Kate’s emotions were running so high she was afraid to talk, fearing her trembling voice would reveal her agitated condition. Her desire – not necessarily to have sex - but to be physically intimate with Lauren was overwhelming and overpowering. The stress of keeping her distance from her over the last few weeks had finally come to a head. Even more distracting was Kate’s suspicion that Lauren was feeling much the same way.

The dinner was over quickly. Both had barely touched their food – Kate was too wound up to eat - and neither seemed to want to linger in the restaurant. When they arrived back at Lauren’s house, Kate was amazed to realize they’d been gone less than two hours.

As soon as they walked in the front door, Lauren turned to Kate, gazing at her with an almost desperate look in her eyes. Kate stepped forward, grasping Lauren’s face with both hands and leaning forward to kiss her gently on the mouth. Lauren put her hands on Kate’s hips and pulled their bodies together as Kate lowered her hands, sliding them lightly up and down Lauren’s bare arms.

Kate could feel goose bumps breaking out over Lauren’s skin as she continued kissing her gently, barely brushing her lips with hers. There was no explosion of passion between them this time, but a gentle swell of desire to an inevitable end.

Lauren stepped back, taking Kate’s hand and leading her to her darkened bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Lauren flipped on the soft lighting of the bedside lamp.

“I want to see you, every square inch of you. You are so beautiful, Kate.” Lauren’s words made Kate tremble so badly she could barely stand.

“Take your clothes off for me, Kate.” Lauren said softly.

Lauren stepped closer to Kate so that they were only a foot apart as Kate slipped her top up and over her head and removed her necklace, tossing them both in a nearby chair. Lauren smiled at the lacy hot pink bra the unveiling revealed.

Stepping forward Lauren slid her fingers lightly up and down Kate’s flat, toned abdomen, setting off spasms in Kate’s nether regions that almost brought her to her knees. “Pink, hmmn? Somewhat out of character for a big, butch carpenter isn’t it?” Lauren teased with a sultry smile.

Suddenly, Lauren’s teasing fingertips slipped down and with one slow pull undid the drawstring on Kate’s pants, causing them to quickly drop down to Kate’s feet, revealing matching underwear and long lean legs. “Now…you do the rest, ma’am.”

Kate reached up and unhooked the front closure of her bra, revealing small, perfectly shaped breasts with taut rosy pink nipples, already painfully erect and begging for attention as a result of Kate’s arousal. She quickly slipped off her panties and glanced heatedly at Lauren.

“It’s your turn now, woman.” Kate said, seductively.

Lauren reached behind her and lowered the zipper on the back of the dress, slipping it off quickly. Lauren was wearing a strapless bra and skimpy thong underwear under her dress, and Kate gasped at the erotic sight of Lauren’s nipples showing through the lacy material of the bra. Unable to resist, Kate bent forward and wrapped her arms around Lauren’s waist, pushing down the bra and slowly laving the already erect nipple with her tongue before taking it in her mouth and sucking on it. This elicited a deep moan from Lauren and Kate felt a shudder go through her body.

“Bed. Now.” Lauren said with trembling voice. Lauren quickly shed the rest of her clothing and climbed on the bed, rolling over on her back and spreading her legs invitingly. “I need to feel your skin on me, Kate.”

Kate was so turned on she was afraid the skin-on-skin contact with Lauren would push her over the edge, but she took a deep breath and climbed up on the bed and slowly lowered her body on to Lauren’s.

The warm, smooth silky feel of Lauren’s body pressing against hers, the incredible erotic smell of her, was overwhelming, sending a surge of intense emotion and arousal through Kate.

Leaning forward, Kate brought their mouths together in a slow, deep kiss that left them both breathless. Kate could feel each tongue stroke in her throbbing, over-stimulated clit. Kate slowly moved her body up and down causing their nipples to brush and their mounds to gently rub together.

The feel of Lauren’s neatly trimmed mons rubbing against Kate’s caused her to desire more contact. Lifting her body up, Kate scissored her legs around Lauren’ s and tightened her legs around Lauren’s hips, pulling their mounds tightly against one another as Lauren also wrapped her legs around Kate.

