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The Claiming.

by Emily First

~I don't mind being alone,it's just,sometimes,I'm lonely...You know,those moments,when I reach out and there's nobody there.~

The woman contemplated the words she'd just pecked out on the keyboard...The cursor blinking at the end of the line dared her to continue.With a loud "Hah!" she held her finger on the 'Backspace' button till they'd all disappeared and the screen was blank once more.

Signing off and waiting for her computer to shut down,she unplugged the mains power and turned to go and get ready.Stopping at the door on her way out of the small office she'd set up in what the estate agent had laughingly called 'a cozy third bedroom',she paused and glanced back at the now blank monitor."I just wish..."


The skies,which had been overcast since the beginning of the week,had,at last,given way to clearer weather,and as afternoon gave over the day to evening,the setting sun left behind a palette of colors which ranged from bright orangered to a deep purpleblack I had been more used to seeing on my body after a brutal training session.

Turning away from my view of the city below,I made my way up to the platform and through to the bathroom for a shower,determined this time to ignore the plaint of my body as it ached to feel the touch of fingers and hands other than my own.A losing battle,I know,but a girl still has to try...

Today was part of the autumnal equinox,and at 3:35 this afternoon I became 28-years old.I was asleep at the time but if something had changed I didn't yet feel it,and,when I wiped the condensation from the mirror after my shower and looked at the reflection presented to me,things looked the same...Shoulder length dark hair,gray eyes,straight nose;everything where it was supposed to be...I turned my head to the side slightly.

The pale jagged line of the scar still ran along my jawline for about two inches from the hinge.I could have had it removed,but refused all efforts at persuasion...I had earned it;had fought hard,and when all was said and done,it had taught me a valuable lesson...

She'd been good,but not fast enough...I'd moved,and her cut had only caught me along the line of my jaw instead of seperating my head from my shoulders...She barely felt the sting of my own blade as it pierced her body,and then she was on the ground...I knelt on one knee in the hot sand beside her as I watched the realisation enter her brown eyes;all her dreams and aspirations gone to dust as her lungs filled with blood and she began to drown.She tried to speak,but all that came out in a cough was a bright stream of red that coated her bare flesh and the ground beneath her...Then she was gone,leaving only the empty husk and a name which would be forgotten by all but me...

I watched my reflection blur as the mist moved over the glass once more;and only then did I close my eyes for a moment as I spoke her name...


Running a brush roughly through my still damp hair,I entered the kitchen and set the percolator going for my first cup of coffee of the day.Leaving it working away,I collected the ingredients for my meal;eating as I watched the small 14inch TV which hung in the corner.The main news item at the top of the hour was of an attempted coup d'état in Paris.I nearly choked on the mouthful I had just taken."Gods!"

Reaching for the remote,I raised the volume;my attention riveted.The item changed to a 'Live Report' and the scene gave over to a view of the Élysée Palace.There was a column of smoke rising from somewhere inside the building and as the Paris correspondent gave what details were currently available,I felt a truly feral smile cross my features.

Someone had made a mistake...They'd failed.Left her alive...

The Prime,Emma Blood,had been wounded in the attack,but,the reporter continued,it had quickly become clear that her injuries were not serious or life threatening as she had immediately appeared on television;her left arm held in a sling as she gave a statement at a quickly assembled press conference.

I had met her once,when she was just a teenager newly come into her power,but as I watched her on the screen now,it became obvious that she was a fully mature Queen,and that the whole of Europe was about to feel the presence of her Hand.

Her words were quietly spoken,but there was no doubt as to their content,and I could easily imagine a lot of chaotic scenes around the continent as her enemies scrabbled to disappear...

I raised a thumb at her image."You go,girl!"

As the news continued with other items,I switched off and,dumping my dishes in the sink,grabbed my coffee and made the way back up to my bedroom to get dressed.Deciding to stay with simple tonight,I chose a black lace-up Jersey top with 3/4 sleeves and trousers in a Grey Tweed.Running another quick brush through my hair,and,checking I had everything,I grabbed a knee-length coat from the stand by the door and headed out.


With the rain having been pretty much non-stop for the last few days,the Nis was running high as it made its way down to the harbor and out into the Firth.Crossing over via the suspension bridge,the 'click' of my heels was loud in the early evening air,and I was nearly two-thirds of the way across when I felt the call of my Summoning.My step faltered,and reaching out a hand to the railing beside me,I stopped as naturally as possible and leaned over to look to the waters below.The flare of heat from my Tattoo was more intense than usual,and I bit my lip to stop from crying out."Holy fuck!"

A concerned passerby stopped to ask if I was okay,and I felt only a moment of remorse as a deep growl and a flash of my eyes sent her on her way...

My grip on the railing tightened as the pain reached a crescendo,and just like that,it was gone.A deep shuddering breathe helped to center me as I rose to my full height again,still leaning my weight against the rail as I gazed down the course of the river.My whole body was still suffused with a heat that slowly changed to a languorus warmth that settled into my psyche.

Instinctively I knew what had happened;the lessons from the priestess' in the temple coming back to me as I stood there,stunned.

I knew that if I examined my Tattoo,I would still see the sword with the crown above it,but now it would seem,somehow,more alive,ready to assume its new form as long as I was once more claimed,this time unto death...

I could feel her now,my new owner,somewhere in the city,and as I concentrated,I felt my arm rise in imitation of my mind reaching out...I could get no proper sense of her,the shields she had in place presented a formidable barrier,and my feeble attempts were just reflected aside...All I knew was that she was getting nearer as she made her way down from the heights behind me.

