Disclaimer: Characters and situations are all from my imagination. Nadine, Miranda and KELF Radio are all copyrighted by me.

Warnings: Sex and love between women.

Spoiler Warning: Involves characters from my novel "On the Air" and is set after the events in the novel.

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Believe in Spooks

by Geonn


Copyright 2007 Geonn Cannon

"Good evening, everybody. And happy Halloween! Whether you call it All Hallow's Eve, Samhain or just Wednesday... it's a good day for spooks. The temperature has dropped, the moon is full and the wind is whipping up and down the streets of December Harbor. The sun has been down for quite a while now, so be aware of all the little monsters and monstresses that are out tonight. For those of you stuck inside handing out candy, thanks for listening to KELF. This is Nadine Butler, the Pixie, coming to you live. I volunteered to take over hosting duties tonight so Leah Nettles could take her nieces trick-or-treating. Leah, if you're listening, thank you in advance for covering for me on Christmas day.

"Tonight is the night for spooks, ladies and gentlemen. So sit back, relax, make sure all your doors and windows are locked up tight and that the only monsters who come calling tonight are just incognito children. Coming up, we've got some wonderfully spooky songs for you all, starting off with Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London.; You're listening to KELF, 1220 AM." She switched the feed to the CD and hit play. She leaned back in her chair and put her feet up on the console.

Instead of her usual sneakers, her feet were warmed by the big, fluffy lion's paws. She had changed into her Cowardly Lion costume before coming in to work but the mane was too big to fit her headphones over. She had taken it off and, an hour into her show, decided that the top half of the costume was too hot for the small booth.

So she wore a white undershirt, her furry pants were held up by thick red suspenders, and her face was painted with orange and black to mimic whiskers and a cat's snout. Miranda had applied the face paint before heading out to Amy Wellis' Halloween party. Once Nadine was fully in lion mode, she had returned the favor by painting small red freckles on Miranda's cheeks. Miranda had posed in her gingham dress, played with her pigtails and complained that Judy Garland hadn't had freckles. Nadine countered by saying everyone would be staring at Miranda's legs anyway. Those knee socks were a definite distraction.

Nadine still chuckled at the idea of Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion as a couple. Miranda had said that "it was the only option, since the Tin Man was a jerk and the Scarecrow had hooked up with the Wicked Witch." Nadine knew it was some kind of joke, but she hadn't gotten it. Still, lions were cute. And she liked her giant lion feet. As soon as her shift was over, she would put the rest of her costume back on and join Miranda for the last few hours of the party.

She wiggled her paws back and forth as she checked the play clock and leaned forward just as the song ended. "Ah-oooo," she howled. "Sing it, Warren. Love that song. Right now, we're..." She lifted her head and turned around to look through the window behind her. No one was supposed to be in the bullpen, and all the lights were still out...

She frowned and then went back to the mic. "Uh, right now, we're going to play a couple of commercials for you. When we get back, I'll play a little Wild Thing. Keep your radios locked in on KELF."

As she turned on the commercials and her headphones fell silent, she heard it again. A quiet shuffle, like someone was pushing a desk across the floor. She stood and turned around. The window that looked out over the bullpen was dark, but with the light from the booth she could see the familiar outlines of her coworkers' desks and chairs. She walked to the door and opened it, waiting to see if the sound repeated.

"Hello?" Nothing. She chewed her bottom lip and went back into the booth. "Serves me right for starting my set with Monster Mash." She hooked the headphones back over her ears and checked the levels. As her fingers pushed the buttons up the board, there was a bang from out in the main office. Nadine jumped, her heart in her throat, and turned to scan the glass.

She made sure that the song was set to start playing after the commercial and hurried from the booth. Her tail swished behind her as she walked into the dark office. "All right, come out." She scanned the far wall of the room, the windows on either side of Miranda's office door. She waited for the sound to repeat itself, waited for someone to make a break for the back door. Nothing moved.

She reached behind herself and grabbed her tail. She threaded it between her fingers and said, "I'm afraid there's no denyin' I am just a dandy-lion." She sighed and released her tail. "I'm losing my mind." Just as she turned to walk back to the booth, there was a bump at the far end of the room.

Her eyes wide behind her glasses, she slowly spun. She knew the smart thing to do would be to go back into her booth, lock the door and call the police. Of course, she would have to go downstairs to let the deputy in when he arrived. That would mean not only walking through the offices again, but going downstairs and giving whoever might be up here a chance to escape.

