She Loves Me

I sit quietly and watch her.
Her golden hair, short now,
glints in the firelight;
her emerald eyes sparkle
as she talks.
She looks different and in fact, she has changed -
so unlike the young girl I first met.
Her body is firm and toned and strong.
She is a warrior now,
an Amazon queen
and The Bard of Potadeia.
Tonight we are staying at an inn
and she has bartered for our rooms
she will tell stories, probably about me.
Now, as I listen, the last five years
flash through my mind -
some pictures leaving me shaking.
That evil ever touched her
I am brought back to the moment
by the applause from the patrons.
She is coming toward me.
I smile. How could I not?
She is so beautiful and she loves me.
I am stunned all over again.
She raises an expressive brow,
asking without words if I am alright.
I nod, speechless, and she kisses me.
When I tell her that she was wonderful
she blushes, as always,
and thanks me with the eyes of love.

Ellie Maziekien

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