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By Evecho



"Hey, Glory Glory."

Gloria smiled involuntarily upon hearing Rod's adrenaline-spiked greeting. His effervescent personality made him one of her favourite persons. "Hi, cuz, what's up?"

She picked at her salad while listening to him. "This Friday?" Mentally checking her schedule and drawing a blank, she fished for details of his reason for ringing. Rod loved any excuse for a party, if he didn't have one he would make it up. This time, he explained, it was to show off his new boyfriend.

Her eyes followed Elena's quiet re-entry into the kitchen as she talked, taking in the blonde in her home gear of sweats and cropped t-shirt that stretched thinly over her breasts. Elena was a mild mannered sweetheart and her subsequent movements in the kitchen revealed the gentle grace of her personality. Even casually dressed and with her hair loosely braided, she was still a luscious image of womanhood. Gloria felt sorry that she wasn't better appreciated. With a mischievous grin, she asked her cousin, "Can I bring a friend?"

She laughed throatily at Rod's affirmative squeal, her mirth causing Elena to glance over and smile, puzzled. She waggled her eyebrows for effect as she disabused his delight. "Not that kind of friend." His last words made her frown for a second before hanging up.

"What was that about?"

"A wee party that you and I are going to on Friday."

"A party?" Elena had the same round-eyed look that Andrew had inherited, somewhere a cross between excitement, awe and fear, whenever she was surprised. Gloria tried not to chuckle.

"Yes. A big grown-ups party." She pursed her lips, "I'm not sure how grown up Rod is sometimes. We'll arrange for Mrs. Watson to look after Andrew, have a facial done in the morning, go shopping ... ." Gloria ticked off tasks on her fingers.

Elena's blue eyes widened with each item revealed, the invitation unexpectedly thrilling through her complicated thoughts. She had left the kitchen on the subject of Claire but the confusion chasing her was all about Kelli. Elena had been thinking about Kelli everyday, since their slow grind of a dance at the bar and being caught between her and Xixi - that woman could have anyone she wanted. She had done what she always did when she was uncomfortable. Run away. Claire always said she had a penchant for getting into trouble, or causing it.

Claire's visit that day ended as it always did - unsettling. It had started well until she started hinting for sex, making snide comments about Andrew's role in their break up and criticising her friends. Elena wondered how she could have stayed with Claire when she disapproved of almost all of her choices.

Is this party a good idea?

The last ones she attended with Claire had ended badly, with Claire irritable because Elena hadn't made a better impression or she had spent the night talking to one person too long. Towards the end, Elena stopped attending and Claire stopped asking.

Gloria watched the hesitation growing on Elena's face but ignored it. It was easier to present the event as a fait accompli to push her along rather than wait for her to decide because Elena's first reaction would be to decline.

Elena was a content to be a homebody and mother now that she didn't have to play wife to Claire's corporate position. A handsome stipend from her parents meant she never had to work, but it didn't cure her of her introvertedness. It was her parents who arranged for Claire to meet Elena. They approved of Claire's confidence and ambition overriding Elena's shyness, and were pleased when the two women started dating. Here was someone who could take care of their daughter, leaving them to concentrate on their own lives and other grandchildren. Only Gloria knew that in their last year together, Elena only smiled when Claire was not around.

"I suppose it would be nice…" Elena gave in to Gloria's hopeful look. Parties that did not involve balloons and face paints were rare these days, and it was the least she could do for her best friend. "Alright, I'll go." As she said those words, Elena felt excitement seeping in. "It'll be fun, right?

Gloria hid her wince in her smile. She hoped Elena would forgive her for not mentioning Rod's friends.


"I'm not going."

"Nuh uh. You so are." Rod stood with one hand on his hip, his stare indignant.

"Make me," Kelli sneered playfully but testily.

Rod thought fast. He had expected some reluctance on Kelli's part but not outright refusal. She had been in such a black temper lately that he was trying to break her out of it. That his new boyfriend's penthouse suite was ideal for a party was a good excuse.

Scrolling through the appointment book, he said, "I see Mrs Mangioni is due for another session soon. She says you are a great instructor – so patient and polite. She especially enjoys your massages." He slid a look at Kelli. "No doubt you'll be working late again so I'll just," his fingers tapped the keyboard, "let her know you'll be at available on Friday."

