by Evecho December 2004

Foreword: For Carol, who owns half the story and Nancy, who placed the urge to write in my head.

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I love seeing the image of her between my legs. Her bunched up cheeks and twinkling eyes just hidden by the sparse hairs on my mound. God! Or when she straps on the dildo and slides oh so slowly and powerfully into me... mmmmm

Ella's wrist flopped around even as her fingers stayed rigid while rubbing her clit furiously against her outer labia. Her breath started a shallow panting rhythm as she strove for orgasm before the alarm rang. To fuel her morning masturbatory session, she frantically flipped through her mental catalogue of favourite sexual moments. Oh yes! Hmmm oh those thick fingers ...

Beep Beep Beep Beep

Fuck! The curse rang through her head. I wish.

Sigh. Why do I even try? A full bladder makes diddly of the fiddly.

Rolling around on the double bed in silent tantrum against the needs of both her body and the creeping minute hand, Ella finally stumbled out of bed to the bathroom. Stripping along the way, she was naked by the time her feet hit the tiles. With half opened eyes, she sat on the toilet. Scratching and yawning, she completed her ablutions. Then, as the shower reached the right temperature, she coated the bristles of her toothbrush and stepped inside the stall to complete the rest of her wash. When it's over, hair styling and moisturising were essential.

Unfortunately, her hair looked great in front but she missed the mullet impression caused by her pillow on the back of her head.

What shall I wear today? Oh forget it, everything in the wardrobe is boring. I don't know why city folks choose to wear such depressing colours. Or is it just me?

Hurrying herself at the time, Ella finished getting ready for work and rushed to the train station. Well, as fast as a plump woman could rush.

In at the office at 9, out by 5.

"Hello, I'm here."

"OK, I'll be right down."

Ella shut down her computer and bounced out of the building. She crossed the street and looked for the silver truck.

Must be caught in traffic.

She scooped a spot nearby the arranged pick up point and watched the tired marching of office workers going home and the confused whirling of those meeting friends. Every other person had an electronic device by their ear, cell phone or headphone. She tried to pick out interesting bags, backpacks, shopping bags, and an open guitar case in front of a busker.

Cough. Bloody smokers.

She was starting to feel self conscious, standing still like a nudist in an Amish colony. She thinks the passers-by are looking her over. Surreptitiously, she checked her coat. The shirt she was wearing had a collar that tended to hide under the jacket's lapels, and a slight gap between the buttons at chest level drew appreciative eyes to her bosom. Ella tried to pose confidently in faux insouciance even as her chest caved in to close the gap in her front.

As she was busily rearranging herself for an audience that existed only in her mind, the car she was waiting for slid to a stop in front of her alternately stooping straightening self. Ella was too involved with her own chest to notice.

Suddenly, she looked up, just in time to catch the driver of the car hiding a smirk. What the ... oh no.

Determined to ignore her paranoia, she gathered herself and her bag and proudly strode to the passenger side of the vehicle. Her straining chest is once more drawing attention, but this time it's from someone she craved.

"Hey, babe," Ella said as she hopped in and gave the driver a quick kiss.

"Hi, sweetie. Did you wait long?" The dark haired butch is dressed in a white t-shirt and black work pants. Her boots are splattered with old stains and her arm muscles are shown nicely in relief as she drives. Ella was admiring her attire and secretly cheering on the muscles. Work it, baby.

"No, not long. Traffic bad?"

"Not too bad." And they chatted along the drive.

"Where are we going tonight?" Ella asked. Her hand, which was resting on the driver's thigh earlier, was now quite snug at the top of the latter's crotch. The butch shifted in her seat so that Ella's fingers just dipped in between her legs.

"Dunno. Where do you wanna go?"

"Dunno. Where do you wanna go?" Ella teased back. It was an old game. They would repeat the question until one of them cracked up.

They caught up on their day and arrived at the apartment soon enough. As they walked up the stairs, Ella grabbed the ass swaying in front of her, and kept fondling it all the way till they reached the door. They were both laughing and lightly wrestling each other by then.

While one showered, the other checked the mail and messages. Then they swapped. Eventually, Ella started making dinner and Dee would offer to help, torn between watching the news and being helpful. Whoever made dinner, sometimes they did it together, it was always appreciated.

"Don't forget to water the plants, honey," Ella reminded her couchified partner.

After dinner, they would watch TV or surf the net. Tonight, no one would be dropping by to chat for hours, thank goodness. As they got ready for bed, Ella checked the doors and locks and tucked her girlfriend in. She herself liked to read before sleeping.

Ella plumped her pillows, set the alarm and picked up her book. She didn't notice that her girlfriend was watching her actions. Just as she got comfy, Dee startled her by whipping off the bed covers.

"Wanna fool around?" she grinned at Ella, her eyes twinkling with glee.

The End.

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