At Last

Part 7

By: Girl Bard

For disclaimers see Part 1.

Warning: Graphic lesbian sex ahead!!! Enjoy! ;)

August 8, 2001

I arrive home to the wonderful smell of chicken, and as I open the door I am greeted by two rambunctious dogs and my Gracie.

"Hey!" She greets me cheerfully, a simple white apron tied around her waist. She looks adorable.

"Mmm." I answer as I pull her into my arms. "I don't know what smells better, you or dinner."

She playfully swats my arm before kissing me lightly on the lips. "I missed you today. I hate when you work double shifts."

"I know." I haven't been home in twenty hours. "I'm exhausted and really tired of this new schedule." One of the guys on the force is out on paternity leave, and we've all had to cover for him.

It's been brutal, but I'm looking forward to sharing my good news I just received with Grace.

Her birthday is in five days, and hopefully, if everything works out we'll be sharing it with her family in Chicago.

"Well, sit down. I made your favorites." She exclaims, squeezing my shoulders as I sit at our little table.

"How was your day?" I ask, knowing she had to work this morning and then was going to lunch with Kim.

"Kind of crappy, Stacey is moving back to Michigan in a few weeks. She's dropping out of Pressman."

"What?" I ask, surprised. I didn't expect Kim and Stacey to work anything out, but I didn't think she'd honestly be moving.

"I know. Kim is pretty upset, but taking it better than I thought. It's hard for them to be living together, but Kim doesn't want to go back to her parents because they are newly weds themselves, you know? She doesn't want to impose."

"She can stay here." I tell her. "No one uses our spare room, she's welcome?"

"Really?" Gracie looks at me, evidently surprised.

"Sure." I tell her, finally giving in to the two excited dogs at my feet that are patiently waiting for me to say hello. I reach down to pat them, Bean clamoring to get up on my lap and Bella, as always, giving me her paw.

"Hey ladies." I tell them, lifting the little terrier up and scratching one dog with each hand. Their excited panting always causes me to smile and as Gracie starts delivering our dinner, I put Bean down and stand to help her.

She's made teriyaki chicken and rice, and a big bowl of fresh fruit salad.

"Sweetheart, thank you so much. This looks wonderful." I thank her as we sit to eat.

Grace beams with the compliment and I softly clear my throat. "What are the chances of you getting two weeks off?"

Cocking her head slightly, Gracie eyes me. "Why?"

"Humor me." I tell her and she grins.

"Pretty good, Dr. Dodes knows Kim and I start school at the end of the month, so he is flexible with my schedule right now."

"Okay, good to know." I tell her as I dig into my dinner. "Wow, this is really good." I tell her. "You put pineapple on it and everything!" I exclaim about the chicken.

"Jaden." Grace states and I look up at her innocently.


She sighs and turns her beseeching aqua eyes on me.

"What?" I ask and she sighs again. She knows I'm unable to resist her puppy dog eyes.

"Why do I need to take two weeks off?" She finally asks and I grin.

"Well, I got a new assignment today that will take about a week or so. They need me to help out with the Chicago mounted force, it seems they've had a huge turnover and a lot of green horses. I'm the most qualified, so the chief nominated me for the job."

A slow smile begins on Gracie's face. "And?"

"And, I thought you could go with me, then we could take a little break before the semester starts up again." I tell her.

"Seriously??" She asks, her eyes dancing with merriment.

"Seriously." I answer.

"Yay!" She cries, standing up and plopping herself down in my lap. Her arms go around my neck and she plants kisses over my face and neck.

I can't contain my giggles as she displays her excitement. "When do we go?"

"As soon as you can be ready." I answer and she squeals again.

"You are such a goofball." I tell her and she laughs with delight.

"Yes, but I'm your goofball." She responds.

"Yep, you are." I say proudly.


As the plane taxies down the runway, I lay my head on Jaden's shoulder.

"You okay?" She asks, handing me a piece of gum.

"Yeah, but I hate this." I tell her for the thousandth time.

"I know. It's not that long of a flight." She answers.

"Do you think the dogs will be okay?" I ask, wanting to think about something else then the fact we'll be up in the air in a blasted airplane for the next four hours.

Jaden glances at me fondly. "Sweetheart, they love Kim and Kim loves them. I think they are thrilled at being able to stay home for two weeks rather than go to the boarding kennel, okay?"

"I think Kim was really glad to be able to stay at our place and clear her head. Besides, she isn't working so she'll be at home with them all day, so that will be a treat for them." I respond, ignoring the fact that clouds are streaming by my window. At least the takeoff is over and I only have the landing to dread.

"Yeah, distance might be good for both her and Stacey. Maybe she'll change her mind once Kim is gone and realize she's making a mistake." Jaden agrees, linking her hand in mind.

