At times we seem to be alone

on our walk through life,

taking what it throws at us,

offering it back as best we can;

making a place for ourselves,

just trying to survive for one more day.

School, sleepovers, best friends, pig-tails,

bikes, kites, baseball mitts and little red wagons -

skate keys, sleds, dolls and tea parties,

football games, dances, and picnics,

give way to careers, decisions, diapers, doctors –

PTA, bills, budgets, orthodontists, college tuition

and funeral expenses.

Real Life – hard, ordinary, sometimes boring, sets in.

It is love, friendship and family, the people in our lives,

these make us realize that we are not alone,

remind us that we have company on the journey.

What keeps us moving forward is the joyfulness of life.



© Ellie Maziekien


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