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Ageless Dance

by Evecho

Sarah was heading into a concrete monolith looming among like others in the commercial district at the start of another work week but slowly, not because she hated Mondays but because she was leering at the handsome woman walking in front.

Mac, her name popped into Sarah's mind. She had been following slowly behind her so that she could take in the dapper three-piece suit and polished shoes that were Mac's style. Smiling gracefully, Sarah swept past Mac who was holding open the door of the building for her. She thought that Mac's charming old-fashioned behaviour was hot, but then so did all the girls at the office.

Mac was better looking than most men Sarah knew. Her face was a beautiful combination of unconventional features softened by a hint of youth. Her straight eyebrows and angular jaw bode determination, but her long-lashed blue eyes and pouty lips flirted shamelessly. That she chose to dress in confident masculinity made her even more alluring, and Sarah felt the tug of attraction that came from the core of her own femininity. Underneath that dashing appearance, she knew Mac could handle a woman in more ways than polite.

They seldom talked to one another except at meetings. There, Sarah would watch Mac surreptitiously; her eyes would caress Mac's tight haircut, strong jaw, and her heavy muscular body that she wanted to feel crushed on top of hers. A couple of times, Mac might have felt her burning gaze and her head would cock as if to acknowledge it.

When they passed each other in the corridor, Sarah's eyes would cut over Mac's attire to her crotch. She wished that Mac dared to pack. She had a fantasy of them meeting in the washroom where she would be preening at the mirror, touching up her lipstick, when Mac would grab her and push her into a stall. Then, she would bend Sarah over the seat, hike up her skirt, and take her from behind. They would be forced to stay silent, hiding from the gaggle of secretaries revolving in and out. Mac would have to be careful to keep Sarah's cunt from giving them away by the wet sounds of their juicy fuck.

Lately, Mac has been visiting Sarah's department for a new project - Sarah wished that project was her, even though Mac's constant presence was affecting her concentration. Whenever she was near, Sarah would fuss. Was her skirt tight enough, were her breasts on best display, did Mac like her hundred dollar hair-do, or appreciate her slim calves elongated in stilettos? It frustrated Sarah that Mac didn't seem to notice her extra effort.

Two weeks ago, it all changed between them.

A purple iris lay on Sarah's desk when she arrived at her office. It was slim, with a yellow centre just opened on a dark indigo petal tongue. No clue as to its giver. Giving a girl flowers was something so old-fashioned, Sarah thought it was wonderful. But she was uncertain what to make of it. It might have been a joke, or been from a secret male admirer. Sarah shuddered at that thought.

At the weekly meeting that morning, as she doodled a pornographic facsimile of the iris in her notepad, she suddenly realised that Mac was wearing a shirt in the same colour as the flower. Her hand stopped moving when Mac winked at her. She had caught Sarah staring. Did Mac know that she hadn't been paying attention to the droning about statistics, or was the iris from her?

The next day, a pale green lily appeared on Sarah's desk. The bloom was still a closed bud, like Mac's fingertips touching just before they were shoved into Sarah's cunt in her fantasy. Hearing Mac's voice outside her office, Sarah was torn from her thoughts. She looked up just as Mac turned and unerringly stared at her through the glass wall, making her blush. Mac smirk knowingly before she deliberately, and slowly, smoothed her hand down the front of her pale green shirt.

The third day, Sarah received a pink carnation.

All these hints and flower talk were confusing her. Were they from Mac? How should she respond? What if she was wrong? What if she was right?

Seeking to distract herself from the game, Sarah fled to the kitchen. She was absently stirring her coffee when she felt the air change, electrified by a presence. She had only smelled that cologne on one other person before but it did not turn her on the way Mac did. Her skin tingled, her nipples hardened and blood rushed to the places inside yearning for Mac's touch. It was so unfair – she was already consumed with wanting her. If she could not escape her own thoughts, then she did not need Mac teasing her within touching distance.

Two girls, noisily chatting, entered the kitchen, their intrusion subduing but not killing the charged awareness in the room. Mac and Sarah silently finished making their drinks but Mac left first, brushing Sarah's ass as she passed behind her in the small space. It was not a light 'excuse me, sorry' brush but a deliberate handful, her hand cupping the curve of Sarah's ass in a long swipe. It was an unmistakable sign of her interest that made all the flowers in the world unnecessary. Sarah belatedly noticed that Mac was wearing a shirt with pink stripes.

