Happy Anniversary
by Emyster & Okie

Disclaimers: Avast there! This be a PWP so ye'll be getting' some sex here. But there's a plot too so you shouldn't have any Hustler porn flashbacks. Oh, and this story involves two women. If you don't want to read about that, go away. You have been warned.

FYI: If you're skeptical about certain activities that take place in this little tale, trust me when I say it can be done.

Dedications: Thank you to S. Berry for running this challenge in her group: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SBerrysStories. Long live the sheep. Love ya, Angela!

I should mention this story was based on the following challenge premise: "Two women, a warm spring night, and love is in the air. Or in a tree, or the dugout during a baseball game, or· Letās see who can come up with the most unusual place for a healthy and reasonably flexible couple to get busy."

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Time was running out for Abby. Seven o'clock would be here before she knew it, and then where would she be? Standing at the front door in her bra and panties, that's where.

"I have absolutely nothing to wear! I can't believe it. We've only been going out for six months and I've already worn every acceptable outfit?" Abby moaned as she shuffled through the contents of her closet.

"Knock knock. Are you decent?"

Abby turned and smiled at her roommate. "I don't know about decent but I'm not nekkid."

Jason grinned and entered Abby's bedroom. "So what's the what?" he said and plopped down on her bed. "Don't know what to wear for short, dark and gorgeous?"

Abby continued to peer at her closet. She hoped if she stared hard enough the Closet Fairy would use her magic wand to strike her with inspiration. It wasn't working.

"Yes, I'm going out with Lucinda," Abby enunciated carefully. "Say it for me now...Lu-sin-da. Not short, dark and gorgeous. Not the bitty butch. Not Squirt, Shrimp or Shorty. Lucinda. Luce for short."

Jason snickered. "You said 'short'."

Abby took the opportunity to zing a hanger at Jason, narrowly missing his head. She then returned to her Zen-like perusal of the contents of her closet.

"Fuck it!" Abby yanked a pair of Levi's out of her closet, stalked over to her dresser and pulled out her favorite hunter green knit shirt. "I am now ready to get dressed. The audience participation segment of this date is concluded." Jason pouted but obligingly left the room after giving Abby's robe-covered derrire a good swat.

"It's a good thing I love you!" Abby yelled.

On went the shirt. Collar adjusted? Check. Next up were the pants. Abby paused mid-button and walked over to her dresser once again. She opened the top drawer and gazed at the selection of toys within.

"To pack or not to pack? That is the question." Abby tapped her front teeth with her index finger thoughtfully. "Nahhhh, tonight is all about comfort. After all, bitty butch wasn't very forthcoming about our plans for the evening."

That decision out of the way, Abby proceeded to tuck in her shirt and button up her pants. She added matching green socks for the tootsies and her favorite pair of boots and she was ready for her date. As she was tying that final shoelace, she heard the unmistakable ding of the doorbell.

"Ohhhh Abbelah, your elf in shining armor is here," Jason called from the living room. "Do you want me to get it?"

Abby came out of her room, giving Jason the finger. "Don't you have some D cup Debbie or Donna or Deirdre to ravage tonight?"

"Moi?" Jason gave Abby a look of wide-eyed innocence. "Ravage? I'll have you know I am the consummate lover."

"Well, babe, that's why we're perfect roommates, because I will never know that particular aspect of your personality." Abby waggled her eyebrows causing Jason to burst out laughing.

The doorbell dinged again just as Abby opened the door revealing a moderately perturbed Lucinda. "This is for you." Lucinda thrust a package wrapped in the Sunday funnies at Abby. She walked past Abby and glared at her roommate. "Oh, and Jason, this door isn't soundproof. Elf in shining armor my ass."

"Awww, admit it. You love me for my rapier wit." Jason grinned causing Lucinda to smile in spite of herself.

Lucinda turned toward Abby and greeted her with a big goofy grin. "You look great."

"What? This old thing?" Abby smiled shyly and leaned in for a brief kiss.

"Oooh, girl on girl action. Hold that thought. I wanna make popcorn," Jason interjected. Both women gave him the finger. "That too? Be still my heart!" A proud owner of dramatic license, Jason clutched his chest and sprawled on the couch.

"No fantasies come true for you tonight, fucktard," Lucinda shot back then turned to Abby and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Yep." Abby shrugged on her jacket and made sure she had her house keys and backpack. Once she was satisfied she turned to her roommate and said, "Don't wait up. I'll be late I'm sure."

Jason watched the two women with an indulgent smile. "Lookit, Ma. Our little gal is all growed up and havin' intercourse now."

"Very funny. Bye, sweetie!" Abby blew him a kiss and the couple were off on their date.


Once the pair were settled in the car, Lucinda turned to Abby and asked, "Well? Gonna open it?"

"Open what?" Lucinda frowned and wide-eyed comprehension dawned in Abby. "Ohhhhh...that. I was just funnin'. I knew what you were talking about, silly." Abby playfully smacked Lucinda's arm.

