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Feel Like a Woman

by Evecho

The chirp of Elena's phone jolted her awake to bright sunshine covering half the bedroom. Disoriented by the late hour, she leapt to panic, her heart racing for anxious seconds, worried that she had overslept or worse. She fumbled for the phone and answered it quickly. 

"Yeah," she said, her voice hoarse from sleep, "hello?" She sat up and squinted at the clock. 

"Are you still in bed? God, woman, wake up! Put the pot on, we're coming over right now. And I mean right now. Oh ya, don't panic. Nothing's wrong." Elena's groan turned into a yawn and she could only nod her head, not that Gloria could see her through the phone. 

She slid off her bed and stretched her back to work out the twinges. On her way to the ensuite, she paused to check her reflection in the mirror for marks on her neck or other visible spots. It would drive Gloria crazy not to be able to see any signs but Elena would not give her the satisfaction of knowing that she ached pleasantly in some places. Hidden places, she smiled at herself, womanly places, happy places. That thought made her giggle.  

A quick shower recounted muscles long unused before yesterday; from the slight soreness in her back and thighs to the faint tremble in her arm leading from the strain in her pecs. Even her nipples felt bruised to a light touch. Elena trailed her fingers gently over the tender nubs, down her body then across to her golden haired centre. She moved her hand gently between her legs and was surprised by the lack of soreness there. As she palmed her soft flesh, her fingers slipped inside soothingly to gently spread the natural wetness that had started to flow when she thought of another hand that had touched her, of bright golden eyes that gleamed proudly when her desire coated the hand that stroked her until she shuddered uncontrollably. 

Elena opened her eyes to face her flushed pale skin reflected in the mirror. The steamy recollection had been more warming than the shower but she did not have the time right now. Gloria’s impatient tone indicated that she would arrive soon, whether Elena was ready or not, and it wouldn't just be coffee that she wanted this morning. Later, Elena could indulge in her new fantasies or take matters into her own hands again.  

She was warming milk when Gloria bounded into the kitchen through the back door with a cheery, "Good morning!" Her curly hair formed a messy backdrop for her brilliant wide-awake smile that held a hint of smugness. Gloria knew that she was disgustingly bright-eyed to Elena’s slower morning crawl, having been up for hours already playing with Elena’s kid.  

Elena lifted her son from Gloria’s arms into her own. She had missed him even though it had just been one night.  

"How's my boy, hmm? Did you miss mommy?" Elena glanced at her friend while kissing his tiny palm. "Was he okay?" She nuzzled the toddler, cooing and kissing him until he laughed.  

Gloria swallowed a bite of toast. "Yep, no problem. We always have a good time." She patted the next seat. "Come. Sit and spill."  

It always amazed Elena that her friend would arrive just when food was ready and not a moment before, despite her constant threats to barge in. Gloria made herself at home by starting on the breakfast spread immediately. Elena's own would have to wait because the little man in her arms was claiming her attention. 

She ignored Gloria's impatience by taking her time to feed her son. She tried not to smile at her friend's eagerness, drawing out the suspense as long as she could. She wasn't being mean but it was fun. Gloria’s kind personality was not always patient, especially when she wanted the gossip on the idea they had conceived for yesterday’s adventure.  

Her friend’s glare reminded Elena that the experience was not hers alone. Sighing, Elena wished that Kelli could have been all hers. She was all things dykey that Elena liked; a sense of flirtatious humour, openly gay, unattached, and a body to die for. She had had to work up the chutzpah to even consider doing what she did. But once it was decided, mysterious forces had chosen for her – a pamphlet for the gym had arrived in her post-box, and everyone else’s, with Kelli’s photo featured. Her small circle of friends had quickly speculated and dug out information about Kelli, including the fact that she was quite a playgirl. Elena soaked up the gossip and replayed it in her mind as she daydreamed about the woman who would make her feel desired. 

It had been so long, before Andrew was born and for a year after, that Elena had been single. Not just single but dateless. Her energies had been focused on getting used to her changing body when she was pregnant and doting on Andrew after he was born. He was her world but even she had to admit that single motherhood had its limitations, not least of which was trying to get a girlfriend. Whoever suggested that single mum’s gatherings were a good way of landing potential lovers had obviously not poached that scene. Elena was very glad that her neighbour cum babysitter had understood the approaching storm brewing in her loins. 

