The Weekend Visitor
By Heartstarter

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle and Argo remain the property of MCA/Renaissance Pictures and Studios USA. No copyright infringement is intended and this is a non-profit story. (Damn!)

PLEASE NOTE: This story is the 2nd in a series of 5… the story before is called Hard To Say Goodbye and the stories which follow are: That Scroll; Wasted Moments and The Fallout.

WARNING: This story actually has no plot, it’s just plain old sex, sex, sex! What can I say?... Sorry? But I’m just not... I personally think it’s great - sex... oops I mean the story! Anyway, there are heaps of graphic sex (love) scenes between our favourite warrior and bard. But if you really don’t want to learn any new positions then maybe you shouldn’t read this story.

I want to apologise in advance for the ‘sheep(ish)’ pun... I’m sorry, it was very childish of me and I won’t do it again! I also want to thank my beloved, who helped with the acting... I mean editing on this. Thanks again baby. All comments and suggestions are welcome and I promise I’ll write back! Write to Heartstarter at:


Gabrielle is pacing up and down in her room, her two room mates have already left for the weekend. Her bag is by the door, her staff beside it. She is wringing her hands in front of herself and muttering...

"Two weeks I’ve been here... Two weeks and she hasn’t been back to visit! I swear she’s forgotten about me... probably off having fun... I should send her a nasty scroll, that’ll teach her... no, she should’ve sent me a scroll... she should tell me everything she’s doing, just like before... then I wouldn’t worry... No, no, no, yes... I’ll send her a scroll..."
"Why?" A large and very familiar voice says into my ear.
"Xena!" I exclaim. I turn around and wrap my arms around her neck, planting a huge kiss on her lips. She kisses me back and wraps her arms around my waist, lifting me off the ground.
"Happy to see me?" Xena asks, raising her left eyebrow.
"Where have you been? Why didn’t you come back last weekend to visit? You know I had to spend the whole weekend studying. Can you believe it?"
"Isn’t that what you’re here for Gabrielle - studying?"
"Yeah, but not on the weekends! If you’re caught studying on the weekend then everyone thinks you haven’t got a life!"
"Well, I’m sorry but I got caught up with Hercules."
"Oh. Anything interesting happen?" I ask hopefully, but in what I hope is a casual voice.
"No. Now come on, I’ve got a big weekend planned."
"Is that your kind of ‘not very interesting’ or mine?" I ask.
"Don’t know... but you’ll find out eventually anyway, you always do!"
"Oh okay, well I’m already packed... from last weekend actually."
"Good." Xena opens the door and we walk out to Argo.
"Hey girl." I say, patting her nose. She replies with an exhale of air and a shake of her head. Xena attaches my bag and staff to Argo’s saddle and helps me onto the horse.
"Has she grown since I last saw her?" I ask Xena.
"Yeah Gabrielle, five hands in two weeks it’s a record!" She replies sarcastically.
"Ha, ha. No, I’m serious she looks bigger."
"She’s not. I promise." We leave the Academy grounds and make our way towards the lake.
"So what was so important that you couldn’t come back?" I ask.
"Shh. You’ll find out later. Now just enjoy the sunshine and the sights."
"Oh fine." I say dejectedly. She’s no fun sometimes I muse. But this day is gorgeous, the sun feels so warm on my back and the lake looks so nice and cool... I wonder if we’ll go for a moon lit dip tonight? Actually it’s probably a good thing that Xena didn’t come back last weekend, it rained almost the whole time and we would’ve had to stay at the Academy... although there are plenty of caves around here... it’s not like we’ve never stayed in one of those before!
"What are you laughing at?" Xena says, turning to look at me.
"Ah... nothing, didn’t realise I laughed out loud." I reply, the colour coming up in my cheeks.
"Well we’re here. Welcome to your weekend house." Xena says proudly, sweeping her arm in a half circle in front of her body.
"Oh Xena, wow." Standing there, in the middle of the clearing by the lake is an Amazon hut with Xena’s and my name engraved on a piece of wood above the door.
"What do you think?" Xena asks, jumping off Argo.
"It’s great... but how did you get it here?" I ask as Xena helps me down.
"Sorry, that’s a secret. Let’s go inside."
"Uh-huh." Is all I can mutter. She is unbelievable sometimes... how did she get it here? And how come it’s got our names on it?... I follow Xena inside and what I see is (in some ways) even better than the outside! There is a large bed in one corner of the room and a huge table full of all kinds of food and drink on it.
"Wow!" I mutter again.
"You like it?" Xena asks.
"Yeah... are we having company... like the entire Athenian army or someone?"
"No, just us... but you’re going to get pretty hungry this weekend, so I’ve got something to keep you satisfied at all times."
"Really?!" I ask suspiciously, raising my eyebrows.
"Yes. Now put your bag under the table and lay on the bed." Xena demands.
"Okay, but wh-"
"Don’t talk, just do."
"Okay, okay." I do as Xena says. She busies herself at the table, putting food onto a plate. She comes over to the bed and lays on her side beside me. On the plate she’s got strawberries, cream, melted chocolate, cherries and a large feather. I look from the plate to Xena’s face and back again.