"Well, open it. The suspense is killin' me here."

"Awwww, my Lulu is an impatient puppy." Abby leaned across and gave Lucinda a much less brief kiss than before. While Lucinda recovered, Abby fished around in her pack and pulled out the funny pages wrapped package. "Hmmmm...what could it be?" She shook the package. "It's not bigger than a bread box. But it has some nice heft to it." Abby eyed the gift thoughtfully. "Is it...a jewel encrusted tiara? Nahhhh. Not my girl's style. Is it...a jewel encrusted harness?" Lucinda giggled. "Okay, much more my girl's style but probably not."

"Jesus Christ! Just open it already!"

Abby laughed and tore into the package. "Ohhhh, you do know me so well. Rainbow Play-Doh. I love it!" Abby set the gift down and proceeded to show Lucinda just how much she loved it.

Lucinda broke away and gasped, "Hon, I have so much more planned for this evening but if you keep kissing me like that we're not gonna get out of the parking lot."

Abby pouted prettily. "Oh, I've got something for you too." She reached in her pack and pulled out a small package, complete with curly ribbon and a gift tag. "Happy six month Anniversary."

Lucinda took the package, reading the gift tag first. "To: Lulu, From: Your Number One Fan (but not in a stalker kinda way)." Lucinda did a very bad Bogart impression. "Baby, you can stalk me any time."

Abby grinned. "I'll remember that. Now open it."

"Ooooh, now who's an impatient puppy? Let's see...what could it be...?"

"It could be my boot up your ass if you don't open it," Abby growled.

Lucinda laughed and opened the package in short order. She looked at the object in her hand reverently, a soft smile gracing her features.

"Well, do you like it?" Abby inquired.

"Do I like it? Do I like it?!? Like is not a strong enough word to convey what I feel for this. In fact, love is not a strong enough word. I...worship, yes, worship this gift. Thank you." Lucinda then proceeded to show Abby just how much she liked her present.

After the two women broke apart, Abby sat back in her seat and fanned herself with the remains of the funny pages. Lucinda took the opportunity to crawl into the back seat and affix her six month Anniversary gift to the rear window. Gumby and Pokey bobbed engagingly, ready to give fellow drivers everywhere a cheery wave. Lucinda took a moment to admire the green and orange duo.

Finally satisfied they did indeed look perfect and that they weren't going to come loose, Lucinda returned to the drivers seat and exclaimed, "Okay. Time to motorvate." She steered the car into evening traffic.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"Nope." Lucinda continued to drive, deftly avoiding slower moving traffic and only occasionally taking a moment to admire Gumby and Pokey in the rearview mirror. "It's a surprise. By their very nature, surprises must remain secret or they cease to be surprises."

"Yessss, I know that. But haven't I been good? I didn't bug you all week about where we were going. I deserve a reward," wheedled Abby.

"You have been good and you'll be rewarded. But you're still not gonna find out where we're going until we get there."

Abby humphed and proceeded to look out the passenger side window. "Are we there yet?"


Lucinda traveled a few more miles. Gumby and Pokey were still firmly in their place of honor greeting those drivers lucky enough to be behind them.

"Are we there yet?"

"Still nope," Lucinda replied. She flipped on the radio hoping to divert Abby's curiosity. "Oh good. I like this song." A little steering wheel drumming and a left turn at the light and a few more miles rolled by.

"Are we there yet?"

"Yes. We're there," Lucinda announced triumphantly as the car pulled into the parking lot of The Slice of Life - Pizza & Miniature Golf.

"We are?" Abby looked at the bright green neon sign incredulously. "Miniature golf?!?"

"Trust me. This place has the best pizza you'll ever eat."

Lucinda was lucky and found a parking spot, for The Slice of Life was a popular destination on Friday night. The gravel parking lot was practically full and Abby could see a large group milling about waiting their turn at the golf sign-up area. The pizza stand was likewise doing a brisk business and due to the warm Spring night, all but a few of the outdoor tables were occupied.

The two women exited the car and after stowing Abby's pack in the trunk for safekeeping, ambled over to the pizza stand. Lucinda's stomach growled at just the thought of dinner and Abby's eyes lit up when the delicious smell of pepperoni hit her nostrils.

"You know what this place is?" Abby asked.

"Uhhhh...a place where you can eat pizza and play kitschy golf?"

"Nope, this place is a bonafide joint of the pizza variety. I've always wanted to eat at one of those. You get closer to true pizza at a joint than at one of those chain places." Abby kicked a stone with her shoe. "Think it's safe to hold hands here?"

Lucida looked around. She mostly saw couples, sometimes in groups of two or three. They looked to be fairly young and hip. Usually a safe bet. "Yeah, I think we can risk it." She grasped Abby's hand firmly and gave her a smile. "So, about this joint theory...you think they'll get you closer to pizza Nirvana than say, Pizza Hut?"