The challenge was afoot.

Fresh flowers in every shade and colour continued to appear on Sarah's desk each morning. To meet this contest, she brought her own ammunition. The utility closet in her office was stocked with jewellery, shoes, blouses, and even underwear that Mac could not see, for Sarah to prepare to mate colours with the daily flower gauntlet.

Mac's intentional displays became subtler but to Sarah, they were as clear as a red-breasted robin in spring. Mac countered her salvo by wearing matching cuff-links, a handkerchief in her breast pocket, even a tie, or a waistcoat.

Sarah started dropping her hair from its customary chignon, eschewing the bun as her top blouse buttons disappeared. She took great care in dressing herself, even more than usual. Against her skin, she wore silk stockings and garter belts, and only lace lingerie would do. Perfumes were pressed into her pulse points when previously they were merely sprayed on. She applied her makeup lightly but with extra care, and she switched body creams to those that glowed and infused her skin with the scent of flowers.

Mac and Sarah were now eyeing each other hungrily when they passed in the corridor. Sarah did not care if the whole office could sense their mounting arousal. Their sexual tension was winding up to breaking point. Her vibrator had been exhausted as fantasies about Mac overtook her quality time. She would arrive at the office each day starving for a glimpse of her. And as if tuned, Sarah's clit would start to throb whenever Mac was near, even moments before she saw her or heard her voice. They were having rampant, inappropriate sex in Sarah's mind all the time. She had taken to keeping her door closed in the afternoons so that she could touch herself as she sat at her desk, calling up Mac's profile onscreen and playing with her wet cleft under Mac's virile image. She imagined Mac would approve.

It was soon Valentine's Day, a day for lovers and lovers to be. The flowers must have been a step-by-step paint by the numbers picture leading up to this day. If they were not, Sarah was liable to jump Mac in the parking lot later.

She was crushingly disappointed when no flower appeared on her desk yesterday. In its place, instead, was a handwritten note on lilac paper clipped to a Victoria's Secret catalogue, marked at a page with a picture of red crotchless panties. The cleaved access it would allow made Sarah wet immediately. She was still blushing when Victoria's Secret directed her to their nearest store. Yes, they had that model in that colour and they could hold it for her or have it delivered. She chose to pay for delivery but when she gave her details, they told her that Mac had paid for the item.

Sarah loved it when her lover knew what she wanted and went for it.

Her dreams last night had left her restless and wanting. Other than the brush in the kitchen, Mac had not touched her since, although she had touched herself on Mac's behalf every day. Her pussy was moist and her clit half-erect even before she slipped on the new panties. She did not know how she would be able to concentrate on work. Each step reminded her of her swollen state, the lace on the open panty edge tickled mercilessly. She opted to take the train because she knew it would be dangerous for her to drive. God, Mac hadn't even touched her yet and she was already wet for her. Sarah crossed her legs as a mini-orgasm thrilled through her when she thought of Mac's fingers sliding through her pussy to collect her juices and suck them dry.

Cruising into the building early, Sarah checked her appearance – blouse, skirt, heels, hair coiffed, pearls, red lipstick – and took a moment to wipe herself down in the washroom. The panties were already stained darker from her juices. When she returned to her desk, there were a dozen red roses waiting for her with a card that read, "Lunch, 1 pm." It made her nervous all day. She could not bear to leave her office, and she kept retouching her make-up every 15 minutes.

Just before the appointed time, Sarah told her secretary to take a long lunch. The rest of the section was already deserted. Sharp at 1pm, there was a knock on her door. She knew who it was even though the blinds over her internal office windows were drawn.

"Come in," she called out. The fluttering in her stomach now rivalled the one in her cunt.

Mac stepped in with a small basket in hand. Smiling devilishly, she said, "I thought we could eat here." No allusion to the flowers or lingerie was necessary.

"Lock the door," Sarah commanded. She had not moved from her seat or smiled in greeting.

Mac looked at Sarah as if deciding if she was still in control of the game or if Sarah would call the shots in here. She facetiously complied with the order, locking the door and coming to stand before the desk.

"Did you like the flowers?" She appeared unsure from the cold reception.

Sarah was too preoccupied inspecting Mac's appearance to answer. Her blood red shirt was open at the neck but closed at the wrists with ruby cuff-links. She was sans jacket but a red kerchief peeked from her breast pocket. Mac looked casually, expensively handsome. Sarah's gaze travelled meaningfully up and down her body, and finally stopped to linger at her crotch. Yes, she sighed happily.