"Take off your clothes." Xena says.
"Well that took a lot of convincing!" Xena says with a laugh.
"Well I haven’t seen you for two weeks, that’s a long time without skin contact."
"You haven’t been doing a bit of self pleasuring have you?!" Xena asks with a twinkle in her eye.
"No!... I would never... I mean well maybe I would... but... but... did you?!" I reply, a blush creeping up my neck.
"No I’d rather have you touch me Gabrielle."
"Good, same goes for me." I slip out of my clothes and lay back on the bed. Xena takes off her armour, but leaves her leathers on. Gods she looks good in those with her beautiful tanned legs that go all the way up and I can see straight down her cleavage from here. Ah... this is a sight I’ve missed! I continue my visual travels up her neck and find myself looking straight into those deep blue eyes.
"What?" I ask, the colour returning to my face.
"See something you like?" She asks.
"Would you like to see more?" Xena teases.
"Yes please." I reply.
"Like this?" Xena asks seductively, reaching down to undo her boots.
"That’ll do for a start, but I was thinking more like this part..." I reply, reaching over and taking Xena’s leather arm straps off her shoulders. She looks down at the straps, then to my face.
"Why would you want to look at that part?"
"Oh I don’t know Xena, but I figure that if I’m going to be laying here butt naked then you should lose a lot more clothes than that." I say pointing to her boots.
"Fair enough. You just lay back and I’ll get undressed for you." Xena says, her eyes looking clear and playful. I lay back down and watch while Xena discards first one boot, then the other. She stands and slowly (and rather seductively) takes off her leathers, her hands lingering over her breasts as she pulls them off. She stands in front of me, her nakedness rolling over me in a wave of lust and love.
"Come here lover." I say quietly. Xena moves slowly towards the bed, her breasts jiggling slightly as she does. She sits on the bed in front of me. I take a strawberry from the plate and put it halfway into my mouth, then I lean towards Xena, offering her the other half. She doesn’t disappoint me, she slowly moves forward and takes the other part of the strawberry from me, licking me softly as she does and causing my back to go into pleasant spasms. She smiles at my reaction and finishes the strawberry.
"Wanna make out for a bit?" She asks.
"What about the food?" I reply.
"It’s not going anywhere."
"Okay." Xena puts the plate back onto the table and rejoins me on the bed. We sit across from each other and share tender kisses. I move down to her neck, gently kissing it until I get to her shoulder. I alternate little bites with the kisses and Xena’s body reacts almost immediately. Her nipples get hard so I cup my right hand around her breast and each time I kiss or bite her neck I gently squeeze her breast. Her breathing and heartbeat become a little bit faster, I smile to myself and whisper,
"Guess I’m not the only one who missed the physical contact."
"Nope." Is all Xena can manage. I continue back up to her mouth and linger just in front of her lips. I remove my hand from her breast and start to gently caress and pinch her other nipple. As I do this I lick her lips, only just brushing them with my tongue. I move closer to Xena on the bed and let my tongue go inside her mouth, running along her top teeth and gums. As horny as I am, I know that Xena doesn’t like to take it too fast, doesn’t like to get straight to the lovefest, she likes lots of foreplay and even a little domination first. So, it’s with this in mind that I take my fingers from her nipple and my tongue from her mouth. She whimpers slightly, but I can tell she is proud of me for knowing when to slow down again! Well... maybe she doesn’t think that at all, but a little ego boosting never did any harm! I kiss her on the cheek and move towards her ear, I breath into it and a shiver goes down Xena’s back. She lets out a small breath and starts to kiss my neck. She runs her hand over my back, through my hair and over my cheek. I put my hand on her cheek and our lips meet for a kiss. My stomach feels all butterfly-ish and gooey, the way it always does when she kisses me tenderly, or any time she turns me on actually!... Like that time we went to the Sophoclese play... Dangerous Intentions... we were right at the front of the play house and we got so horny watching it!... The love we made that night was... Wow! Xena’s tongue fills my mouth hungrily and I’m brought out of my dream world.
"Hey, slow down." I say, prying myself from Xena’s hungry hands.
"Sorry." She replies sheepishly.
"It’s okay, but we’ve got all weekend to do this you know."
"I know, but I just want to do it straight away tonight. Less foreplay, more loving!"
"Well, I’m all for that so take me." I challenge. Xena smiles, she pushes me down onto the bed and lays on top of me. She starts to press herself into my thigh as I pull her lips onto mine. Her rocking is making me wet so I start to rock against her, this sends her over the edge and soon she is calling out my name and moaning with ecstasy
"Touch me." I demand. She rides out the last waves of orgasm and runs her hand down my side to between my legs. She runs a finger through my wetness and whispers,