Letting go of the railing,I turned and continued across the footbridge...

I was waiting for the light to change on the crossing;using the moment to check out my immediate environs,and,taking no apparent notice of the two members of the City Watch on the opposite side of the road.The only thing moving in the sky was the taillight of the evening shuttle as it descended to land at Dalcross International,and,looking east where Luna had just cleared the notch that the A96 cut through the Dragon's Tail,I asked that She not forget me this night...

Crossing the road,I ignored the two constables and continued up Church Lane.Halfway up,the Blackfriars graveyard on the left,I turned right,under the gothic arches which led into the small courtyard outside 'The Braxi'.Making my way through the wooden doors I entered the small vestibule which had no discernable purpose.A quick comb through my hair with my fingers and I went through the smoked glass doors into the bar proper.

The room was easily three times as long as it was wide.The bar on the left stretched a full half of one long side,before giving way to an arched opening which led through to the toilets and a fire exit.The remainder of that side had four tables with chairs surrounding;the wall having one long bench seat;covered in an oxblood faux-leather.That continued round the corner of the room,stopping at a small stage which had been set up with a drum-kit and microphones.

At the other side of the stage was a juke box which,typical of its kind,accepted your change and played the choices as the mood took it.That side of the room was set up with deep horseshoe shaped booths,with tables in the opening of the U.Easily seating up to a party of eight,only one was near fully occupied this early.

The only break on that side of the room was the gap where a fireplace was set up;a small fire burning merrily to offset the perceived chill outside.

The half of the room nearest the door was covered in a tough-wearing carpet,a few individual tables and chairs scattered randomly.The half nearest the stage was floored in the original oak floorboards,now looking naturally distressed after many years of use.

There was a couple and one singleton leaning on the bar,the couple talking,and Lori was just serving the individual a slow settling pint of Guiness;looking over as I came in the door.

I watched her face become carefully neutral as she made her way to the end of the bar where I stood.


"Talisker.And a pint of Harp,please."

Sipping the whisky slowly,allowing the taste to settle over my tongue,I turned to rest my elbow on the bar,my gaze moving round the room after an initial look in the long mirror behind the optics.

There were a few couples sitting in booths,and the party of five girls at the one,were being fairly raucous,and I thought I recognised a redhead from the 'The Journal' offices.Good natured heckling was being directed at a couple dancing close;bluesy vocals coming from the jukebox.Smiling through a full blush,one of them flipped the bird to renewed laughter.

Lifting an eyebrow at Lori,I asked,"'Coming Out' party?"

She smiled over at the couple."Yes.Those two have been dancing 'round each other for weeks.I guess they finally decided to try doing it together."

I turned back to her and grinned."Hear the news?"

She looked at me."Yes,just before I came on.I'm glad she's okay."

"There'll be some uneasy beds over there tonight."

"Good! Serves them right,trying something like that."

We smiled in mutual understanding,and I moved away to claim a booth as she turned to serve a new customer who had just come in.

The music and background chatter was a soothing presence as I sat and sipped at my whisky,the lager untouched at the moment...

I could feel her get closer.

The couple who had been standing at the bar turned to leave,and as someone held the door for them as they exited,I knew she was here...

Have you ever noticed,wherever you are,that all doorways seem to be the same height...So as soon as she maneuvered her way through the opening,I knew she was about 5'4".Black boots,stonewashed jeans,lime-colored blouse and a leather jacket,all this I took in as I looked into her eyes.They were green...A green I had never seen before in this universe.There are no words to describe that color,but I knew that from that moment on every other description of that color would pale to insignificance...

I lowered my eyes first,in instinctual submission,and leaned back into the booth.Watched as she walked over to the partying girls,and,after hugs and greetings head up to the bar to place an order with Lori.Amazed at how steady my hand was,I reached for my pint and took a small sip.Managed not to slosh any as I set it back on the table watching her walk over to my booth with a measure of whisky in a glass and set it down.

Her command was spoken in a soft contralto,the soft sound as a caress."Do not move.Stay right there." I nodded my head in acknowledgment and watched her move back to join her friends.

She sat beside the redhead I thought I knew,and seemed to be having a fairly animated discussion,occasionally looking over at me.This time I did not look away,taking the opportunity to study her interactions with the girls;to subtly show that I would not submit when she was in the company or presence of others.

I was halfway through my drink when they began to make motions of leaving,gathering up coats and purses,talking away twelve to the dozen.Moving towards the exit,they each looked at me as they walked past,the new couple who were the focus of the party smiling.She and the redhead both stopped at my table,the redhead looking me over deliberately before turning to her companion,giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.I heard her whisper,"Call me," then she was gone,leaving the two of us alone.

She motioned to my glass,"Would you like another?"

I had barely touched the whisky she had bought."No,I'm fine thanks."

Turning to Lori,she ordered a glass of the local white wine,paying,and turned back to me."May I join you?"

I gestured,and she sat down by my right side.

As we looked at each other,I could hardly look away from those intense green eyes to take in the shape of her lips,or the way her short blonde hair curled at her collar,her nose which had a slight bump on the bridge or the lobes of her ears,which were unpierced.

She closed her eyes and breathed deep,deliberately taking my scent;smiling as she opened them again."My name is Andréa Black..."

"I know." She looked at me in surprise."I've seen your picture alongside your by-line in 'The Courier'.

