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Summary: Mel and Janice have there first Christmas

A Christmas To Remember


Janice turned up the long driveway. It had been a profitable trip, she thought. She had hated to leave Melinda in Charleston but she had plans for Mel's Christmas gift. New York had been well New York. Janice had met with a private collector. She had sold some coins, vases, a boot knife and a shield from their Macedonia site. The collector had paid a substantial amount of money for them. Janice had gone to the bank. She deposited the cashiers check into her checking account. She had taken some of the money in cash, wired most of it to the bank in Charleston. She left enough in the account to keep it open. After leaving the bank, she went to Cartiers. The salesgirl had looked skeptical but she showed Janice the matching gold bands. The rings were 24 Kt gold with inlaid diamonds that looked like stars. "Can I get an inscription on this one." Yes, what would you like it to say?" The salesgirl, whose name tag read Heather,asked. Two Souls Made One Now and Forever. Love Janice. "What size do you need this one?" Janice pulled a ring out of the pocket of the worn leather jacket she wore. " I need it sized like this one." Janice had taken the ring out of Melinda's jewelry box. Heather took the ring and checked the size. Heather gave her back the ring. " What size do you need the other to be." Janice took the other ring and put it on. This is the right size. Heather checked to be sure it wasn't to loose. Heather looked at Janice for a minute. "OH I see. That's a beautiful inscription. Does She know how lucky She is?" Janice blushed and states "Yes, She knows exactly how I feel. Can I have the rings ready by three o'clock?" "Yes, I can have the rings ready by then. The jeweler isn't very busy today." Heather said. "Okay that gives me time to finish shopping. So what's the damage?" Janice asked as she pulled out her wallet. She paid for the rings and left.

Janice next went to Macy's. She bought a few gifts there. Then she went to Bloomingdales. She bought a few more gifts. Janice returned to Cartiers. Heather was waiting for her.  Heather handed the ring box to Janice. "Does the inscription look okay?" Janice held the ring up and read the words. "It's perfect. Have a merry Christmas." Janice replied smiling.  "You have a merry Christmas also." Heather answered. Janice turned and walked out. She then hailed a cab. Janice made it to the airport with just enough time to get her packages stowed and take her seat.

Janice parked her truck in the drive. She got her packages and raced up the stairs. Pangie opened the door. "Where have you been Child? Miss Melinda has been worried sick." "I'm sorry Pangie. Where is Mel?" Janice asked. "She got a phone call and had to go to town." Pangie answered. "How long has she been gone?' The Caramel colored woman said," She left at about two o'clock this afternoon. She said she would be back by dinner time."

It was going on six thirty when Mel drove the Packard up the drive. Well I wonder if Jan is back yet, she thought. I got most everything on my list. She had dropped off the food stuff for Christmas dinner at Pangie's house. Lucien, Pangie's husband had taken the turkeys Mel had gotten for both families. Family that is what Janice is to me. Mel saw Janice's truck in the drive. I guess I'll have to wait to take the packages in until later. Mel thought to herself. Mel walked up the front steps. The door opened. Pangie looked at the woman she had taken care of since she was two years old. "There you are darlin. I was beginning to worry." " Pangie, I had some errands to run. When did Janice get back?" "She hasn't been home long Miss Melinda." I have a fried chicken dinner all fixed. It's in the oven warming. Now I need to be goin home." "You didn't have to go to all that trouble Pangie, but thank you. Goodnight child. I'll see you on the 26th. Have a merry Christmas." "Here I have a gift for you." Mel handed Pangie the brightly colored box. Janice came down the stairs holding another package. "Pangie, I'm glad your still here. I got you a little something." "Now you girls didn't have to do that." She takes both gifts with a big smile on here face. "I'll send Lucien over with the Christmas turkey and the fixuns. Miss Janice you will love fried turkey." Janice raised her eyebrow. "It's quite good Janice. It's very juicy. Thank you Pangie. Are you cooking for your whole family this year?' "My yes, we'll have a house full. I appreciate the turkeys you had sent over." Mel looked at the older woman. "Lucien called to let me know you where on the way back. They will make a wonderful meal. Goodbye." The elderly woman put on her coat and walked to her car. The car was a gift from Mel's father. It was a Packard a few years older than Mel's. Mel and Janice watched the other woman until she pulled onto the highway.

