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Searching Part Two



Posted 9/27/02



Morning found Adrienne swirling the contents of her coffee cup.  Mornings just did not start off right without the hot liquid, no matter what the weather of the day was like.  The woman looked over at June’s still-sleeping form.  Her mind was wrestling with what exactly was happening here, and how it felt like she really had no control over it.


What am I thinking?  Gram are you laughing at me up there? I bet this is your doing, old woman. Should I go with her? I mean I’m only going into town. I do need things to be able to continue my journey.  It’s not like I’m marrying the girl.  Adrienne took a sip of her coffee. I’m armed.  She’s armed,  I know she can take care of herself, and so can I.  What the hell. Ok, I’ll do it.  Besides I’ve been alone for way too long.


Adrienne stood up and grumbled. “I better wake Sleeping Beauty up.”  She laughed.  Well, at least she’s good-looking.  Good-looking? Yeah, that’s like saying Picasso was just a painter.


She approached June’s blanket, and bent to give the smaller woman a gentle shake. 


“Jenna, look what I found!” A seven-year-old June squealed to her friend on the shore.


“What? What’d you find?” Jenna danced with anticipation as her friend ran to her. 


June held two broomsticks out in front of her.  “Swords!  We can play warriors.” June paused a moment. “No, how about you be a storyteller-fighter and I’ll be a girl who kicks ass?”


“Shhhh, June, that’s a bad word!” Jenna giggled, as she took the wooden stick from her friend.


“En garde!” The blonde child held her toy aloft, and the fight began


Cracks filled the air as the girls sank into the world of their own making.  So caught up in their play, they did not see the strange man approach.


Jenna swirled to strike June on her leg, but stopped in mid-swing when she spied the man.


“Well, what do we have here?” he slurred.


June stepped up and pushed Jenna behind her.


“Get outta here!” June held her wooden sword steady, trying to make the meanest face she could.


The man laughed long and hard.  “What’d you gonna do?  Hit me with your stick?” His smiled suddenly disappeared.  “I got plans for you two.”  He leered at the girls and lunged for them.


Before Adrienne actually had a chance to touch her, the woman sat straight up, a scream frozen on her lips, eyes wide with terror.


Adrienne scrambled backwards, falling on her backside. “What the hell?!” she shouted. “ Are you insane?!”


June blinked, then blinked again, looking around her. “Gods… I – I’m…” She burst into tears, hands covering her face.


Adrienne’s eyes didn’t leave June’s face, but softened. “Bad dream?” She asked, sitting closer to June.  Adrienne wasn’t really sure what she should do.


June nodded.  “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”  She said., wiping her eyes on the back of her hand.


Adrienne shrugged. “We should get going soon, before it gets too damn hot.”


June nodded, dressing quickly.  “The heat has been a bitch lately.”


Adrienne smirked, lifting an eye brow. “Swearing now are we?”


June laughed. “I’m not as innocent as I appear.” She ran her eyes up and down Adrienne’s body when she was sure that the other woman was not looking.  Nobody could maintain their innocence with you around, Adrienne.  I bet you don’t even know how gorgeous you are.


Oh, yeah. I bet you’re not. Not with a body like that. Adrienne added her own laughter to the mix.  “You ready?”


“Just about…” 


June dressed quickly, leaving on the tank top she slept in.  Her t-shirt was disgustingly dirty, and really should have been burned.  Plus the day promised to be just as hot as the last one.  August heat was notorious in the Poconos.


Both women rustled around, packing their things and arming themselves.  June put her gun in its holster, then tucked her sais in her boots.  Adrienne tucked her weapons in her pants, one in front and one in the back.  Weapons were necessary in this world, and being on the road was a dangerous place to be.


The Mid-East/Mongolian war was the cause of the current state of the United States.  The Union of the States dissolved, to become a land of feudal states.  The states were free to run themselves, with no outside input from the federal government.  It didn’t matter, there was no government left to run a country.  With the states free to their own devices, they became corrupt, with the leaders demanding more and more from their people.


Another result of the war, was the use of biological warfare against the U.S. population for the first time.  The act of bombing New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, and nearly every large city from coast to coast, resulted in the destruction of nearly three-quarters of the nation’s population.


Most of the survivors left their homes, eager to get away from the destruction, and founded new cities, far from where they used to live.  New Stroudsburg was one of these towns.


“We should get into town before lunchtime.”  June said as she pulled a light cotton shirt over her head.  “My parents will be happy to see me,” she mumbled mostly to herself.


Adrienne grunted and stretched her back.


“Not much for small-talk are you?”  June joked.


