It began as a joke


Iro B. Hunter

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I only wish they did. But they don’t. My therapist says I’ll get over it eventually.

Not much violence or graphic sex in this story.

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It began as a joke.

And as with most jokes, it got out of hand after a while.

She created excuses for her behavior. At first it was just for fun, just to tease the little bard. Then... well... because she was in love with her, but they were not lovers. And since she couldn’t touch, she just had to see a little more of her young companion. It was frustrating, but also worth it. No harm was done, and Gabrielle didn’t even seem to notice.

Months passed, seasons changed, and a long awaited love confession brought the bard and the warrior together. So, since Xena finally had her object of desire returning her affections, she thought that this habit would stop. But it just wouldn’t go away.

Of course, Xena was extremely careful and didn’t indulge in this desire of hers often. Today, though, was the ideal day for it.

And there she was now, hiding behind the bushes, making as little noise as possible.

The bard was bathing in the nearby lake, completely oblivious to the blue eyes that were staring at her. Calculating.   

She saw that her lover was now washing her hair. That meant soap near the eyes. So the bard would have them closed for the precious moments that the warrior needed to act. Her eyes glinting, she moved to the bards’ pile of clothes as silently as a cat. With precise and fluid motions, she picked up the object of interest. She applied careful maneuvers with her fingers on it and her task was done, just as Gabrielle was rinsing off her hair. Lets wait and see now, she silently laughed, returning to their camp while throwing away a little bundle of green thread.

“Xena, honey?” The bard asked as she arrived at the campsite, dressed in her usual attire, but also wearing a very troubled expression.

“Hmmm?” the warrior replied, switching her gaze from the weapon she was polishing to her lovers’ abs.

“Are you *positive* my top can’t be jinxed? I really swear it’s getting smaller and smaller by the months.”

Oooops, Xena thought. Busted.

The End.


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