I shrug my shoulders. "I used to hope they'd get back together. I really like Stacey, and she's been a good friend. But I don't like Kim to be treated like she's been nothing but an experiment. She deserves better." I answer, tracing Jaden's smooth skin with my thumb.

Changing the subject, I close my eyes briefly and allow myself to acclimate to the altitude as the plane levels out. "How was your grandmother?"

"Fine, the same, really." Jaden answers. She's been visiting her grandmother twice a week now, and while sometimes I go, lately I've been giving them privacy. I know it's hard for Jaden to keep up her strong fašade in front of me, though I always tell her she doesn't need too.

"I'm glad you can see her more often." I comment and she nods her head against mine.

"Me too. Speaking of family, are you excited to see everyone?" She asks and I nod eagerly.

"Yeah, Laura was so thrilled to have us close, especially for my birthday. I guess they are having a big party for everyone and her husband's family so they can all meet us." I answer.

"Good. I hope you can spend more time with them, especially while I'm working. I won't be around all that much." Spots answers, and I frown.

"Crappy." I tell her succinctly. "But I'm glad we're staying close to them so when you are around we can spend time together."

"Me too." She responds.

We sit in silence for a few minutes, until Jaden's restless energy takes over. She begins thumbing through the airline magazine, and I enjoy watching the little movements her face makes while she reads.

It's really rather cute, her lips twitch as her bright blue eyes scan the print.

"Oh! X-Men is our movie." Jaden suddenly exclaims as the televisions lower themselves.

I groan and elbow her in the ribs. "You have such horrible taste in films, Spots."

She mockingly glares at me. "Excuse me, Miss 'I love Chocolat.' That was the worst movie I've ever seen."

"How can a movie that stars Juliette Binoche be the worst movie you've ever seen? Are you serious?" I respond and she grins.

"Totally. Now leave me in peace to watch Halle Berry's eyes turn white."

I roll my eyes at her as the movie begins.

After seeing a few minutes of the previews, I reluctantly become interested and plug my headphones into the jack. Jaden gives me a triumphant smile as she slides her arm around my shoulders and pulls me close.


Grace tentatively knocks on the door, to have it flung open with a very excited Jillian appearing. She jumps up and down before turning around to shout "They're here!"

Immediately, the entire clan fills the doorway and ushers us inside. Grace is pulled into a hug by Laura, and Jillian flings her skinny arms around me.

"Hey Jaden! How are you?" Jason asks and I grin at him.

"Good, thanks. You?" He smiles and shrugs, a trait he and Gracie both share.

The twins turn identical grins on me and I nod at them. Michelle gives me a cool stare and I meet her dark eyes.

She's so standoffish, and I can understand. It was a huge shock to have her long-lost older sister suddenly enter their lives, and it's probably not been easy for her to have to transition from being the oldest girl to the second oldest.

"Hey Michelle, I like your hair. New style?" I ask her and she blushes a bit and gives me a small smile.

"Yeah, thanks." Her dark eyes flash as Grace compliments her on it too.

After the initial greetings, we are led into the living room, where everyone plops down. No surprise, Jillian practically sits on Grace's lap. She seems to adore her new sister.

"Jason, we were so sorry we couldn't make it out here for your graduation. How was everything?" Gracie asks, and her oldest brother clears his throat.

"I got a job, actually." He responds, and both Laura and Jackson look on proudly.

"Really? That's great, where?" Grace asks and Jason smiles.


"No way!" She responds. "That's great! When do you move?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he looks to his parents. "I'm not really sure if I'm going to take it. It's for a entry-level position at Jung Brannen, and it's really good money. I would be working with a team of architects, so the experience is great."

"That's one of the best architecture firms in the country." I comment, familiar with the firm who built our new police department. "Why might you not take it?"

"Jason's scared he'll be homesick." Jillian informs us, receiving a dirty look from her brother.

"I understand. I really miss my sister Lydia and my uncle in Ohio. But I get to see them a lot, and you are always welcome at our place." Grace replies and Jason smiles in thanks.

"I'm going into sports management." Jack quips, changing the subject onto himself. "Coach thinks I can make it into the majors for baseball, but I want to have something to fall back on." He adds proudly.

"Yeah right, the only position you could play for the majors would be bench warmer." His twin Ryan jokes.

"Shut up, fag." Jack responds.

"Hey, language!" Laura says sternly at the twins. "That word is not to be used guys, you know that."

Ryan folds his arms in front of him and smirks as Jack apologizes.

Grace and I share a glance, and conversation resumes.

"Michelle, what do you want to do?" I ask the silent sibling. She shrugs and looks at her nails.

"Michelle wants to be a folk singer. She'll probably be good at it too, she doesn't shave her legs and she's angry all the time." Jillian explains and I can tell Grace is trying not to laugh.