Kelli lunged, too late, for the phone. "You wouldn't," she warned him. Mrs Mangioni cornered her inside the private rooms at every opportunity.

"Such eagerness. I always admired your professionalism, Kelli," Rod teased as he danced out of the way, still clutching the phone.

Taking on her glare, he tried another tact. "It's just for one evening."

"You try a session with her!"

"The party, Kels, the party. Hey, focus." He snapped his fingers.

"Okay, fine, I'll go. Now gimme the phone," Kelli grudgingly gave in.

It was a challenge to get herself excited about anything these days. She had never had to try so hard to not face her life; work had run into routine, her apartment was too quiet, she had exhausted her bookshelves as well as her body. At night, when sleep eluded, she had taken to long walks, searching the half-lit streets for a familiar car shape. She was one crazy step from ringing every Elena in the phonebook.

"Excellent." Rod replaced the handset, then threw a reminder over his shoulder. "Don't forget your toga."

"My what?"


Leather strips from flat sandals criss-crossed upwards around Kelli's hard calves to knot below her knees. She stood upright to adjust the leather strips that formed her battle skirt, checking the view until she was satisfied that her lycra shorts were invisible. An engraved leather breastplate was buckled on over her torso, matching wrist guards clasped around her forearms, and a woolen red palla that was hooked to her epaulets flipped over her shoulders.

It might have taken days for Kelli to find a suitable outfit but for the coincidence of working in a part of town that was unbendingly colourful. A quick check in a few adult fantasy stores and she managed to pick a costume that was Romanesque but not decadent. From the approving nods of the saleswoman, Kelli knew she had made a good choice.

She ran her fingers through her tightly curled brown hair and checked her appearance in the mirror. An image of a hard-jawed Centurion with haunted eyes and a body built for battle, looked back. Her slim fingers splayed over the middle of the thick hide as she imagined herself a soldier marching off to war only to return home to discover that her lover had left without word. Despairing soldiers, restless warriors, armed. They could wreck havoc.

The extra bulk of the leather armour easily carried on her broad shoulders, its russet shade complementing her tan. She stood impassive, looking proud and tired. Her golden eyes were overshadowed above grim set lips, adding to the seriousness of her image.

Kelli gathered the cloak and draped one end over her forearm. She had made an effort to get into the spirit of the evening hoping that it would be a good distraction. Long days and tortured nights were taking their toll on her emotions. Guilt weighed heavy on her mind; she was convinced she had driven Elena away by being possessive, rude, and for pawing at her in public. She had inflicted her anger and desire on her, uncontrolled despite her intentions. When had an afternoon delight turned into an obsession?

Elena had left abruptly twice. Kelli's cheeks burned, concluding that she was not interested in any further contact, not even deigning to talk.

But then you weren't in the mood to listen, were you?

Glowering at herself, Kelli had no pity for her own behaviour. She had never had to try hard to get a woman nor force herself on one. Elena was making her react crazily, desperately. She had given in to Xixi out of frustration, even though she was more than willing, and it shamed her.

She needed to get over it. Get back to the way she used to be – in control.

Kelli squared her shoulders. The Romans were not just good at war, they threw outrageous parties that ran for days. I should take a hint from my costume and act like a conquering hero. Enjoy the grape and the women as my reward. She smiled wolfishly at the idea.

She would have fun tonight.


"Are you sure this is a bona fide Roman costume?" Elena tugged uselessly at the pearlescent sheet over her chest. She was uncomfortably aware that although the costume covered her from shoulder to ankle, hinged from tiny clasps, it stretched revealingly over her bosom. Elena never knew a concealing gown could disclose so much by simply flowing down her figure. The view of the swathe of material was interrupted alluringly by a flaxen rope belt under her breasts and a gold chain that fell in a Vee aimed at her mound, arrowed by a single thin chain dangling from its nadir. Matching gold sandals completed the outfit.

"Roman, Greek - they're all the same."

Elena stopped pulling on her gown. "They are not the same. Even I know that."

"Relax, Aphrodite. By the second glass, no one will care." Gloria adjusted her headband and turned around to face her friend. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Elena looked down at her polished toenails. "I think so." The bottom half of her costume swirled with every movement, allowing glimpses of her bare legs through the side slits. The sheer chiton was folded in such a way that it left one side completely open. The rope belt essentially kept the dress close. She knew the slits were dangerously high but had been assured that they were decent.

