Standard Disclaimer: There is no sex or violence in this short story, only love and caring between two consenting adults, who happen to be women. If you can not tolerate this sort of love, then please do not read my stories; they were intended for you it would seem. Consider yourself warned.




June 19, 2001

"No, I can’t believe they ended this way," my lady sobbed, "it’s so unfair, so sad."

I held my love in my arms as she cried, trying to console her, though I knew I could not.

"Shhh, baby," I whispered, "it’s okay, she’s at peace now."

But my love was not to be consoled.

"But Gabrielle isn’t," she cried, "what about Gabrielle?"

Honestly, I had no answer.

"I don’t know my love," I murmured, "I don’t…"

But my lady was not buying any of this.

"Why would they end it like that? It doesn’t make any kind of sense!" My world cried still harder.

"Honey, I don’t know." I admitted, although I had a pretty good idea. "I guess because Xena belonged to Tapert and he could end the show anyway he wanted."

My love cried on.

"I just feel so betrayed."

Betrayed…I guess that’s the bottom line here isn’t it? As fans, we all feel betrayed.

You see Xena: Warrior Princess was not just a television show to my partner, and so many others like her. It was like inviting two old, dear friends into our home each week. We laughed and wept together; their triumphs were our triumphs; their defeats ours as well. We lived together through everything; we felt their pain as though it was our own, each tragic event they suffered became ours too. As their love grew and strengthened our did as well. But the final tragedy, many of us believe, was that the fans were never considered in all this. I wonder if there was ever any concern for the fan’s reaction to Xena dying. Was it really necessary? I guess none of us will ever know what the producers were thinking. We’re just left alone feeling betrayed.

My lady and I went to bed and held each other close. We grieved together at the loss of two friends, we made love, and fell asleep in each others arms, as I suspect many others did, or soon will. Will we watch the end, I think not. I won’t allow my love to go through the loss of her dear friends again. It’s just too painful to see.

Will we go on? Of course we will. After all, this is just Holloywood, right. It’s not real; it’s make-believe. And heroes don’t die in the end, or do they?

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