Pizza & Wine
by Emyster

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Cheryl was my college dorm roommate. She was funny, intelligent and wonderful. Before her I never knew people could be so nice. She was a rather large woman, so when she laughed it filled the room. People couldn’t help but notice her joy in life was one that was to be appreciated.

I walked in that first day and she introduced herself as the gay one on the floor. Coming from a small town, I’d never actually met another gay person. I thought I was unique. My friends back home had been right all along.

From that moment on Cheryl and I were very close. She helped me come out to my shocked family—I got lucky, they still loved me. They were willing to accept this new facet of my already quirky personality, so the shock wasn’t a bad one.

All through college my shyness kept me from asking the one person I really wanted to go out with. But Cheryl was always around and she did set me up with some nice friends and a good time was had by all. I know I learned a lot in those four years.

Cheryl dated, but not often. Funny she seemed so confident in life, but I look back and she was so not. Her lack of confidence would come out in humor about herself. Why I never saw it then I’ll never know. I thought I was paying such close attention. Maybe too close to see what was in front of me..

Life continued. We both got our degrees. I decided to stay in the city. She was thrilled and we moved into a large apartment together. We both got lucky and found jobs in our fields. She as an artistic director in a gallery in town (art hunter) and I, with my technical writing degree, worked for a software company (geek).

As time went on work got busier, so I stopped dating. Something was missing in those evenings of sex. I focused on work and well,...Cheryl.

She seemed happy, but it was hard for me to tell. She had been dating the same woman for about four months. We rarely talked about Michelle. I was jealous. I wanted that and honestly I wanted that with Cheryl. But being friends—those were fine lines and we’d been through so much. I wasn’t about to ruin the one perfect thing in my life.

My routine continued unchanged. I had just returned from lunch and saw my voice mail light was on. Great. Another project, ran through my head while I typed in my retrieval code.

Luckily it was Cheryl. She had just gotten back from a two week business trip and called to say she was bringing home our favorite olive and feta pizza tonight. I was to make no plans and be home on time. I was happy she was home, it seemed so empty without her.

I got cracking at work and finished everything on my least for this week. On the way home, I made a quick stop to the vino shop and grabbed a decent Chianti to have with our pizza.

I arrived home to a quiet apartment and decided to grab a quick shower and pop into my favorite jeans. When I got out of the shower, I heard the sounds of the Indigo Girls. I smiled knowing Cheryl was home. While getting dressed, I wondered why I didn’t tell Cheryl how I felt.

I strolled into the kitchen where she was making a salad to go with our pizza. She had already found the wine. She looked up and I realized then I had made a mistake all those years ago. I should have told her.

Her brown eyes seemed to see through me. I felt the warmth of her smile and grinned when she ribbed me about my long ass shower, and how she wasn’t going to pay for this month’s water bill. We jabbed back and forth while I got myself a glass of wine and went on to set the table.

As we were seated and starting our meal I asked, “So what’s new?”

She stopped, put her pizza down and said, “Hmm, does single count as new?”

I choked on my pizza, and when I went to grab my wine, spilled it causing more of a mess all over myself. Klutz. Cheryl laughed.

“Yes,” I finally sputtered. “It does indeed. What happened with Michelle? Are you okay?”

Cheryl looked at me with concern but with something else as well. “I’m fine. Actually I’m right for the first time in years.” She leaned over as I was trying to wipe myself off and put her hand on mine.

I stopped and looked at her. The smile said it all.

“Michelle and I were getting nowhere. Right before I left for DC we talked. She told me I needed to follow my heart and that she thinks it was already taken before she ever started dating me. She was right.”

I continued to stare, hoping my mouth was shut.

She got up from the chair, walked over to my side of the table, kneeled down next to me and leaned in for that first kiss. Her lips were warm and soft, but with a firmness that shot through me like fire.

She took my hand and pulled me up from the chair asking, “Are you okay?”

My reply of nodding my head was evidently enough. She led me back to her room. I’d been in this room hundreds of times and I could honestly say it never felt so hot before. She lit candles. Pulled down her sheets. Then she turned and looked at me. “Do you trust me?”

I nodded.

“No more words…”

I nodded again.

She smiled. “Watch me.”