"Yep, loads closer."

Lucinda chuckled and gave Abby's hand a joyful swing. "I'm glad we came here then. I've always wanted to help someone reach pizza Nirvana. Or any Nirvana for that matter."

Abby leaned her head on Lucinda's shoulder and crooned, "Oh baby, you don't even know your own power. Nirvana should be your middle name." She batted her eyelashes at Lucinda who countered with a nose tweak and a whispered, "Smartass."

They entered the aptly named pizza joint and saw there was space for a half dozen booths. All were occupied so Lucinda motioned toward the area designated for placing orders and they made their way to the end of the line.

This was the dinner rush and the workers at The Slice of Life knew their stuff, making the wait in line a short one. A gum chewing teen with a lip ring connected by a chain to a nose ring stood behind the register, waiting to take their order.

"Know what y'all want?"

Lucinda glanced at Abby and spoke up, "Yeah, we'll take a medium..." She perused the board overhead. "...Napoli special."

"Good choice." The teen blew a huge bubble and popped it loudly. "Anything to drink?"

Lucinda jumped when Abby clutched her arm suddenly.

"Luce, look! They've got Mr. Pibb," Abby hissed, barely able to contain her excitement.

Lucinda rolled her eyes at the girl who flashed the two a grin.

"You and your Mr. Pibb fetish." Lucinda looked at Abby who was doing her best hopeful puppy impression, the look on her face designed to melt even the hardest heart. "Okay, a pitcher of Mr. Pibb."


"Your number is 64. There's a speaker in the patio area." The girl turned away to fill their pitcher and grab two mugs from the cooler, filling them with ice. "Just snag any table that's available and listen for your number."

"Yep, definitely a joint," Abby beamed.


Following a brief tussle over who should pay for dinner, Lucinda and Abby made their way to the patio and a cozy table for two. They had a nice view of Old King Cole in One (the miniature golf course was based around a Nursery rhymes theme) and were amused by how many fathers with kids in tow were trying their hand at the course.

Inevitably the fathers would approach the spot with a look of determination reminiscent of their game faces on Saturday morning at the golf course. But Old King Cole in One was a tough hole and their finely honed golf skills usually weren't up to the challenge. The kids took it all in stride though and, more often than not, made the shot their dad couldn't.

"Check this guy out," Abby nudged Lucinda causing her mug of Mr. Pibb to come perilously close to sloshing down her front.

"Aaaabby...watch what you're doin', darlin'." Lucinda sat the mug down and looked at the guy in question.

Another father with three girls in tow. The girls looked to be around the same age so Lucinda was guessing slumber party. Serious golfer dad was lining up his shot. He paced all around the hole measuring distances, assessing angles. The putter he was holding looked like it had seen service during the Civil War but he was treating this shot as if it were the 18th hole of the Masters Tournament.

Finally ready to make the shot, he planted his feet, shifted his hips and putted. The ball went in the hole. One manfully executed fist pump a la Tiger Woods and it was time for the girls to putt. To Abby and Lucinda's amusement, each girl stepped up and without even batting an eye made the shot. Dad took it well, only looking a little chagrined and the party trudged on to the next hole.

"Ooooh, burn," Abby chuckled.

Lucinda shook her head. "Poor guy." She paused a minute, listening. "Hey, that's our number. Be right back." Lucinda took her leave of the table and soon returned with one Napoli special.

Both were ravenously hungry and made short work of the pizza, not even stopping to chit chat.

Abby threw down her napkin and rubbed her belly in satisfaction. "Whew! We ate the whole thing."

"Yep. Now it's time for some putt-putt fun!" Lucinda exclaimed.

Abby rolled her eyes and moaned but was prepared to be a good sport and go through with it. It was putt-putt after all. How hard could it be?


"Goddammit to mother fucking hell!"

Lucinda looked on as Abby missed yet another shot. She couldn't quite keep from grinning as she watched Abby pick up her ball and prepare for a second attempt.

"Keep smirking, babe. We'll see how funny you think this is when we tally up the score. I'm gonna kick your butt."

Lucinda peered at the score pad. "Well, so far you're three over par and we've got six holes left. It's going to take a valiant effort on your part."

Abby sank the putt this time and gleefully exclaimed, "In your face, bitty butch!" She also executed an 'in your face' dance, much to the amusement of the group waiting their turn at the hole.

"Bitty butch? My, my, my you're getting down and dirty." Lucinda walked up to the hole and settled her battered and taped golf club against her shoulder. "Shall we make this game a little more exciting?"

"Ooooh, exciting how? Like strip putt-putt exciting?" Abby asked, an interested gleam in her eyes.

"Like the winner gets to pick a dare and the loser has to do it."

Abby chewed her lower lip thoughtfully. "Okay. But the dare can't be anything illegal. I didn't bring enough cash to bail your sorry ass out of jail."