They were watching the L-word when Elena’s squirming became too much to bear. She had become quite obsessed with the single lesbian promiscuous lifestyle, mainly because she wasn’t getting any. Gloria had rolled her eyes in exasperation and told her to use it or lose it. 

“You’re a mother, not dead.” Gloria had supplied in her down-to-earth way. “With the way your body has been pumping out hormones for over a year, I was wondering when your libido was going to yell for attention.” 

And give voice it did, but not without a lot of sneaking and planning. Finally taking pity on her finger drumming friend, Elena finished feeding Andrew. She placed him in front of the television with his favourite video, and said, "You know, you were right. That gym is a great place to meet women." 

Gloria leaned forward, eager to hear about Elena’s escapade. 


The glare of the sun reflecting off a shop window into Elena’s unprotected blue eyes made her wince. The sudden brightness stabbing into her brain had caught her unprepared. Flipping open her sunglasses, she dropped them into place, glad for the instant relief. The cool lighting of the post office she had just left was no match for the potency of the afternoon sun flashing off metal and glass surfaces. There were entirely too many shops and cars in this section of town but it was more interesting that the suburban mall near her home. This was the third time this month that Elena had been coming here. It was unfamiliar territory but she could still complete her errands before she resumed her stakeout. 

A tinkling bell alerted the sole waitress of her arrival when she entered the funnel doorway of the quaint café. They smiled at each other politely. Elena chose the round table by the window, the same one she sat at each time, because it had an unobstructed view of the street and it was next to a magazine rack. She could see Angelina Jolie on the cover of Cosmopolitan and half the other magazines in the stand. At least, it would be an entertaining wait. 

The waitress let her settle in before coming up to her table with a menu. Elena shook her head slightly and ordered, “Tea, please.”  

A glance at the time showed that she was early. Relaxing into the seat, she picked up the first magazine and flipped through it, marvelling at the gorgeous women pictured inside while keeping an eye on the entrance of the gym building across the street. Occasionally, she would look up when someone exited the building. It was quiet, only becoming busy later. If her plan worked, she would be elsewhere by then. Elena was surprised that she wasn't feeling more nervous. 

She was so caught up in the frivolity of the magazines that she almost missed her quarry. The dark-haired fitness instructor stepping out of the gym was dressed in a tiny, light blue sport top, and jeans. Her hair had the unruly wave of post-shower dampness and Elena could see from the curve of her small breasts that she was braless, which made the outline of her shoulder blades and delineated arm muscles even more alluring. Elena's heart rate picked up at the sight. 

She was early. Her routine after leaving the gym and would be to head home five blocks away, stopping first at the health food store along the way. Elena knew this because she had been tailing her, but today would be the first and only time she would initiate contact - if her courage held out. 

Elena gathered her bag, paid for her drink and crossed the road, moving a little quicker when her target set off at a brisk pace, only to pause when she saw her enter a bookstore. Elena followed her in, carefully appearing to browse the shelves while keeping the woman in sight.  

Kelli had been able to leave early because her client cancelled a session. As senior staff, she was used to split shifts but she guiltily enjoyed the extra hour away from the gay-friendly gym. The local bookstore was a good place to pass time. There might even be a new release. A book and several quiet hours at home seemed like a really good way to kill time before she had to go back to work. 

The only women working in the store were two hip young things, one of whom ignored Kelli totally. Kelli merely shrugged off the behaviour and made a mental note not to sleep with anyone she would meet regularly. She winked at the other girl and they exchanged a few words. This was her favourite bookstore and the only one that gave her a special discount. Give her a few weeks and she would charm herself back onto their VIP list. 

The colourful book display beckoned invitingly but Kelli delayed the inevitable by sweeping her gaze around the store. The last time she was here, she had dallied in the nude photography section – admiring the shots of sculpted bodies until she started to feel warm all over, hence the convenience of meeting book girl in the storeroom. 

Kelli exhaled heavily. She was horny again. What was it about bookshops that equated reading pleasure with, well, pleasure. Book girl had really cute piercings and a very accurate tongue-stud. Kelli discreetly peeled her moist underwear slightly away from her body; she hoped no one saw her do that, especially not the voluptuous blonde who was browsing nearby. She had a killer rack and Kelli could imagine her face buried in the deep fleshy pillows. 

Down, girl. You cannot drool after every single lone female. Kelli picked up a book and grinned. ‘Change of Pace’. That would keep her going for a while. 

