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Sex -yes, but not particularly graphic. Toys get a mention, too. Thanks to Redhawk, Governal, Jean and Stacey for their help and advice - but I'm STILL crap at sex scenes! Dead easy to do - but so hard to write about!

It is two women - and one of them is under age, so if you know you shouldn't - don't.

Oh - for non-UK readers. The age of consent for sex in Britain is 16. You can't drink or vote until 18 but at 16 you can shag anything that moves!

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The Day After

By Insane Englishwoman

Part Six

Sam looked up into the grinning features of Sally from her position on the floor. Which was where she'd landed when she'd rolled over too quickly.

"Blimey, this isn't as easy as it looks. How the hell does anyone manage to do this right? It's not like in the books is it? They strap one of these things on - which they know how to do without ever being shown I might add! Then there they go - instant experts! Nothing about falling out, falling off, falling over. Nor about how careful you have to be with angles or one of you is going to wind up with a life-threatening injury!"

Sally had been wanting to laugh out loud but had restrained herself, in case she hurt the girl's feelings. Sam's smiling commentary indicated that would not happen; so she let loose, giving free reign to her impulses.

"Yeah, yeah! Laugh it up." Sam propped herself on her elbows. "You know I thought I was good at this bed lark - now I'm not so sure!"

"I told you, you're trying too hard. You have to just feel it and let it flow. Believe me once you get into it the rhythm you'll have no trouble." "Here..."

Sally held out her hand and tugged the girl upright.

As Sam got back onto the bed Sally grinned. Sam immediately classified that as an evil, downright dirty, grin!

"I've got an idea. This should take your mind off everything else!"

She pushed Sam's shoulders until the girl was lying flat on her back. Then she straddled her.

Sam swallowed; audibly.

Sally gripped the dildo with one hand, guiding it as she lowered herself onto the toy. Making sure that Sam had a perfect view as it entered her.

"Oh my bleedin' Christ!" muttered the girl. Half gasp, half groan. Sam stopped thinking as all blood left her brain, heading south for the duration.

The woman leaned back drawing almost entirely free of the phallus before rocking forward to fill herself again.

Instinct took over. Sam thrust upwards to meet Sally's downward movement; burying the dildo deep into the woman. Sally moaned. So did Sam as the base of the toy pressed against her. As Sally's movements intensified Sam struggled for control. Her own arousal made her want to speed up. Desperately trying to keep the strokes slow deep and even as she'd been shown. Sam rotated her hips, experimentally. Delighted with the result as Sally rode the toy harder.

"Oh God! Yessss. Sam. Oh......right............there. Just.......like.......that." The words stuttered out between gasps.

Sally's body went rigid as climax hit. Sam followed her over the edge. Growling through clenched teeth. "Christ on a bike"

As Sally relaxed and rolled over, landing beside her on the bed Sam leaned over and pulled the older woman into a savage kiss. Dimly realising it was the first time they had kissed. The girl moved back, only to be drawn back down for another.

Finally resting back against the pillows; she raised a quizzical eyebrow. "That ok?"

Sally heard the note of uncertainty in the girl's voice and smiled.

"More than ok. My God. Couldn't you tell!"

"Well, yeah. I thought .... you know..... but I didn't like to assume....."

"Assume away. You are a very quick learner"

Sam grinned. Cocky once more. The sudden burst of insecurity gone.

"So how about we try all your toys, then?"

The woman laughed.

"I love the stamina of youth! There are only two toys I use for pleasure, the rest are tools of the trade. But that gives me an idea. You get to find out what it feels like without damaging your young butch sensibilities. Though you know Sam, some day butch or not with the right woman you may want to be on the receiving end."

Sally was rummaging in the toy bag beside the bed as she spoke.

"Ah, here it is. She held up a second dildo.

Sam reached for it; turning it over in her hand.

"Double ended? I get it!"

"Here. It needs a different set of straps. Let me help. Wait if you're a virgin...."

"I'm not." Sam interrupted. "Not since I was six. It'll be fine."

Sally looked the question.

"Uncle by marriage. It stopped when I was 11 - I learned judo and discovered I was strong enough to throw him into the middle of next week. Told him if he touched me or my sisters again he'd eat meals through a straw for the rest of his life. You gonna show me - or you wanna help a bit more ......directly?" The grin was wide and seductive and took Sally's mind away from the things Sam had just revealed.

"Oh. I think hands-on is best in this situation." The smile matched Sam's.

Much later; when Sam finally felt she'd had enough practice with both toys and neither woman had sufficient energy left for anything more; they lay talking.

Sally was propped on one elbow gently ruffling the girl's hair. "So Sam. Now you've completely exhausted me are you finally going to tell me how old you are?"

Sam watched her for a moment. Gently questioning. "Why do you keep harping on about my age?"

"Because I have a feeling you're younger than you look and I'm feeling guilty."

"Don't be. Haven't I just demonstrated both enthusiasm to learn new tricks and experience? In fact I can still taste you." She licked her lips to illustrate the point. "You aren't going to like it."

"Tell me"

"In two moths time I'll be 15".

Sally sat up, horrified.

"Fourteen! You're fourteen! Oh my God! I'm a child molester!"

"Whoa!" Sam reached up and gently pulled the older woman back down, holding her tightly across her chest. "I seem to recall I was the one doing most of the molesting and I'm not a child. Young yes. But not a child. I'm a willing party to this and I'm loving it. Don't feel guilty. And don't stop!" She pulled Sally into another kiss to emphasise her words.

Sally offered token resistance before deciding to enjoy the moment. When Sam slowly ended the kiss the woman smiled. "So - do you want to indulge in a bit more molestation?"

Sam chucked. "Oh yeah!"

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