The feel of Lauren’s hot, wet mons pressing against hers was too much for Kate, who soon began convulsively grinding harder against Lauren’s body as they continued to kiss. Too soon, Kate felt that unstoppable slide toward release, exploding in an intense orgasm. Unlocking her now trembling legs, but unwilling and unable to stop, she continued to grind against Lauren’s sweat-dampened stomach, quickly rising to another climax.

After her second intense orgasm, Kate fell forward, pressing her face into Lauren’s damp neck as tears of release and joy streamed down her face. Lauren wrapped her arms around Kate and held her tightly while Kate regained her composure.

After a few moments, Kate pulled back and gazed into Lauren’s eyes. “Sorry about that. I’m usually not so – “

“Kate –“ Lauren interrupted.

“So – out-of-control. I’ve never….I promise that next time –“ Lauren pressed a finger against Kate’s lips.

“Kate - honey, you have nothing to apologize for – that was wonderful. It makes me feel wonderful that I can bring out so much passion in you.” Lauren said softly.

Kate reached down and caressed Lauren’s mouth. “Let me make love to you, Lauren. Let me show you how much you mean to me”.

Lauren moaned. “Oh yes, please. I need you, Kate.

Kate and Lauren exchanged another series of deep, heated kisses that restarted the throbbing between Kate’s legs that she dutifully ignored. Kate slid her mouth down Lauren’s neck, Lauren’s moans driving her to slid down further, until she tasted the sweat between Lauren’s breasts with her tongue. Kate flicked an erect nipple with the tip of her tongue before laying the flat of her tongue against it. As she sucked Lauren’s nipple deeper into her mouth, she gave in to the temptation to slide her hand slowly down Lauren’s stomach into her wet heat.

Kate worked her fingers back and forth, coating them with the evidence of Lauren’s passion and circling her engorged clit. Kate was suddenly overcome with the need to touch and taste with her tongue the area that her fingers were exploring.

She slipped down Lauren’s body, planting soft kisses on Lauren’s stomach as she moved downward until she pressed her mouth into the curly hairs at top of Lauren’s mons, surrounded by the erotic heady smell of their sweat and Lauren’s arousal.

Kate moved down further, running the flat of her tongue all the way from Lauren’s vagina to her distended clit, which she then circled with her tongue. Kate took her hand palm up, and slipped two fingers deep into Lauren. As she licked and sucked Lauren’s clit, she slid her fingers in and out pressing against the front wall of her vagina, stimulating the sensitive area she knew resided there.

Kate felt shudders washing through Lauren’s body with the persistent stroking, and Lauren raised her trembling thighs to wrap her legs around Kate’s back and pull her closer.

“Oh, yes. God yes. Right there, baby. Please fuck me.” Lauren’s escalating passion caused Kate to back off, removing her fingers and using her tongue to tease Lauren.

“I need you inside me, Kate.” Lauren panted, thrusting her hips against Kate’s tongue. “Fuck me, now. I need you so…”

Relenting, Kate slid her fingers forward, finding Lauren so aroused she now easily accommodated three fingers.

Kate began vigorously thrusting in and out of Lauren, taking her throbbing clit between her teeth and sucking it into her mouth. Lauren’s thighs trembled and shook around Kate’s shoulders and Kate could feel the first spasms of orgasm begin in Lauren’s vagina.

Feeling Lauren’s clit swell and throb in her mouth, Kate almost rose to orgasm with her, feeling a flush of heat wash through her body as Lauren cried out.

“Yes, Oh my God. Yes.” As Lauren convulsed in orgasm, Kate continued to lick and suck her pulsing clit, pressing three fingers deep inside her. Lauren began to rise quickly to an even more intense orgasm, trembling and shaking. “Oh, Yes.” Suddenly, Lauren’s body crested the wave of another orgasm.

“Yes, Shawn, yes.” Lauren’s voice shook and suddenly her body stiffened. “Shawn. Oh my God, Shawn...No.”

Lauren pulled away from Kate abruptly, rolling over as her body shook with agonized sobs.

To be continued in Part 4

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