Lowering her face to her hands,she exhaled in exasperation,"Gods! I've begged my editor to have that replaced.I was out of the country the first time they printed my column and they just used my i.d. photo.It's embarassing!"

"I think you're okay.Not many people would recognise you in the street,and they certainly wouldn't associate you with that picture...Not if they saw you fraternising with the enemy anyway."

"The enemy?" She looked to the door where her friends had disappeared."You mean Cindy...No! We've known each other for years...It's not our fault the papers' are rivals..."

She shook her head,as if to dispel a train of thought..."That doesn't matter." Turning back to face me,her demeanor was more serious now as she asked,"Who are you? Why did I feel as if I knew you as soon as I came in here tonight?"

I turned my wrist slightly and deposited the card in front of her.Watched her read the words,compare the photo with my features."This says what you are.It doesn't answer my questions."

"No.It says what my vocation was." I looked at my watch;checked it against the clock behind the bar."Up until 53minutes ago."

"Still not exactly the answer I was looking for.Please continue...Name?"

"Jessica Hunter."

She took a sip of her wine,taking a moment to savor the unique taste of the local vinyards."Okay,Jessica Hunter,what's going on?"

I felt the need to look down at my hands as I watched them turn the pint glass,as if looking for a new place on the rim to sip from."When I left the Temple school,I was Bonded to the Crown." I paused,and watched her eyes,as I nodded at the card she still held in her hand."Ignore what it says in writing.The barcode actually identifies my real job...As a Prosecutor."



"That still doesn't explain-"

"About an hour ago,I was making my way across the river,to here,when I felt the call of my Summoning.I thought at first it was something to do with this thing in Paris,but the call wasn't coming from the Queen,or her Consort...Something...Somebody else,had triggered it." I looked at her again."You."

"No...That's impossible!"

I shook my head."You have a Mirror shield on your mind,and that means you have the power...This evening,just over an hour ago you severed my Bond to the Crown and Summoned it to yourself."

Her eyes,those gorgeous green eyes,widened in horror as I watched the knowledge,the realisation of what had happened enter her mind."That means..." She looked at me."I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay-"

"It is not okay!" She placed her hand on mine as it lay on the table.The contact jolted me immediately,and I jumped.My own shields were vulnerable during this transition period,and they crumbled at her touch.

All that I was,was now laid bare before her,and she could have stripped me of everything.But she did not,and all I felt was a warm caress again sooth my psyche.I felt like weeping as she showed me that respect.

" 'A Prayer is a Wish the Heart makes',I did not realise that was true until now." She sounded almost wistful as she spoke,"Earlier this evening,just before I came out to meet Cindy and the others,I expressed a longing,out loud." She gave a squeeze before letting go of my hand again."And in my thoughts...I guess She was listening and decided to give an answer."

I did not want her to let go,craved her touch,as I slowly reassembled my scattered shield back together."You do not have to accept."

"What?! Why would you say something like that?"

I said it again,"You do not have to accept."

This time her fingers curled around my wrist.If her neatly trimmed nails had been any sharper,she could have ripped through to my pulse."Don't you ever say something like that again! Never!"

Letting go,she stood up,gathering her jacket."Get your coat,we're leaving."

Hustled along by the impatient figure at my side,I said a hasty goodbye to Lori and followed her out the door.


Walking on her left,we made our way along the riverbank towards the main roadbridge,exchanging 'getting-to-know-you' information as we went.I learned that this was her first visit home to Inbhir Nis in two years,and that she had taken a sabbatical from her duties at the Imperial Court to return to settle her parents' estate after they had died suddenly;within weeks of each other.She had rented accomodation for a year and was in the process of renegotiating her contract with her current employers.

All this was in the way of pleasant conversation as we crossed the river by the main bridge and turned left to travel along the walkway which followed the river east.Now walking on her right,I could feel her examine me from top to bottom as she thought about something...I smiled. "Ask."

"Where do you keep your Blade?"

Again I turned my wrist,seeing her start in surprise as it appeared in my hand."Here."

She looked it over as I held it to lay on my left forearm.Deceptive in its simplicity,it had taken me three moons to forge.The blade was double edged;blued steel and nearly as long as my arm,the edge so sharp you would not even feel the cut if you touched it.The grip was leather,the crosspiece a plain metal bar and the pommel a simply carved round shape.

"It looks...efficient."

"Yes." I returned it to its resting place and regarded the building coming up on our right.Clad in white marble,the square construction glowed white in the moonlight,and as we walked up the seven steps to the open entrance the two figures carved on either side seemed to weigh us;to see if we were worthy to pass between them.

Inside,the walls showed only the local stone used in construction over three millennia ago,the only light coming from the two torches on either side of the throne;and the open sky above.

The priestess on guard duty stood to one side,leaning on her staff,watching us as we approached."Welcome.How may I help you..?"

I held still as Andréa took one step forward."I request audience...Also,for you to bear witness."

She said nothing in response,only nodding and gesturing towards the throne.

Andréa and I stepped forward.It was a simple thing,made of a black stone that glittered in what light was present,the back plain and the sides just the right height for an occupant to rest her arms.We stood there silently,side by side,and waited.

I did not see Her appear,just,suddenly there was a figure there.So much darker than the throne upon which She had appeared,the solid black of Her form defined perfection in every nuance...

More of Her presence suffusing the Imago,Her hair lightened to a Midnight-Blue,and her gown took on the color of fresh spilt blood.Barefoot,her toes peeked out from below the hem...

She opened her eyes.We were held still,both of us,unable to move as She regarded us.