The brunette stayed for a long time in one section. Elena sidled closer and saw her reading the jackets of the latest additions to the lesbian fiction shelf. Smiling to herself, Elena slipped back behind a display block and waited. From where she stood, she could see that the brunette was really fit and tight, almost sprightly. The fisheye security mirrors set in the high corners of the store allowed her to spy but she also used them to smooth her blonde hair and straighten her favourite pink blouse that she wore, the one that fell the right way into her cleavage and curves. She popped out her lipstick and reapplied it, then craned her neck left and right for a final once over. Elena was confident that she looked as good as she did when she left her house earlier. 

Selecting a book randomly, she perused the display on the other side of the shelf from her target. Elena stood directly in front of her until her movements caused the brunette to look up. Face to face, Elena thought she was even more attractive. Her high nose crinkled in a smile that made her look younger and naughtier, and her lips were slim and wide in a hard planed face. She was holding open a book in her left hand that was pinkie ringed, and it was joined to a defined forearm by a surprisingly slim wrist. She glowed with healthy vitality and a deep tan that Elena just knew would be unbroken all over her body. Elena licked her lips. 

Kelli’s attention was dragged from the new erotic anthology in her hand to the generous bosom belonging to the clit-hardening blonde hottie she had spotted earlier. She seemed fixated on her hand. Kelli almost flipped the book cover at the slow pass of a snaky tongue over glistening red lips. Her light brown eyes widened when she saw the book the blonde carried pressed to her chest. Unconsciously, she noted the lack of a wedding band on her finger. 

Oh, crap. Elena realised that she had grabbed The Lesbian Kama Sutra, and been caught staring. She blushed and the brunette grinned. Embarrassed, she quickly beat a hasty retreat to the back of the store. 

Of all the freaking luck, she lamented as she hid in a corner. I might as well have pinched her bum and stuck my tongue in her ear. 'Excuse me, miss, but would you like to have Tantric sex? It is a bestseller, you know.'  

Elena peeked out and saw the brunette still grinning but not in her direction. With her face averted, she scuttled out of the store, unaware of the noise of her shoes clacking a loud beat on the wooden floorboards, and the other woman following in her wake. 

She berated herself, cursed her luck and cast aspersions on her blondeness all the way up the next block, still muttering, you silly goose, to think you could have pulled this off. Oh, Elena, when will you learn? These sorts of pick-ups are not meant for you. Stay home and pray you get lucky with the lesbian plumber from the Pink Pages.  

She strode on furiously, her sadly self-contemptuous expression and mumbling cleared her path. Kelli easily kept close pace, trying not to smile but appreciating the swaying hips, and an ass that begged to be bitten. She grinned, remembering the shocked look on the blonde's face when she saw the book in her arms. She was adorable. 

Her steps slowed when the blonde suddenly veered into a deli. She had not expected that. She didn't want to corner the woman in a small space or embarrass her more, then why had she followed her? Through the window, she could see the blonde jamming stuff into a basket with jerky movements. She appeared to be talking to herself. 

Rubbing her chin, Kelli considered her next move. She had seen a glimmer of interest in the blonde's eyes for a second before she ran off. It was fleeting but compelling; that the blonde was sexy as hell was enough reason for her to give chase. Coming on top, heh coming on top, of the sizzling tales in the book she had been reading, a surge of anticipation had caused her to literally chase after the blond. Unable to decide but reluctant to leave, she loitered, her canvassed feet shuffling on the sidewalk as she waited. 

Elena walked out of the shop, straight into the smiling woman, who said, "Fancy meeting you here." And she promptly dropped her bag. 

"Whoops!" Kelli swooped down, collected the spilt contents and brought them back. She tried not to laugh at the stunned blonde. 

"Oh, dear." Not again, Elena thought. She had embarrassed herself with the gorgeous brunette not once but twice. Could her luck get any worse? 

"No harm done." 

Except to the eggs. Elena stared at the yellow stain on the brunette's top slowly trailing down towards her jeans. She almost offered to wash it if only to see the bare flesh underneath. Perhaps she could have her jeans too. 

"Spoke too soon." Kelli chuckled, "I should get out of these clothes." 

Elena blurted, "I'd be happy to help." When she received a mischievous smile, she quickly added, "Since they were my eggs." Oh god, now I really sound blonde

"I’m sorry about your eggs. I would have liked to have met them in private." Kelli’s golden eyes twinkled like treasure. 