Like I wouldn’t. I contemplated the lube, a double dildo, an anal plug and a harness. I’m sure my eyes got a little larger as I watched her put the restraints on each of the corners of her bed. I’d always known she liked things a bit kinky, but being me, I hadn’t gone too far outside of that box.

She turned and, seeing my trepidation, walked over and kissed me rough and hard. I felt her heat and mine rise significantly. Cheryl’s hands were everywhere. She nibbled and bit my neck and ears while her fingers scratched down my back under my t-shirt.

If I ever had doubts, they were cleanly stripped from me. I wanted this woman like nothing in my life before. I’d always loved her and been attracted to her. If I’d known it would have felt like this, I would have jumped her the first day in that dorm room.

She stopped and I whimpered softly.

Chuckling, she leaned into me and whispered, “Oh, babe, I’ve waited for this day for so long. I promise you’re not going to go without.”

I felt her warmth leave me as she stepped back to view the whole room. The lights went down and the candles’ flames flickered across the walls. She turned to me and stood at the end of her four poster bed, eyes glowing with desire. Her beauty was unmistakable. My breathing sped up as my body’s need for more air to feed all these endorphins rose.

“Strip. Slowly,” she said very calmly.

I followed her request, took my favorite flannel and t-shirt off, letting them fall to the floor. I started unbuttoning my jeans but she walked over to me and stopped my hands.

Her eyes looked into mine. “Leave them on for the moment,” she said gently. She took hold of my wrist and led me to the bed. “Lay down on your back and move your head to the top of the bed.”

I complied, feeling horny and slightly nervous at the same time.

She gently raised each arm and put the soft leather restraints around each wrist. They were comfortable, but tight. She then looked into my eyes and said with a smile, “Be right back.”

I listened intently, very much aware of every sound. I could feel the cold air on my breasts and upper body. I tingled waiting for the next step.

Her return with a bowl of ice confused me for just a moment, then I smiled. She picked up a piece of ice, touched it to my lips and then slid it down my neck. Watching carefully she moved the melting ice around my breasts and nipples as they reacted to the cold, hardening instantly.

She gazed at me with clouded eyes, a look I hadn’t seen before. She reached for the candle and moved it closer to me. Her other hand slowly caressed my chest and upper body.

I felt the wax hit as the heat ripped a line across my breast. The ice followed, my body reacting with each of the shocking sensations. I moaned. My eyes had closed automatically. She leaned down, and as her tongue moved across my lips, my eyes snapped open.

“Watch me. I want you to see everything.”

I watched as she continued to caress my body, filling it with heat. I wanted my jeans off. I wanted her inside of me. I wanted.

My body was on fire as I pulled at the restraints. Her mouth was on my nipples and she bit down softly. Her other hand dripped wax on my stomach and, interchanging it with ice, moved all around the hot wax drops.

She whispered how she was waiting for the right moment to enter me knowing how wet and tight I would be. I quivered as her heat poured into me when she leaned over and kissed me softly.

She slowly unbuttoned my jeans. I felt her hand’s warmth at the top of my underwear. Pushing her hand further in my jeans as I pushed up against her, I felt her fingers slide past my underwear. I moaned loudly and my eyes fluttered shut.

Cheryl stopped. “Open them. Watch me while I feel you.” Once I opened my eyes, she continued. “All your wetness is being captured by my fingers as they glide over your clit. I want you to feel and watch carefully. Don’t move.”

I tried really hard not to move and I watched her face change when she entered me. My loud moan filled her eyes with a glow. She smiled and whispered, “Oh, baby, we have so much further to go.” Her fingers moved slowly inside me while her thumb rubbed my clit. When she felt me tighten up and my breathing become shallow she stopped and withdrew.

I whimpered in frustration but continued to watch. She moved up and kissed me slowly, softly as her body moved across mine. She then got up and unbuckled my restraints. I sat there not moving waiting for my instructions.

She stood staring at me said, “Get up from the bed, remove the rest of your clothes and slowly undress me.”

I moved quickly to shed my jeans. My trembling hands fumbled with pulling Cheryl’s shirt over her head. I reached for her bra and was stunned to see a pierced nipple ring in her left breast when her bra fell away. My mouth watered as my hands slowly moved across her breasts. I so badly wanted to feel my tongue winding its way around her nipple and the ring.