"How was your day Janice?" It was a very productive day. The publisher was happy with the books progress." Janice wasn't lying. She just didn't tell Mel everything she had done. What did you do today?" "I had a meeting with Dr. Eponin. She had wanted some advice on the fundraiser for the Scroll Room at the museum." "Some added security I hope." Janice growled. "Honey, Pony didn't mean to loose a scroll. They did find it in the girls dorm." "I know. It just scared me." Janice ran a hand over her eyes. "Do you have anything I need to bring in from the car?" "No, Why don't you set the table. Pangie made a fried chicken dinner for us. I need to change, then I will get everything ready." No, take your time I'll get the dinner ready. Well Tobias, there you are. Janice says to the cat that rubs up against her leg. "Did you catch any mice?" The Siamese cat stretched and yawned. The cat then saunters into the parlor. He jumps up on the chair facing the Christmas tree in the front window. Janice left Mel in the entryway. She walked down the hallway to the kitchen. She walked to the cabinet and took out the plates. She placed them on the small table in the breakfast nook. She got silverware from the drawer and placed them by the plates. Next she took the meal out of the oven.

Mel waited for Janice to go into the kitchen , then she went to the car. She opened the trunk and pulled the packages out. She hurried up the steps. She opened the door and went in. She locked the door. before she raced up the stairs to the bedroom she shared with Janice. She changed clothes. She went into the study. I see Janice was busy too, she thought as she placed the gifts she had gotten under the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree wasn't as large as the one in the parlor, but it was lovely.

"Mel are you about ready?" Janice yelled up the back stairs. "I'll be right down." Mel yelled back. Walking down the back stairs, Mel thought how lucky she was. I've got a loving mate, a nice house, and a job I love. What more could I want? It smell wonderful, Pangie out did her self." Mel smiled as she watched Janice pulls out her chair. "Would Madame like wine, tea, water, or milk with her meal.," Janice's eyes twinkling. "I would l like, Hummm, Milk, Please." Mel replied looking innocently. "we will save the wine for later."  Janice placed a glass of milk in front of Mel. She had a glass of tea for herself. The meal was finished in a comfortable silence. Mel set about washing the dishes after the left over were put away. "Here let me help." Janice grabbed a dish towel. When the dishes were done, Janice took Mel's hand. She led Mel into the parlor. Janice unplugged the Christmas tree lights. She pulled Mel up the stairs to the study.

"Shall we open gifts tonight or wait until tomorrow?" Mel asked. "Let's open one present tonight, then we cane open the rest tomorrow. Okay." Janice said as she ushered Mel into the study. Janice's eyes fell on the gifts under the tree. My Mel was as busy as I was Janice thought. "Hold that thought." Janice said as she left the room. She came back in carrying a bottle of champagne, two long stem glasses and a ice bucket full of ice. Janice opened the cold champagne. "Mel if I haven't told you, I love you in that blouse." Mel was wearing a blue silk blouse and black slacks. "You bought it for me silly." Mel laughs. "That's a nice sweater your wearing." Janice was wearing a tan sweater with brown reindeer running around the bottom and a pair of tan slacks. "You have great taste. Mel."

Mel walked over to the fireplace. She started a fire. Janice handed Mel a glass as she neared the tall beauty. "Looks like Santa has already been here." Janice says as she looks into Mel's ice blue eyes. "Yes he had some busy elves." Mel replies as she bends down to kiss Janice. "Shall we see what we want to open tonight?" Mel says breathlessly.