Is she flirting with me? Elena was startled speechless. Her gaze fell on quirking lips and for a moment, she imagined how they would feel on her … 

"… you a drink?" The brunette had stuck her hands in her back pocket and she looked hopeful, if a bit cocky. 

"You want to buy me a drink?" 

"I feel bad after, you know, the bookshop, and ruining your eggs." She shrugged. 

Incredibly, luck had brought her plan back into play. Elena locked up her guilt for stalking and bashing into the brunette.

"I know a great place not far from here." 

"What about your shirt?" 

"They have clean clothes too." Kelli smiled, tongue in cheek. 

The "great place" in mind was her apartment. She refused to hand over the shopping, which clearly embarrassed the blonde but after a moment’s hesitation, she accepted. Hefting the bag firmly in one arm, the better to show off, Kelli lead the way. 

As they walked, she tried to suss out the blonde's interest. It became clear that she was not familiar with the area but not uncomfortable following her. Her name was Elena, and she was here to buy a book. Pity it wasn’t that book. 

Kelli could not resist teasing her, "I have that book. It's fantastic. Very educational." 

Blushing, Elena murmured, "I'm afraid it's out of my league." 

"Not if you have a partner," Kelli pried. 

"Then, I'm afraid, it's impossible," Elena ruefully admitted. 

"Never say never. It's not every day your eggs choose a mate." Kelli bumped her hip gently, making the blonde blush. They didn’t realise it but they both sported smiles after that. 

The rest of the journey was filled with more teasing and innuendos. They walked closer, brushing arms and thighs and more. When they had to cross a road, Kelli held Elena's hand and it somehow strayed up onto Elena's shoulder. Shyly, Elena placed her arm around Kelli’s waist.  

It was rare, if ever, that Kelli brought a stranger home in the afternoon, but the blonde was causing a buzz in her nipples. It must have been kismet or something that led them to meet. She had read about trysts that occurred in an instant when girl-met-girl, about sparks of electricity that leapt from a touch, and looks that connected soulmates. It sounded magical but at 29 years old, she knew that real life did not get her laid that way.

Kelli took good care of her physique and used her looks to score often. The game had been boring of late but an attractive woman like Elena easily turned her head. The effects of the erotic tales and the anticipation of a potential tryst was pushing her to seek more, and if Elena’s body language was any indication, she was receptive to the idea. Their bodies brushed constantly and Elena was sending coy explorative looks. 

Their steps slowed as they dragged out the stroll, enjoying the increasingly comfortable fit of their bodies. It wasn’t always like that. They both had enough experience to know that good looks, even good chemistry, didn’t mean good sex. But the way their shapes fit, Elena’s curves into Kelli’s leaner planes, felt right, and in their bones, they knew that this was a special moment.  

She’s a good-looking blonde, that’s for sure. Kelli peeked at Elena’s bust. I can’t wait to get my hands on her. Her eyes travelled lower. Mmm mmmm fine legs. All the better to have them wrapped around me. 

At the right time, in the right mood, Kelli would be more overt with her intentions. She didn’t want to analyse the circumstances beyond the moment, but there was something different about Elena, different from the women she usually picked-up even though this was exactly what was happening. It might have been her quirky introspective behaviour or the softness that lay on her hips in a way that made Kelli just want to grab it. Elena’s ass lifted her skirt provocatively when she walked and her breasts seemed displayed to distract. Kelli wondered when she had ever noticed a woman’s breasts more. As a fitness freak, she was attuned to physical attributes. Ripped bodies were the standard she was used to. She was surprised that the blonde's womanly curves were turning her on. 

It might have been the embarrassed vulnerability she had glimpsed in the bookstore. For a moment, Kelli had laughed at the blonde’s wide-eyed realisation turned comical on the heels of a sultry look. Elena had been checking her out. Turnabout was fair play. She didn’t know what possessed her to follow the blonde’s mortified exit or how they ended up at her apartment so quickly but in a few minutes, they had their tops off and she was sucking on Elena’s tongue. 

“Oh no, you don’t. This one’s for you, pretty lady.” Kelli lightly held Elena’s hands behind her back and pulled them downward. It caused her back to arch and her breasts to rise. Kelli swallowed the pooled saliva in her mouth, barely holding her excitement in check. Her mouth opened in anticipation as her hands reached the heavy beauties. She cupped the generous mounds and slid her palms around the swells, careful not to use her fingers. She wanted to feel the weight and shape of the generous bounty that had tantalised her from first sight. They were real knockers. 