Her nostrils flared as She took a deep breathe of the night air,opening her mouth to let that breath go in a cascade of tiny lights that floated throughout the precincts of the temple before settling on the walls around us.Suddenly,we were in a vast space,the only solid thing being the floor upon which we stood;the stars of the night sky surrounding us in every other direction.There was the sound of childrens laughter around us which quieted as She smiled at us.

She did not speak,but I knew her voice echoed in both our minds,our paltry shields totally inadequate before her power...


Andréa stepped to the fore again."Lady,I ask your Sanction and Blessing on my assumption of the Bond of Jessica Hunter,a daughter of your Temple."

"You are aware of,and accept,all consequences of this action?"

There was no hesitation in her voice."I do."

"Andréa,you have My Blessing and My Sanction.You may assume the Bond of the female known as Jessica Hunter,a daughter of my Temple."

"I thank you,Lady."

"You must make your claim by first light."

"I will." She stepped back and reached out to take my hand in hers.We were back in the world again,only the priestess and ourselves standing before the throne which was empty once more.Andréa turned to the guardian,her face questioning.

Looking at us both,she placed her hand on her heart."Your petition has been answered,your request granted.I stand as witness." She smiled and congratulated us both.

Thanking her,we turned and left the sanctum...

At the bottom of the steps,I looked around to find a piece of bare earth amongst all the concrete and spotted a small square of grass with two small trees growing.Feeling quite bold,I took her hand in mine and led her over.Going to one knee before her,I clasped her small hand between my own,and,looking up at her under the light of the full moon,I spoke the words."All that I am...All that I will ever be...It is yours now,to do with what you will."

She cupped my face with her other hand,and as I nuzzled gently,she leant down and placed a chaste kiss on my lips.As my eyes closed involuntarily,the tip of my tongue came out to taste my lips after she withdrew.

Luna was swollen full tonight,and as the cloud cover had disappeared south,She was particularly bright.As I looked up at her once more,I knew the grey of my eyes were glowing silver to accompany the purr that rumbled from my chest.

"Invite me into your home,Jessica."


As I paid off the Taxi,I watched as she looked over the outside of my home.Two hundred years ago it had been a warehouse for storing the wool gathered from the outlying communities before it was packed and sent south to the mills.Easily a hundred feet wide and three stories high,the interior had been gutted by fire,but the walls were still sound when I acquired it.After extensive remodelling,I rented out the ground floor to a Bookshop and Café,a small independent Clothing franchise and a Martial Arts studio.The rent generated paid for the upkeep and kept me in food and other essentials.Any excess was put away for a rainy day and I received a statement regularly from my Accountants about the activities of my Financial Investors.

Leading the way over to a discrete doorway to one side,I opened the door with a keycard.As it closed with a soft 'clunk' behind us,I stepped over to the security panel on the wall and entered a series of alpha-numeric symbols via the keypad.Smiling sheepishly at her raised eyebrow when the panel gave forth with a few bars of a popular song,I opened the inner door and invited her to go up the stairs before me.

As an extra security measure the stairway was narrow so that only one person could climb it at a time,and as I followed her up I kept a few steps behind so that my eyes were level with her rear.I caught her look over her shoulder,but I was unrepentant and continued to watch the now more pronounced sway.The solid door at the top opened on to a short corridor with another door at the end,which would not open until the one behind us was closed.Placing a hand on her shoulder to stop her before she had taken more than two steps into the room beyond,I came up beside her and spoke clearly into the air,"Give me light and I shall be happy the whole night through."

As the voice recognition program accepted my presence,the lights came on.I had left them at half-dim and as I adjusted them to full,I gestured around the room."Be welcome in my home..."

I had left the whole second floor open up to the ceiling thirty feet above our head,the remaining ten or twelve feet of an attic space being used to house the large water tank and heater which provided me and my tenants with hot water on demand,day or night.

Half the length of the building had been set up as my living area,and at one end a spiral staircase led up to a platform suspended ten feet from the ceiling where my bed was situated,along with a room partitioned off for my toilet and shower facilities.Below that was the kitchen,floored with grey stone tiles,the walls painted a cream white.A large Fridge-freezer stood to one side.

The floor was wood with rugs placed strategically,the wall with the two large windows was painted a deep blue,the other two being a neutral pale color;their sameness broken only by a fireplace,a closed door and my collection of art.With a remote I deepened the tint on the windows,making them opaque,and turned to take Andréa's jacket."Would you like a drink?"

"Please.Some white wine,if you have it."

"Okay.Make yourself comfortable."

Pouring a glass of wine each,I made my way over to the corner where the deep sofa hugged the walls,setting hers down on the coffee table.Watching her as she perused the paintings on the walls,I sat and sipped at my glass.

"These are all originals,aren't they?"

"Yes.I've picked them up over the years." I shrugged."If something catches my eye,I buy."

"Mmhm.You've got good taste."


She stopped at the door on the other side of the fireplace."What's through here?"

"My office...A spare bedroom,with ensuite facilities."

She sat beside me,and leaned down to unlace her boots,toeing them off to leave on the floor.

"Winnie the Pooh?"

"Hey! These are my lucky socks." She took the glass from my fingers and,placing it on the table,she turned back to swing her leg over my thighs,straddling me.

My hands fell to a natural position on her hips and I clawed at her jeans as she ran her fingers back through my hair on either side.Turning my head as her palm felt the raised skin of my scar,she examined it closely before leaning down to lick along the length,sooking my lobe into her mouth as she reached the hinge of my jaw.I whimpered and clutched tighter.