Adrienne shrugged and replied, “Well if you must know, I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed.”


“I can’t wait to get some of my mother’s cooking.  She’s the best cook in town.”  June’s stomach agreed rather loudly with that statement.  The blonde dug around in her bag and found the last of the bacon-biscuits.  She handed the last one to Adrienne, who shook her head in refusal.


“I can’t take that,” she said, pushing the treat away. “It’s your last one.”


“It’s ok. Please take it. We’ll be home at lunchtime.”  June looked up at Adrienne through her lashes.


Adrienne snorted.  “I don’t think many people have said ‘no’ to you have they?”  June smirked in response.  “But really, I just finished the second rabbit. I can wait.  You eat it.”


“All right,” June responded, and quickly devoured the biscuit.


Making sure that everything was packed up and secured on the bike,  June saw Adrienne leaning casually on her bike.


“You ready then?” She asked the tall woman and pushed her bike through the woods to the road.  Adrienne quietly followed.




Two and a half hours later, a pair of motorcycle riders entered the outskirts of New Stroudsburg.  The watchmen happily waved June and Adrienne through, after checking their identification.  Most people, when traveling, avoided towns because often there was a toll or two in order to pass through.  There was no toll for the women because June’s papers showed her to be a resident.


New Stroudsburg was fairly large for the time, with just over 300 people. It boasted a history that dated back to the early 1800’s.


The riders stopped if front of a quaint, old building.  The wooden sign that hung over the green double doors read “Bed, Breakfast & More”. A porch wrapped all the way around the inn, in almost a warm embrace.  Wildflowers grew from window boxes, and several sets of porch swings swayed in the breeze.  Even though peeling paint could be seen in the corners, the building was well-maintained and loved.


June climbed the porch steps, and moved through the doors.  The room was large, but cozy with a warm, friendly atmosphere.  On the far right was a stage with a battered piano and an old set of drums.  The opposite side of the room held an “L” shaped bar that served not only house brew but imported ones as well.


From near the bar, a squeal was heard and the shuffling of feet as June was swept off her feet and into a tight embrace.


“Juniper!  Baby! You’re home!” a very beautiful woman exclaimed and hugged the startled woman even closer.


“Momma!” gasped June, as she squirmed against her mother’s vise-like grip.


Adrienne looked from one woman to the other.  Where June’s body was sleek and fit, her mother’s was soft and round.  Though almost the same height, June’s mother was twice her daughter’s size, and although she had much girth, she moved like silk on a breeze.


The woman kissed June’s cheek, and fingered a lock of golden hair.  “You’ve cut your hair.”


“I couldn’t look like you for my whole life, Mom,” June laughed, putting an arm around her mother.


“Who’s this you brought?”  the larger lady turned her attention to Adrienne who felt like she was witnessing a personal moment.


“Mom, Abigale, this is Adrienne.  Adrienne, my mother.”  June stepped out of the way as Adrienne offered her hand in greeting.


“Pleasure.” Adrienne shook Abigale’s hand gently.


“Oh and so polite!”  Abigale clapped her plump hands together.  “Come sit down, you must be hungry,” she said and guided them to a corner booth.


“The usual?” she asked June when everyone was comfortable.


June nodded and looked at Adrienne. The taller woman shrugged. “The same as her, and coffee, black.”  Adrienne managed a half-smile at the woman whose warm brown eyes smiled in return.  The woman floated off to prepare a special meal for her returned child.


“Nice place.”  Adrienne said as she looked around, “Do you play?”




“The piano? Do you play it?” 


Adrienne thanked the boy who brought out her coffee.  She took a small sip of the hot liquid.


June nodded and replied, “Yep, on occasion.”


The bells of the front doors jingled, as someone entered the room.  June looked up in time to see her other parent, her mother’s soulmate enter the room.  She hopped up and ran to her.


“Mom!”  June hugged the taller lady tight, in an embrace that showed how much she missed her.


Adrienne’s jaw dropped. Mom?


June took the older woman by the hand and led her back to the booth.  “Adrienne, this is my… other mother Diane.”


Adrienne once again offered her hand in greeting.  “Pleasure.”


Diane nodded in greeting, and sat down next to her daughter.


“I heard you came into town,” Diane said quietly.


Where Abigale was energetic and gregarious, Diane was shy and quiet.  She was also very thin, and her height made her look wiry.  She was powerfully built, and was known through out the local area as one of the best kick-boxers around.


After several minutes of small talk, which consisted mainly of June’s update about where she’d been and what she had seen, Abigale slid into the seat next to Adrienne.  She scooted closer to the dark woman, as Adrienne tried to scoot away.  Finally Adrienne realized she was trapped, and gave up her struggle.