"Hmm, something's missing." Rummaging through her dresser, Gloria pulled out golden accessories. She slipped circlets around Elena's bare arms and chunky bracelets on her wrists. "Now you're ready," she said, satisfied.

She watched Elena test the weight of jewelry and their effect, lifting her hands to her blonde hair and smiling at the complementary shades of the rich metal. Although her white gown strained to contain her full breasts, her physical charms were moderately triumphed by elegance. Gloria knew better than to draw Elena's attention to the way she looked lest she become even more embarrassed; it had been a struggle to get her to agree to that outfit and she had agreed only because it covered her completely. Elena had chosen a modified version of traditional Greek wear. Gloria was not about to point out that, on her, it had the effect of presenting Elena as a curvaceous representative of the Goddess of Love and Desire.

"Where are yours?" Elena asked.

"I don't wear jewellery." Gloria waved her hands. "I'm a slave girl. These leather wristbands are handy for when I'm to be punished," she laughed. "My short skirt is great for easy access." She pointed at it.

Elena picked up the matching himation that was equally sheer but would provide some modesty. She was going to stay well covered for as long as she could. "I thought we were going to a gay party?"

Gloria bit her lip to restrain from telling Elena that she was too sexy to be anywhere but with gay men. In that outfit, even they would take notice. "Everyone goes to Rod's parties. It's a night and a half. I might be picked by a mistress, who knows." She winked.

"I think I'm going to be shocked out of my PG-13 mind tonight," Elena said.


Standing with her back to the fireplace, Kelli was in prime viewing territory, to watch and be seen. Instinctively seeking the best spot in the room, she would have made her way there if she was on the prowl, but tonight it was the chill on her bare legs that persuaded her to stay close to the hearth. Rod's boyfriend had a spectacular old-style apartment; high ceilings, large windows, and cold. She had wandered through the crowded spaces and decided to lurk in the reading room where the furniture and music was more comfortable. The other guests, nearly all of whom were costumed, wandered in and out, keeping her view interesting.

Kelli had dropped her coat in the guest room when she arrived, along with everyone else's, followed her nose and discovered Rod and Julian mixing drinks in the kitchen. They greeted her like a long lost friend even though she had left them only a few hours.

"Darling, you made it." Rod kissed her on the cheek.

"But of course." She sipped a white cocktail from Julian, the generous alcohol content hitting her with a quick burn. "Jeez! What did you put in this?"

He flapped his hand dismissively. "Good stuff. But stay away from the Sangria. That one will get you high fast, unless you've eaten. Rod catered." He pointed to a food laden table meaningfully and said, "Divine."

Rod stepped between them, staying her at arms-length to take in her outfit. "Nice. Very Spartacus."

"Thanks. I don't have to guess what you're dressed as," she remarked, amused. The boys were bare chested in their boots, tiny loincloths and horned helmets. They didn't seem to mind the cold at all. The Satyr look was very popular tonight, she would have to be careful which room she walked into.

The other female guests gathered near, drawn by the trio's teasing laughter and her costume, if their touching hands were any indication. Everyone wanted to feel her breastplate. By her third drink, she was loving the attention of several women rubbing her front and back, the sensation feeding a slow arousal that she welcomed. She returned the attention by brushing a feminine derriere deliberately or allowing a woman to lean closer. Kelli was having a great time.

Eventually, she wandered off for her own version of meet and greet, ending up in the reading room. Two women joined her. They sat at her feet talking, while another amused her by spouting examples of sapphism in the Roman era. Kelli was receptive to the idea of an active demonstration, especially since someone was stroking her leg - inching slowly higher with each pass – and tormenting her patience to feel those fingers closer to her swelling sex. She spread her stance a little further apart.


Elena heard the party even before the elevator reached the floor. The doors opened to face a corridor filled with smokers and music spilling out through the open doorway of an apartment. Chatter echoed, voices bouncing off the hard walls in the lift well assaulted their ears after the enclosed silence of the elevator. The music thumped louder as they squeezed between bodies to get into the apartment.