"Oh ho ho...confident aren't we? Don't count your balls before they're putted, sweetie." Lucinda extracted a ball from her pocket, placed it on the mark and tapped it into the hole. She buffed her fingernails on her shirt and raised an eyebrow at Abby. "After you, my dear." Lucinda swaggered to the next hole, followed by a somewhat worried looking Abby.

The next setting featured Little Bo Peep. The hole was right by Bo Peep's staff. The ball had to make its way up and over and around a tricky maze made up of the legs of sheep. A pretty straightforward shot because there was nothing moving that you had to avoid.

Abby approached Little Bo Peep with a look of steely determination. She placed her ball and sized up Bo Peep and her flock. It would take just the right tap to send the ball careening through the maze and into the hole. Too much force and the ball would shoot past the hole, too little and it wouldn't even make it past sheep number three. She tucked the club under her arm and applied a little spit to both hands, rubbing them together and muttering a silent prayer to Saint Dinah Shore. She grasped the end of her club and settled into her stance. The club came back and just as she was ready to swing she yelped.

"What was that? Something just hit my ass!" Abby scowled accusingly at Lucinda.

"Well don't look at me. If I had hit your ass, you'd know it." Lucinda looked around and saw a purple ball lying a few feet from Abby. "I think this is the culprit." She retrieved the ball and spotted a giggling trio of pre-teen girls two holes over. Lucinda held the ball up and two of the girls pointed to a third, laughing at their friend's embarrassment. Lucinda grinned and tossed the ball back. "You were the unfortunate recipient of stray ball syndrome."

"What? You mean someone hit that ball at me?"

"Mmmm...no. Not exactly. Someone hit the ball and it just happened to hit you. They weren't aiming for you."

Abby looked suspicious. "A likely story. You probably paid those little twerps to mess with my concentration."

Lucinda laughed and said, "I don't need to resort to nefarious means to whip your butt at putt-putt. Hey, I like that÷whip your butt at putt-putt."

"Very funny. Now be quiet. Genius at work." Abby once again made her approach. She eyed the course and with a tiny waggle of her hips whacked the ball. The ball wended its way lazily past the legs of sheep number one, number two, number three and number four. It rolled toward Bo Peep, approached the cup and teetered on the edge. Abby glared at the ball, willing it to go in.

"Yes!" Abby did another round of the 'in your face' dance much to Lucinda's amusement.

Lucinda didn't do as well as Abby at the Bo Peep hole. It took her three tries to make the putt. Possibly the sight of the 'in your face' dance and Abby's generous curves messed with Lucinda's concentration. The pattern continued over the course of the final few holes. Once Lucinda even had to try a fourth shot-Pop Goes the Weasel was a heartbreaker. Abby took two shots on that one.

Finally they were at Old King Cole In One, the final hole of the course. This was a tricky one because you had to time your shot just right. Not only did you have to make it between two jousting knights, the drawbridge could close, thus barring the ball from the hole.

Abby's play had been good enough that she was close to winning. Of course it would take a hole in one but Lucinda was still worried. She had a dare in mind but it was one both of them would enjoy. She wouldn't put it past her feisty girlfriend to devise a truly embarrassing dare. So Lucinda did the only thing she could do, she decided to play dirty.

"Abby, are you sure you want to stand like that for this shot?"

"What do you mean? It's worked so far," Abby queried.

"Well yeah, but this is a much trickier shot. Watch me." Lucinda stepped up to mark, took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders a bit to loosen up and then putted. The ball unerringly made its way past every hazard, over the moat and into the cup.

"Wow. You did it. I thought this was supposed to be the hardest hole."

"I have an advantage. I worked here during High School. Want me to show you?"

"Sure." Abby stood patiently by the mark.

"Okay. Stand here." Lucinda scooted Abby to the correct spot, keeping her hands on Abby's hips. "Now you need to hold the club like this." She moved behind Abby, reached around and put her hands over Abby's. Since Lucinda was slightly shorter than Abby, she took full advantage of that fact and allowed her breath to tickle the back of Abby's neck. "Now you want your grip to be slightly loose." Lucinda ran her fingers lightly over Abby's hands. "Relax. That's it." She took a deep breath. "Mmmmmm...you smell nice."

Goosebumps broke out on Abby's neck and arms. The feel of Lucinda all along her back was definitely making her libido perk up and say howdy. And did Lucinda have to do that thing? That hot, moist breath on the back of her neck thing. Abby wanted to turn around and rip off all of Lucinda's clothes but being arrested for public indecency wasn't high on her list of things to do this evening.

"Uhhhhh, Luce?"

"Yes, darlin'?" Lucinda purred.

"You're trying to mess with my concentration aren't you?"

"Now whatever would give you that idea? I'm just trying to be a good girlfriend and help you with this shot." Lucinda punctuated her statement with a surreptitious thrust of her hips against Abby's backside.