Abigale turned to Adrienne and said, “I don’t bite, Sugar.”  Adrienne’s eyebrows rose in response.


“Mom, Adrienne needs a room for a few days.” June told her blonde mother.


“Oh, baby, I’m sorry I’m booked.” Abigale frowned, “It’s the art show; I’m always booked full.”  There was a short pause.  “But Sweetie, she could stay in your room.” Abigale smiled sweetly at her daughter.


“Is that all right with you?” June asked Adrienne.  Adrienne shrugged and nodded.


“So how long have you two been together?”  Abigale asked sweetly as she could.


Adrienne choked on her coffee, and June blushed to the roots of her golden hair.  June answered, “We’re not… together Mom,” the blonde practically hissed.


Diane rose out of the booth, shaking her head.  “Come on Abi, let’s leave the kids alone.”


“But my baby just got home,” the large blonde woman argued.


“There’ll be plenty of time.  Come on, Love.”  Diane smiled softly at her wife, offering her hand.


“Oh, all right.”  Abigale slid her large body out of the small booth, giving Adrienne her seat back.  The blonde woman muttered all the way back to the kitchen.


June cleared her throat. “Sorry about that.  Mom’s kind of… loud.”  She blushed again, playing with her paper napkin.


Adrienne shrugged and said “Hey, it’s no big deal.  I kind of like her, a little bit.”  June looked up in to Adrienne’s amazing blue eyes, and smiled.


“If you’re embarrassed about her assuming we’re together, don’t be.”  Adrienne continued, “I’ve… enjoyed the pleasures of a woman or two.”  She smirked at June, as the blush rose in the shorter woman’s cheeks again.


June sighed loudly.  “I was worried about you meeting my parents.  Not everyone is that open-minded.”


The serving boy brought out two meals, with two house brews, and set them in front of the women.  They nodded their thanks to the boy, Adrienne slipping a 25-cent piece in his hand.


“Oh, thanks!” The boy squeaked and scampered off.


“You didn’t have to do that,” June said as she took a big bite of the roast beef sandwich in front of her.


“I know, but it’s rough having to work so young.”  The dark woman replied, swirling her French fry in ketchup. 


“So what about you?” Adrienne asked, sipping the brew.


“What?  What about me?” June puzzled, taking another bite of the big sandwich, humming in delight.


“Have you known the pleasures of a woman?”  Adrienne smirked, as the blush returned to the smaller woman’s face. “You know you’re cute when you blush.” Hell, you’re cute all the damn time.


“You’re doing that on purpose!” June laughed in response.


“You’re damn right!”  Adrienne laughed,  “So have you, Juniper?” Adrienne teased.


“Um, no. I haven’t.” She replied, “I’m no-love zone.”  She laughed and whispered, “But I’ve always been interested in women.”  June took a long drink of the beverage.  It’s getting hot in here. Adrienne’s eyes bore into her, making her squirm in the scrutiny.


Adrienne quietly took in the sight before her.  June’s blush and her whispered words seemed unlike her.  She imagined that June wasn’t shy in any matter, but this was unexpected.


“I’m surprised.  You didn’t seem shy to me at the camp site,” Adrienne observed, taking a bite of her sandwich.


“I’m not, about most things.”  June answered, “But I need certain things, um, the person I chose must have certain qualities, and I just haven’t found any matches yet.”  You’re the closest so far, June thought to herself, and blushed again.


“My, my…” Adrienne drawled, “You’re embarrassed again.  What’s gotten you so worked up?”  Adrienne picked up a fry, bringing it slowly to her lips, savoring the saltiness of it.


June just shrugged, before diving into her food. She’s trying to kill me! thought June.


Adrienne laughed loudly, and replied, “Ok, I’ll stop teasing you.”  Then took another swig of the drink.


“Gee, thanks, “ June giggled in response.  She shoved her plate away from her, leaning back in the booth.  “God, my Mother can cook.”  She groaned.


Adrienne recognized the shift in conversation.  “I’d never leave if my Gram cooked this good,” Adrienne patted her very full stomach.  “And this brew is exceptionally good.  Smooth, not too sweet.  Perfect, I think.”  the tall woman sighed loudly.


June slid out of the seat, stretching her muscles.  “Come on, let’s go get cleaned up; then we can hit the stores for those supplies.”


“We can walk off all this good food,” the tall woman answered, following closely behind.  When she was sure that June couldn’t see her, Adrienne’s blue eyes rested on the blonde’s firm ass.




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