Sorrowful Pride

(Interlude Before Part 9)

By Evecho


Automatic movements save us everyday, from the time we get ready to face a new day to when we shut down before sleep. Rarely do we give any thought to brushing our teeth, making a cup of coffee, driving the car or using the elevator. A multitude of daily practices we take for granted, because we can. Then, there are the accepted gifts of time and effort other people give us – from the receptionist, the phone operator, the office cleaner, the nurse, our parents - a brief interaction which meant nothing to us and more to someone else.

You used to come to my door to pick me up.

We would dress up for each other.

I loved the way you held my hand in public because you were proud of us.

The meals I made were suffused with love, they were my gifts to you. Eat well of my love.

The home I created was to comfort you. Rest well, my love.

We reminded each other to have a care, because they were phrases of endearment. Carry a little of our bliss in those actions when I can't be with you.

We built this life together, we were strong against the world.

Every little item you leave at my place I cherish. It is a display of you entrenched in my life. Every little thing I leave at your place is a foothold of my surety in your life. One day, we will have a home together where my things and yours won't be separated and we don't have to ask permission to share.

Our friends see us a couple. One is always asked about the other. Where do I end and you begin?

My life is full, beautiful and comfortable because I have you.

Today, you took it all from me.

You made love to her. How many times did you touch her and forget me?

Go away. Our life has ended.

Continued in Part 9

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