"You're so full of shit your eyes are brown," Abby laughed.

"Well fine." Lucinda released Abby and stepped away. "If you don't want my help, I'll leave you to it. It's only the hardest hole on the course. It's only the shot you have to make or you lose. It's only-"

Abby clamped her hand over Lucinda's mouth and growled, "You are an evil woman." She swished her putter at Lucinda. "Now go stand over there. Shoo." Abby settled into her stance. She went over all that Lucinda had told her because she knew Lucinda wasn't so evil as to give her bad advice. She took a deep breath and putted. The ball rolled just as unerringly past every hazard, over the moat and, shock of shocks, into the hole.

"Shit. I'm so screwed." Lucinda covered her face with one hand.

"I win! I win!" Abby held the putter over her head and began a much more elaborate version of the 'in your face' dance÷the 'I kicked your butt' dance.

"Yes, you win," Lucinda conceded. "So lay it on me. What do I have to do?"

"Do?" Abby stopped dancing. "Ohhhhh, the dare." She looked thoughtful. "Hmmm...what torture can I devise?

"You could always dare me to eat a bowl of ice cream," Lucinda said hopefully.

"No, too easy. I want a small element of danger to be involved."

"I can eat the ice cream really fast."

"Nice try, but not dangerous enough." Abby looked around the putt-putt course, looking for an idea. It hit her when she spied the ubiquitous windmill hole. The windmill structure was the largest on the course and directly behind it was a wooden fence. It looked like there was a cozy and well-hidden space just begging to be used.

Lucinda noticed that Abby's attention had been drawn to a particular spot. When she saw what Abby was looking at a slow grin appeared on her face. "So. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That depends," Abby replied. "Are you thinking about some hot and heavy groping in the shadow of a Dutch icon?"

"Oh baby, you read my mind." Lucinda motioned to Abby. "Follow me."

They made their way past several holes and as luck would have it, the hole with the windmill was free. Lucinda looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. The holes on either side of the windmill were vacant and everyone else on the course was busy paying attention to their own fun.

Lucinda grabbed Abby's hand and hissed, "Look nonchalant."

Abby tried her best to feign nonchalance but she feared she still looked guilty. She couldn't help it if at heart she was a good girl.

They made their way behind the windmill without anyone noticing. The area behind the windmill was dark for the most part. The lights from the course shone through the moving arms of the windmill creating a dreamlike strobe effect.

Abby took Lucinda's club and leaned it against the fence with hers. "Now about that dare." She reached for Lucinda's hands and closed the distance between them. "Time for you to pay up." She gifted Lucinda with a long, slow kiss that was full of promise. When she had well and truly kissed her, she pulled away to look at a slightly dazed Lucinda.

"That was really nice." Lucinda grinned goofily. "But what's my dare?"

Abby released Lucinda's hands and cupped either side of her face. "I dare you to be quiet," she whispered and leaned in for another kiss. Abby made sure Lucinda knew where she was going with this dare by indulging in her patented knee-weakening kisses. They started out soft and languorous, gradually becoming firmer and more demanding.

What Abby demanded was her total surrender, and Lucinda was more than willing to give it. The little growly noises Abby made as she ravaged Lucinda's mouth were causing Lucinda to clutch at Abby's hips and give forth a few moans of her own. Abby released Lucinda's mouth and pushed her up against the back of the windmill. "Don't move." She pressed her body against Lucinda's and kissed her some more.

Abby left Lucinda's mouth and trailed wet kisses down her neck. She pushed aside the collar of Lucinda's shirt and sucked hard at the spot just under her collarbone. Abby's other hand was busy with the bottom buttons of Lucinda's shirt. Once she had them undone she stroked Lucinda's belly, moving her mouth further down Lucinda's chest.

Lucinda moaned, wanting Abby to go further. They may have been in the middle of a crowded putt-putt but Lucinda's world had narrowed to include only Abby's lips, tongue and hands. Hands that were now busy unzipping her pants.

Lucinda moved her hands to the back of Abby's head, encouraging her by tangling her fingers in Abby's hair. "Don't stop."

"Not planning to," Abby mumbled against Lucinda's belly.

She continued nibbling the soft skin on Lucinda's belly while her hands pushed Lucinda's boxers and khakis below her knees. Abby paused a minute to rub her hands up and down the back of Lucinda's thighs. She nuzzled the spot just above Lucinda's pubic hair, swiping the area lazily with her tongue.

Lucinda gasped when she felt one of Abby's hands travel between her thighs. Abby slid a finger in easily and brought her mouth down to run her tongue the length of Lucinda's clit.

Abby then moved to the point where thigh meets pubis and licked and sucked. Lucinda groaned louder, one hand releasing Abby's hair to scrabble ineffectually against the wooden structure behind her.

