by Jenna Dixon


I watch her. Everyday she comes in and orders the same thing, and then sits in the corner; on her own. She stays for exactly thirty minutes, and then she leaves. I'm here every morning, on my way to work and I noticed her for the first time last week. You see I'm a professor at UCLA and I grab a coffee before work most mornings, but since the first time I saw her that's been everyday. She's hard to miss really, her hair caught my eye first, black as night and shiny it caught the sun coming in the window. I couldn't stop staring, then one day I saw her come in and let me tell you she's tall. At least six foot, whereas I am only about five foot five. I have never felt like this before, never have I seen someone and wanted them as much. Take it from me, the height and the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous are a big part of what I'm feeling. I'm honest, but the thing that draws me to her, well that is hard to describe. I'd noticed her on Monday, and on Friday I was running late and wasn't looking and I banged into someone. When I looked up I was lost, it was my dark haired stranger. But looking into her absolutely mesmerising blue eyes, I saw her soul laid bare. She looked so lost, like something had ripped out her heart. She apologised and walked away, my brain wouldn't work to give a response. I stood there for a minute, shook myself and ordered my coffee. I had to run, but I thought about that look all day. I thought about her all weekend, it was strange for me. I was an English lit professor and my life consisted of books and class. I know boring but no one had caught my eye, until the stranger with the blue eyes.
I had noticed her before, she always looked harried. I thought she was cute, shorter to me; which if I'm honest is usually the case. Short blonde hair and glasses. I hadn't tried talking to her, I had too much to think about. I've been on hiatus for a while after a bad accident, my sister was killed and I kind of closed myself off. I'm a writer and I had really bad writers block, I couldn't write anything. But, I'm staring to feel better now, and after bumping into her on Friday I want to talk to her. Because when I looked into those beautiful green eyes of hers I was lost. But I just hope I see her on Monday, because I think I'll lose my nerve if I don't. I got up early and went to the coffee shop, I sat down with my coffee and the paper and relaxed. About ten minutes after I arrived I heard a cough, and I looked up; up into those blue eyes. "Can I sit here?" I nodded, having trouble formulating words. "Sure." I said finally. She sat down and put her cup in front of her. "I'm Tyler James." I shook her hand, and felt shocks up my arm, I looked at her trying to see if she'd felt it. She was looking at our joined hands, and then she let go. "I'm Ryan Phillips. It's nice to meet you." We sat there in silence for a minute, neither knowing what to say. "You're not rushing off." Surprised to hear her voice, I looked up and smiled. "Not today, I have a day off." She nodded, "What do you do?" I smiled again, conversation started. "I'm an English lit professor at UCLA. What about you?" She laughed, "I'm a writer." "Really, wait a minute. Tyler James. I love your books." She looked slightly embarrassed, "Really?" I nodded. "Oh yeah. Books are my life I would never lie." She smiled, "I'm glad you like them." She looked at my cup and asked, "Would you like another cup?" "Yes please." I watched her walk to the counter and smiled. She had a cute ass, I decided that I was going to be brave.
"Two more mochas please." I looked back at Ryan, smiling when I caught her looking. 'Be forward?' I smiled at her and she smiled back, it lit up her whole face. 'Oh yeah, forward.' I walked back and handed her the drink. "Here you go." "Thanks." "Ryan, can I be honest with you?" Ryan nodded. "I noticed you last week and when I bumped into you on Friday I wanted to talk to you, but I'm quite shy and chickened out." Ryan smiled at me and put her hand over mine. "I wanted to talk to you too. Tell you what, how about lunch, and we can get to know each other better." "Okay, I'd like that." I looked at my watch, "It's a bit early for lunch. Would you like to go for a walk?" Ryan smiled, a smile I was starting to like… a lot. "Yeah, that sounds great."
I can't believe I asked her out. She really is beautiful, but I can tell she's not just a pretty face. There's depth behind those eyes along with the sadness, I just hope I'm the one that makes her eyes smile again. We walked for a while, enjoying the day and each others company. We ended up in the park and sat by a tree. "Ryan?" I turned to her and said, "What is it?" "I know you'll probably think I'm mad, but I really like you. And, I think if we're going to become friends I need to tell you something." "Okay." "About six months ago I was in an accident, I was taking my sister Nikki out for the day and we were slammed by a drunk driver. Nikki was killed instantly, I was pretty smashed up. When I got out of hospital I shut myself off. I've only recently started coming out again." Ryan took my hand in hers, it felt right, like it was meant to be. "I'm so sorry Tyler." "Thank you, I wanted you to know because I think I'm falling for you, and I want to be honest with you."
'Oh my god!' I thought, 'she likes me'. I smiled and squeezed her hand. She looked up then and I smiled and said, "That is the best thing I've heard in a long time. I have a confession, I came to the coffee shop today hoping to see you. Because, I want to have a relationship with you. And I was feeling brave enough to talk to you." She's smiling, and I was right. I put the smile back into her eyes. She leaned over and kissed me, a feather touch but I felt it from the top of my head, to the tip of my toes. She stood and offered her hand, I took it and she pulled me up. I didn't let go and we walked out of the park, into ……….. To be continued
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