Her lips came back to mine,and she kissed me gently before leaning back on my thighs.Brushing her fingers through my bangs,she looked into my eyes and smiled encouragingly,"Let me in,Jessica."

I was scared,but I knew I had to do this...

This time I let my shields dissolve naturally,and as before,her touch was a warm caress...

She learned all that I am.

She saw all the way back to the beginning...

She learned things not even I could remember.

She watched as I became self-aware,as I explored this new world.

Watched as I grew up in the Temple precincts,interacted with the other children,became tentative friends with a little girl with brown eyes.Saw the both of us grow up together,learn the disciplines together,practice against each other...

She watched our Graduation combat...Watched with me,as Death shaded her eyes from the light in this world...

She experienced everything...

She learned my true name.

I came back to myself to feel her thumb the tears from my cheeks,her own eyes brimming with moisture.



A finger across my lips stopped my words."You are forbidden to say those words in this context again.Ever again! Understand?"

I nodded.

Her finger followed the shape of my lips as she moved her hand to cup my cheek,and I nuzzled as she moved forward to capture my lips again.A soft lick demanded entrance and as I responded our tongues touched for the first time,sending a jolt of feeling right to my toes.Gently sucking and exploring thoroughly,encouraging me to reciprocate,we only parted as our mutual need for air became imperative.

Panting slightly,we both took a moment to recover and my eyes were drawn to the erect nipples prominent beneath the silk of her blouse.I don't know what madness overcame me,but I watched my hands rise up and both forefingers curl round and tug at each protuberance even as I weighed her in my palms.She squeaked!

I giggled.I couldn't help myself.My body fell back,my head resting on the rear of the sofa,and I began to laugh...

I continued until I couldn't any more,tears running down my cheeks...

I looked up at her,her arms crossed over her chest in mock defensiveness,the indignant look on her face mitigated by the slight curve of her lips."Thanks.I needed that."

"Glad I could help."

Palming my cheeks,I sniffled."Gods,I must look a sight." Moving as if to rise,I was pushed back as her legs gripped my thighs tighter;holding me prisoner,as her hands rested on my shoulders.

"Jessica,I intend to Claim you before dawn." Her eyes held mine."I will cherish you always,until the end of my days.I will love you,be here for you,in sickness and in health.I will rejoice in whatever time we have together." She smiled."But,I refuse to kiss you when you have snot running out of your nose." She rose up off of me,sitting back on the sofa and gesturing me away."Go...Tidy yourself up."

I paused at the door through to the extra facilities and looked back at her,sitting there comfortably,sipping her wine."Why?"

She did not prevaricate,pretend misunderstanding of my question."Because it feels right...I feel it deep in my very Soul." She waved me away through the door."Go!"


Taking care of business,I washed up at the sink looking at my reflection once more.My eyes were a little red but there was no real outward sign of the momentous events that had taken place tonight and which would culminate before dawn...

Shaking my head to dispel any erroneous thoughts,I spritzed a little perfume on my wrists and dabbed some behind my ears,running a brush through my hair again.One last look,and I switched off the light,heading back out to the living room.


She hadn't moved,other than to place her wineglass back on the table.Resting her head on the back of the sofa her eyes were closed,a small smile still on her lips.She had taken of her 'lucky' socks and her toes were wriggling in the deep pile of the rug.Unlike her fingernails,she had put polish on her toenails...Every one a different color!

Opening her eyes at my return,she caught my glance."It was going to be my secret vice,but I figured,'what the hey',she's going to learn everything else about me tonight.So I decided to share."

"Thanks for that.It's good to know these things beforehand...Would you like some more wine?"

"No." She patted the sofa beside her."I want you to come back over here so I can kiss you again."

Dropping my shoes,which I'd removed,on the floor beside the sofa,I sat beside her,turned slightly to face her.

"Nah,ah," she said,before pushing my left shoulder and turning me,so that my back was against the rear of the seat.Moving to straddle me again,she gripped my thighs tight and ran her fingers through my hair once more,leaning down to kiss me.We started off slow once more,gently exploring as we got comfortable with each other.

As she unlaced my top to give her more access to my neck,I undid the belt round her waist,unfastening the top button on her jeans.

Pulling up her blouse,I worked my hands underneath to touch her skin...Rubbing the pads of my fingers up and down the sides of her spine,I just held her as she worked her way along my jaw to my neck.Raising my chin to expose more to her explorations,I whimpered again as her tongue sought out, and began to lick the pulse-point.Sucking the flesh gently,she scraped her blunt teeth over my skin,ensuring I would be marked.

"Jessicaaa..." She moaned in my ear as my fingers unlatched her bra,the heat on her words sending a shiver straight to my center...

I withdrew my hands from the smooth skin of her back and began to fumble at the buttons of her blouse.She raised up to give me better access and pouted deliciously as I swept it from her shoulders to slide down her arms,and hold her prisoner by the sleeves,which were still buttoned.The strapless green lace of her bra dropped away to leave her breasts exposed to my view and I felt my pupils dilate to the maximum as they went to absorb as much of the sight as possible.Beautiful,and just a bit more than a handful,as I had discovered earlier,the areola were a dusky pink which pebbled gloriously on being exposed to the air.I watched as the tumescence at the summits became more pronounced,and I leaned forward to flick the end of my tongue over the tips.She arched back against my supporting arms,trying to entice me to increase my ministrations as I suckled at each in turn,varying the pressure in concert with her moans,blowing gently on the wet flesh to increase the sensations.