"Gods Gabrielle, you’re so wet."
"Mmm." I murmur. She inserts a finger and slowly brings it out again, she does this a few times, making me gasp. Gods that feels so good. I close my eyes as she starts to suck on my nipple, still pushing her finger in and out of me.
"Go lower." I pant pushing her head with my hand. She obeys. She takes her finger out and opens my legs, she sits above me for a moment - taking in the site I can only guess - before she dives in head first, giving me the same pleasure I brought her only moments before. She moves her tongue between my lips, sucking up everything I’m putting out. She licks my clit incessantly as the waves of orgasm overcome me and I call out her name over and over again. I put my hand under her chin and motion for her to come back up to me. She does with a smile and asks,
"How was that?"
"Mmm. Fantastic." I smile back. I roll onto my side and ask her,
"You want more?"
"Yeah." She replies. We start to kiss and I slide my hands over her body, there is still fluid flooding out from between my thighs and Xena is only too happy to run her fingers through it. I drag my fingers up and down her left thigh and slip my hand into her wet folds.
"Do you want me to go in?" I ask her hopefully.
"Absolutely." She replies, rolling onto her back. I slip two fingers in, moving them in and out slowly at first, but when her body starts to respond I go faster.
"More!" She demands. I manoeuvre three fingers in, then four, Xena smiles and I can feel her hole’s fullness. I keep my fingers still and let Xena move on them. My arm is getting tired, but I won’t stop until she’s satisfied. She rocks back and forth on my hand and then says,
"I want to be on top." I take my fingers out with a little slurping noise and lay on my back (again - this is getting to be a habit!). Xena gets on top and guides my hand in between her legs right where she wants it. She rocks back and forth on it and soon she is making little moaning noises. I am starting to get really wet again just hearing her and each time she rocks against me she hits my clit with her leg.
"I think I’m going to cum again." I tell her. She lets out a deep moan and rides me faster. We both end up climaxing at the same time, riding out the waves together and whispering each other’s name. We lay in the same positions we came in, holding each other and trying to get our breath back.
"I love you Xena." I say.
"I love you too Gabrielle." She replies.


"Morning Lover." Xena’s voice floats through my semiconscious mind. I open my left eye and smile at her.
"Wanna go for a swim?"
"Yeah, we can catch some breakfast."
"Why? We’ve got all this food here?"
"You want to have strawberries and chocolate for breakfast?"
"Sure. I also want to go back to sleep."
"Well I need to be up. The sun was up ages ago."
"Oh come on, just a few more minutes!"
"Well... I guess a few more minutes couldn’t hurt. Come here, I’ll spoon you."
"Mmm. That would be nice." Xena and I make ourselves comfortable and I fall asleep almost immediately.