"Jillian." Her father warns the youngest sibling who grins in response.

"Do you write songs?" Grace asks, her curiosity peaked.

"Sometimes." Michelle answers, her face coloring. "I play the guitar."

"So does Grace." I supply and Michelle looks at her sister in surprise.


Grace shrugs embarrassedly. "A little."

"I'm going to be in a rock band." Ryan comments. "You know, heavy metal?" He mimics playing the air guitar as Michelle rolls her eyes.

"If you can call that crap music." She tells her brother.

"Hippie." He retorts.

"Drunken frat boy." She responds.

"Enough!" Jackson interrupts. He looks at Grace and I, continuing, "It's not usually this bad."

"Yeah, it's worse." Jillian supplies.

I smirk and massage my temples. It's going to be a very long week.


Stifling a yawn, I roll over and snuggle deep into Jaden's body. Resting my head on her chest I hear the steady beating of her strong heart.

"Morning." She rumbles, her voice thick with sleep.

"I love you." I respond and I swear I can feel her smile. She closes her arms around my back and squeezes me tight.

I run my hand down her flat abdomen and shapely hips to her smooth thigh, sighing with pleasure.

"I don't know how anyone can be with a guy." I mention and she chuckles.

"Why is that?"

I mock shudder. "The forest of body hair, the icky smell, and the whole penis thing."

This elicits a deep laugh from her and I grin.

"What, Scott didn't do it for you?" She questions and I frown.

"You know the answer to that." I tell her quietly and I feel her breathing stop.

"I'm sorry." Jaden answers and I feel tears unexpectedly spring to my eyes. "I didn't mean it that way." She rushes to explain and I shake my head.

"Spots, you didn't do anything, that just hit me the wrong way. Please don't worry about it." I stretch and snuggle further into her. "Now, what were we talking about before my extreme and sudden over-reaction?"

"Um, about how wonderful my body is?" Jaden comments and I chuckle.

"Oh yeah, where was I?" I respond, my hand twitching on her thigh. "I think I was right about here." I comment as my hand finds it's way between her delicate folds.

She is wet to my touch, and the feel of her instantly turns my blood on fire.

"Jesus Christ." Jaden moans into my mouth as I roll on top of her and kiss her deeply.

"No, not Jesus. It's Grace, remember?" I tell her in-between kisses.

"Smart ass." She responds, slapping the body part in mention lightly.

We continue our exploration of each other, and in order to stop Jaden's roaming hands I place them on the headboard.

"Keep them there." I order her and she gives me her trademark cocky grin that I so love.

"Now, back to what I was talking about." I tell her, placing delicate kisses on her eyebrows.

"What I love most about kissing you is how full your lips are. You make love to me with your mouth and always know when to be gentle and when to be rough." I whisper, my lips a millimeter from hers.

She whimpers with the desire to kiss me, but I move lower, nibbling on the sweet-smelling skin of her neck.

"You have the most graceful and long neck, and the strongest shoulders." I continue, placing fine kisses along her collarbones.

"And your breasts, Goddess, I don't even know where to start." I cup them in my hands, running my thumbs over her erect nipples. "They fit perfectly in my hands and in my mouth."

"Please." Jaden begs as I run my tongue over one nipple. Giving into her, I suckle it into my mouth, feeling it harden under my tongue. My eyes close involuntarily; I could die right now and be completely happy.

But I still have work to do.

Releasing her breast, I move down to her wonderful stomach. With defined muscles, yet still a definitively feminine appearance; Jaden's stomach and hips never fail to turn me on. They are just so perfect.

"The way you move your hips when you're grinding into me is so hot." I tell her, and my Jaden throws her head back in frustration.

I move lower, my hands trailing over her long legs. Shamelessly, she spreads them wide, revealing where she wants me the most.

"I love your legs and feet too, but I'll worship them some other time." I tell her, unable to stop myself from touching her at this precise moment.

"Please." She asks again, and I plunge my fingers inside her as I ravish her mouth with mine.

Her muscles clamp around my fingers as I move them in and out. I know just how she likes to be touched, and as her fingers clench around the headboard I increase my speed. She's being such a good girl about that, she deserves to be rewarded.

"I love you so much." Jaden says in a ragged breath.

"I love you." I tell her, biting down lightly on her neck. My hand pumps faster and her hips rise and fall with the same rhythm. It's so hot, so incredibly arousing, I almost can't stand it.

"So close." She grunts and I fuck her as hard and as fast as I can. She hisses with approval and within seconds, she's screaming out my name.

I close my eyes, reveling in the moment and committing it to memory.

"I love you." Jaden tells me again, her brilliant blue eyes meeting mine.

"I know. I answer her with a smile.

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