In the first few hours

The scope of the horror was revealed.

With no regard for life, despicable cowards

 struck at our political, military and financial heart..

In that short time

innocents and innocence were crushed.

Immediately,  Americans pulled together,

spearheaded by three groups of professionals

To run into a place of peril with no thought for their own safety -

this is their hallmark.


Attired in coat, boots and distinctive hat,

eager to aid , to battle

this is the description of a firefighter.

His usual adversary, fire,

broiling, suffocating, blazing fire

His enemies this time,

explosions, industrial avalanche,

terror, horror, and panic.

He puts his head down and rushes into danger.


The police officer of my childhood was

Officer Friendly.

A person to go to if lost or in trouble.

A protector; a defender.

His reputation has become blurred over the years,

but on Black Tuesday, he was there,

defending, shielding, guiding;

plunging headlong into the fray

with no regard for personal risk

to assist those in need.


More people would have been lost

In this horrific tragedy

but for the emergency medical personnel.

Paying to no heed to the hazards,

they work around the clock

rescuing ,  healing, recovering.

Angels of mercy.


As we watch the aftermath,

we see their faces,

grimy, haggard, exhausted .

nevertheless, they work

displaying for the world

heroism in action.


Ellie Maziekien



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