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Paige turned her truck onto a deserted stretch of road, anxious to get a little off-roading action in before she went home. The recent rains had made patches of the dirt road into perfect mud, and she shifted into gear and began combing the terrain, her shrieks of delight barely rising over the din of the engine and the sounds of the tires beating through the sticky earth.

So entranced was Paige, that she failed to notice the flash of lights behind her, or hear the sirens until the police cruiser was right on her.

"Shit!," she said as she pulled to the side of the road. Turning off the truck she began digging for the registration.

"Ma'am, did you know that you were trespassing on private property?"

Paige lifted her head and looked into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She noticed the height of the policewoman next, she had to have been over 6 feet...6 feet of muscled, sculpted, tanned goddess.'Damn she's hot!,'Paige thought as she felt the warmth spreading from her face lower and lower until it reached between her legs, making her ache.

There was nothing like a woman in uniform to get Paige's juices flowing. She squinted against the glare of the womans' badge as the sun reflected off of it.

"Uhm, no officer, I didn't know. I've come out here a couple of times before and never had a problem."

"Can I see your drivers license?," the officer asked, not acknowledging Paige's lame attempt at an excuse.

Paige reached into her purse and handed the woman her license, shivering as their fingers made contact.

"Let me go and run this real quick."

Paige sat still, humming the theme to her favorite TV show as the cop walked back to her cruiser. She figured she would be all right; no tickets, no warrants...a perfect driving record, well, until now that is.

After a few minutes the officer walked back over to the truck, and Paige put on her best smile as she approached.

"Ms. Nelson, I need you to step out of the vehicle."

"Why? Are you going to arrest me for trespassing?"

"Are you going to resist?"

Paige thought better of it, and knowing she was no match for the policewoman she stepped out of the truck.

"Put your hands on the hood."

Paige did as she was told, while the officer proceeded to pat her down.

"Do you have any weapons or drugs?"


Paige was very aware of the sensations coursing through her as the taller womans' hands roamed over her, seeming to move excruciatingly slow between her legs and over her ass. Paige could feel her nipples harden against her white tank top, and knew she wouldn't be able to hide them when she was turned over.' I really should have worn a bra today,' she thought.

The officer grabbed Paige's arms and began to put them behind her back.

"Hey," Paige struggled against the strong grip," What are you doing?"

The cop leaned her weight over Paige, pushing her crotch into Paige's backside. Paige could feel her hot breath against her ear," Don't fight me, little one."

Paige couldn't resist pushing back against the officer, as the wetness began flowing freely from between her legs.' Shit, you're in trouble here and you're still thinking with your pussy,' she mentally chastised herself.

When she stopped squirming, the blue-eyed woman took Paige's wrists into one large hand, and let the other glide over Paige's chest, down over the hardened nipples.

"Good girl, you're all ready for me. I can imagine what you've already done to your panties."

Paige whimpered as strong fingers began tweaking her nipples, her body trembling at the low, sultry sound of the officers voice.

"What do you have on under those jeans, huh?," the woman asked, as she forced Paige's legs apart with a strong thigh, grinding it against Paige's heated center.

" I bet you have on white lace panties, no... maybe a g-string."

Paige grunted as she shamelessly rode the officers thigh, closing her emerald green eyes as she felt the wonderful pressure building within her.

"No, you seem like the type who doesn't wear underwear at all. You're a dirty little girl, aren't you?"

The cop didn't wait for an answer as she turned Paige around to face her, bringing her mouth to the shorter woman's chest, her tongue sucking on erect nipples through the fabric of her tank top. Paige threw her head back in bliss, the officer still holding Paige's wrists bound behind her back in a vice-like grip. She pulled her mouth away abruptly, leaving Paige panting with desire.

"Get into the back of the truck," she ordered.

"No," though Paige was thoroughly enjoying her encounter, she tried to bring the situation back under control.

"I'll use the handcuffs if I have to."

Paige relented and walked back to her truck, lowering the gate and climbing into the covered bed.

"Take off your pants."

Paige let the order sink in for a moment, still trying to figure out how and why she was allowing herself to be treated like an every day whore. Taking off her jeans, she did as she was told and tossed them aside, raising her knees to her chest.