Determined not to look like a skittish woman on Halloween, she walked to the aisle between the desks and said, "All right. Whoever is out here, show yourselves." She started to walk towards the back of the room. "You have a bet with your friends? See if you could break in and scare the DJ? Well, it's not funny. And you're not going to scare me, so give it up right now."

She glanced back at the booth and squinted to see the clock. She couldn't have very much time left on the song. She sighed and, when she turned back around, saw a ghostly white face right in front of her. Her breath caught in her throat and her hands fluttered around her face. She couldn't even draw a breath to scream as the apparition's hands closed on her shoulders.

"Dean, Dean! Nadine, shh, shh!"

Nadine panted and forced herself to focus. "Miranda!" she gasped. She slapped her lover's chest with the flat of her hand and said, "God, what the hell?"

Miranda pulled Nadine close and hugged her. "I'm sorry! I was trying to sneak in to surprise you, and then I realized that you were scared, so I was trying to think of a way to reveal myself without scaring you more and..." She sighed and brushed Nadine's hair. "I'm sorry, hon. I'm so sorry."

"Come on," Nadine said. She stepped back and took Miranda's hand. "The song is running out and I have to get back in there."

Miranda followed Nadine into the booth and shut the door as Nadine took her seat. She had timed it perfectly; the song ended moments before she sat down. "Hey, folks, welcome back. That was a novelty version of Waaaald Thang, by a group that calls itself Senator Bobby. Hope you enjoyed that. And it's time again for me to remind all the drivers out there... we've got a lot of munchkins in town, running around on the sidewalks, and they don't always look both ways. It's up to you guys to keep your eyes peeled for the ghoulies and goblins."

Miranda sat down and the hem of her gingham dress rose up to mid-thigh. She crossed her legs and fluffed her dress a little to make it lay more comfortably.

Nadine pressed her cough button and cleared her throat. She turned back to the mic. "We're taking requests, so if you have a spooky song you want to hear, drop me a line. Right now, we're gonna get into a song-a-thon. We have House of the Rising Sun by the Animals, Spooky by Classics Four, Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult and a whole, whole lot more. Get those requests in and keep listing to the Pixie!"

She leaned back and turned her chair to look at Miranda. "What happened to Amy's party?"

"Still going on." She leaned back and laced her fingers over her stomach. She looked at Nadine and said, "I missed you. They were playing KELF over the speakers and I kept hearing you, so..." She shrugged.

Nadine reached out and touched Miranda's shoulder.

"Plus, this asshole was dressed up like the Tin Man. Kept asking me to 'oil' him."

"Oh, yuck."

Miranda shuddered. She gestured at the console and said, "How long will that marathon play?"

Nadine looked to see how many songs she'd set up. "Fifteen minutes or so."

Miranda stood and hiked her skirt up a little. She straddled Nadine's knees and sat down on her lap. Nadine leaned back and laughed. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Keeping the disc jockey occupied," Miranda said. She bent her head and lightly kissed Nadine's lips.

"Mm. Are you going to... mmm, fire me if there's dead air?" Nadine asked between kisses.


"Evil task-master." Nadine bent her head and kissed Miranda's neck.

Miranda scooted forward and Nadine's chair creaked, leaning dangerously far back. They shifted their weight and Miranda laced her fingers behind Nadine's head. "You're always telling me what a good multi-tasker you are." She smiled, her lips inches from Nadine's. She whispered, "Come on... how often do you have the whole station to yourself? Haven't you ever fantasized about this?"

"Sure," Nadine said. She kissed Miranda's chest through her thin shirt. Her hands slid up the outside of Miranda's thighs, up under her dress. They kissed and Miranda moaned into Nadine's mouth. "Remember, we almost had sex for the first time in this booth."

Miranda shivered. "I remember." She kissed Nadine's nose. She moved her hands from Nadine's neck and dragged her fingers down her thin, white t-shirt. She paused to cradle Nadine's breast, growled playfully as she squeezed it, and then she dipped her hand lower.

Nadine lifted her hips off the chair as Miranda's hand slid under the costume's trousers. "This costume is a rental, you know..."

Miranda ignored her and bent down to kiss Nadine's neck. Nadine leaned back and lifted her hips to meet Miranda's fingers. "Just real quick," Nadine whispered as she gave in. "We don't have time for... you know..."

