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by Emily First.


Helen returned to consciousness with a suddenness which still suprised her after many years of practice.It was still dark out and she turned to the clock on the cabinet on her side of the bed as she reached instinctively for Wendy.


5:27am the clock blinked at her.


Her hand encountered an empty space beside her and she raised her head looking for her partner.


Wendy had been working the 2 to 10pm shift all week,and,what with having to give evidence to the HomeAffairs committee next Tuesday,she had been staying late to make sure all her paperwork was in order.It had been nearly quarter to midnight before she had made it through the door all tired and grumpy;wanting only to get to bed,she'd grabbed a quick shower before collapsing in exhaustion,a mumbled "Sorry" for Helen before her eyelids fluttered closed.


Now she was at the vanity,sitting sideways to the desk,her features illumined by the soft white light of the 60w lamp;right arm supported by the surface as she wrote in a small notebook.


Propping her head up on her elbow,Helen gazed at this awesome creature that shared her life.The boxers she customarily wore to bed had ridden up in the chair and Helen could see that she was doing some isometric exercises as she sat there.The tensing and relaxing of muscle,starting at her feet and working their way up her calf to her thigh and then on to her gorgeous round butt was playing havoc with Helen's libido.


She could feel a heaviness gather in her groin and when Wendy raised her left hand from across the top of her thighs and raked it through her newly shortened honey-blonde hair in an unconscious gesture,she knew she was undone,and her thighs parted slowly in anticipation.Following the movement of the arm back down to those thighs,she caught the hint of emerald green eyes brought to startling brightness by the T-shirt and the lips of her full mouth curved in a little smile as her tongue moistened them;perhaps not an unconscious gesture after all.




Wendy looked up at her."Hey yourself."


"Watcha' doin?"


"Mm? Oh,sorry, did I wake you?"


"I don't think so." Raking her free hand through her own raven tresses in an attempt to smooth her rampant bed-hair,Helen knew her own eyes were filled with longing,and need."Welll..?"


"I was just writing down a dream I had:you know,in case it means something later."


"What was it about?"


"Well, I don't know.It was really weird,I could hear this sound- 'Buzzz,Buzzz,Buzzz' but I didn't know where it was coming from so I got up to look for it."


"Did you find it?"


Her eyes losing focus as she contemplated the dream again,Wendy responded,"Yes.There was a Bumblebee trying to get into the drawer of my bedside cabinet.It had eyes like little red searchlights and it seemed really angry for some reason.Eventually it gave up with whatever it was trying to do and just flew over and out of the window.It was when I went over to shut the window that I thought 'I wonder who opened that?' " She looked over at Helen once more. "That's when I woke up."


"Yep-that's what I would call weird as well."


"You're smiling...why? Do you know what it means?"


"Maybe...I'll tell you later...come back to bed?"


Helen scooched back to her own side of the bed again,and patting the sheet where she had been lying said,"I warmed this bit just for you.Lie down."


Wendy getting into the warm spot rubbed her cold foot down Helen's calf.




Wendy giggled.


"Well!..I can see somebody wants warming up...Where should I start do you think?"


She rose up on her elbow once more,and,leaning forward kissed Wendy on the line of her jaw.Moving along to capture an earlobe to sook on for a moment,she ran her tongue around the shell of her ear before moving back to breathe on her lips;not touching but demanding that her partner make the move to kiss her.


As Wendy leant up and captured Helen's lips with her own,she slowly moved her fingers over the silk of the light-blue shift.Stroking up and down Helen's ribcage with the tips of her fingers,using a thumb to brush her nipple as she cupped a breast in her palm.


Glad that they had both gotten over their flu symptoms they moved into a breathing rhythm meant to sustain the contact of lips...Helen would breath in through her nose and exhale into Wendy's lungs and then accept the breath that Wendy had just exhaled to sustain her own body's needs.


It was good to start this way because soon the wandering hands and fingers would cause a desperate need for oxygen which neither could supply for the other.


Breaking the kiss with a gasp,Helen tugged at Wendy's T-shirt,"Off...Now!" As the garment was removed she straddled Wendy's thighs,starting a slow circular motion over her boxers as she removed her own shift;tormenting her own aching center with the feel of the cotton as her juice mixed with the wetness soaking through the material from the other side.Her own breasts now free from restriction she leant forward,brushing her nipples over the two hardening pebbles of flesh lying before her.Her eyes closed tightly as she concentrated on the mounting feelings emanating from her lower belly,the waves of pleasure spreading out in an unstoppable tide which overwhelmed any sense of self she may have had and reminded her that she was a part of something primal and untamed...


