Disclaimers: the characters are mine, it is a work of fiction and a product of my imagination.

Some implied violence but nothing graphic.

Subtext but no sex.

Short continuing story of Kelly and Devlyn, it’s about 3 months after Promises to Keep. Feedback welcome and appreciated at IrishRed1855@cs.com.

Thanks for reading, live well, laugh often and love much. Irish

Come On Home

By Irish

Copyright March, 2004

A friend is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.

"Kel," Devlyn yelled.

She listened carefully but didn’t hear anything. She called out again, "Kel." She still didn’t hear anything, but she was certain that she had a moment ago. She stilled herself and listened again, then she heard it, the shower, it was running.

She walked down the hall and knocked on the door, "Kelly, are you in there?"

No answer. She knocked again a little louder, "Kelly, it’s Dev."

There was still no answer so she tried the door. It was unlocked and she pushed it open. She saw Kelly standing beneath the pulsing jets, hands against the wall, head down, the water hitting her back and running down her body.

"Kel," she called out again so as not to alarm her, "are you all right?" She opened the door. Kelly looked up at her and shocked Devlyn when she saw a split upper lip and a large pronounced bruise forming on her forehead.

"God Kel, what happened?" Devlyn said visibly shocked.

"Dev?" Kelly whispered, as if uncertain who it was.

"Yes," she said softly, reached out and supported her forearms as she turned Kelly around so that she was sitting on one of the two small shower seats. She held her face in her hands and moved it slightly back and forth, "Kel look at me."

Kelly’s eyes rolled in her head.

"Kelly, look at me," Devlyn said more forcibly and when she had her attention, "what happened?"

Kelly looked up clearly confused, "I think, I," she paused, "was rear-ended."

"Rear-ended!" Devlyn exclaimed, "Looks more like front-ended to me, hold still, don’t move." She reached behind her and turned the showerhead down so it wasn’t hitting either of them and turned the knob to cold. Grabbing a washcloth she put in under the cold water then after it was wet she turned the faucet off.

"Here, hold this on your lip and don’t try to move, I’ll be right back."

"Dewin," Kelly managed to get out.

"Yes," Devlyn answered brushing her hair back from her forehead and caressing her check.

"Wuv yu," Kelly said blinking her eyes trying to focus on Dev.

"Wuv you too," Devlyn smiled despite the circumstances and kissed her on the forehead, "stay here, I’ve gotta grab the phone, promise."

Kelly nodded.

A minute later Devlyn was back and set the phone down on the counter. She grabbed Kelly’s robe off the hook and began to wrap it around her.

"My beauty too dazzling for you," Kelly said which came out, "Mmm booty to dazzin fer yu."

Devlyn managed a chuckle, "Always, but I’m more worried about dazzling the EMT’s." She pulled her free arm through the robe’s arm, switched her hand and worked on the other arm.

"I don’t need an ambulance," Kelly said which came out, "I done ned ambunce."

"No arguing, you need an x-ray, maybe a CAT scan, and stitches. I’d have to carry you to the car and into the hospital and that may raise some eyebrows. I’ll call Doc to meet us at the hospital."

"I can walk," Kelly protested which sounded like, "I kin welk."

"Sure you can, and I’m the Queen of the Universe," Devlyn said.

"Hep me up," Kelly pushed at Devlyn.

"Kelly," Devlyn lowered her tone.

Kelly refused to listen and pushed herself up while pulling on Devlyn’s arms. Everything started to swim but she refused to listen to her body. I can make it, she repeated to herself.

"See," Kelly said looking up at Devlyn then everything circled around her faster and faster and went dark. She didn’t know that she fell forward directly into Devlyn’s arms who gently lowered her to the rug. Devlyn wrapped the robe around her tighter and pulled the pair of underwear off the counter putting them on Kelly knowing she’d want as much modesty as possible. She thought about putting on a shirt but saw the bruises forming along the side of her body and knew the hospital would just cut it off.

