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Warnings: Sex and love between women

Author's Note: I thought it was sad these two didn't have a few steamy, smutty, plot-free sex stories. So I decided to give them a little joy.

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Les Bon Temps

by Geonn Cannon



When they got in, Nora reached for the light switch but was stopped by Nikki. “No, leave it off,” she said softly. She slipped her arms around Nora and pulled her in for a kiss. They swayed together in the doorway, mimicking the dancing they'd done at the bar. Nora chuckled against Nikki's mouth and tugged at the back of her belt before pulling away.

“I've got to get out of these shoes.”

“Let me help.”

Nikki kissed her again as she walked her across the room, stopping when her legs bumped the back of the couch. She gently pushed Nora down, then slid her hands over her partner's hips to draw her legs up. Nora chuckled and rested her legs against Nikki's chest, and Nikki carefully untied both shoes and tugged them off. The socks went next, and Nikki kissed the bump of Nora's ankle while staring down at her.

“Anything else you want to get out of?”

“Well, these jeans are pretty damn tight...”

“I noticed,” Nikki purred.

Nora held eye contact as she undid the button and zipper, then lifted her hips to push the denim over her ass. Nikki took over from there, peeling the pants down her legs and finally dropping them to the floor. She lightly ran her fingertips along the outside of Nora's thighs and looked down at the plain, simple lavender panties Nora was wearing.

“Touch yourself for me,” Nikki whispered.

Nora smiled as she moved her hand to comply. “Remember the first time you said that to me?”

“Very well,” Nikki said.

It had been toward the end of a two hour phone conversation, during the dark ages when they were still fighting their attraction to each other. They had harmlessly flirted a little, had played up being a couple when questioning the owner of a gay club, but so far it hadn't crossed the line. Until that night, when they ran out of things to talk about and the wine glasses on both sides of the call had been emptied, and Nikki had asked - playfully enough that she could have written it off as a joke - what Nora was wearing.

“You masturbated for me,” Nikki whispered. “It was the most erotic thing I'd ever heard.” She turned her head and kissed Nora's leg again.

Nora had three fingers extended and was gently rubbing the crotch of her panties in slow circles. “Knowing you were listening to me?” she said. “That was all I needed to get off. I thought you were so gorgeous, Nikki. I couldn't believe you were interested in me.”

“I couldn't stop thinking about you,” Nikki said.

Nora bent her knee and dragged her foot down Nikki's body, brushing her breast through her shirt before going lower. She rested the arch of her foot on Nikki's belt, then curled her toes around it.

“I think your little secret has gotten you all riled up.”

“I think you're right.” Nikki said with a mischievous grin.

When they were getting ready for the party, she had idly picked up the harness for their strap-on and asked if she should wear it under her jeans. She wouldn't attach the dildo, since that would be far too conspicuous, but she wanted to see if just wearing it would change how she presented herself to the world. To her surprise it had. All night she had felt stronger, more confident, more in control of her sexuality. It had been all she could do to keep her hands from roaming too indecently over Nora's body while they were dancing. But now, in the privacy of their own home, there was no such thing as too indecent.

“I may have to wear it more often.”

“You wouldn't get any complaints from me.” She pushed her foot between Nikki's legs and rubbed against the crotch of her jeans. Nikki inhaled sharply and squeezed her thighs together to pin Nora's foot. She bit her bottom lip and stared at her lover for a long moment, then pulled away from her. “Hold that thought... don't stop touching yourself.”

Nora grinned. “Don't have to tell me twice...”

Nikki hurried into the kitchen, unfastening her belt as she went. She pulled open the dishwasher, then leaned against the counter to pull off her boots. Her jeans were discarded next, leaving her in her blouse. She pulled out the top rack of the dishwasher and removed the toy they had washed the night before. She wiped it off with a paper towel and carried it back into the living room. Nora had taken the time to unbutton her blouse while she was gone, and Nikki breathed a soft sigh of appreciation at the sight of the lacy black bra.

She handed the toy to Nora. “Would you like to do the honors?”

“Please.” Nora sat up and Nikki put her arms around her shoulders. Nora rested her head on Nikki's chest as she reached down and teased the soft skin above the edge of the harness. She slipped her hand underneath it, then looked up at Nikki as she put the toy underneath and threaded the shaft through the opening. Nikki bent down and kissed her as the back of Nora's hand brushed through her pubic hair.

With the fake cock in place, Nora slid up onto the arm of the couch and twisted around. Nikki made a noise of approval as Nora pressed back against her before bending forward and bracing her hands on the cushion. Nikki wet her fingers, reached down, and stroked the tip of the dildo to make sure it was lubricated. She bent down and kissed Nora's neck.

“Did you make yourself wet for me?”

“Yes,” Nora murmured. She turned her head and found Nikki's lips as Nikki pressed the tip of her cock against the wet crotch of her underwear. Nora arched her back and pressed against Nikki's hips, but Nikki put her hands on Nora's waist to keep her steady. Their tongues dueled briefly before Nikki pulled away and sat up, balancing on her toes as she looked down at the curve of Nora's ass. She looped her finger and thumb around the base and guided it up over the smooth material. She used the tip to push the underwear out of the way and Nora grunted with anticipation.

