The Light

At Solstice,
during the Roman feast of Saturnalia,
shepherds watched their flocks.
This was no ordinary night.
The shepherds knew it;
they could feel it in the air;
see it in the way the stars shone brightly
against the cold, black, winter's night. 
Something would happen;
was happening --
that touched their very souls.
Suddenly, the wind picked up,
blowing wildly, sighing, moaning.
The air crackled --
there were voices all around.
A weird music filled their ears;
they were all at once afraid.
One star blazed bright, dazzling them.
As one, they fell to their knees and cowered.
What was it?
Who spoke?
Hesitantly, they rose, and haltingly, 
they moved toward a small cave in the hillside;
one that was lit from within.
They took the first steps toward the light;
the light that would illuminate the world.

Ellie Maziekien


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