Withdrawing reluctantly,I pulled back and looked into her eyes,heavily lidded now,just a rim of that enticing green surrounding her pupils.She watched me unbutton the sleeves of her blouse and let her arms free as it fell to pool on the floor behind her.

Those arms now grasped the sides of my top and lifted up,motioning me to raise my own arms over my head so that she could remove it.My own bra was soon a memory and she weighed me in turn,her thumbs brushing back and forth over my increasingly sensitive nipples,her index fingers sometimes curling round to pinch gently.As she began to suckle and lick,my fingers moved to comb through her hair,massaging her scalp as I urged her to greater effort with my soft cries...Kissing my upper slopes,her hands trailed hot fire along skin stretched tight over my clavicles,along to the top of my shoulders,holding me trapped once more,as she used her forehead to nudge my chin up so that she could kiss the base of my throat,moving up under my chin and back to my lips which locked with hers for a moment as my hands fell to her back and pulled her into a hug,our breasts smooshed together as we held each other fiercely.

Parting reluctantly,we kissed briefly before gazing into each others eyes,a reflected smile and a confirmation exchanged as she dismounted and sat beside me,waiting for me to rise and pull her up to stand at my side,letting me lead the way over to the spiral staircase and up to my bedroom.


The floor of the platform was carpeted in a deep blue pile,and with a bedside-cabinet on either side,my queen-sized bed was situated centrally against the back wall.The patterned quilt was folded along the foot of the bed and the sheet was a lighter shade of blue than the carpet.With numerous pillows in brightly colored cases lying against the headboard,it looked a bit like a nest...

Not letting go of her hand,I led her over to stand by its side,and turned to her.My hands came to rest naturally on her hips at the top of her jeans,which had fallen slightly with the top button undone.Looking deep beyond the reflections in our eyes,we now communicated without speaking;my moan as she once more finger-combed my hair to cup the back of my head,urging me forward to meet her lips,was answered by the goosebumps rising in the wake of my fingers as they trailed up her side to pause,as I thumbed the sides of her breasts.Our nipples kissed,the feeling of contact immediately shooting to other nerve endings which began to throb in sympathy.

Disguising the weakness in my legs,I fell to my knees before her,my fingers trailing down her abs to meet at the opening of her jeans.As my trembling fingers began fumbling with the buttons,I tried to cover my ineptitude by rimming her 'innie' with the tip of my tongue.The hitch in her breathing seemed to indicate that I had been successful,and I looked up at her as the last button was undone,my fingers now calm as they parted the material.

Her head had fallen forward,her eyes closed and a smile on her lips.Urging me to continue with her hands on my shoulders,I ran my forefingers around the inside of the waist,loosening its grip so that I could get my hands in to cup the curves of her behind.Pulling her forward,I kissed the flesh below her bellybutton,my hands manipulating the cloth down over the globes so that it fell naturally to pool at her feet.

Tapping her left leg,I got her to lift it,allowing me to pull the restriction free.Doing the same for her right,I held her foot for a moment,the arch lying naturally over my wrist,the palm of my hand cupping her heel perfectly.Leaning forward,I placed a little kiss just above her colorful toes,ignoring the 'gasp' from above.Placing her jeans to one side,I leaned back on my ankles,running my sight up the length of her body.

She was totally gorgeous,the muscles of her body defined without being grotesque,her skin lightly tanned.She had a little half-moon shaped scar on the inside of her right knee,and as I touched it,I looked at her in question.

"I fell out of a tree when I was nine."

"Were you brave?"

"No.I screamed and wailed like a Banshee,but when my mom cleaned me up and kissed it better,I went into training for a week...Went back and climbed that fucker,right to the top!"

We smiled at each other."Good for you."

She gestured me up,and as I stood in front of her,her fingers undid the buckle fastening at my side waist,unzipped me and slowly peeled the fabric down my legs,her breath hot on my skin.

Kicking my trousers away somewhere behind me,we stood before each other again,our panties the only remaining barrier between us and full physical intimacy.Moving to hold her,my thigh slipped naturally between hers,even as she reciprocated the move,and we kissed and danced slowly towards the bed,where I made sure that the mattress caught the back of her knees first.As she fell backwards,I let the motion break us apart even as I followed her down,letting my arms lock on either side of her chest,her hands lightly clasping my triceps to control her fall.As she lay there,her head resting on the sheet,she looked away from my eyes and watched her hand as it slid up to run through the shimmer of my Tattoo.

This,the first time she had touched it,sent a tingle straight up my neck to the back of my brain and I growled.Immediately,her hand withdrew and moved to cup my cheek."Sorry..."

I smiled."It's o-" I quickly changed my words,as I saw the look she flashed me."It's a little sensitive right now,while it's getting ready to change...Any idea what you'll choose?"

"Oh,I've already chosen...And,no,I'm not going to tell you" She smiled secretively."You'll just have to wait and see."

I mock growled again and pounced on her lips as I wriggled my dangling breasts against hers.She immediately,and aggressively,took control of the kiss,forcing my tongue back into my mouth before she latched on to my bottom lip and sucked it between her own,nibbling lightly with her teeth...Heh! I had her measure...Sneakily curling my forefingers round her nipples again,I squeezed and tugged.And she squeaked again!

Released,I moved back,and watched the most adorable pout form again on her features.Leaning down I kissed it away,our contact more gentle this time,her fingers moving up and down on either side of my spine.I moved slightly and the weight of my thigh fell on her center and she hissed in reaction."Sorry..."