Lucinda could feel Abby placing small kisses along the tops of her thighs. She inserted another finger and began pumping slow and deep. With her other hand she parted Lucinda and placed her mouth over Lucinda's clit. She timed her thrusts with a steady suckling, gradually inserting another finger.

"God!" Lucinda exclaimed hoarsely.

Abby paused in her ministrations long enough to smile up at Lucinda and say, "No, just me." She kissed Lucinda's navel and redoubled her efforts.

Lucinda's laugh was followed by a low, guttural sound. Abby could feel Lucinda's thighs start to quiver so she increased the pressure on her clit. She curled her fingers slightly, stimulating Lucinda's G spot with each thrust.

Lucinda sucked in a deep breath and her body tensed. Abby slowed her fingers as she felt Lucinda's climax hit. A small tug on her hair and Abby removed her mouth but continued to blow softly on Lucinda's clit.

"Darlin', your mouth should be insured," Lucinda said as she softly stroked Abby's hair.

Abby withdrew her fingers and placed a small kiss on Lucinda's belly. She helped Lucinda get her clothing in order and then stood and gave her another slow kiss. "Thank you for a wonderful evening."

Lucinda put her arms around Abby. "What do you mean? The evening's not over yet. I've got one more surprise lined up."

"And I suppose you're not gonna tell me what it is until we get there?"

"Yep, you'd be right," Lucinda replied.

Abby looked thoughtful and then smiled. "Okay."


"Please tell me we're not going to a haunted house," Abby remarked as she noted the increasingly isolated surroundings. They'd been on the highway for the last fifteen minutes and were fast leaving the lights of town behind.

"I can unequivocally state that we're not going to a haunted house," Lucinda replied.

She took the next exit, which turned into an access road leading to an assemblage of warehouses. These weren't seedy warehouses by any means. They were neat and modern looking and most had entrances for the general public. Abby read the names affixed to attractive signs in front of each warehouse: Waldemar Distributing, Lions Club Kiwanis, Beautyco, Dynamo Gymnastics.

Lucinda pulled the car in front of the Dynamo Gymnastics building and stopped the car. "We're here!"

Abby blinked a few times and then turned to look at Lucinda. "You never cease to amaze me."

"It's all part of my charm, babe." She leaned across the seat and kissed Abby. "Now come and see your surprise."

They walked up to the front door of Dynamo Gymnastics and Lucinda pulled a set of keys from her pocket. She unlocked the door and gestured for Abby to enter first.

The place was dark. No windows meant you didn't even have the comfort of outside ambient light. Abby heard Lucinda fumbling around searching for the light switch. The lights came on with a sudden flash of brilliance causing Abby to blink until her eyes had adjusted.

"Okay, this way. We're actually going out back but Kit didn't have the key to the gate."

"Kit? You mean Colin's sister?" Abby asked.

"Yep. It pays to be on good terms with your first and only boyfriend."

They walked through the cavernous warehouse. It contained every imaginable piece of gymnastics equipment and was wall-to-wall mats. People who came here were serious about gymnastics.

Lucinda unlocked the door leading to the area behind the gym and turned to Abby, grinning from ear to ear. "Are you ready?"

Abby grinned back, caught up in her girlfriend's enthusiasm. "As I'll ever be."

"Ta daa!" Lucinda flung open the door. Abby looked at the scene before her in stunned amazement.

The area behind the gym was surrounded by an eight foot tall fence. A beautiful grassy lawn stretched from the warehouse to all sides of the fence. Two large security lights provided illumination and in the middle of the yard were two of the largest trampolines Abby had ever seen. They certainly weren't your basic buy-it-at-Wal-Mart models. These were professional, Olympic sized trampolines.

"Well? What do you think? Lucinda asked.

"Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do."

"What? They're trampolines."

"I can see that, sweetie. But why are we here?"

Lucinda came up behind Abby and put her arms around her waist. "Well remember I told you I used to be quite the gymnastics geek?"

"Yes, I remember. And you still have the glutes of a gymnast." Abby reached behind her and gave Lucinda's ass a big squeeze.

Lucinda giggled and deposited a brief kiss on Abby's neck. "Have you ever done it on a trampoline?

Abby was silent for a moment, needing the time to digest Lucinda's question. "Uh, no. Can't say that I have."


"But it's so huge. Won't we be risking life and limb?" Abby asked dubiously.

Lucinda released Abby and after removing her shoes, clambered atop the trampoline. "Last one up's a rotten egg!"

Lucinda began running the circuit of the trampoline, bounding along like a manic kangaroo and shedding clothing as she ran. Abby couldn't help but giggle at the sight of her girlfriend tossing clothes on the grass haphazardly and grinning from ear to ear. But as she watched, she realized she was also excited. Lucinda jumped to the edge of the large trampoline and reached for Abby.

"Come on! The air is sweet up here!" She bounced a few more times to prove it. By this time she was clad only in her underwear.