The sun is high when I wake, Xena is still asleep beside me. I turn over to look at her, she is still naked from our love making last night. She is so beautiful. I start to caress her breasts and stomach letting my hand and fingers draw lazy circles on her body. Xena wakes and smiles at me, but doesn’t move. She closes her eyes, the smile still on her face. I continue to run my hand over her body and somewhere below a familiar tingle starts to form.
"Can I kiss you?" I ask softly.
"That would be nice." Xena replies. She turns onto her back and I wriggle down in the bed. I gently kiss her stomach and breasts, moving slowly up and down her body. Her breath gets faster. I move my lower body in between her legs and continue to kiss her stomach, adding my tongue every few kisses. This seems to excite her, she pushes her body into my mouth and chest. I help her out by rocking up and down on her and sucking on her nipples. She puts her hands into my hair and grabs it. I start to lick her stomach and breasts in long strokes, starting at her belly button and finishing at the top of her chest. Her breathing is very fast now and I can feel her heartbeat through her stomach. I stop licking her and start kissing her again. Her hands are alternating from my hair to my back, where she can pull me to herself. I move further down her body and, with my hands touching her stomach and breasts, squeezing the nipples, I lick the inside of her thigh. The side of my face touches her centre and she tries to push my mouth to it. I resist and say,
"All in good time my dear!" She feigns exasperation and blows out a breath. She lets go of my head and places her hands on my back, I continue licking her thigh. I take my hands from her breasts and stroke her legs. As I’m licking her thigh, I move closer to her curls, finally I give into my own desire to taste her. I open her up and take a moment to behold the site of her wetness. And I thought I was wet! I look up at Xena’s face, which is a mass of expectancy, and smile, she smiles back and pushes my head into herself. I lick almost feverishly, drinking up all her juices, she is moaning and, moving about and I keep losing my place. I change positions slightly and flick my tongue over her clit. This drives her crazy and she pulls my head hard into her. I continue to flick my tongue around, this time spelling out her name. She continues to thrash about and before a serious injury happens - namely teeth in sensitive parts - I stop. Xena’s eyes fly open to look at me.
"Why are you stopping?!"
"Injury hazard." I reply.
"What?!" She asks, puzzled. I just shake my head and say,
"Don’t worry." I move up her body until I am laying full length on top of her, I place my right leg between her thighs and capture her lips with mine. She hungrily pushes her tongue into my mouth and grabs my butt, pulling me hard onto her sensitive area. She breaks the kiss and starts licking her juices from my chin and lips. I close my eyes and ride her. We start to kiss again and rock against one another. She pulls me hard to her body and in only a few moments we are both panting hard, our juices flowing freely. I collapse next to Xena on the bed and try to get my breath back.
"You are getting good at that." Xena says appreciatively.
"Thanks. But I could do with more practice!" I reply teasingly.
"Maybe tomorrow. I’m tired now."
"Okay." I’m starting to get my breath back now and I look at Xena and say,
"What do you want to do now? I’m kinda hungry."
"You would be! I want to sleep."
"Fair enough, I’ll lay here with you for a while, if I can’t fall asleep I’ll get up and make something."
"Sounds good to me. Will you spoon me this time?"
"Sure." Xena turns over and I snuggle into her back, with one hand under her neck and the other protectively over her arm and stomach. I close my eyes and suddenly feel very sleepy. I guess I can wait until later to eat...


"Gabrielle! Wake up!"
"What? Danger?" I ask, sitting up as fast as I can. Xena smiles sweetly at me and replies.
"Nope. Just wanted you to wake up!"
"You rat!" I say, playfully swatting at Xena. She pretends to be hit and falls over on the bed clutching her arm.
"Ha, ha.... well, now that I’m up what should we do?" Xena raises her left eyebrow and cocks her head.
"Maybe... you know today will be the last day we’re together for a whole week... better get some while you can!"
"You’re right... but I’m not sure there’s time. I have to bathe, then I’ve got to be getting back to the Academy."
"Oh well, your loss!" Xena says, jumping up from the bed. She takes her leathers and puts them on, she turns to me and says,
"Well are you coming?"
"To the river of course! You said you’ve gotta wash, and I thought you might want some help for those ‘hard to reach’ places!"
"Oh, very smooth! Okay, let me put something on then we’ll go."