“Ready?” Nikki whispered.

“Yes. Fuck me, Nikki...”

Nikki exhaled sharply and closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip as she pushed forward. “No, not even a little bit,” she heard her past self say. “I'm sorry if it's something that turns you on, but I just don't see the need to wear a cock.” She watched as she disappeared into Nora, her slick lips parting around the sides of her erection, and once again she understood. After she tried it once she was hooked, addicted to the idea of strapping on a few inches of rubber and actually being inside the woman she loved. She was also grateful Nora's kink was to take rather than give. Nikki wasn't sure she would be into penetration. But being on the giving side, watching Nora bent over the couch and...

“Oh, shit,” Nikki grunted. She put her hands in the small of Nora's back and began to thrust her hips.

“Gentle, baby,” Nora said, looking over her shoulder. “Go slow. Slow...”

Nikki muttered an apology and forced herself to slow down.

Nora smiled and closed her eyes. “Get a bit carried away there?”

“You make me crazy,” Nikki growled. She moved her hand around Nora's waist, pushed into her underwear, and began teasing her clit. Her other hand went up and found Nora's breast underneath her shirt. Nora hunched her shoulders and pressed back against Nikki.

“Now you can go faster,” Nora whispered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, yes,” Nora closed her eyes and moaned. “Nikki, yes...”

Nikki did as she was told, moving the couch an inch with the force of her thrusts. When Nora came she reached back with one hand. Nikki grabbed her arm and they held onto each other tightly as Nora tightened around her partner's cock. Nikki's back was arched, her hips flush with the curve of Nora's ass, and she stroked Nora's arm until she could withdraw. Nora moaned as the shaft brushed her overly-sensitive post-orgasmic flesh, and she turned around so she could sit on the arm of the couch. She drew Nikki to her and kissed her hungrily, parting her legs to draw Nikki in.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you,” Nora said against Nikki's mouth.

Nikki took a moment to enjoy the movement of Nora's lips against hers, the flicker of tongue against teeth, before she meekly said, “I suppose... y-you could use your hand on me...”

Nora grinned. “Blast from the past. First time I ever made you come.” She kissed the corners of Nikki's mouth and pushed aside the wet toy, moving her fingers underneath the harness to find actual flesh. “Sitting on the couch in that old apartment of yours... I unzipped your jeans. You were so nervous.”

“You were so beautiful.” She gasped as two of Nora's fingers found her. She remembered trembling, closing her eyes to focus on what was happening until Nora whispered, “Look at me. I want to see your eyes...” After that she kept her eyes open no matter how hard it was, no matter how badly she wanted to close them. She wanted to see Nora and know that she was responsible for what was happening. She didn't want any doubt or uncertainty to taint her memory of this moment. She was being touched by Nora Delaney, and she was enjoying the hell out of it.

Nora smiled. “I went slow. I kept waiting for you to tell me to stop... but then I touched you, and you made that sound...”

Nikki chuckled softly. “We never did classify that sound, did we?”

“I think we narrowed it down to something from the animal kingdom.”

Nikki laughed. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She kissed Nikki and slid her middle finger into her. Nikki's gasp turned into a moan, and she wrapped her arms around Nora to hold her close as she began fingering her in a slow, steady rhythm. “I loved you that day,” Nora admitted, “the day you let me cross the line. The day we gave in to what we both knew.”

Nikki brushed her bottom lip against Nora's. “The minute I knew I wanted you, I knew I couldn't live without you. Make me come, Nora.”

Nora whispered her lover's name as she kissed her neck. They pressed tighter against each other, Nikki crying out softly as Nora nibbled her earlobe and added a second finger at the same time. Nikki sagged against Nora, who accepted her weight and began whispering in her ear. Nikki interrupted the stream of dirty talk to warn that she was close, and a moment later she clenched tightly against her lover's fingers. She grunted and gently bit Nora's shoulder, then soothed the bite mark with her tongue.

“No wonder you always want to play vampire,” Nora chuckled. “You're always biting me.”

“Is that a complaint?”

“Mm, not at all.” She pulled back and kissed Nikki's cheeks, chin, and mouth. “I love having you mark me. Almost as much as I loved knowing you were wearing that harness all night.”

“You liked that, huh?”

“Oh, yeah. Naughty little secret, just between you and me. Lea didn't know, but I did. It turned me on so much, Nik.” She brushed her lips across Nikki's mouth. “But now that it's done its thing... how about I take you in the bedroom and take it off of you?”

Nikki ran her hand down Nora's spine. “Only if you promise to do more nice things to my real parts.”

Nora shivered at Nikki's touch. “Oh, I think that can be arranged.” She pecked Nikki's lips, stepped out of her arms, and linked their fingers together to lead her down the hall to their bedroom.


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