"I know," Miranda whispered. She licked Nadine's neck, nibbled her earlobe and slid two fingers forward to explore. Nadine whimpered low in her throat. "I'm sorry I spooked you."

Nadine groaned. "I do believe in spooks," she whimpered. "I do, I do, I do..."

Miranda laughed and kissed Nadine. She cupped Nadine with her hand, worked her fingers against Nadine's underwear and rocked her hips forward. Nadine gasped and gripped the arms of her chair with both hands. "Oh, Miranda..."

Miranda stroked Nadine's hair with her free hand and slid her lips down to Nadine's breast. She squeezed, felt the nipple harden and leaned back. "You're not wearing a bra."

Nadine opened her eyes and shrugged playfully. "You're the only one who was going to see me without the full costume on tonight..." She bit her bottom lip.

"You naughty little lion."

Nadine purred and pulled Miranda's head to her own.

"Mm," Miranda moaned.

She applied pressure to Nadine's clit with her middle finger and worked her index and ring fingers over Nadine's pussy lips. Nadine panted and rested her head on the back of the chair.

After a few seconds, Nadine said, "Oh, my panda...," a pet name she had come up with at the beginning of their relationship. She shuddered and said, "You're gonna... make me come."


"Yes, Miranda, I'm close..." Her hips lifted off the chair and she pressed her shoulders against the back of the seat. "Mm, Miranda..."

"No, Nadine... the on-air light is on."

Nadine's heart stopped. She straightened in her seat, her face went red and she nearly shoved Miranda off her lap before she craned her neck around to look at the light herself. It was dark. She frowned, then realized what Miranda had done. She turned back to see Miranda covering her smile, trying to stifle a laugh. "You bitch!"

Miranda's hand slid back to its position between Nadine's legs. "You were too close too soon," she said. She bent down and slowly kissed Nadine. "We still have... what. Ten minutes left?" Her fingertips rubbed Nadine. "That's time for... oh, lots of things. You just have to pace yourself..."

Nadine parted her lips and let Miranda touch her tongue. She moaned and her eyelids slowly closed. Her hands moved further into Miranda's petticoats and squeezed her ass. "Mm. Pace myself..."

"Right," Miranda whispered. She moved her lips to Nadine's neck and plucked at the collar of her shirt with her teeth.

"I think I can do that," Nadine sighed as she sank back into her chair.


Amy Wellis, currently dressed as pirate Jack Sparrow, scanned the crowd to see who needed refills. Her bakery-slash-bookstore, Coffee Table Books, was closed that night for the party, but a bowl of Halloween candy was by the door in case they had trick-or-treaters. She sang along with the music coming through the speakers as she sashayed from booth to booth with her grape punch. "Pleased to meet you," she sang as she poured. "Hope you guessed my name, oh, yeah." She swayed her hips and moved on through the crowd. "But what's confusing you is just the nature of my game..."

She reached the counter and spotted her girlfriend, Kate, behind the cash register. She was dressed like Clark Kent, complete with fedora - press pass prominently displayed in the brim - and horn-rimmed glasses. Amy hadn't seen her dressing, and Kate refused to reveal whether or not she was wearing a Supergirl outfit under the boring brown suit. At least, she refused to reveal it before the party ended.

Amy whistled to get Kate's attention and said, "Where's Miranda?"

"Haven't seen her for about half an hour," Kate said.

The song ended as Amy refilled her pitcher and there was a brief moment of dead air. When Nadine began speaking, she was out of breath. "He-hey, loyal KELF listeners. How'd you enjoy that little block of music? We're going to... take... a moment with some commercials. And then we'll get right back to the spooky tunes with Scre-ahhh... Sorry. I think there's a ghost in the KELF studios. It's been rattling my chains all night. Screaming Jay Hawkins when we get back, plus Sam the Sham stalks Little Red Riding Hood, and they're... they're, um, coming to take Napoleon XIV away, ha-ha, hee-hee. Oooh. Oh, um... th-there's that ghost again. Uh, keep listening to KELF. We'll be right back."

Amy turned away from the speaker to find Kate was watching her with a smile on her face. "Haven't seen Miranda in half an hour, huh?"

Kate laughed. "You think we've uncovered the ghost?"

Amy picked up her refilled pitcher and said, "Too bad she already played Werewolves of London. It could cover up all that howling coming from the booth."

Kate laughed and shook her head as Amy disappeared back into the crowd.


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