Wendy lay quietly,only just moving her hips in a reciprocal motion,watching Helen come for her...


Slowly coming back to herself,the quiver of aftershocks moving through her body,Helen gazed deep into the soul before her,leaning forward to place a soft kiss on the parting lips,"Thank-you." Tracing the shape with her tongue,she asked permission to enter,accepting gracefully as it was granted.The feeling as she was sucked deeply into the warmth below was indescribable,the sensations as Wendy tickled the base of her tongue almost throwing her over the edge once more.


Withdrawing reluctantly,she stopped for a moment to suck on the swollen lower lip,licking along the flesh trapped in her own mouth.Leaning back once more,she felt Wendy's hands leave her own nipples and trace a path back down her ribs to rest her palms at the top of her thighs,the tips of her strong middle fingers just combing her pubes gently.


Wriggling in place for a moment,she smiled as Wendy's eyes widened in shock and she began a slow bump and grind which she stopped after a few moments,laughing at the moue of disappointment thrown at her.Moving her fingers over the exposed flesh before her,she alternated the pads of her fingers with her nails as she traced a seemingly random pattern up and down the ribs,circling the base of the breasts slowly,then over the top to rake her nails up to the peaks,flicking the rock hard nipples as she made her way past.Only the arching body below her,the hips pumping into her own center and the gasped "Please..." wore down her resistance and she trapped the nipples between the first two fingers of either hand and tugged gently at the pebbled flesh.At the 'mewl' of want below her,the feel of fingers tracing over her own buttocks behind her,she grasped each one between the thumb and fingers of each hand,squeezing with gradually increasing pressure until with a cry Wendy came,once,shockingly hard.


The flash of light behind Wendy's eyes blinded her for a moment,and as her torso settled back slowly onto the rumpled sheet below her,she closed her eyelids languidly as both nipples were released instantly.


Helen leant forward and licking each nipple liberally,blew softly over the wet flesh to cool the tormented tumescence.Softly suckling once more she reached down,and,slipping her fingers into the waistband of the boxers,eased them over Wendy's hips,cupping her ass as she lifted up to allow easy removal.Smearing her own wetness along a thigh,she moved backwards,slowly drawing the last impediment to her access down over the legs before throwing it over her shoulder to land somewhere in the bedroom behind her.


Crawling back up the body before her,she headed for the top to start all over again.This time wherever she went she followed her fingers with her tongue,moving slowly down Wendy's body,only having to stop momentarily as she felt a sly finger slip between her own slick folds to hook her flesh for a moment,a thumb pulsing against her clit;moving over each breast in turn,circling her navel and moving round and down the back of a thigh to the pit of her knee.Lifting a leg over her shoulder she lay between Wendy's thighs,easing up to taste her own juice which was trickling down the flesh at the side of her cheek.She inhaled deeply of the scent before her and slowly blew up and down the wet streak she'd caused,watching the involuntary shiver of muscle.


She glanced slyly up the length of Wendy's body to where her girlfriend was watching her...and waited.


Wendy leaned forward and placing a hand on either side of Helen's head grasped her ears and growled," I'll rip them off!"


Helen moved forward with her questing tongue leading the way.




Later (...much later).


Helen was lying snuggled up to Wendy,her right leg lying over Wendy's knee,her head cradled on her chest listening to the heartbeat within "...thuDump...thuDump." She could still taste her lover's essence on her lips and she was watching her fingers idly trace a circle round Wendy's bellybutton,occasionally moving south to tickle the curls peeking at her.


"Helen, you're going to have to move soon."


"Nope,I'm staying here for ages and ages...not going to go anywhere at all."


"Ok...I'll just pee right here then shall I?"




"I'm sorry,but I'm bursting...I've got to go."


She slipped out from under Helen and grabbing a robe hanging on the back of the bedroom door headed out to the bathroom.


"Okaay.Talk about a mood breaker,missy."


Helen lay full length over the bed as she reached for the drawer of Wendy's bedside cabinet,peering inside as she opened it...


When Wendy returned Helen was back lying on her side of the bed,her head propped up on an elbow.


Seeing the smile on her face and her eyes glowing with barely suppressed mirth,Wendy asked her,"...What?"


"I was just thinking about your dream...I've got a possible explanation."




"You know how dreams seem to be like movies.Well,I think it's just the mind trying to tell you something...You just have to be able to recognise the one element that's important."




"What do we keep in the drawer on your side?"




"Yep,I think we have to buy more batteries."



Thank-you for reading...Now,tell me what you thought...Emily/December2002.


Complete.The End.







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