Janice walks over to the Christmas tree. She picks up a package for Mel. Mel chooses a gift for Janice. They sit in the two leather wingback chairs that face the fireplace. Mel put her glass down on the table in front of the chairs. Mel carefully removes the paper, then opens the box. Inside she finds a blue lace teddy with a robe. Mel looks into the sea green eyes of her lover. "It's lovely, Jan. Thank you." Janice rips into her gift. She finds a pair of silk boxer shorts and a t-shirt. The set is a royal blue color. "Thanks Mel. I love them." Janice says. "Let's try them on." "Ah do believe we should." Mel drawled. Janice headed toward the spare bedroom. Mel went into their room. A short time later, They met in the study. Mel handed Janice a silk robe. "I thought you might be a little cold. No, ah take that back, You must be cold." Mel says with a grin as she looks at Janice's nipples are standing at attention. "maybe you should warm me up." Janice challenges.

Mel looks stunning in the teddy and robe. The robe was short. It showed off her long legs. "I do believe your just as cold Mel." Janice smirks. "You are a Goddess, a vision, an angel, Mel. I love you now and forever." Janice said as she wraps Mel in her arms. She feels Mel's nipples rub against hers.  Mel lowers her head and kisses Janice. Mel's tongue brushes Janice's lips. Janice opens her mouth so Mel's tongue can enter her mouth. Their tongues duel for control of the kiss.

Mel withdraws her tongue and beckons Janice's tongue to visit. Janice's tongue plunges into Mel's mouth. It roams the moist cavern before the lack of oxygen forces them apart. They look into each others eye. Breathing hard Janice swallows hard at the love shining in Mel's eyes. Mel's hands stroke Janice's arms. She takes Janice's arm and lifts them above Janice's head. Mel holds both of Janice's wrists in one hand as she pull the tie out from Janice's robe. Mel ties Janice's wrists together. "Keep your arms above your head." Mel commands. Mel seldom took control of their love making. Let alone dominates. Mel runs her hands over Janice's muscular build. Mel kisses Janice's hands. She places kisses down Janice's arms to her throat. Her kisses rained down Janice's neck. Mel kisses the pulse point. Mel sucks and bites on the pulse point leaving a bruise behind. Mel's hand work under the silk t-shirt. She runs her hand over Janice's stomach scratching lightly. Mel's hand ventures upward to the two perfect globes. "Please...Mel" Janice gasps. Janice starts to lower her arms. Mel raises her head. Mel's eyebrow raises. " Stop, raise them." Mel says sternly as she move her hand to pull them out from under the t-shirt. Don't stop Mel. Please." Janice begs. "Be Good." Mel warns. Mel pushes up the t-shirt. She lowers her head to take the hardened nipple in her mouth. Janice pushes her body forward trying to push the breast into Mel's mouth. Mel chuckles as she chews and licks the nub. Her other hand alternates between squeezing the whole breast and rolling the nipple. "Oh God MelÖPlease.." Janice rubs her body against Mel's. Mel switches breasts. She kiss all around Janice's breast. Mel kisses the outer part slowly working toward the center. Mel leaves little love bites along the way to the nipple.