Patty watched her oldest daughter as she sat alone in the emergency waiting room. Devlyn looked totally lost, reminding Patty of that child long ago who’d just been told her parents weren’t coming back. Not able to stand it any longer she called out Devlyn’s name as she walked toward her.

Devlyn looked up at the sound of her name and saw her mother. She opened her arms and her mother slid into the chair beside her and hugged her daughter close to her, kissing her forehead and murmuring soft words of comfort.

Devlyn clung tightly to Patty who could feel her crying, just like she had done years ago when she’d clung to her, tight, short, sobs and tears filled her eyes as Patty held her now just like she’d held her then.

"How’s Kelly, sweetie?"

Devlyn sniffed as Patty pulled out a Kleenex and handed it to her. "I don’t know," her voice quivered and Patty pulled her closer. "I…I told them I was her sister and you were her mother."

Patty looked at her daughter. "I’m not embarrassed by our relationship, but I…I just didn’t want to have to explain, you know, some people are and hospitals, I wanted to make sure I could see her.

"Easy," Patty said, "you don’t have to explain, I understand." Patty did understand. She’d known Devlyn’s preferences for a long time, even before Devlyn told her. She’d never passed judgments but always accepted Devlyn for what she was. The kids knew also for Devlyn had told then several years ago. They all loved her and supported her no matter what she did.

"Where’s Jack? Devlyn asked as she blew her nose.

"He’s parking the car, it’s OK to bring him, isn’t it?"

"Sure mom, everyone needs love."

"Do you Devlyn?"


"Do you love her?"

"Yes," she said without hesitation.

"Have you told her?"


"What did she say?"

"That she loved me too," Devlyn stopped for a moment then turned to her mother, "Mom, what would you say if I said I wanted to move back."

"I’d say you’re more than welcome but what about your job?"

"I’d have to give that up."

"Are you willing to do that?"

"I love her and if they want me bad enough they’ll have to come to me," she paused, "besides, I’m tired of being alone. What would have happened if I hadn’t been there? How long would she have lain there…," she said almost hysterical.

"Devlyn, don’t do this out of anxiety or fear of ‘what ifs, do it out of love, do it for you."

Devlyn turned in her seat and took her mother’s hands, "I am mom, I love her, I feel at home with Kelly. I’m tired of this inter-coastal romance. I want to be with her more than anything. I find myself daydreaming about her and have to stop myself from calling her about 20 times a day. I want to be a part of her life, I want to share it, every little bit. When I’m not with her I feel incomplete. You understand don’t you?"

"Yes," Patty smiled, "I understand," seeing Jack approach down the hall.

"Ms. O’Neill," the nurse called.

"Yes," Devlyn jumped out of the chair.

"You can see your sister now."

"Sister?" Jack said walking into the room.

"Shush," Devlyn and Patty both said at once.

Devlyn looked to her mother who stood and hugged her. "Go on," Patty said cupping Devlyn’s face in her hands. She gave her a kiss and whispered something in her ear. Devlyn smiled and hugged her tightly before walking into the ER room with the nurse.

"Hi," Devlyn said as she walked to the bed.

"Hi," Kelly squinted beneath a gauze pad soaked with saline laid over her mouth.

Devlyn took her hand and rubbed her thumb along it, the other hand she put on Kelly’s head.

"How you doing?"

"Better now that you’re here."

Devlyn smiled. "You scared me," she said.

"I scared myself," Kelly said sheepishly, "am I alright?"

"After some stitches, a CAT scan and a visit from the plastic surgeon."

"Stay with me."

"Longer than you might want."

Kelly looked up.

"I asked my mom about moving back."

"Is that what you want Dev?" Kelly interrupted.

"Yes, more than anything. Is it OK with you?"

"What did your mom say?"

"Come on home."

"My sentiments exactly," Kelly smiled and pulled Devlyn toward her.

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