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The Day After

By Insane Englishwoman

Part two.

Another morning, another waking. Still stiff and sore, but not nearly as much. And with a much softer bed.

For one brief moment, a heartbeat of time, she lay face down holding her breath not recalling where she was or how she came to be there.


'Ah! The tom, I'm in her bed. Right.'

She rolled over and started to sit up; only then realising she was naked. That was bad. Not that she was naked and in someone else's bed. But that she was naked and in a woman's bed with no recollection of how she came to be both naked and in bed! Or what if anything she had done before and after becoming naked.

It was at this point the headache chose to make itself known to her.


Not so much a word as a groan.

"Good morning" came the cheery greeting from across the room.

Another groan.

Sally plonked herself down on the bed holding out a cup of tea.

"Here. Have a cuppa."

A further groan.

She opened her eyes.

"Too bright. Make it go away"

Sally laughed, loudly.


"What's up, Sam. Hangover?"

"Is that what it is? God! What did I drink?"

"You've never had a hangover?"

"Not old enough to drink"

"You mean you don't drink?" Sally was, and looked, astonished.

The girl grinned. "I didn't say that. I'm not old enough to drink so I've always been careful never to get too drunk! Don't want a problem with the boys in blue, do I?"

"Ah! Well as to what bit you, rum and black."

"Oh Lord! I hate rum. And I really hate blackcurrant. The two in combination sounds dire!"

She grinned again. Then flushed slightly. "Erm, how did I…." becoming uncomfortably aware of the fact that Sally was also naked beneath her very sheer robe. "um…… I mean…I'm ...er.. undressed?"

Sally raised an eyebrow.

Sam drew in a breath. "Well, I don't remember getting undressed, or come to think of it going to bed."

Sally raised both eyebrows.

Sam smiled. "Stop teasing, you!"

At that Sally burst into a full throated laugh. "I undressed you and put you to bed after you passed out. I didn't touch you, you didn't touch me. Don't worry."

"Oh I'm not worried. I just thought if we had done something I'd kind of like to remember it!"

Finally noticing the proffered cup of tea, Sam sat up and reached for it.

"What time is it, please?"

"Aren't you the polite one," Sally teased, "close to noon."

"What!" She shot up and slung a leg out of the bed. "I never sleep that late! I'm sorry, you need me out of here"

"Easy." Sally put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back against the pillows, "It was late, you were drunk, don't worry. I've no plans for the day. The weather is even worse than yesterday. I won't be working just yet. Drink your tea. Then we can get dressed and go to find some breakfast." Fetching her own cup as she spoke, she then slipped off her robe and slid into the bed.

Sam choked on her tea.

Concerned Sally leaned over and began slapping Sam on the back. This action caused an interesting ripple effect, which, due to their respective positions, Sam was able to observe closely and in great detail.

The choking stopped; mainly because it's exceedingly difficult to cough with your jaw on the floor.

Pulling back Sally noticed the girl's expression. She reached up with a finger and gently closed Sam's mouth. "Like the view" she teased.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Sam flushed red. "I said that out loud, didn't I?"



Sally laughed. "So, Sam. You said you were queer; it certainly seems from that that you are! But how did you know?"

"Er. Slept with girls?" It came out sounding like a question.

"How many?"


"And you liked it, I gather!" Smiling.

"I loved it."

"Well, drink your tea and we can shower, dress and go in search of food. I'm starving and I expect you are too. Then over breakfast you can tell me all about it and about your back!"

"Shower, huh?" The girl said, reaching for the cup which she had placed on the bedside cabinet during her coughing fit.

Sally threw a pillow at her. "Saucy".

They sat back in companionable silence and drank their tea.


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