"I'm good...Just caught me by surprise."

Assuming a more stable stance,I licked the hollow of her throat,trailing little nibbling kisses up the column of her neck as she turned and stretched,tasting her and inhaling the light flowery perfume she had used.Latching onto her earlobe,I suckled gently as she began to rub small circles at the base of my spine with her fingertips...Her movements caught me wanting to spread myself wide,and I dismounted,moving back to kneel at her side.My hands moved to her hips,fingers latching onto the band of her lace shorts,and as she raised to assist,I peeled them down her thighs and off her lower legs.Kissing the foot I had neglected earlier,I began working my way up to her knee,lifting her leg to kiss the hollow at the back.As she clutched the sheet and moaned,I placed her foot back on the bed,leaving her knee raised.Maneuvering between her legs,I trailed the pads of my fingers up the other,raising it to the same position.Looking into her eyes,I ran my palms up and down the outside of her thighs...Waiting...

She spread herself wide for me,her most intimate flesh now so vulnerable to my every thought and action...I was not going to abuse her trust and I moved slowly,pressing little butterfly kisses to either side as I moved forward,licking the soft tissue where the crease of her thigh had disappeared...

Nuzzling the small thatch of hair on her mons,the curtains below me began to unfurl and I inhaled deeply of the unique musk that would always be her,the scent moving deep into my lungs to be absorbed into my blood,to travel to all the tissues of my body;and I knew that this would be my predominant scent memory...

Her fingers in my hair pushed,even as her hips began to lift off the bed in invitation,and I raised up again to kiss my way down the non-existent crease until I reached the base of her opening where I took my first taste of her,the small bead of moisture melting and spreading over the tip of my tongue.Using my fingers,I parted her gently,kissing her and lipping at her folds,my tongue flickering back and forth on either side as I worked my slow way up to the apex.Her movements were becoming more urgent and I had to use my arms curled under and over the tops of her thighs to hold her as I playfully worked at tormenting her...The mewling accompanying my efforts were music to my ears...

"Jess'ca...Please." Her hands scrabbled at my head as she tried to pull me even closer...I nudged the hood protecting her clit with my nose. ".......!" A wordless cry accompanied my action,and I backed off slightly."No! No,don't stop.Fuck,don't stop!" I ducked back down,spreading my tongue,and licking from bottom almost to the top,drinking up the sweet nectar,which inundated my taste buds before slipping down my throat."Please,Jess'ca,do it! Inside! I want you inside me!" My middle finger disappeared up to the second joint and her internal muscles clamped down,determined to keep me prisoner."Yesss!" I began a small motion,twisting slightly,hooking my finger as it moved.As I watched,her own hands moved to her breasts,began to tug and twist at her nipples,and her head began to roll from side to side."Nearly there! Nearly there! Jessc'a...Please...Now...Now Jessc'a,now!" My third finger slipped inside her,my pinkie and forefinger applying pressure outside.I swooped down and,lipping back her hood,sucked her clit between my lips,my tongue flickering against the bundle of nerve endings.At the same time both fingers were now hooking the top of her passage,as I tried to gently pull her inside out..."Aiiiiiii !"

Her paean of joy was for all who could hear,as she stiffened in my arms...

My fingers were first crushed,and then released on a flood of fresh moisture,slipping out from their temporary prison....

Her body quivering in aftershock,she slowly came back to herself,her hand fluttering over my head;fingers trying to comb me again."Je.." Swallowing to generate moisture after her desperate panting,she tried again."Jessica,come up here."

I moved up to lie beside her,trying to cover the smug look on my face as she turned her head,seemingly the only bit she could yet control...She immediately called me on it."Is that your smug look?"

I smiled."Yep."

"Okay,okay.You did good,now give me a kiss."

It was just a light touch,as she licked up some of her own essence;as our lips created a memory together.


My weight returning to the bed woke her from a short rest,and the smile she gave me as her eyes fluttered open and sought me out stopped my heart for a moment."Mmmm.How long?"

"Just about 10minutes...Here" I offered her the cold bottle of Highland Spring.

She twisted off the cap and took a swallow,handing it back to me.As I turned and leaned over to place it on the bedside cabinet,she placed a hand on my back."Stop.Don't move...Stay just like that."

I felt the mattress shift as she rose and moved behind me...

The heat of her hands on my shoulders scorched my flesh,and as she caressed the skin towards my neck,I hissed softly...



Both thumbs now at the back of my neck,she rubbed them up until they reached the back of my skull.Forcing my head forwards so that my chin rested on my chest,she positioned her fingers precisely.



There was a flash of black light,and I gasped loudly,the last of my air leaving my lungs...

Limp,I collapsed to the mattress,and my body began to panic as it couldn't draw breath;the natural rhythm disrupted...

I felt her hand on my shoulder turn me,so that I was now lying on my back.She moved over me,looking down at my face as I gave her my trust...Taking a deep breathe,she leant down and breathed into my mouth,into my lungs and I was instantly soothed,the panic subsiding as my own body reasserted itself again.

Holding herself above me,she gestured with her chin,"Look."

I turned my shoulder...My Tattoo was gone! The sword had been there since I gave my first blood to Luna;later being joined by the crown...Now both had disappeared!

Her hand caressed the newly revealed flesh,the first to have done so in nearly 15years! I felt the tears brim in my eyes,overflowing to run down into my hair as I laid my head back on the bed.

I don't know why I felt so bereft...

She brushed my tears away,crooning softly."Sshh,baby.It's okay...Everything's going to be alright."