"No panties, I knew it. You are so beautiful, little one. You can't imagine how much you're turning me on. Look at me."

Paige lifted her eyes to meet the blue orbs, the desire evident behind them. The taller woman leaned in, grabbing Paige's chin with her long fingers, and ran her tongue over pouty lips. As Paige caught her breath, the woman's tongue entered her mouth, rolling around her own in a rhythm as old as time. A moan escaped from the back of the officers throat, until she pulled away, leaving Paige panting with desire.

"Touch yourself, but don't take your eyes off of me."


"Do it!," the officer demanded, and Paige began to comply, her fingers sliding into her wetness with ease.

Paige's breathing became more and more ragged as she massaged her swollen clit, then slid three fingers inside of herself, her gaze never wavering from the other woman. She could feel the heat of an impending orgasm, her movements becoming more hurried, her cunt grasping her own fingers tightly.

"You don't get to come until I say you can."

Paige cried out in frustration,as she tried to control the raging fire within her, and as her fingers were pushed aside to make room for a cool, cylinder shaped object.

The tall woman placed her nightstick against the wet, pink count in front of her, and grinned ferally as the girl began bucking her hips against it. With one thrust, she slipped inside the tight folds and began pumping furiously, the blondes' juices making slurping noises as her pussy adjusted to the makeshift dildo.

Paige laid back on her elbows, gritting her teeth against the screams which threatened to escape her lips.

"That's a good girl, you like that don't you?"

Paige whimpered her response, her green eyes glazed over with unmistakable desire. All rational thought had left her body, and she was slave to the policewoman's whims. Never had her body felt so hot, so wet...this woman had opened a floodgate, as evidenced by the wetness that coated her thighs.

The officer removed the nightstick slowly, the emptiness making Paige shudder.

"I want to taste that wet pussy of yours. Open your legs as wide as you can, yea, that's it."

Blue eyes took in the beautiful sight before them, and a smile played across the woman's chiseled features. She removed her hat, and shook her long black hair across her shoulders. Leaning down, she placed her face near Paige's sex, inhaling the strong, musky scent. She touched it with her tongue, slowly licking it up and down, moaning as the exquisite juices coated her face.

"Take off your shirt baby, so I can play with those tits of yours."

Paige did as she was told, tossing her tank top somewhere near her jeans and her sandals, which she had lost as soon as she climbed into the truck.

Paige held her legs up, her thighs shaking as she was licked and probed by the talented tongue. She moaned as fingers entered her, stretching her, then filling her completely. The cop used her other hand to play with hardened pink nipples, giving equal attention to both as Paige moaned her approval.

"Oh, you're almost ready aren't you? You're dripping all over my fingers."

"Please," Paige begged.

"Please what?"

"Please, make me come."

The tall woman ran her tongue over the swollen clit, caressing it ,the slight attention just enough to send Paige spiraling over the edge, her screams filling the air, as she pulled the hot mouth closer against her quivering lips.

Slight convulsions continued to wrack Paige's body as she struggled to regain control of her breathing. Her throat was dry from screaming, and her eyes remained shut as she shielded them from the late afternoon sun with her arm.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, that was just very... intense."

"Here's your pants," the officer said as she began pulling them up Paige's legs.


The taller woman gathered her hair and pinned it back up, then placed her discarded hat back on her head.


"Hmm?," she answered, close to falling asleep.

"You better get going."

"I know."

The cop pulled Paige up and began putting the tank top back on the smaller woman, snaking it down over raised arms.

"Here's your license back."

"Thanks," Paige said, as she slipped back into her sandals and put the license into her back pocket.

The officer pulled Paige up against her, kissing the top of her head.

"I'll see you in a few hours."

"Don't forget to bring home dinner."

"Always thinking with your stomach," Jenna grinned at her lover, as she climbed back into her truck and started the engine.

"Almost always," Paige replied, leaning over to place one more kiss on Jenna's full lips.

"Get out of here," Jenna told her, then watched as the white Chevy disappeared amidst the dust on the deserted road that led to their home.


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