The corners of Mac's lips twitched at Sarah's perusal.

Sarah, at last, replied, "Yes," then, stood up, glided around the desk and sat on its edge. She could see Mac's eyes hood at her nearness. She ensured that her thick, long hair captured Mac's attention before letting her eyes wander down her form. Mac was taller than Sarah, even though Sarah wore high heels. That was why her blouse was open to show her cleavage. The view from above was, she had been told, drool worthy.

"Do you like your present?" Sarah scooted up on the desk and spread her legs. Her tight skirt limited the range but any butch worth her salt would know what to do.

They stared into each other's eyes as Mac's hands disappeared under the hem of Sarah's skirt to reach Sarah's bare, wet pussy. "It's not there." Mac's eyebrows drew together, puzzled.

Sarah smiled, "Oh, yes, it is." She had decided that the panties were superfluous to what they both wanted. "Now, show me yours."

At the command, Mac rushed to undo her belt. As soon as the leathered end slipped free of the buckle, her custom-tailored pants dropped in a heap. Sarah's breath hitched when she saw that Mac had forgone boxers today. Her new cock was gorgeous.

Placing a hand on the desk, Mac leaned in and kissed her. Their mouths were hungry for lips, tongues and spit. The buildup from two weeks of foreplay had driven them to a frenzy to release the sweet ache in their bellies. Sarah's hands roamed to Mac's ass and she helped her tighten the harness. Mac grunted when the ridged bridge to the smaller dildo inside her hit her clit. The phallus that Sarah had bought for her rose up from its sleeping state to do her bidding.

Sarah touched a finger to Mac's wet pussylips but Mac hissed and jerked back, glaring. Falsely contrite, Sarah slowly sank to her knees. She stroked the new hardon, letting the lust shine from her eyes. Locking hungry gazes with Mac, Sarah pumped the toy lightly with her fist, then firmer, thumping the base all the way back. When Mac touched her hair, Sarah kissed the head of the cock and let it sink past her pursed lips. Her cheeks hollowed when it withdrew but she chased after it, taking it all in like it was ambrosia. She made a showing of her ability to suck her girl's dick, anointing it with her mouth, discovering its shape and warming up Mac's rocking thigh muscles. She held onto Mac's clenching butt cheeks as her head bobbed up and down and the cock flushed to life from her red lipstick.

Mac stopped the action before it went too far. There was only one way she wanted to cum with her new cock. She lifted Sarah onto the desk and roughly pushed up her skirt. Sarah smiled impudently even as her legs embraced Mac's waist. Mac tore open her blouse, unclipped the front clasp of her lacy bra and went to town on her waiting nipples.

As much as Sarah loved the attention on her breasts, there was something else she needed more. Leaning back, arms braced behind for support, her ankles locked at the small of Mac's back and pulled her in. Mac surged in – one hand on Sarah's clit, the other guiding her cock. Her hot mouth never stopped kissing Sarah's chest and tits.

They were both beyond ready. Mac's cock slid in thickly, smoothly. She had to move her hands to hold Sarah's hips steady as she drove in repeatedly. Sarah wanted to grab Mac's head, muss her hair, eat her mouth, but her arms were needed to hold herself upright so Mac could fuck her good and hard, until she heard Mac groan in that helpless way when she was about to cum. Her thrusts were rougher, uneven, as her clit was rubbed madly. Sarah clamped her vaginal muscles on Mac's cock, causing Mac's clit to mash on the ridges and she came, biting and sucking Sarah's neck for all she was worth.

"Oh yeah, baby, oh fuck, you make me so hot!" she growled.

Sarah pushed on Mac's chest with one hand, making her step back and pull out with a pop. Mac grinned widely at Sarah's impatience before dropping to her knees, her silicone erection still bobbing wetly between her thighs. She kept Sarah's legs up and around her head, holding her open as she ate her out. Sarah's clit had been swollen the whole day and it was now pebble hard from Mac's fucking and her mouth. It didn't take long for Sarah to cum on Mac's broad strong tongue, but Mac kept on licking her until she came twice more because Mac knew that with Sarah, once was never enough.

They had to take the rest of the day off to continue their celebrations at home. It would keep them busy as they counted down the next 50 weeks before their anniversary dance started all over again.


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