I smiled tremulously as she lifted me up into a hug...

Slowly we responded once again to the ardour suffusing the atmosphere of my home,soft kisses and gentle caresses accompanied by deep moans and short pants of breath became the whole of our world...

With a gentle touch,she turned me to my belly,pulling me up so that my back was to her front and I was kneeling.The feel of her nipples trailed points of fire over my skin,her arms slipping around my chest to weigh me in her palms.Manipulating my flesh,squeezing and pinching the aching tumesence at the peak of each breast;licking the mark she had made on my neck,released a flood of moisture that escaped the confines of my panties and coated my inner thighs,evoking a heartfelt "Aaaaah," as she inhaled behind me.

Pushing me forward onto all fours,her hands trailed down my back,her blunt nails scratching at my skin,stimulating more nerve endings.Coming to rest on my hips,she slipped her fingers under the twin straps of my thong,and peeled them over the swell.Quickly lowering them down my thighs,she urged me to lift my knees so that the whole thing could be removed and flung somewhere behind her.

Looking back over my shoulder,I saw her kneel back on her heels and watch as I spread for her,my slow movements causing that mesmering green to retreat and just rim her pupils as they fully dilated again.As her tongue slipped out to moisten her suddenly dry lips,I asked,"You're a butt girl,then..?"

"Oh,yes...Not that everything else isn't perfect either...It's just..." She moved to palm the globes of my behind,spreading my cheeks wider,releasing more liquid which caused her to lick her lips again."I'm thirsty..."

She dived in,her tongue lapping at me,as I lowered my chest to the sheet,my head resting on my crossed arms...Running the pads of her fingers up and down the rear of my thighs,she hadn't even touched my clit when I felt the tightness gather,winding ever more stronger deep inside me...I couldn't even warn her,it was all I could do to even draw breath to stay conscious...

Perhaps she realised something when I clenched around her tongue,but it was too late.I pushed back,spreading myself as wide as humanly possible and with a deep guttural,"Gggnnnh," I loosened...

She almost choked as I continued to spray,my screams muffled somewhat by my arm as I shook in front of her...

Collapsing on my side,I looked at her,almost giggling at the look of shock on her face.Her chin glistened in the light,a drop forming at the point and dripping to join the liquid on her chest...Running her fingers through the wetness on the slope of her breast,she brought her hand up to look at,before licking them clean."Well...That was unexpected."

"Kinda caught me by surprise,too.You okay?"

"Yeah...Though I think I need to dry myself off a bit."

"No.C'mere." I motioned her down beside me."I always clean up after myself." Starting with a kiss,I began licking,working my way over her chin and down to her chest,following trails of juice that spread out on the slopes of her breasts,continuing beyond all need as I used the excuse to savor her skin once more.Flickering my tongue around her areola,I suckled at her nipples in turn,trying to inhale as much of the soft flesh as posssible.Her arching chest fooled me for a moment,and then her hand was at my shoulder,surprising strength turning me to lie on my back again.

Taking each of my arms in turn she raised them above my shoulders so that I could grasp the headboard."Hold! Do not let go..." She held me prisoner,until I nodded in agreement.Leaning over to pick up the forgotten bottle of water,she pressed it to my lips."Drink." Taking a couple of swallows,I half emptied it,and she finished the remainder before placing it back on the bedside cabinet.Turning back,she straddled my thigh,gripping between her own.Slowly beginning to move backward and forwards,she left a delicate sheen over my flesh which quickly became slippery,denying her the pressure she was going for.Moaning in frustration,she moved up until she was bumping the protrubence of my hip...Her fingers sneakily parting my slick folds,she slipped between and entered me,now using her weight to provide momentum to her thrusts which moved in counterpoint to the motion of my hips off the bed.I growled..."Andréa...Pleeease!"

"It's okay baby...It's okay...Just wait..."

My movements became more urgent,more uncoordinated."No! Now! Fuck,Andréa...Now!"

"Jessica,look at me."

Caught,and held by her gaze,I sensed her shield begin to rotate,gathering speed,becoming less opague...Even as it became transparent,I knew it was still there,and the flower I saw was still protected.Green petals beginning to unfurl were the same unique color as her eyes,and as I saw what was at the center of her,I gasped,"Goddess..."

"Jess'ca,Daughter of Tanit...I claim you as my leal vassal...I swear by the Lord and the Lady that I will support and cherish you,with all of my powers,from this moment forward...In your right causes and endeavours,I will trust and sustain you at all times...Be faithful,as shall I,in this compact,and I shall love you until Death herself drags me kicking and screaming from your side...Jess'ca,I Claim you for mine own..."

There was nothing in my world,but her...

"Do you accept?"

"Yes! Oh Goddess,yes!"

"I am well pleased..."

She stretched her hand,her thumb coming to rest by the swollen and erect tissue of my clit.My exultant cry encouraged her to rub briskly and I was gone,dimly aware that my movements had also driven her over the edge...

We clung to each other,hugging tightly as the convulsions subsided,leaving us both lying in dreamy inertia.Our lips swollen,we could only exchange tender kisses and her soft "Jessica," breathed into my ear on a hot breath sent fresh shivers through me...

In the sanctity of our bed,I said it for the first time."Yes,Mistress."

I could hear the smile in her voice..."Look."

I found the strength from somewhere to turn my shoulder slightly and look at the shimmer of my new Tattoo...As I took in its shape,what it represented,I began to laugh,softly at first,then louder and louder...

Complete 29032005 The End.

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