Elena watched as Kelli admired her breasts. They hadn’t been touched sexually in so long. She trembled, hoping that they weren’t too big. In Kelli’s tanned hands, they looked pale. The skin was so fair that the delicate veins could be traced – which is exactly what Kelli did. One finger, then all, dragged invisible lines towards her nipples. The steady, repetitive pulls to the points quickly hardened them. After breastfeeding Andrew, Elena’s breasts had stayed fuller with darker aureola. It was one of the changes to her body that she was aware of. This afternoon, she would know more. 

Kelli played with the breasts in her hands, fascinated by their natural fullness that she could not contain. She decided not to zero in to the tips, drawing instead around and toward them. The large shiny purple caps were wrinkling in response to her actions, the nipples hardening into stiff points. As Elena’s breasts became aroused, the flesh tightened up and lifted closer to Kelli’s mouth. 

Elena moaned, she could feel herself responding quickly. Her breasts were tingling from the attention, and when Kelli finally pressed on her nipples, she whimpered. Her hand clasped the back of Kelli’s neck. Kelli took it as a sign and opened her mouth wide to take in as much as she could. Elena drew in a deep breath, the sudden intake arching her chest up further. Kelli’s hot mouth and pressing tongue were exerting the right pressure. Her fingers flicked and pinched, exchanging places with her mouth back and forth. Kelli played with Elena’s breasts until they were super taut.  

She looked up to see that Elena had her eyes closed. Her neck was flung back leaving her throat exposed. Kelli licked her collarbone up to her neck. She could smell the fruity essence of Elena’s shampoo along with the unmistakable scent of talc. That was unusual. 

She smoothed her hands up to Elena’s hair and brought her head forward. She wanted to look into her eyes when she moved in. With a half-step, her thigh nestled between Elena’s, and it brought their bare chests into contact. Elena’s eyes flew open and she gasped. So did Kelli. She hadn’t realised that her own breasts were just as sensitized. When they touched, nipple to nipple, soft flesh to soft flesh, hard thigh to a swollen clitoris, they both felt the tingle that burst into a wave of excitement. Starting from the point of contact, it swamped their senses as it warmed their bodies. It was unstoppable. They looked into each others eyes and saw knowing desire and acceptance. This was what they both wanted. 

On the bed, both totally naked, Kelli slid her body over Elena’s. The pronounced planes of her body settled into the cushion of Elena’s softer curves. They kissed deeply until Elena parted her thighs, allowing Kelli to sink into position. Kelli lifted her upper body to balance on her knees and press herself into Elena’s open core. The angle became steeper as Elena opened wider to feel their mounds meeting. Kelli started panting from the exertion and the glancing blows to her clitoris. Dropping downward, she lifted Elena’s legs over her shoulder. Her tongue plunged straight into Elena’s open pussy, reaching inside then roughly laving over her clitoris. The hard organ was huge. Kelli knew that large clits needed forceful stimulation. She happily sucked and stroked Elena’s clitoris, moving away to lick around her whole pussy, even rimming her anus, when she felt her clit swelling too much. She wanted to prolong her arousal at fever pitch as long as she could. 

Elena fingers were curled into Kelli’s dark hair. She lay writhing on her back and her crotch was unsuccessfully trying to chase after that wonderful tongue. The more she humped upwards as she felt herself coming closer to the edge, the longer Kelli would tease her by moving to other parts. She was so wet she knew that Kelli’s face was slipping about easily between her legs. Unable to wait anymore, two years was enough, dammit, Elena gripped Kelli’s head tight and pulled her in.  

Kelli grinned as her face was smothered by warm musky wetness. This time, when she had Elena’s clit between her lips, she sucked it hard and batted it with her tongue, not stopping even when Elena shrieked her orgasm. She kept frenching the pulsing nub, stroking it as long as Elena kept coming. When her head was pushed back, she dove in again to collect her creamy reward. Elena groaned as she enjoyed the gentle lapping. Slowly … slowly, the lightly jabbing tongue was exciting her again. 

“Mmmm yeah,” she moaned. Her hips were starting to rock again on their own volition. 