Abby looked shyly at Lucinda's extended hand. "I dunno, Luce, I'm not the most coordinated person. Are you sure I'm not gonna fly off that thing and break my neck?"

"Nahhh! I'll help you! Come onnnnn!" She gave Abby her own version of puppy dog eyes.

"Fuck you. You know I can't resist that look," Abby relented and kicked off her shoes. Now came the hard part, actually hauling herself on to the trampoline without killing herself.

Lucinda stopped bouncing and reached down to help Abby up, taking the opportunity to pull Abby into her arms. "You, my dear, have far too many clothes on."

"Ummm, Luce. Have you noticed that I've got a bit more...padding than you do?"

"I know and I like it. You've got padding in all the right places." To prove her point, Lucinda snuffled her face in Abby's cleavage blowing a large raspberry.

Unrestrained laughter erupted from Abby. "Goddammit! You know I hate that!"

"If you hate it so much why does it always make you laugh, hmmmm?" Lucinda gave Abby a kiss, stepped back and said in her best drill instructor's voice, "Okay, private! Time to strip down to yer skivvies!"

"Ma'am! Yes, ma'am!" Abby complied, quickly divesting herself of her clothing, presenting herself naked as the day she was born.

"Oh, baby! I've gotta catch up!" Lucinda stripped off her underwear, and a feisty look appeared in her eyes. "Now I want you to sit criss-cross-applesauce in the middle of the trampoline."

Abby chuckled and obeyed. The trampoline was incredibly smooth and cool, reminding her of a really thick sheet of spandex. She sat quietly, hands in her lap waiting to see what Lucinda would do next.

Lucinda walked around Abby, bouncing slightly. "Close your eyes."

The warm air caressed Abby's bare skin. She could smell freshly mown grass all around her but underlying that was Lucinda's unique scent. The trampoline then began to move. Lucinda was bouncing slowly around Abby causing her to rise slightly off the trampoline. Occasionally Lucinda would pass close enough that Abby could feel a change in the air along her skin.

As Lucinda bounced Abby would periodically feel a brief caress across her shoulders or along her cheek. Once Lucinda passed her hand along the top of Abby's head, just barely stirring the hair yet creating a wave of goosebumps all along Abby's upper body.

"Relaxed yet?" Lucinda asked as she stroked Abby's back lightly.

Abby's head nodded in assent and a slow, sexy smile appeared. "Ohhhh, yeahhhh."

Lucinda continued her steady pace around Abby, creating a rhythm that Abby could feel deep inside. "Get up on your knees for me."

Abby found it easy to maneuver herself into a kneeling position. She spread her arms for balance and Lucinda continued bouncing, harder now causing Abby to rise higher. She could feel the heat from Lucinda's body in front of her.

Something brushed against Abby's right nipple. It could have been a hand or a warm thigh. With her eyes closed Abby wasn't sure but whatever it was her nipple liked it.

"Mmmmmm, I like that kind of reaction," Lucinda said softly.

This time Abby felt Lucinda's fingertip stroke the nipple of her other breast.

Lucinda was keeping up a steady bouncing during all of this. Abby thought about opening her eyes but just as she had the thought Lucinda said, "Keep your eyes closed or I'll stop." Abby shivered at Lucinda's soft yet commanding tone.

Lucinda continued to bounce around Abby. This in turn caused Abby to bounce. Not enough to raise her very high on the trampoline and lose her balance. Just enough to make her feel as if her heart were beating in time to the thump thump thump of her knees hitting the slick surface of the trampoline.

Lucinda brushed lightly across Abby's shoulder blades causing her to whimper. "Your skin is so soft," Lucinda said somewhere to the right of Abby. "I love how it feels against me when I'm lying on top of you."

The game kept on, a caress to an upper arm on one pass, a gentle stroke of her breast on another. Abby was a little surprised at how aroused she was becoming. With each soft touch her libido was fast moving from purring kitten to growling tigress.

"Okay it's time for you to stand now. I'm going to take your hands and help you but keep your eyes closed."

Abby reached out and felt Lucinda's sure grip. "Now it's time for you to jump, darlin'. Follow my lead."

Lucinda interlaced their fingers and started jumping higher. "Flex your knees a little. Don't keep them locked." They bounced higher, keeping a steady rhythm. Much to Abby's surprise, she kept up with Lucinda's increasingly powerful jumps. Being able to hold hands and the fact that she was now hyper-aware of her lover made the task easy.

"Now I want you to slide your hands up and grab hold of my forearms."

Abby did as Lucinda directed and they continued to jump. As they bounced together, Lucinda gradually drew Abby closer. Abby could feel Lucinda's breasts brush against hers. The slow burn of arousal had long since turned into a steadily crackling flame. Actually feeling more than Lucinda's hands on her body was about to make it spiral out of control.

They jumped in tandem for a few more minutes. A light sheen of perspiration covered both their bodies as much from their heightened awareness as the unaccustomed exertion.