Xena is behind Gabrielle, massaging her neck. Gabrielle has her eyes closed and her head is drooping forward.
"How does that feel now?" Xena asks, her mouth close to my ear.
"Mmm. Better now. Thanks."
"You’re welcome."
"You want me to wash your back now?"
"Sure." Xena and I swap positions. I scoop water into my hands and put it on her back, my hands glide over her skin, more enjoying the feel of it than actually washing her. I run my hands all over her back and shoulders. I stand closer to Xena and start to gently massage her neck and shoulders. I let my hands wander further down towards her breasts, but bring them back when they get close. I do this several times, each time getting closer to her nipples. Xena smiles and says,
"I thought you were washing my back!"
"Um... I... ah..." I stutter.
"It’s okay. That feels nice."
"Oh, well good." I continue to rub her chest and shoulders then I move down her sides and to her lower back. I let my hands travel up and down her sides a few more times and I notice that Xena’s breathing has become a little ragged. Hmm... I wonder if she’s... I’ll just try this... I cup Xena’s breasts in my hands and slowly squeeze them. Her breathing becomes even more laboured and I smile to myself. I move so the front of my body is pressed up against Xena’s back. I take my hands from her breasts and run them over her stomach and down towards her crotch. She puts her hands behind her and onto my bottom, pulling me closer. I trace a line from her stomach to the top of her thigh and gently grab her, my thumb brushes her curls and sends tingles up my arm. I start to squirm and Xena’s hands release me. I move and stand in front of her, our nakedness and lust obvious to anyone who might be looking on from any back of the river. My nipples are hard and fully erect, Xena’s aren’t much different. I place my hands on her hips and move closer. She leans down and kisses me, making me tingle all over. Xena senses this and pulls me closer to her. She starts to move towards the bank, taking me with her. She lays us on the bank, our bottom halves still in the water. I am on top of her so I place my leg between hers and as we’re kissing I rock slowly on her. She pulls herself to me, panting and calling out my name. It doesn’t take long before I too am panting and calling her name... We lay on the bank of the river, our energy spent. Xena takes my hand and starts to play with my fingers.
"So I guess you’ve gotta get going." She says, more of a statement than a question.
"I’ll give you a ride back."
"That’d be nice. What will you do with the hut?"
"Don’t worry, that’s all taken care of."
"Of course it is. Well I guess I better pack."
"Yeah... The weekend sure went fast."
"Mmm. You coming back next week?"
"Good." I start to sit up, Xena does too, grabbing me into a hug. I hug her back and ask,
"What’s wrong?"
"Nothing, I just miss you that’s all."
"I miss you too. Very much." We hug for a bit longer then Xena says,
"Okay, enough sappy stuff, let’s get back."
"Yeah, wouldn’t want anyone thinking you were soft!"
"Tartarus no!"


"Well, here we are... the Academy awaits its’ finest student for another week of lessons." Xena announces.
"Well I’m not sure about ‘finest student’, but I’m here for lessons all right." I reply. Xena gets off Argo and helps me down. I take my bag and staff from their places on the horse and give Argo a rub.
"Take good care of yourself girl. And her." Argo snorts in reply. I smile and say,
"Yeah, I know it’s a tough job trying to take care of her, but do your best, okay?!"
"Hey! What are you whispering to my horse?" Xena asks.
"Nothing." I reply innocently.
"Uh-huh, well I’ve got my eye on you!" She says, pointing to Argo, who only flicks her tail in response.
"Well, it’s almost dark, I’d better go." I say reluctantly.
"Yeah. I promise I’ll be back next weekend." Xena says.
"You better be... I miss you already."
"I know what you mean." Xena pulls me in and hugs me tight. When she releases me I’m sure I can see tears forming.
"Okay, so I’m gonna go... I’ll see you next weekend."
"Yeah, see you." Xena and I kiss, lingering in each others embrace.
"Oh! Wait, I forgot." Xena says suddenly, letting me go and moving towards her saddle bags. She takes out a scroll and hands it to me. I take it as she says,
"Now don’t read that until you get into bed tonight."
"Because I said so that’s why!"
"Okay, but can you give me a hint as to what’s in it?"
"No. I’ll talk to you about it next weekend. Now off you go."
"Okay, okay." I tuck the scroll into my bag, give Xena another kiss and hug and walk towards the Academy. Once at the gates I turn and give Xena a wave. She waves back, then gets up on Argo. I turn around and walk to my room, wondering what could possibly be in that scroll!


Please stay tuned for the next exciting instalment in this Xena and Gabrielle series… called That Scroll… Proudly brought to you by Heartstarter and Ripley. Enjoy!

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