Kelli moved her ministrations up to Elena’s clitoris but inserted her fingers into her cunt. She kept her movements light and rhythmic until she could feel the bud hardening under her tongue and Elena bearing down more urgently on her hand. She shifted to kneel on her knees, one hand now twisting and plunging into Elena while the other kept one of Elena’s legs up. Kelli straddled her other leg and lowered herself open to rub on it, her hip movements in perfect pace with her hand fucking the blonde. 

She looked down to see Elena’s tits jiggling from the force of their combined movements. Her rounded abdomen heaved like a lake of honey milk, the stretch marks emanating like silver ripples. Kelli reached out to grasp an inviting breast even as Elena used her hands to cover hers. Twisting and tugging Kelli’s nipples, Elena was rewarded when Kelli closed her eyes in pleasure and ground herself even harder on her thigh. Elena could not hold out against the pleasure of Kelli’s fingers. 

 A deep orgasm rolled in, contracting around Kelli’s fingers, thundering in from the penetrating pressure on her G-spot. As Elena came, she slipped her hand under Kelli and rubbed her hard. Kelli cried out silently as the touch put her over the top. Her hips bucked into Elena’s hand, her whole body juddered on Elena’s fingers that now would not let up until she collapsed on her. 

Two sweaty but still highly aroused bodies wrapped around each other. Elena savoured the feel of an adult body pressing down on her; the full length and its comforting weight, not to mention the smell of sex and the how alive she felt. Her body was still zinging and feeling the aftershocks of their lovemaking. Kelli was breathing heavily in her arms and kissing her neck on her way up to her ear. Elena had been stroking her smooth back but the touch changed to scratches as Kelli found a tender spot. 

The afternoon flew by quickly for the new lovers. Kelli had fallen asleep and did not know when Elena dressed and left. She woke to an empty apartment with no trace of the blonde except for her scent on the bed and on her body. Kelli tried to feel pleased at having spent an enjoyable day with a beautiful woman, in every way, but the encroaching shadows of the evening pasted a feeling of abandonment over her mood. She might’ve been used; she had done the same to other women, if only … 

Her name was Elena and that was all she knew. 


“Do you regret it?” Gloria asked. Her head was propped on her hand. She was happy that her friend had done what she needed to do. Elena had been acting secretive for a few weeks – she reckoned she had a new girlfriend or lover. She hadn’t asked when Elena asked her to baby-sit Andrew yesterday although she had a good guess. 

Sipping her coffee, Elena thought about Kelli’s golden eyes, her smile, her fine body, and how she made her feel. The sex was great, there was no denying that. The chemistry was there too. Did she regret picking up a gorgeous woman for a one day affair and leaving without explanation? She knew they would not meet again, at least not for a long time and only by accident. It could happen. The community wasn’t that big. 

“No. No, I don’t.” 

“Then why aren’t you smiling? I would if I’d just had the best sex in two years.” 

Elena looked at Andrew who was still glued to the telly. “I don’t know. Do you think I should have left her a note or something? I feel like a user … I had an agenda. I mean, I stalked her, Gloria.” She grimaced, suddenly feeling like a cad. 

“It didn’t sound like she protested.” Gloria smirked. 

“She didn’t. Not at all.” Elena smiled, remembering. “It still feels a bit wrong.” 

“Wrong for whom, you?” 

“I guess so.” 

“You didn’t do anything wrong except be an independent woman seeking her own pleasure from a mutually consenting partner.” 

“That’s sounds terrible!” Elena laughed. 

“But true,” Gloria insisted. Then she tossed in an idea, “If you want more, you know where to find her.” 

"Yeah, right. I could just walk up to her and say, 'Hi, remember me? We slept together one afternoon. Wanna do it again?'" Elena snorted derisively.

“Do you want to sleep with her again?” 

Elena didn’t know how to answer that. The sex had been fantastic but it couldn’t be the same way again, not after she had snuck out like a hooker from a hotel. “It’s not going to happen.” 

“But if you could?” Gloria persisted. She knew she had to get Elena to process her feelings, otherwise she would mull over it for months. 

Elena threw a look at her friend. “Forget it. I am not going to hash over what ifs. I saw, I came, I left.” She said with a tinge of sorrow in her voice. 

“You’re a hard woman.” Gloria rose from her seat. 

Elena shook her head, “Just a practical one.” She saw her friend out the back door. “Thanks for taking care of Andrew. I owe you.” 

Gloria laughed and waved as she crossed the fence, “I have a stack of those waiting to be cashed.” 


 All rights reserved, Evecho July 2005

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