Elena held onto Gloria with one hand as they threaded their way inside, the other keeping the himation wrapped around her shoulders. It was hot. Collected body heat warmed the interior, a relief from the cold night air they had just escaped but it made Elena aware that she would have to lose her covering soon, or be the only person there not baring any part of her body.

Gloria turned around and grinned at her. "Come on, give me your wrap," she shouted over the noise, already removing her coat.

Elena checked the dimly lit room and the other guests. No one was looking her way or wearing an extra layer of clothing. Shyly, she did as ordered, handing the shawl to Gloria who winked at her before disappearing with it.

Elena claimed a nook out of the way, nervously waiting for her friend to return. Through the low lighting provided by candles, lanterns and hidden lamps, she could see a few people dressed in togas and the requisite laurel wreath, an inordinate number of good looking men minimally covered, and women dressed as Amazons or Goddesses. She appreciated the women who dared to bare - putting their sports bras to good use and showing off their physiques.

A picture of Kelli after a workout popped into mind; sweat glistening on her tanned body, her abs flexing as she sucked in her breaths. Elena would put her mouth to that tight concave belly, nibbling on the twitching muscles as she peeled Kelli's shorts down her legs. Her tongue would follow the exposed skin and spear through a neatly trimmed bush into wet territory for a very satisfying workout of its own.

Elena groaned. She couldn't be having thoughts about Kelli here but every woman seemed to remind her of Kelli. It could be a head of dark curly hair or an angular profile, or the way someone's fingers spread. A flood of warmth raced up Elena's cheeks on a memorable image of Kelli's slim hand covered with come after she had withdrawn it from fucking her deeply. Kelli had looked at Elena with hooded eyes, dragged her wet hand down the middle of her body from neck to cunt and proceeded to masturbate until she came. Elena had never seen anything more erotic.

A cold drink was nudged into her arm, making her yelp in surprise. Gloria grinned as she handed over a red glass.

"Is that good?" She tipped her head at the drink, waiting for Elena to try it.

Elena's eyes widened at the sweet fruity taste blasting in her mouth. "Yes, very good." She nodded enthusiastically.

Pleased, they touched glasses and drank half the contents in one gulp. Then, Gloria said, "Follow me, I'll introduce you to my cousin."

Giggling, Elena grasped Gloria's hand and allowed herself to be led further inside.


In a sensuous haze created by insidious cocktails and mood lighting, Kelli absorbed the innuendoes between the women surrounding her. She was feeling pleasantly buzzed, enough to be horny and coming up to indulge in some serious flirtation – like being a Legionnaire sandwich between two Amazons or a Centurion for her Lady's pleasure, a lady who looked very much like Elena.

Kelli blinked. A blonde Goddess, with ringlets escaping from her restrained hairstyle, startlingly pale eyes that could be seen even across the room, and a body tantalisingly covered, had entered the room. Kelli and everyone caught their breath at the sheerness of Elena's costume. Backlit by low lamps, her silhouette revealed her naked feminine glory even as she looked around innocently.

"Earth Goddess of a Thousand Names," she heard someone whisper in awe.

A surge of wetness rushed to Kelli's cunt, making her press her legs together. Her need for Elena returned in a thunderous crash. She could feel the throbbing pulse in her clit as it jumped to attention, responding to the vision in the doorway. A soft gasp escaped her lips. Her gaze easily stripped the gauzy material from Elena's body as her mind ran with images of Elena half naked, breasts exposed arms trapped by the ripped cloth, or Elena astride her, riding on the ridges of her leather armour slick with come. Her hunger for Elena shook her resolve, tunnelling in to focus on the blonde. The rest of the room receded.

She took a step forward, not blinking in case Elena disappeared. Another step and she licked her dry lips. Another step, and she swallowed hard; noticing belatedly that Elena held a woman's hand. They were smiling and laughing with each other.

Someone cut in front of her and Kelli blinked, her eyes blurred. Was this Elena's partner, the one she ran home to, the reason she wasn't interested?


"I'm going to mosey about and do my thing," Gloria said to Elena. "Will you be alright?"

"I'll be fine. What could happen?" Elena glanced in the direction of a woman's laugh, and collided with Kelli's intense gaze.

Oh my God! Heart in her throat, Elena could only return a bewildered stare. Of all the women, of all the places, of all her luck.

Their visual clash was blocked by a body. A cold voice said, "I never expected to see you here."


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