Her other hand wanders to the waistband of the silk shorts. Her hand pushes past the waistband. Mel's fingers brush the blond curls. She parts the curls to find the hardened nub.  She strokes it as Janice starts to strain against her. Mel pulls away. "NO DON'T STOP."  Mel chuckles, "I have no intension to stop. I think we need to change positions." Mel lowers Janice to the floor. Mel takes the ends of the ties and loops them around the table leg. Mel pushes silk shirt above Janice's arms. She then pulled down the shorts. "You are so beautiful Janice. I want you so much. I love you." Mel kisses Janice as she slowly lowers herself down Janice's body stopping to love her breasts again. Her hand slips back to the apex of Janice's legs. Janice's legs opened as Mel neared her destination. Mel licks down Janice's stomach. Mel's fingers spread the outer lips apart. Mel's fingers are bathed in Janice's liquid fire. "Jan your so wet" Mel gasps as her finger move back to the pulsing nub.  Mel rubs her fingers around the sensitive bud. Janice's hips started to rock as gasps and moans left her throat. Mel looks into Janice's face. Jan had her eyes closed as she moans again. Mel nudged Janice's legs further apart so she could settle between them. Mel inhaled the scent of her lover. Mel's mouth started to water. Mel ran her tongue up and down her slit. Mel licked at Janice's honey pot. Mel ran her tongue up to the nub. She flicked it with her tongue as she pushed her fingers into Janice's love canal. Mel started pumping her fingers in and out. Janice started to match the rhythm rocking her hips faster as Mel increased her pace. Mel removed her fingers. Janice whimpered, " I'm going to kill you."  Mel chuckled as she changed positions "Mel don't stop, I can't take it." Mel's fingers went to the clit as Mel thrust her tongue in to Janice's coral canal. Janice was in ecstasy. Mel replaces her tongue with her fingers as she sucks on the nub sending Janice over the edge.  "Oh God Mel!!" Janice yelled. Mel untied Janice's hands then held her as she trembled. Mel tenderly kisses her lover . "I love you so much. You are the love of my life." Mel whispered.  Mel held Janice as she came back to herself.            

 Janice rolls Mel over as she kisses the leggy brunette. Janice pushes her knee between Mel's legs. Janice starts to rock as she rubs her knee against Mel's center. Mel starts to match Janice's movements. Janice slowly removes the straps of teddy from Mel's shoulders revealing Mel's breasts. The nipples were erect "Choices, choices" Janice whispered. Janice leaned over to take the left nipple into her mouth. Janice sucked the other nipple as she palmed the left breast. She ran her tongue over the nipple, as Mel's hand ran through the blonds hair. Mel held Janice's head against her breast. Janice switched from one to the other as she made love to Mel's breasts. Mel gasped "Please Jan I need you." as she pushes on Janice's shoulders. Janice grinned against Mel's breast. That's it Mel show me where you want me Janice thought. Janice kissed her way down to Mel's navel. "So beautiful", Janice sighed as she looked up into Mel's face. Mel's eyes were closed. Her head was thrown back. Janice took a few minutes to lick Mel's navel. Janice kisses the curls as she pull the teddy the rest of the way off.

Janice licks Mel's clit as it throbs with need. Janice plunges two fingers into Mel's love tunnel. "Mel your so hot" Janice sighed. Mel was beyond conscious thought. She moaned and panted, "more". Janice pressed a third finger in filling Mel. Janice set a frenzied pace to bring Mel to completion. "OH OH JAN!!!" Mel screamed. Mel's juices ran down Janice's hand. Mel splintered into a million pieces as she experienced a mind blowing orgasm. Janice held Mel kissing her head as she came back to herself. Mel trembled as Janice removed her fingers. Janice raised up and took a glass from the table and gave it to Mel. Janice took the other glass. They drank champagne they watched the fire. Janice pulled the blanket off the chair. They stayed there sleeping for a time. "Let's go to bed love." Janice said as she got up. She unplugged the Christmas lights. "Mel" she said as she held out her hand. The fire had burned down to embers as they slept. Mel took Janice's hand. They held hands as they walked into the bedroom. Mel crawled into the bed. Janice turned the light out and hopped into bed. She spooned up next to Mel. They fell into a deep sleep.

The sun peaked through the bedroom window. Janice glared at the light coming in the window. Mel was still asleep. Janice got up pulling on a robe. She went into the bathroom.  She washed her hands, splashed water on her face. She brushed her teeth. Janice went down the back stairs to the kitchen. She put on water for tea. Mel turned over and sought out her soul mate. The bed was cold. Mel awoke to find Janice holding two cups of tea. "Merry Christmas Mel." "Merry Christmas Darlin" "I'm going to start breakfast." Janice whispered as she kissed Mel. Mel took a drink of her tea. It had cream and two sugars just the way she liked it. "Thanks love. I'll be down in a few minutes. Mel entered the bathroom. Feeling more refreshed and awake, Mel wandered down the stairs. Janice had made omelets, ham and toast. Tobias sauntered in demanding breakfast. Mel took a tin of tuna. "Merry Christmas Tobias" Tobias gobbled up the treat in his bowl as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. After breakfast Mel and Janice washed the dishes. They washed up and got dressed. Janice and Mel walked into the study. Mel plugged in the Christmas lights. "Janice sit down. I'll hand out the presents."