She watched me while I undressed her. I unzipped and lowered her jeans, then knelt to pull them down her legs. I looked up at her with desire as I slid her satin panties to the ground. My hands stroked her thighs feeling the warmth of her. She beckoned me to stand and then pushed me backward onto the bed.

“Move up.”

I followed her instruction and soon felt each of my legs being restrained. Cheryl, noticing my body tense, rubbed my legs and stroked me gently with one hand. My moan was all the encouragement she needed and her finger moved to circle my anus. My body responded instantly.

She felt my reaction and playfully commented, “Oh, hon, I am gonna make you feel so good.” She lowered her body next to mine, reaching to restrain my hands. I moved my arms up for easy access. She smiled and buckled them in.

She kissed me firmly, her tongue taking control as it moved down my neck. My eyes tried to stay focused while I reacted to the touches and kisses she placed on my body. She slid her leg on top of me and I felt her wetness on my hip. She drew in a deep, shuddering breath and continued kissing my body..

She paused and reached for the harness and dildo at the edge of the bed then turned to me and said, "I want to be inside you. I want you filled up." After putting on the harness, she grabbed the lube and a smaller plug and stood at the bottom of the bed with desire in her eyes. She leaned down, her mouth and tongue finding me quickly.

My moans reached a new level. She raised her head and I felt her fingers circling my anus with the cold lube. “Push out on my finger, babe.” The new sensation of the plug entering had me pulling at the restraints. She quickly unbuckled my legs and slowly pushed the plug further in. “I’m gonna fill you completely.” She then lifted herself on top of me and I felt the large dildo enter, causing Cheryl to moan loudly.

The double dildo was now inside us both. I moved up to meet her as she came down. We both started breathing faster as the rhythm picked up. She held herself off me slightly, continuing the rhythmic pumping. The feel of her thrusting into me, moving in perfect sync, made our moans louder. Her hand reached down and moved the smaller plug. My body reacted and tightened instantly.

My orgasm hit and I fell silent, pulling futilely against the restraints. She continued pumping slow and deep. I met her thrusts slowly at first then harder as I felt the dildo entering me. I heard a gasp and Cheryl’s eyes shut and her body went rigid. She slowly pulled out and moved to my side, removing the plug from my now relaxed body.

She then reached up and unbuckled the restraints, placing light kisses on my wrists as she undid each one. I wrapped my body around her and immediately felt cushy and comfortable next to her warm body. It all seemed like a fantasy come true.

I touched her breasts and felt for the first time the nipple ring. I gave it a tiny pull and heard her sigh. Needing to feel more, I positioned myself on top and looked directly into her eyes. I leaned in for a kiss, taking my time feeling her lips with my tongue, moving to her ear and neck, nibbling a path down.

Cheryl’s breathing picked up. My mouth continued on its path until it reached her nipple. My teeth grabbed the ring and I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Her moans encouraged me to suck harder. I pulled at the ring, pushing my tongue through, and continued to suckle on her breast.

My hands traveled over her full body and down her sides. I stopped at her thighs. Massaging them, my fingers drew circles around her pelvis. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down, wanting more. My hand dipped into wet, silky warmth. I moved my fingers across her clit again and again. I let my fingers fall into her, my thumb continued to stroke her clit as she pushed harder against me.

I released her nipple and moved down her body. Her scent hit me as I moved closer. My tongue replaced my thumb and I sucked and nibbled while my fingers moved steadily in and out.

She reached down and pushed me in hard. Her hips moved up to meet me on each thrust of my hand. As I felt the walls tighten around me, my thumb slid down and circled her anus. She cried out as her orgasm crested and her body became taut with pleasure.

I slowed my movements down until her body totally relaxed. I kissed and tasted her one last time then moved next to her. The smile I was rewarded with was like the sun bursting through on a gray day. I kissed her once again and held her tight.

“What do you want to do for your birthday tomorrow?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “How about a repeat of tonight? But I’ll need to eat food between now and then.”

Giggling, she hugged me close. After a few moments we got out of bed and I grabbed two sleeping shirts from her dresser. I threw one over my head and the other to her. We walked arm in arm back to the kitchen for our leftover pizza and wine.

The End

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