"Put your hands on my shoulders," Lucinda instructed.

Abby did so without breaking the rhythm. After her hands were placed, she felt Lucinda's hands settle on her hips. Their jumps remained in perfect sync throughout the exchange.

"Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on jumping."

Abby nodded and attempted to focus her attention on jumping rather than the almost overwhelming desire to throw Lucinda down on the trampoline and show her just how well she could focus. As she was tamping down naughty gymnastics instructor fantasies, she felt one of Lucinda's hands move slowly up her rib cage and come to rest cupping her breast. Lucinda caressed Abby's nipple with her thumb. It was amazing how such a minor gesture could create a torrent of sensation powerful enough to make Abby's knees weak. Weak knees, not good.

Lucinda's hand gradually made its way back down to her hip. Abby bit her bottom lip and squinched her eyes closed. The urge to open them was strong but she didn't want Lucinda to stop this delicious torture. Lucinda's hand traversed the path between Abby's hip and breast, a slow, sensual journey that was driving Abby crazy.

Abby didn't know it but Lucinda was fighting her own battle for self-control. Watching the flush make its way across Abby's skin, the feel of silky flesh beneath her hands, the muted whimpers that escaped Abby's lips-all conspired to make Lucinda give in to temptation.

She knew enough about Abby's body language to realize Abby was ready for more. To be truthful, Lucinda was ready for more as well but she wanted to make this experience memorable for Abby. It certainly was going to be memorable for her.

Lucinda decided to up the ante and let her hand steal down to Abby's pelvis. She traced a line from Abby's belly button to her pubic hair. Up and down, timed with their jumps, gradually creeping closer to her intended destination.

"How wet for me are you?"

Abby let out a small moan. "Very."

Lucinda smiled and slipped her hand lower, brushing a middle finger over Abby's clit, and dipped into warm wetness. Abby gasped but didn't stop jumping. They were still in perfect sync. Lucinda dragged her finger up Abby's belly and painted an erect nipple.

"Very nice. You're almost as wet as I am."

"Luce, you're killin' me here. Can I please open my eyes?" Abby pleaded.

"You can open your eyes after you come."

Lucinda's finger continued its torturous path across Abby's torso. Then she surprised Abby by bending her knees and sliding down Abby's body. Lucinda's hands cupped Abby's buttocks, all the while continuing to bounce.

Lucinda leaned in and darted her tongue out, tasting Abby's warm body. Abby's legs wobbled at the sensation.

Lucinda kept bouncing on her knees while Abby tried to keep her wits about her and continue jumping. Lucinda's hands slid down Abby's thighs pulling her legs slightly apart. Abby leaned over Lucinda and put her hands on her shoulders for balance, desperately trying not to slow their pace.

Lucinda's hands moved slowly between Abby's legs and she slid her fingers into silken wetness. Abby shuddered and emitted a low moan.

As Abby held tight, they bounced as one. Lucinda moved her hand across Abby's clit and thrust two fingers into Abby. She slid her other hand around the back of Abby's thigh and caressed her anus. Lucinda felt Abby tighten and she knew release was a moment away. She kept up her stroking until she felt Abby's body tense. Then she allowed them to slow and grabbed Abby's body around her waist, bringing Abby down on top of her.

Abby's eyes opened and she leaned in and kissed Lucinda. Then she settled next to Lucinda on the smooth surface of the trampoline, her head resting comfortably on Lucinda's shoulder. She traced random patterns on the skin over Lucinda's right breast. "So...you know that thing we talked about on our eighth date?"

"You mean after we...?"

"Had sex for the first time? Yes."

"You mean when we talked about that cute little moan you do right after-?"

Abby cut Lucinda off with a well-timed swat to her belly. "No, smartass. That thing where we said we wouldn't use the L word."

"What? Lez-bee-en? I do prefer the D word." Lucinda orated to the air. "Dyke... dyke...dyke. I am a delicious, delightful, debonair dyke. A dyke who likes to diddle herself with a di-"

Abby clapped her hand over Lucinda's mouth effectively shutting her up. "You. Are. Such. A. Dork." She rolled over, straddling Lucinda's hips.

"Oooh, baby, I like it when you get all dominant." Said with a lascivious twitch of her hips for good measure.

Abby snorted and settled on top of Lucinda, belly to belly, her upper body supported by her elbows on either side of Lucinda's head. She inclined her head slightly and gave Lucinda a sweet kiss. "Silly woman." Another kiss. She smoothed a stray lock of hair from Lucinda's brow, gazing into her eyes the whole time. "I'm fairly sure...let's say 97 percent...that I'm falling in L word with you."

Lucinda tightened her hold on Abby's waist, all traces of levity suddenly scattered in the face of such a heartfelt admission. She spent a moment pondering the ramifications of Abby's statement. Not seeing any negative aspects, she allowed a slow smile to come forth. "Baby, I think I'm falling in L word with you too."

The End

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