This was their first Christmas together. Mel placed the presents by the chairs Janice sat in. Mel's presents she put by the other chair. Once the presents were passed out, they took turns opening the gifts. Mel got a new leather briefcase. Janice got a new leather jacket, The linguist received a pen and pencil set. The archeologist got a new journal. Silk stockings and wool socks, perfume and cigars, sweaters and shirts were exchanged. Janice gave Mel her last gift since she had the small ring box in her robe pocket. Mel had a box in her robe as well.  Janice took out the box and handed it to Mel. Mel retrieved the box she had and gave it to Janice. Mel unwrapped the box and opened it. Inside she found the rings. Mel looked at them.  She started to cry as she read the inscription. "It's beautiful." Janice took the ring and got down on her knee. "Melinda Pappas will you be my life partner. Will you be my wife. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You are my heart and soul. Be with me forever my love." Mel smiled as tears ran down her face. "Yes I will join with you. You know you stole my thunder," Mel stated, "open your gift my love." Janice opened the box and found two gold chains with matching rings on them. "I guess we both had the same idea." Janice sheepishly said. Mel's rings were Celtic knots. "Well we could wear one set for everyday and the other set for special occasions." They both said we'll wear yours. They stopped and laughed. "How about we wear them every other day?" Mel asked. Janice looked at the ring in her hand. The inscription readñ Two Hearts One Soul Yours Forever Love Mel. "We could wear them both," Janice countered, "one on our finger and one on the chain next to our hearts." "We can still change them so both get worn." Mel begged. "As you wish my life."

The doorbell rang Mel and Janice went to the door. "Who is it?" Mel asked. "It Lucien Miss Melinda. I have your meal." Mel unlocked the door and opened it. Lucien came in carrying a large box. Janice helped the older black man bring in the boxes. Janice handed Lucien a box of cigars. She had gotten for her friend. Lucien was the grounds keeper. Pangie didn't like Lucien to smoke. That's why Janice hadn't given the gift to her. "Thank you Miss Janice. I really appreciate these." They were Cubans just like the ones Mel had gotten her. Argo jumped out of Lucien's truck. Argo was a collie. She had yellow and white hair. "How are you girl" Janice asked the collie. Argo licked her hand begging to be petted. "Well we should be heading home." Lucien said. Mel came out of the house. "Lucien I have a gift for you." She handed him a package. Mel stood with one hand behind her back. "Argo I have something for you too." She give the collie the biggest chew bone Janice had ever seen. Argo jumped up into the truck with the chew bone firmly in the teeth. "Say hello to everyone for us. Merry Christmas" Mel stated. " Merry Christmas and Good day" Lucien called as he got into the truck. They watched their friend until he turned onto the highway.

"Shall we have our Christmas dinner my love?" Mel asked. Tobias was sitting in the doorway of the parlor. "I do believe we should before the cat eats it." Janice replied. Jancie carved the turkey . "Thank God It was the small one. " Mel we are going to have leftovers for weeks.  They had turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, green beans, home made rolls and pumpkin pie. "This is Pangies present to us" Mel said as she took a bite of turkey. They finished the meal and cleaned up. Mel and Janice went into the parlor. Janice pulled Mel down beside her in the couch. It had started to snow. "Look Jan isn't it beautiful" Janice mumbled "beautiful" as she leaned over to kiss Mel. "Merry Christmas my heart" " Merry Christmas my love" Mel said as she laid her head on Janice's shoulder.


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